Pan-Continental Fascism an endless tale of genocide and human rights opression

THIS ARTICLE IS WRITTEN FOR THE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF PM Cameron UK, German Chancellor Merkel, Russian President Putin, PM Harper of Canada, Unelected Italian Head of State Renzi, American President Obama, , President Abe of Japan , and President Hollande of France.  PMs of Australia & Presidents of China, South America, Asia and vast tracts of land in South America have not yet been elevated to the status of GLOBAL G8 empire leader .  I want the Heads of the World Bank, The IMF, the ECB, the European Union, The European Council, and all the central banks globally, to know, that the people now know that the only obstacle to PEACEFUL globalised civilisation is you.  They know too, that you have deserted your Countries/Continents for personal gain, wealth divide and media led campaigns: which you have planned in advance, to destabilise regions, perpetrate land grabs or  to cover your economic grand larceny and genocide.  So read it carefully:  IF YOU take the world to war again your armies/militias know the horrible truth and YOUR lives are all in danger as soon as the slaughter starts...from the patriots and youth that you abuse and impoverish.  The psychology (one of the new popes' academic specialitiesInitially trained as a chemist, Bergoglio taught literature, psychology, philosophy and theology before taking over as Buenos Aires archbishop in 1998. He became cardinal in 2001, please read the pages below) is fascinating.  So enjoy the G20 summit in Washington, under deep global scrutiny, it may well be your last. G20 meetings for heads of state, and their economic thugs, are much more frequent than G8 summits which occur once a year ....all to rob-from and abuse their innocent citizens, then take them to war....LISTS OF GUILTY DELEGATES/VENUES HERE  The next Russian meeting is actually planned for Sochi (where the winter Olympics cost more than all the other winter Olympics added together) in mid-summer but all these puppets will have to await instructions from the FUTURE OF RUSSIA FOUNDATION (and its directors the Rothschilds and Henry Kissinger Putin (who has umpteen body doubles to act out these roles) is a puppet for these National traitors and War Criminals (the premeditated chaos and aggression comes from the profiteering boardroom and, in the past, it has made National Leaders heros as they send their Nations' kids to their deaths).  It is all designed to spark WW3 and take the light off their financial crimes GLOBALLY.  But the fear you see in the eyes of locals in Ukraine, Crimea, Thailand, Burma, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, is very real.   So, World leaders, please back down for your own safety and confront the money lenders and financial institutions that keep the world in endless strife as strategic masters of the world's false news & fear mongering for boardroom/geopolitical profit. We, the educated masses, increasingly understand the team plan and the personal hazard it represents, for YOU, in an articulate connected world.  I understand too the malicious role of is taboo, since the Roman Empire, to bring one's own troops back into a country where the body politic is corrupted (in this situation, the impoverished victims in front of the gun barrell are the parents and family of army/navy air force personnel or conscripts and the parliamentarians or senators/congressmen).  So, if you are not a world leader, please stay vigilant and write quickly to your kids in the forces overseas.  Remind them that you love them, that you want them home for homeland security reasons and let them know the lessons of historyTimeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes AND Holocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained and WHERE THE ENEMY ARE, IN Political, financial/economic ELITE OFFICES with blood/genocide on their conscience and your cash in suitcases!   
Group of Eight
Map of G8 member nations and the European Union
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
President François Hollande
Chancellor Angela Merkel
Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
Prime Minister Shinzō Abe
President Vladimir Putin
 United Kingdom
Prime Minister David Cameron
 United States of America
President Barack Obama

Also represented

 European Union
Council President Herman Van Rompuy
Commission President José Manuel Barroso
 Almost all the G20 meetings below have been held in ELITE OPULENT RESORTS behind massive , heavily armed, security cordons.  Hundreds of thousands of protesters attend/demonstrate at each meeting.  They dare not walk the streets alone. 



