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Flavian Arrian Master Racers Jesus' Dragons Den Dolly Papal Piso Parthenon Bible Fakers Quakers

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Chris Martin Coldplay Flavius Josephus Pr Higgins Jenifer Aniston Habsburg Rob Brydon P&O Piso Pen Names Smithy Corden ISIS NINI Ken Dodd Diddy Gavin and Stacy Mountain from Molehill.jpg

First the legendary Jim Fetzer introduces himself from his US studio.  The man who faked up the bible was Arrius Calpurnius Piso and he used dozens of pen names/pseudonyms through his life and wrote himself into HIS BIBLE as THE NEW GOD his virginal parents and the 1st Bishop of Rome "St Peter" who like Christ never lived.  That is from PISO the naming of the global POLIS their PISTOLS, PRISONS etc and until this is revealed we cannot have Global PEACE or Civilization because their lethal descendents now rule the world. So MUG SHOTS FIRST.  So both P& O & Alpha-Omega is the name of Arrius PISO and on the Pascal Candle every Easter.  PISO also wrote the Quoran in Naples/Greece.  He was the Governor for Galilee and Flavius Josephus is one of the most used alias.  Chris Martin is lined up with the statue of Josephus and the likeness is no surprise....Chris Martin of Coldplay (CENTURIES OLD Pisstake) has a 1st class degree in ancient world history from UCL and he still uses the name that is LEGEND as the money man on the Mayflower. For some reason he cant explain he KNOWS ST PETER wont call his name at the Pearly Gates.  So the PISO's lived in the VILLA PAPYRII in Naples till 79 AD when the Gods ERUPTED VESUVIUS onto their home.  So they moved to Greece (no volcano much safer) and began to replace the PAGAN gods with PISO pisstakes.  In the Hollywood version of the story NIAL McGINNIS plays Zeuss  &  Honor Blackman Hera.  Martin Pacelli McGuiness are in the god replacement team as FOR PROFIT SECTARRIAN TERRORIST with Pi Pi Paisley Gerry Adams etc.  All the energy that god gave us is now sold on by this mob since Harold Wilson & Douglas-Home bombed the Garden of ADEN for the BP plant now Inneous at Grangemouth & INSOUS King INRI on "Jesus'Cross".  Corbyn is the actor who played David Kelly (murdered by Blair who like Putin is now shagging Wendy Deng : Murdoch's Ex before before he married Jaggers Jagelonian woman. So just look at the PISO nicknames on the images and see who they are today.  Jenifer Aniston IS NOT A GENUINE Arian blonde but her Fannia is a masive joke Piso pen-name Ariston with Herod in the Bible fake team played by TELLY SAVALUS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guRKt55XOfU  Then I profile the GODs replacement by the GIANTS starting with the chosen one's enemy GOLIATH then 

Telly Savalus Close shave for Jenifer but look at God's heavenly skies


Richard Harris then the Dwarves malformed at birth then the Diddy Men and eventually El Ninho the Dragon.  Which is why the gODS reply with Floods Quakes Landslides Kipping Cano Olympian erruptions. The Colossus of Rhodes is now your garden GNOMES and the seven wonders turn to lava/rubble.  Pliny the Elder (Piggot Smith in BBC movie) died under vesuvius and that is Maggie Smith and Poppeas' bloodline.  Later you will see that Pliny also becomes the papal fakes & in laws of PISO like J Caesar. Trump understands it all which is why he desserted TEL AVIV (where Quoran Koran was launched) and sent his Embassy to JERUSALEM like the lethal crusades  before they launched the OTTOMAN wing of christianity then ISLAMS' menace all from the same pen. Rob Brydon (Habsburg Chin DYNASTY) & Smithy (James Corden Comedic cover for his papal/monarchy links) So HEROD & Augusta launch the plot with Flavians (Pisos Emps Vespasian, Titus, Domitian) 7 they are busy bees still under the Avian Bee Hive Papal hats.  Fala is home to these families then Wm the conqueror then Murray Bush FDR & FDR's dog was FALA too.  Selkirk is home to outlaw Murray Bush ancestors & Roosevelts then they live in the MUSEUM movie PROOF OF THE MAFIA Op for Star Wars teams & Global govt. Windrush scandal & demonising immigrant blacks is just PM Cameron's Chipping Norton Set for whom my ex wife works and desserts even the FAKE Christ's OATH.  So all wars are fascist plots & I explain the 39 steps novel too.  The Windsors were Windesore in Wm Conquerors Monarchy tree & Martin Sorrell of Davos Bilderburg is cousin to HRH like Col Saunders in LouisVille the Bourbon Versaille families. Former Sec of State for Sctland Michael Moore had 82 directorates on P&O with Bush as interlocking director. So onto the nicknames MONTANUS (Mountain from molehill) FANNIA  POLIO PANTHERA All of them twist the letters to Montagu and become Bn aires & Heiresses.  God is now JESUS which is why the REAL GODS crush the teams that try to get to the POLESIO as Titus (GOD) Oates using PISO horse and freeze off their PIGGY TOES in antartica as the ordinary punters die in the wars.  

