Posh Schools & Reading Writing: all messianic religions ALL WARS & Stammering Apologies

I have published the data on GEELONG School where Murdoch & Prince Charles trained in Australia.  The Dunblane School for war ORPHANS run by Prince Philip as Patron. Also, the Chief Statistician Clause Mosers JEWISH Sutton School in London (very expensive but read on). The SWISS SCHOOLS are particularly useful since 1914 because they allow the FASCISTS to raise their kids in a lovel MASTER RACE environment which is strictly neutral and immune from the conflicts engineered globally.  So the pages below reveal where POPES, Archdukes, CIA Founders, Dukes of Kent, Money Lenders from Hapsburg to ROTHSCHILD raise their kids to be world leaders.  They train KINGS QUEENS Emperors and Princesses and charge huge fees but stay out of EVERY CHARGE IN THE WARS for personal safety reasons.  Even the acts of GOD, accidents, are hedged against by constructing metal steps and ropes on the trainee slopes and gismos to prevent fatal accidents under the peaks of GODS' beautiful mountain & they are a permanent eyseore like the canalised & Damned rivers become.  So read about the Rosean Master Race & REMEMBER that you can now read and write too which is changing the world ever so slowly because all the terror and false news keeps the people fearful.  So read about how the warmongering attacks are launched by the 5000 elite families that run it all this way since writing with BLUE dye was invented in canaaan (which is GODS ANVIL & is turned to dessert). If you do have an accident in the alps you can get an AMBULANCE to launder your gold to the safe children educated in those schools and all the GLOBAL Rothschild banking Empire of Central Banks is run out of BASEL.  No democracy able to fund itself now and all the loot goes to those 5000 families. We have 9Bn taxpayers who get blown to bits by elite schoolboys and their ROYAL GENOCIDAL Families 9-11 to Verdun and into the Normandy and Jungle warfare that makes the Hollywood icons ALUMNI of those schools.