Host country

Host leader

Location held




November 15–17, 1975


Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

Rambouillet(Castle of Rambouillet)


G6 Summit


June 27–28, 1976

 United States

Gerald R. Ford

DoradoPuerto Rico[31]


Also called "Rambouillet II;" Canada joins the group, forming the G7[31]


May 7–8, 1977

 United Kingdom

James Callaghan



President of the European Commission is invited to join the annual G-7 summits


July 16–17, 1978

 West Germany

Helmut Schmidt

BonnNorth Rhine-Westphalia




June 28–29, 1979


Masayoshi Ōhira





June 22–23, 1980


Francesco Cossiga



acting Prime Minister Masayoshi Ito of Japan did not attend.


July 20–21, 1981


Pierre E. Trudeau





June 4–6, 1982


François Mitterrand





May 28–30, 1983

 United States

Ronald Reagan





June 7–9, 1984

 United Kingdom

Margaret Thatcher





May 2–4, 1985

 West Germany

Helmut Kohl

BonnNorth Rhine-Westphalia




May 4–6, 1986


Yasuhiro Nakasone





June 8–10, 1987


Amintore Fanfani





June 19–21, 1988


Brian Mulroney





July 14–16, 1989


François Mitterrand





July 9–11, 1990

 United States

George H. W. Bush





July 15–17, 1991

 United Kingdom

John Major





July 6–8, 1992


Helmut Kohl





July 7–9, 1993


Kiichi Miyazawa





July 8–10, 1994


Silvio Berlusconi





June 15–17, 1995


Jean Chrétien

HalifaxNova Scotia




June 27–29, 1996


Jacques Chirac



International organizations'debut to G8 Summits periodically. The invited ones here were: United Nations,World BankInternational Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization.[33]


June 20–22, 1997

 United States

Bill Clinton



Russia joins the group, forming G8


May 15–17, 1998

 United Kingdom

Tony Blair





June 18–20, 1999


Gerhard Schröder

CologneNorth Rhine-Westphalia


First Summit of the G-20 major economies at Berlin


July 21–23, 2000


Yoshiro Mori



Formation of the G8+5 starts, when South Africa was invited. Until the 38th G8 summit in 2012, it has been invited to the Summit annually without interruption. Also, with permission from a G8 leader, other nations were invited to the Summit on a periodical basis for the first time. Nigeria, Algeria and Senegal accepted their invitations here. The World Health Organization was also invited for the first time.[33]


July 20–22, 2001


Silvio Berlusconi



Leaders from Bangladesh, Mali and El Salvador accepted their invitations here.[33]Demonstrator Carlo Giuliani is shot and killed by police during a violent demonstration. One of the largest and most violentanti-globalization movementprotests occurred for the 27th G8 summit.[39] Following those events and the September 11 attacks two months later in 2001, the G8 have met at more remote locations.


June 26–27, 2002


Jean Chrétien



Russia gains permission to officially host a G8 Summit.


June 2–3, 2003


Jacques Chirac



The G8+5 was unofficiallymade, when China, India, Brazil, and Mexico were invited to this Summit for the first time. South Africa has joined the G8 Summit, since 2000, until the 2012 edition. Other first-time nations that were invited by the French president included: Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Switzerland.[33]


June 8–10, 2004

 United States

George W. Bush

Sea Island, Georgia


A record number of leaders from 12 different nations accepted their invitations here. Amongst a couple of veteran nations, the others were: Ghana, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Yemen and Uganda.[33] Also, the state funeral of former president Ronald Reagan took place in Washington during the summit.


July 6–8, 2005

 United Kingdom

Tony Blair



The G8+5 was officially formed. On the second day of the meeting, suicide bombers killed 52 people on the London Underground and a bus. Nations that were invited for the first time were Ethiopia and Tanzania. The African Unionand the International Energy Agency made their debut here.[33] During the 31st G8 summit in United Kingdom, 225,000 people took to the streets of Edinburgh as part of the Make Poverty Historycampaign calling for Trade Justice, Debt Relief and Better Aid. Numerous other demonstrations also took place challenging the legitimacy of the G8.[43]


July 15–17, 2006


Vladimir Putin

StrelnaSt. Petersburg


First G8 Summit on Russian soil. Also, the International Atomic Energy Agency and UNESCOmade their debut here.[33]