 Drew Faust the woman in charge of Harvard is descended from Marcus Aurelius' female relatives & children. KFC Col Saunders live in Louiseville in USA cos they are Bourbons of Versaile and  Saunders is Queen of England's 20th cousin. CENSORED HERE Thanks to Garry Lloyd Roberts Robertian dynasty for letting them know it was us Berty stammering Kings speech.


1.So St Peter was the ALTAR EGO output of Arius Piso who wrote the story way after his JESUS was already dead. B 37CE died 118CE

2. St Linus was played by PLINY the YOUNGER b 62/63 CE Died 116 CE

3. St Cletus =Alexander C Piso (eldest son of Arrius Piso, b pre 70 CE ,d.circa 95CE)

4. St Clement I = Julius C Piso (next-eldest son of Arrius Piso, b 74 CE, d 137 CE)

5. St Aristus = Proculus C Piso (son of Arrius Piso b 79AD GODS VESUVIUS PROTESTS)

6. St Alexander I = Alexander C Piso II (b. Circa 90 CE, son of Alexander C Piso I)

7. St Sixtus I = Justus C Piso (son of Arrius C Piso b 77 CE)

8. St Telesphorus = Flavius Arrianus (Grandson of Arrius Piso)

9.  St Hyginus = Silanus C. Piso (Grandson of Arrius Piso)

10.  St Pius I = Emperor Antoninus Pius (Grandson of Arius Piso b 86CE  d. 161 CE)

HIGGINS is the name CURRENT President in Ireland (pictured under Flavian Beekeepers hat).JPG

Ginus Guiness McGuiness then becomes GOD joke for Martin in IRE to 2016 and Nial McGinnis Zuess in Jason & the Argonauts.  MORE TEXT BELOW IMAGE

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Piso Popes 2 St Peter Alexander Flavians Chris Martin Telly Savalus Arius Piso Jesus Nini Dragon el Nino Titans Dogs vs horse.jpg

