Prime Minister for a few weeks but shamed by Fascist affiliations: Lewis Hill

The threat and shadow created by FASCISM in the lead up to and EXECUTIONS of (80 million innocents) WW1 and WW2 for some years was a scar on the political memory trace.  This article covers the case of Conservative PM Lewis Hill who took over as Winston Churchill (profiteer supreme with Canadian Lord Beaverbrook, Max Aitken) slipped quietly into opulent retirement.  What Fascists did to this earth was unforgiveable but only for a deade or so in the immediate aftermath of the wars they planned together.....strictly for profit and to cull the worlds poor & patriotic.  The story of Lewis is told here on ONE PAGE...he is not mentioned in Hansard or Wikipedia or anywhere else that I am aware of....

It happened in 1955, Churchill retired the same year and Lewis Hill rose up from the Conservative ranks as an extreme right leader with drive.   If you are interested in where he retired to visit Blenheim Oxfordshire (a gift from a grateful nation). Beaverbrook has homes (and fine art galleries too)  all around the world but he hosted Churchill's golden wedding at La Capponica a mansion with a pool on the Cote DAzur.  In the Papacy, Hitlers pope Pius XII retired to Castel Gondolphino (recognise it from the Godolphin/Gandolphini horse doping/hollywood brutality in the mafia diversions of 2013) near "Alba" in the elite heart of Rome.   The Vatican's main man in the Nazi gold laundering/war crimal Odessa relocation scandals, Alois Hudal (son of a shoemaker) also retired to a massive Villa with a pool (now a "Park hotel at  Grotoferratta").
Pictured aboveLaft to Right Mansions for retirement: Beverbrook (Cote D'azur, Rural England and Art Galleries Canada); Churchill Blenheim Oxfordshire no bombing zone; Bush Texas; Pope Pius (Eugene Joseph Mary Pacelli)then Alois Hudal Nazi gold and fascist launderer retired to Villa Grottoferratta beside the pool with a cool drink and no conscience.  Benedict got shipped out by the Knights of Malta (pictured further down: Maltese knights included Jimmy Savile and Keith Obrien....still missing with loot and paedophilia charges pending).  Pope benedict like Tiny Rowlands (alias Furhop were Hitler youth members) and Stalin/Hitler (a sex life too deviant to describe) both trained at Tavistock to lead their Confederated Nations (a speciality that Pope Pius majored in) into a world war that cost £20 million lives and opulent retirement homes by the pool or the estate/art treasures taken from elsewhere.  I have visted Justin welby's County Durham home he is the son of a "Labour" MP like Mosely and his mum was Winston Churchill's private secretary. He only has a replica scale model of the Elgin Marbles but has Corporate oil interests and with the Queen, who does not attend the male-dominated secret society meetings, is God's representative in England (and charges lower rates of interest than Wonga on loans to homeless people).  

BUT BACK TO the EXTREME RIGHT HONORABLE Lewis Hill Here is the exchange of pierceing words that forced his climb down and removal from the anals of British right wing history.

“Mr. Clement Attlee”
“Would the Prime Minister tell us, what plans does he have for the NHS?”
“Mr. Speaker, the NHS will stay in it's current form but private companies will be introduced to the system to lighten the burden on government money.”
“Doesn't he realize that that will endanger free healthcare, Mr. Speaker?”
“Mr. Speaker, we are still recovering from the Second World War we are still indebted to the United States of America and we can't pull money out of hat, Mr. Speaker. Surely, he should have realized that, since he was Prime Minister for five years.”
*Roaring laughter from the Conservative benches, Attlee looks embarrassed.* 
“Mr. William Codge”
“Thank You, Mr. Speaker. Here I hold a photograph of the Prime Minister with none other than Sir Oswald Mosely and Benito Mussolini.”
*The Conservative benches sit in shocked silence with a few members shouted abuse at William Codge. Labour benches are are also silent apart from a few members laughing their heads off.*

The Labour Party mocking the newcomer is ironic in the extreme.....the following illustrations show how Oswald Mosely (Labour MP, Conservative MP, BNP leader....married to a nee Mitford, nee of her family negotiated appeasement with Hitler and she married Mosely in Hitlers presence.  Just a few sentences from the post war archive hear to see how forgiving both parties could be for their iconic leaders.

Strangely enough these images portray what happened in the 1930s, the 1960s and again since 2010 and the new coalition have been caught in far right profiteering and economic grand larceny which now blights the world even in peacetime.
They need the media and the law enforcement/emergency systems to play ball but this time it wont be as easy as 1939.  They are already sparking angry protests as they rob from their own children. They are raising their own salaries, expenses and a virtual media that will get what the propaganda quisling (former BNP depuity CIC) William Joyce got.  Joyce, like the abdicated king and the Moselys admired Hitler, Mussolini and Mrs Simpson so much...he went to work for them throughout WW2 as Lord Haw Haw (a hateful Brit who ranted out the Nazi message on British radio...almost as if they were on the same admiring team.  Joyce was the last man in the UK to be executed for treason. Now all the European leaders (Nobel Peace Price winners like Kissinger & Obama) have abolished the death penalty because they know that many of them deserve it.  They will try and send your children to their deaths as the did in those two world wars and they are cowardly enough to use those nukes and WMDs that they have been trading in for party or personal funds for decades....see pages all over this website.  If you can find pictures of Lewis Hill...the forgotten fascist then you are a better researcher than me.  Lewis died in a state of relative innocence compared to Churchill, Hitler, Stalin (all close cousins trained at Tavistock/Liverpool/Sidney Street), FD Roosevelt, Viscount Halifax, Allan Dulles and so many more backroom boys.  The world is persecuted by elite twits who cannot suppress their biological urges, one of which is to relentlessly or eugenically cull the poor people of the they can stay intimidating to other brutal members of the inner circle that has led the world this way since the Church of Rome was invented by the Pisos and the Central Banks and the elite bloodlines have been fathered by the Rothschilds and their elite money lending friends & illegitimately sired monarchs.  Leveson compensated them for persecuting their citizens, viewers, listeners and taxpayers...and the last slide showed how the conscripted children will die as paupers if you dont wake up to the risks.

I cannot afford the time or the subscription to read all of this....but you will be shocked how easy it is to cull innocent people if you hire the ruthless and devious the right place and at the right time. (read the bits that are available as free samples of fascism at work).  Modern updates all over this webpage and impoverishing the children is almost complete...they gave up without a fight because their parents TRUST the government after all the genocides that have gone before.
AND THE VETERANS OF ALL THOSE EARLIER CAMPAIGNS are ruthless leaders elsewhere....and have been relishing the 100 year anniversary of theirgreatest ever cull.
This is what your country was prepared to do to keep the cull a secret 1914-18...your last word to your loved ones back home was censored just in case the victims in uniform realised where the enemy always the plush cabinet/war office
Then they raise funds from the poppies and place them triumphantly in front of all their victims on remembrance day!