June 6–8, 2007


Angela Merkel



Seven different international organizations accepted their invitations to this Summit. TheOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Commonwealth of Independent States made their debut here.[33]


July 7–9, 2008


Yasuo Fukuda

Toyako (Lake Toya)Hokkaido


Nations that accepted their G8 Summit invitations for the first time are: Australia, Indonesia and South Korea.[33]


July 8–10, 2009


Silvio Berlusconi



This G8 Summit was originally planned to be in La Maddalena(Sardinia), but was moved to L'Aquila as a way of showing Prime Minister Berlusconi's desire to help the region in and around L'Aquila after the earthquake that hit the area on the April 6th, 2009. Nations that accepted their invitations for the first time were: Angola, Denmark, Netherlands and Spain.[45] A record of TEN (10) international organizations were represented in this G8 Summit. For the first time, the Food and Agriculture Organization, theInternational Fund for Agricultural Development, theWorld Food Programme, and theInternational Labour Organization accepted their invitations.[46]


June 25–26, 2010[47]


Stephen Harper

Huntsville, Ontario[48]


Malawi, Colombia, Haiti, and Jamaica accepted their invitations for the first time.[50]


May 26–27, 2011


Nicolas Sarkozy



Guinea, Niger, Côte d'Ivoire and Tunisia accepted their invitations for the first time. Also, the League of Arab States made its debut to the meeting.[53]


May 18–19, 2012

 United States

Barack Obama

Camp David[54]


The summit was originally planned for Chicago, along with the NATO summit, but it was announced officially on March 5, 2012, that the G8 summit will be held at the more private location of Camp David and at one day earlier than previously scheduled.[55] Also, this is the second G8 summit, in which one of the core leaders (Vladimir Putin) declined to participate. This G8 summit concentrated on the core leaders only; no non-G8 leaders or international organizations were invited.


June 17–18, 2013

 United Kingdom

David Cameron

Lough Erne,County Fermanagh[56]


As in 2012, only the core members of the G8 attended this meeting. The four main topics that were discussed here were trade, government transparency, tackling tax evasion, and the ongoing Syrian crisis.[57]


June 4-5, 2014


Vladimir Putin







Angela Merkel

Schloss Elmau[58]



The Central Bankers and Finance ministers are all part of the plot: they meet in April 2014

Finance ministers and central bank governors[edit]

Locations in bold text indicate the meeting was concurrent with a G-20 summit.








the inaugural meeting they take a couple of highly paid SHERPAS (civil servants/junior banking execs from each member state...all on 6 figure salaries/all expenses paid. To train towards becoming a central banker   




 Mark Carney, Canadian citizen trained in Basel to steal from global economies, is now head of the Bank of England (on £800,000/yr; £250K housing allowance).  He lends to the UK govt and runs a Govt Bonds Ponzi scheme which has every country on the globe in Debt to the Rothschild Dynasty (who effectively run the world for personal profit and bypass the democratic protest by fear, execution, war and media manipulation)






 New DelhiIndia


















Main article: 2006 G-20 ministerial meeting


 Cape TownSouth Africa




 São PauloBrazil




 HorshamUnited Kingdom




 LondonUnited Kingdom




 St AndrewsUnited Kingdom




 IncheonSouth Korea








 SeoulSouth Korea








 Washington, D.C.United States




 Washington, D.C., United States


As part of the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank[10]


 Paris, France








 Mexico CityMexico




 Washington, D.C., United States




 Mexico City, Mexico








 Washington, D.C., United States


Part of the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank[13]


 Washington, D.C., United States


Continuation of the meeting mentioned above[14]




First such meeting for Brisbane 2014[15]