On with the story on video.  Ian Pi Pi Paisley was McGuiness’ sectarian enemy and launched Paisley abbey.  The 3 wise men at “XMAS” are, for James Blunt, married to Sophia Wellesly/ Von Wellesly is Duke of Wellington 1st of Austria then IRISH.  Paisley is just a HOP to IONA opposite OBAN the BONAR BONA female relatives of Arrius PISO (then the speaker in the Whitehouse) but these popes were not celibate and had multiple wives too.  Even for Charlemagne SAINTED ALIVE in the Roman Vatican on XMAS day 800 AD the first wives were PAGAN and last ones were “Christ”ian saints too. He lived in CASINO France to cover the CLUNY ABBEY joke where the first Vatican was.  The Mortons are the POLO (Polio is also Piso nickname which is why GATES of Harvard and the death camps wants to cure it) playing EARLS of Morton batman to Butcher Haig in WW1 then Churchill in WW2.  London Bridge Terror is explain for Palmer Tomkinson and Montefiore of Ramsgate banking dynasties.  Point and Fire Terror company was run by MP for Charlton and PC Palmer was a Charlton Athletic fan cos SIEMENS have a munitions plant there and still have one in Cameron’s Chipping Norton region near Churchills Blenheim gifted him for battles re Protestantism, lutherans, all over Europe and tragically into Ireland under Cromwell vs the Cavalier Monarchists that were catholic Charles 1st beheaded & Charles 2nd protestant and first to grow PISO pineapple in UK. Piso was actually  a jew and he reduced the population of his Jewish kin from 8M to 3M Jews in his lifetime. All written up under different pseudonyms.  Piso introduced 3 different numbering codes in the bible so they could show they had written that person into the story and arrius calpurnius piso was 60, the age for our bus passes, qualifiers for Le Mans Motor racing (he is “THE MAN” on every golf course across the world & that includes Donald & Augusta’s MASTERS COURSE nr Plymouth where the Pilgrims launched the Pagan cull) and the age at which you may be given toxic drugs called statins.  50 is code for NUN/NONE the number shot down in great escape.   16 is the PIE/vagina that Don McClean sings about as the meaning of life in the BOOK OF LOVE AKA the bible. Jim Fetzer with Hallett revealed Churchill’s role in siring the Queen Princess Mgt and Bill Clinton. All out of cigar tubes for BAT man joke Br Am Tobacco and pleasuring Lewinsky.  Pr Alberts chain is explain and I will illustrate it on this page of my website. Not nearly as attractive as Jennifer’s FANNIA or the gusset of her PANTHERAs that becomes the Panzer regiment in WW2 where the Warner bros used to live before WW1.

Jenifer Aniston has now become my favourite actress and the scenes & heavenly Skies in her Break UP movie trailer may indicate that the GODS can see her capacity for greatness too…..PLEASE DO Not drool on your computer when you watch her Savalus hairdo!  My scientific investigation indicates that she is not an Arrian blonde everywhere!!!!!  So we now get to the Christ nicknames El Ninho means baby boy, dragon El Ninho.  Oprah Winfried is descended from St Boniface, Mr Winfred, of Devon/Heaven and his clerical training there was in Exeter, launch of XMAS.  Boniface was sainted after cutting down THORS OAK in Rothschild & Trumps Frankfurt/Palatinate and miraculously they discovered NEW WORLD ORDER PINE XMAS tree under the roots of the OAK under which all the global Pagans have been hung or burnt.   More OAKS in Churchill’s Blenheim than any where else globally.   So the DRAGON is Jesus who never lived like St Peter in his team.  The Dragons Den Game Show every week has now been shut down for shame & I do not intend to relent ALPHA to OMEGA.  So both Pope Benedict and Hitler share   the middle name alois A Louis dynasty and both were born nr INNSBRUCK which becomes no room at the INN for Jesus in Bethlehem all faked up by PISO the Governor of Galilee “Flavius Josephus”.  The Windrush false demonization of racism and the black immigrants being a menace to the master race was launched by Enoch Powell  70 yrs ago but it is just coverin 7 Baronet Families in Chipping Norton where my wife took me on our first date in Cameron’s Whitney constituency which covers SIEMENS there too & Whitney Harris being Nuremburg War crimes inquest chair for USA and he is out of Harrison County Houston where the massive floods occurred in Donald’s CROOKED ARRIAN MASTER RACE REGIME. Amber Rudd has this week resigned as home sec.  Gladstone and the Liverpool Bristol slave trading is profiled all out of Africa with many failing to live in squalor as they transt through” Gt Britain” into the  “land of the free “.   So Oprah I have explained. Shania Twain was married to a MUTT (king of Egypt/Davidic bloodlines mummified in Pyramid then relaunched as GODS as with Saints all across the paganless world). Dolly is the Parthenon icon who sings about Joseph in Egypt and his coat of many colours and the GREEK PARTHENON GODS become the target for PISO’s mockery as they replace them with Pi PI Piggy pisstakes GLOBAL POLIS etc.  So the Baby Jesus is a Dolly too and those gimmicks get traded for gold and pearls & sexual favours as all the pagans get disappeared, raped pillaged.  Look up El Ninho Weather THEN El Ninho Religion & my videos on that are nearly 5 yrs old now as they twice tried to section me. Shania got Limes Disease which is carried by TICKS and that is ARCHELAUS PISO and the naming of Louse in Vietnam THE GODS HAVE AN ACUTE SENSE OF HUMOUR & IT CAN BE QUITE DANGEROUS.

