Rosey School Swiss Alps pupils: Bin Laden, Kaiser Bill, Rothschild, Borgese POPES, King Juan Carlos, Bedouins, Kings of Belgium Aga Khans and the RACEHORSE owning religious figureheads out of PISO pens, stables & caves in MECCA.

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Bin Laden Le Rosey School 911 Swiss Alps $150K yr CIA  HELMS D KENT Alumnii Vietnam Elle Macpherson Khashoggi Al-Fayed Di Twin Towers Miller Siss Greek Habsburg Absinthe Jon Aitken Kissinger.JPG

No Room for the Austrian Emperors or Murdered Archdukes on the Thumbnail but that is the Duke of Argyle and Brian Cox the actor in the photo all elite mullti-lingual scholars & current world owners IMMUNE from CLIMBING ACCIDENTS

Bin Laden Rothschild & Habsburg et al attend Le Rosey school to become murderous world owners. It is in BERNE Switzerland and it costs $150,000/yr/pupil to attend.  The elite sports are an additional cost. Rosey is in the village of Gstaad.....GODS' city!   Michael Gray and Philippe Gudin are the current bosses. It is Primary and secondary pupils 5:1 ratio. 60% of intake European MASTER RACE MEMBERS.   Their victims go to the same school too that is the Archduke who was murdered by this team in 1914 on the HUME Bridge in Sarajevo.  The Chateau de Rosey on the was founded by Paul Emile Carnal in 1917 so the elites could be safe in the killing of 80m people.  Rosenburg, in St Galen is another private school and it is only $80K/yr. 260 boarders from over 40 countries but it is not as GRANDIOSE or scary as Le Rosey.  The Tabs are profiled so you will learn that popes, the black nobility et al are trained to kill their poor neighbours here launched on the eve of WW1. So the Via Ferrata is the despoiling of GODS' beautiful ALPS with permanent steel ladderrs and ropes on almost all mountaineering hubs AS HEALTH AND SAFETY hedges against acts of GOD.  Every time you get saved by it you have to buy another one QUICK.  I explain the CANALISATION of the azure blue alpine rivers below.  So the campus is on the N shore of lake Geneva but for 3 months the students flit to the chalets and revel on the SKI slopes.....I have seen the excited diaspora out of town when I lived in BASEL.  so they are under the MATTERHORN and need the safety protocol & new FERRATA kits several times a yr.  Gstaad Palace is a massive hotel nearby.  The Miller sisters are the Princesses of Greece and they link to the Humes Homes of my region PEACE philosophers and Sir Alec bombed the Garden of EDEN in Aden to protect the BP plant.  Back to the school they have 80 un-named teachers & I explain that the Braveheart movie reveals the need to be multi-lingual and sadly the Duke of Argylle who gave that advice went to this school.  They engage in all the elite sports Alpine-Yachting provided you top up the fees.  POOR or gifted youngsters get SCHOLARSHIPS & I explain Murdoch and the GEELONG school in AUS where Prince Charles was trained this way with MURDOCH the chosen one. So I reel of the KINGS Queens Money Lenders of Persia Savoy Yugoslavia Burundi.  Taki Theodore Acopulos in 1998 published in the SPECTATOR that bin Laden who shops with elites all over England had attended the school.  So the sensational Alumni are profiled  starting with Adnan Khaashogi & AlFayed Snr (owner of PUNCH magazine in case they out it like the Spectator)  So the ARABS funded the terror, the jews planned and the British Royals and Fergie made jokes before & after.  Jonathon AITKEN is in Mark thatchers weapons trading scams too.  So the ROSEAN List starts withe last Aga Khan and we find him winning the Prix De le ARC de Triomph the HORSE races at Longschamps in Paris which is too expensive for terrorists to attend. Agga Khan IV the muslim is still the PISO quoran/Koran published by the Krays/ Qureshs.  Baudouin of Belgium, KingJuan Carlos of Scottish Power Interlocked to Kerr of Kinlochard and Rio TINTO for capital group & Theresa Mays Hubby. Richard Helms was one of the founders of CIA and he is a ROSEAN....and he teams up with Kissinger Nixon & LJB and suddenly America & NATO are all over ASIA Korea-Vietnam-Golden Triangle & the HMONG traitors in those wars become citizens in the USA in minesota where 1 of the 26 Fed Banks are in the AMERICAN REAM scams.  The JFK killing is explained and that GIVES all those banks to Rothschild instead of the USA Govt so JFK was killed & LBJ signed executive order 1001 on Air Force 1 same day.  The HMONG people switch sides and that becomes 5 Home Alone movies.   Nixon was part of that genocide and all of it allows Churchill Onassis and Prince Phil to launder narcotics all over the Globe out of the COKE factories in Vietnam.  Rosey alumnus Jose Ferrer the actor is GEORGE CLUNY's nephew (the Cluny abbey biggest church before the vatican jokes).  In 1966 when all of us were safe American troops were being killed en-masse for the mafia that now runs the entire "developing World" this way.  Nixon was interviewed by Frost to deny it all and he is LONGSHANKS descendant.  Then we list the IMAMs, Aga Khan's, Russian Oligarchs, Albert II King of Belgium since 1934, EU advocate Thomas Arnold young MP with Rifkind. The Borgeses' are the Viceroys of NAPLES where the Bible was written by PISO go to ROSEY and Paul V was a POPE in that Black nobility bloodline as we entered into the 30 years war massacre all over Europe & into the PILGRIM Mayflower ship to America.   Guiness family go to Rosey too.  Rosean Arpad Busson is married to ELLE tMacpherson he supermodel and runs not forprofit charities  Tomlinsons interlock with Busson like Fink & Bernstein & Gascoigne.  So George W and Herbert Poppy bush were both CIA bosses before Neil their son went to vatican to rewrite Bible Talmud & Quoran to make the religions more divisive.  So The Dukes of Argylle are Swiss schoolboys too & that is Brian Cox's DUNDEE student debt pool scams. Argylle is head of Clan Campbell & we profile Alister Cambbell Blairs' murderous spin doctor.  The Cecils are Roseans too & inn the 1930's they win GOLD at High Hurdles in Olympics.  The Duke of Kent at Wimbledon is a Rosean like the SAVOYS of Pi Pi Piedmont.  Dodi Al Fayed was killed by his Dad's regime by his schoolchums unless all of it is false news like the disappearance of Lord Lucan and the SHERGAR kidnaps.  So we get to Austria and find the house of Habsburg and the current Archdukes covered by Mike Thyssen and Lothlorien in tolkein's output.  The Nieper's of italy are Michael ancrums ONE EYED MUM!  The real EMPEROR of Austria Rosey Schoolkids is encyclopaedic PAGE after page of Holy Roman Emperors,  Kings of takes one into RADBOT of Switzerland already 1000 yrs into the "JESUS NEVER LIVED" JOKE that all who can read 7 write multi-lingually understands.  Habsburg Lorraine spreads into France then the Habsburgs explore the South Pacific with El NINHO Baby jesus dollys on board...THE THREE SHIPS THAT GO SAILING BY ON "XMAS" day in the morning.  The Austrian Shield is the Rivers of Blood with the white line under Emperor's belt.  So Austria is close to ROSIE and I dont know which Habsburgs get scholarships & bus passes to travel from MEXICO to lake geneva. Maria Theresa of Austria is nicely obfuscated by Theresa May.  So we run out of batteries but I will refer you to this page