 Washington, D.C., United States




 Cairns, Australia



Lets visit South America just after WW2 and take a look at the inner workings of the fascist diaspora to the elite state in the wilderness Several Citations here on the laundering of NAZIs with useful CVs and vast wealth from WW2 pillage & the DUlles launch of the war on communism from 1943 onwards they were paving the way for the losers and creating mass graves for the communist menace ALSO COVERED HERE Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes AND HERE Holocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained AND HERE ODESSA and Operation Paperclip: Historical Crimes..  The greed and endless trail of quisling informants, anti-communists, fascists sympathisers takes us all the way back to the Vatican and the newly appointed pope (the first from the blacker than black Jesuit order, sworn to dismember morality and the christian ethic like the monarchs of England ). Pope Francis (alias Bergoglio Lapsed Catholic JUNTA sympathiser becomes Pope Francis) was quickly selected for his alliance to generals and Juntas in South Americas' Brutal Operation Condor.  He replaced the disgraced pope (the first to be disgraced in over 400 years).  Pope Benedict, who was formerly Herr Ratzinger,  was a Hitler Youth member with Tiny Rowlands who created Lonrho, the unacceptable face of capitalism out of a Nazi detention camp on the Isle of Man (a tax haven).  Yes a tax haven, like the Canary Islands (see Hitler's Pope Pius XII, in WW2, with the canary on his shoulder and a broad grin on his face as he helps launder fascists out of Europe, via the Canary Islands and into the "New World").  The Canary Islands have been a vital host for British INTEL,  MI6/SOE for decades and was a convenient "sleep over" offshore idyll for NAZIS with passports issued by the Red Cross with the say so of the Roman Church figureheads.   Anyway, vast tracts of distant lands, in South America are also available to tax defectors like the Vesty's: British Butchers who own ( for a couple of profitable selfish centuries), huge chunks of a potentially INDEPENDENT Northern Scotland (and vast beef herds/acres of grasslands both sides of the Atlantic) but flounced off, for tax reasons, when asked to tighten their belts in global warfare which impacted on lives & millions of deaths of loyal taxpayers all over the globe.  The conscripted gave their lives loyally, with no understanding of the tyranny (amongst elite friends and conspirators who engineer the profiteering and the cull on poor people for hundreds of years of National Service) but the Vesty's returned as knights of the British realm (see Nicholas Shaxson's book "Treasure Islands, the men who stole the world").

If you want to arrive SAFELY to a warm welcome in the Wilderness with a fascist/NAZI wartime background you would probably choose Argentina (Patagonia) too.  Friends of Germany and the NAZIs, live here in numbers during and after wartime, and the region is perfect for the quiet Alpine- like Andean ranges (just like DAVOS, or Hitler's nest in Bavaria at the end of autobahn 999) but with no press attention to extreme fascist horror stories that kept the vast continent silent, in fear of their lives, for thirty years post 1945. The ESMA detention centre in Beunos Aires has some parallels with the Dunblane cadet school (orphaned kids were given homes by millitary officers who ruled the JUNTAS ruthlessly but, unlike Dunblane, the evidence  has been released. News that, of 5000 adult detainees "left wing" politicians, students and middle class thinkers tortured/imprisoned, only 150  were let out alive....incredibly that was in the 1970's& early 80s in "PEACETIME" .  

ESMA Beunos Aires (left) When announcements were made that prisoners were to be "transferred", as if to other prisons, people came to understand they were going to be executed. The prisoners were taken to the basement, sedated, and then killed: some by firing squad, others in death flights: they were flown over the Atlantic Ocean or the Rio de la Plata, and pushed out of the plane or helicopter to the waters below. The victims were often still conscious, despite having been drugged. In late 1977 numerous bodies of victims washed up on beaches hundreds of kilometers south of Buenos Aires, which were associated with the "disappeared".  SOURCE & IMAGE Wikipedia