Next I explain the English monarchs name change from Saxe Coburg & Gotha Battenburg (Attenborough in the great escape BULLINGDON MAFIA all double agents in COLDITZ in war time).  The Windesore family came in with Wm the Conqueror who claime the massive forests of Windsor Great Park and Nottingham/Sherwood for a laugh.  They own the biggest Empire the world has ever known but all are Rothschild bastards and totally illegitimate which is why Greg Hallet has been disappeared by the regime and the new one is careful never to mention those topics again as he profits posthumously from gregs books on how to take over the German French queens world.  So Windesore is just the start out of Normany and Sorrell WPP Wire & Plastic is the resignation of Billionaire Martin Sorrell (Davos Bilderburger) less than 1 month ago.  Polio is played by all the monarchs.  Kevin Spacey and the Baldwins who were married to Wm the Conqueror.  Spacey is a Fowler and plays Vergilus Piso in the usual  suspects move.  The Baldwins are now of Holywood but were Kings of Jerusalem Like Conradians Conrad black ever since the crusades were launched to kill ISLAM /Global Jews/ Holy Roman Germans.  The Pythons mortals, are dropping like flies and Father Ted, Life of Brian , Chicken run  for Fowler and Capet/Chicken KFC regimes. Bill Paxton died with all the Pythons on crutches at the funarals in holy city of LA where the cemetery is full of OAKS.  Field Marshall Montgomery’s descendant is Katty Kay the Whitehouse newsreader for the BBC.  So Jim asks me to SUMMARISE.  All the families that were in charge of ancient Rome, Europe/Austria are still in power but they have gone to Palm Beach, Vesuvius in Maine USA , Naples in Florida none of which have volcanoes but are surrounded by GODS’ RING OF FIRE and Los ANGELES the HOLY City gets more quakes that anywhere else.  In Italy Stromboli and ETNA are relentlessly sending smoke signals to the “CHRISTIANS”. Donalds regime in yr one has the biggest budget to repair and bury acts of god and they still don’t give any reverence to their creators which is quite dangerous but humorous for those who believe in freedom and the REAL GODS with Sun God Sol Natalis Invictus whose day of celebration is 25th Dec Every yr before CHRIST WAS LAUNCHED and the Pagans/Jews were crucified en “MASSE”.  The Promised land seekers transit through Denmark, Frankfurt/Germania , Austria then they have to change their names to May Hammond Kimble etc see images on these pages.  SO THERE IS A GOD/GODS but Jesus his virgin mum are the biggest fake in world history.  It is Friday and I am hoping to get my fish into a piso pie….that is SEX with your wife on the day you are not allowed to eat meat according to the PISO rulers.  If you have Jenifer Aniston’s phone number please share it for strictly platonic reasons.


The Papal secrets are here:http://www.academia.edu/28071713/CalpurniusPisoFamily_and_TheOriginOfPopes.pdf  

The Nickname Pi Pi Pisstakes are here https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_piso07.htm

THANKS TO JIM FETZER & SEAN P MAGUIRE for helping with these videos on the same themes.

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Chris Martin Coldplay Flavius Josephus Pr Higgins Jenifer Aniston Habsburg Rob Brydon P&O Piso Pen Names Smithy Corden ISIS NINI Ken Dodd Diddy Gavin and Stacy Mountain from Molehill.jpg

PISO POPES St Peter Higgins Corden Aniston's Fannia Godly Diddymen Ninnis El Ninho