These killings took place before Mrs Thatchers regime defeated her far-right South American friends in the FALKLAND claimants JUNTA (to cover up her sins, assassinations and crony capitalism in British Politics). Remember the Headlines in Rupert Murdoch's SUN (GOTCHA as they sank the Argentinian Navy ships but condoned the regime's crimes against their own people for decades & idolised Pinochet in Chile for his inspiring lead against innocent people and thinkers) NEWS CORP's zeal for more unjustified war on the unions and Iraq after the British Conservatives and George Herbert Bush Snr had supplied Sadam with chemical biological and nuclear/DU warheads which were eventually ignored by Blixen's UN weapons inspectorate (for shame) and used, against British & English speaking NATO troops.  This was in two brutal wars and state sponsored genocide against its own people  that killed thousands of Kurds & 2 million innocent bystanders (as well as David Kelly, Robin Cook, Gerald Bull and some of Sadam's, Conservative/far right munitions suppliers as far away as Chile....many of these cases are on record in HANSARD, or in books written by grieving life-threatened relatives but the weapons trading made a fortune for Mrs Thatcher's conservatives (and for her knighted son, Mark). 

Nerve council peace loving nations have enough to kill every human on the planet and sold them to Sadam (to use against NATO troops and his Kurdish rebels)

This is why chemical weapons could not be discovered in 2005 by the UN inspectorate....the peace loving Nations and their food-for AID allies in fascist government profit from culling their own people.  Technology only slightly more sophisticated than 1914 WW1 trenches and quickly shared by both sides to get the numbers down.
The THATCHER inquest was never published and the ASTRA inquest was fudged and lied to by Tory Cabinet members who waltzed off with illicit bungs as blame and costs/MI6 operatives were asigned to innocent European companies.  These ASTRA/Supergun/Sadam/Bush Sr Thatcher weapons scandals and assassinations  are covered on another page of this website and much of the airbrushed detail is lodged in the Parliamentary Hansard archive.   You might ask Andrew Lloyd Weber/ or  to compose a musical about fine art and culling revolutionary leaders students and doctors as he did with the Peronist regime (brutal millitary JUNTA legend turned into global romance) . To be sure you get all the opposition locked away or on their knees naked in the football stadium you can ask the General/Junta leader/Right wing Cardinal (eventually a natural choice for pope) to target/denounce poor priests who used to be missionaries but have now converted all South American warlike pagans to submission or extinction under christianity (for its appeal and wealth divide that is celebrated in a popemobile and the Knights of Malta (which include Jimmy Saville, the Royal family as "God's representatives in England" who sacked the disgraced pope Benedict and Archbishop O'Brien who has been disappeared,  like hundreds of thousands of poor/educated or middle class compassionate people in 5 vast countries over three decades of dirty-war death and deceit. Most of the commands/policy making coming from North America and the notorious Henry Kissinger who was MOSSAD's highest ranking US official, Nobel Peace Laureate but the Worlds biggest ever killer on several Continents in "Peacetime".  Kissinger and Pinochet: operation condor (US/Mossad run) and see has fascist hand all over this Timeline of war and terrorTimeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes.  Almost the whole of South America was afflicted by the fear/terror campaign that was operation CONDOR run by right wing Juntas largely under American Command/Anticommunist ethos .....controlled by terror and fear for your poor peasant or educated life.  These are excerpts from Wikipedia
Green: main active members (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay). Light green: sporadic members (Colombia, Peru, Venezuela). Blue: collaborator (USA).
Operation Condor

Operation Condor (SpanishOperación Cóndor, also known as Plan Cóndor,PortugueseOperação Condor) was a campaign of political repression and terror

Operation Condor

Background histories

  1. Argentina
  2. Bolivia
  3. Brazil (1960s)
  4. Chile(1973 coup d'état)
  5. Paraguay
  6. Peru
  7. Uruguay


  1. Dirty War
  2. National Reorganization Process
  3. Operation Colombo
  4. Operation Charly
  5. Operation Gladio
  6. Night of the Pencils
  7. Operation Independence
  8. Ezeiza massacre
  9. Margarita Belén massacre
  10. Death flights
  11. Desaparecidos (the "disappeared")
  12. 1973 Chilean coup d'état

Government leaders

  1. Jorge Anaya
  2. Hugo Banzer
  3. Basilio Lami Dozo
  4. João Figueiredo
  5. Leopoldo Galtieri
  6. Augusto Pinochet
  7. Alfredo Stroessner
  8. Jorge Rafael Videla

Targeted militias

  1. Montoneros
  2. Tupamaros
  3. People's Revolutionary Army (ERP)
  4. Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR)

Principal operatives

  1. Alfredo Astiz
  2. Orlando Bosch
  3. Hugo Campos Hermida
  4. Manuel Contreras
  5. Stefano Delle Chiaie
  6. José López Rega
  7. Virgilio Paz Romero
  8. Luis Posada Carriles
  9. Paul Schäfer
  10. Michael Townley

Organizations responsible

  1. Dirección de Inteligencia
    Nacional (DINA)
  2. Caravan of Death
  3. Batallón de Inteligencia 601
  4. Coordination of United Revolutionary
    Organizations (CORU)
  5. National Intelligence
    Service of Brazil (SNI)
  6. School of the Americas (SOA)
  7. Servizio per le Informazioni e
    la Sicurezza Militare (SISMI)
  8. Argentine Anticommunist
    Alliance ("Triple A")
  9. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


  1. Esmeralda
  2. Estadio Nacional de Chile
  3. Villa Grimaldi
  4. Colonia Dignidad
  5. Navy Petty-Officers School

    of Mechanics (ESMA)


  1. Full stop
  2. Due Obedience

Archives and reports

  1. Archives of Terror
  2. Rettig Report
  3. Valech Report
  4. National Security Archive


  1. National Commission on the
    Disappearance of Persons (CONADEP)
  2. Trial of the Juntas
  3. Augusto Pinochet's arrest and trial
  4. Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

250,000 in Pinochet's Chile: disappeared or displaced

The US led anti-commie diasporas actually started in war torn Europe in 1943 when FDR's war office led by one Allen Dulles began to strike deals with the Nazi commanders and death camp genocide specialists that they should liase with the Yanks if the wanted a host for their talent).  The rest is history...and Filmography (e.g. the Odessa file which includes music by Lloyd Weber to celebrate the elite Christmas/Christianity fraud as fascist elites, generals strike deals with the allies as they sweep over the remains of the firebombed poor (see Dresden in the last few years of conflict: its loot and art treasures laundered out but the poor fearfull refugees crammed in for firebombing and mass incineration on concrete metal roasters see 1945 Elite Universities: Tragic Roles in GLOBAL CONFLICT AND ON THIS TIMELINE Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes ).  To get the NAZIs and the loot out the fascists worked with war offices (Dulles et al in America, MI6 CIA SOE and all the covert profiteers who infiltrated both sides....see Fleming Canaris, Morton, Godfrey, Hambro and hosts of other INTEL agents, double agents, counter INTEL operatives. The passports and Red Cross immunity certificates are provided courtesy of Catholic figureheads notably Pope Pious XII and his friend from sudetenland/near Hitlers home in austria Archbishop Hudal (son of a carpenter and part of the Pinochio lie devoutly joke).  The SS tatoo becomes an essential tool for safe passage and the Third Reich submarine is celebrated even by the beatles and the rolling stones (with the Brutalisation of Vietnam on their album covers).  Almost all culls have come to an end on the bloody Russian frontier through freezing acts of god or deliberate bufoonery in the high command which could make one firmly believe that Hitler and Stalin were trained by Churchill in London/Tavistock and were gifted/promised vast tracts of land, fine art and nazi gold when the strictly neutral BASEL laundering network (who actually created the neutrality and the red cross as a tool for fascism and art treasures to relocate) was asked to lock the loot up in strictly secret bank vaults.  I wont name names but one house I owned in the Southern Hemisphere was littered with a large roomfull of archeological African artwork, now owned by a Red Cross official who was called away to the Pan-Pacific Tsunami in 2005 (read Naomi Klein's shock doctrine if you dont understand the opportunity that natural disasters represent to charitable workers from the west and the dangers for the indigenous land owners who quickly get displaced from beautiful beaches).  I experienced something similar in Basel when I worked in PHARMA and visited the home of a German colleague who lived there; the artefacts art, sculptures and furnishings were magnificent ( I will never forget the refuse collection days in the city....French Auction house owners used to bring trucks across the border to pick up the rejected furniture, it was bewildering then in my early twenties but is haunting in the light of my recent insight),  The people in that ancient city were all really genial, pleasant and fastidiously tidy but I was unaware of the Bank for international Settlements (the HQ for central banking) and its sinister role in warGlobal Economic Carnage, War profiteering (and the lethality/greed of secret societies like FREEMASONRY) and now "Peacetime"European Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime".  The Archbishop of Canterbury's old home in Durham has a facsimile model of the Elgin Marbles (ancient architecture stolen from ancient Greece using a similar charitable laundering ethos of "winner takes it all" but  with strict neutrality and banking secrecy as a national obligation (the BASEL FAWLTY JOKE for the English speaking elites and their Canadian central bank boss ).  