TEXT & REFS FOR THE VIDEO ABOVE immediately below
Please Please look at the video I made on Chris Martin of Coldplay being descended from Flavius Josephus (It is called "Aniston Pope PISO Buzz 1" https://youtu.be/-3hwMZ4yLVk : the soundtrack is poor but it is one of the most important I ever made) THIS video explains how the PISO family flitted out of Naples when Vesuvius buried their home & they went to Rome (no volcano & much safer) to become the first PAPAL bloodlines. Arrius Calpurnius Piso was the Jew who faked up the bible & its numerical codes. This video is made with Sean McGuire in Ireland.  The Diddymen, ELFS, Gnomes & Toby Jug characters including "NINI the El Ninho Dragon Child" who is JESUS have REPLACED THE GODS in the heavens who created the universe and determine the worlds weatherstorms, erruptions quakes floods fires etc. WE still await the arrival of the "5th element" but the film on that depicts the GODS as orca fat pea brained robots and the President of Ireland Higginns,  Al Pacino (Devil's advocate) Lord Mcalpine dynasties become the earliest papal families too (see refs).  The Gavin and Stacey cast members are massive religious, monarchy, serial killers in NHS, Bolger murders for MURDOCH's Boards empire and the removal of my video on Bolger murders in Liverpool and Aus PM after I had 750 views. All of it explained in the video. Shipman NHS serial killer , covers Tim Shipman WAR CORRESPONDENT for IRAQ.  I also show you the piso pisstake that are the Colossus of Rhodes with the Universal GOD's ashes in the pot (that the orca fat -tin robot pea brain gods use as the space-craft to visit the pharoah pyramids in the 5th element movie) 
 Jesus, like St Peter, never lived but are PISO fairytales and a whole series of pseudonyms/PEN NAMES including Gessius Florus,  Ariston, Montanus (the Christian Mountain from the PISO molehill /Plume).  They all descend in the bloodlines to world owning land grabbing billionaire like the Dukes of Buccleugh/Montgomery Jennifer Aniston, Bush, Roosevelt, Windsor, Kaiser Wilhelm, William the GOD conqueror and CHALEMAGNE of Cassino. Rob Brydon in Gavin and Stacey is the P&O Shipping lines HAPSBURG Chin celeb like Bruce Forsyth and the Villa Andrea in Fr N Africa is explained along with Emperor Charles Vth of Spain's pagan empires in Latin America where the PESO currency is still used and in Spain the Piso Peseta was used until they joined the Euro zone in Blairs' noughties.
Flavius Josephus Really Arrius PISO
Habsburgs Chins Brydon Holy Roman Empire https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_V,_Holy_Roman_Emperor


Aniston Pope PISO Buzz 1 Chris Martin mugshots lined up with statue of Flavius Josephus ARRIUS CALPURNIUS PISO


This video has horrible hum on the soundtrack but I want you all to know the massive PISO scams that may well lead to my execution.  Chris Martin of coldplay is a dead ringer for arrius calpurnius Piso's alter ego centuries old role play.  Chris Martin is stunningly like Flavius Josephus: PISO's best known pseudonym/pen name.  The busts/statues follow on from the OPRAH WINFREY St Boniface false XMAS jokes out of Rothschild Frankurt where THor's OAH was felled and replaced by a XMAS tree/PYRAMIDAL icon for these bloodlines that go beyond the Pharoes of Egypt to LAGOS the Rabbit of Macedonia/Alexander the Great. So just listen and pick up the magnitude of the lies that are the ISIS myths upon which all the FALSE religions are built using the Piso Plume and Papyrus.  But at the end of the HUMMING VIDEO you will discover that Piso and all his ancestors flit out of Naples Pompeii where Vesuvius is the gods tool and they feel safer as POPES IN ROME several generations if you look at the referenced documents.  Aniston is Ariston in the story and the Schwarzenegers are in the team too http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_piso07.htm  The Papal Bloodline data  can be found here ARIUS PISO wrote himself into the Bible as St Peter Joseph and many many more 

Jennifers Kit off again False Christianity THE NAKED TRUTH codename Fannia

One now understands every one of the coldplay tracks GOOD LUCK AT THE PEARLY GATES CHRIS MARTIN OF THE MAYFLOWER & GALILEE

St Peter wont call his name CENTURIES OLD PLAY