Anyway I am neglecting South America  as all the G20 countries have done for centuries since their missions and expeditionary forces displaced/converted or "disappeared" the indigenous people.  But who laud, decorate and sing about their juntas until we need to go to war with Argentina because Mrs Thatcher and her son have been trading with the enemy in Iraq then using chemical biological and depleted uranium/nuclear/scud missiles in wars that were opposed by democracy but declared unilaterally by two generations of the Bush family and one Tony Blair (now multi-millionaire and envoy for the Middle East) of him shaking hands with JUNTA leaders tank commanders all over the free press and memos on the assassination of arms munitions scientists in Chile, Bruges, Amsterdam and the deliberate collapse of innocent corporations who were forced to take over the crooked contracts/toxic debt and reputational hazard around the time that Mark Thatcher was racing cars in the BLOODY BLOODY desert and with Saville who was nominated four times by Mrs Thatcher for a peerage (no not the Savile who chaired the war inquest) was waiting in line for his mum to make him a knight.  The dad (Dennis Thatcher) was relatively innocent....he new nothing about Airey Neave's murder or his love affair with Mrs T but sang peacefully at Twickenham about England's chariots swinging ever so low since the crusades on the Holy land founded the crown templar and the basis for Britains crooked law enforcement system out of the arcane Temple Bar and the global freemasonic banks/police and ordinary working man network.  I have since learned that daddy thatcher had a dark side too: a director at Burma oil....that is British Burma of the tank commander supress the natives with a sharp lesson or a massacre for the empire connection.

The disappearances in South America have been airbrushed statistically...even as a kid I remember images tens of thousands being herded into football stadiums/stadia but now they tell you 3,000 died in Chile (but they leave in the graphic descriptions so when they restart it (see Pinochet's EGYPT ARTICLE Egypt's Pinochet and PAPAL Argentinian JUNTA killingsLapsed Catholic JUNTA sympathiser becomes Pope Francis), and you believe in any form of political opposition or decent medicine/education for all, then you will be silenced by fear as soon as the armed police appear on the streets). Like all the ritual culls they are initiated on dates with freemasonic / secret society significance Pinochet's Chilean "Caravan of death" set off on 9/11 1973. Only 3,000 on the death roster now see holocaust victim statistics altered by US Law.  Local police/millitia's are seldom asked to do the dirty work.....SEE UNITED POLICE FORCES UK and SENTENCES OF UNLAWFULL KILLING by staff at Lord Condon's multi national security firm G4S, fascist salary divide for the police/emergency services, millitary commander and the  deployment of NATO troops globally thousands of miles from home & their native language.  Finally, the absolute deceit by the media who are prepared to dessert their own viewers and sell them into poverty or subjugation under endless bombardments of fascist propaganda and bogus economic statistics/downright lies told on a daily basis by 750 different channels.  

Lets look more closely at the parallels between South America and Egypt. Then Ukraine,Crimea and missing planes out of Malaysia (with different culprits, PMs presidents, defectors tax exiles every evening).  For almost 20 years Egypt was run by a tank commander Mubarak now 80+ but looking fit for genocide thanks to plastic surgery from fearful medics who use the botox for stretching his wrinkle and as an occasional terror threat from a democratic movement which has been culled and displaced twice since the Arab spring protests where live news footage showed army vehicles ruthlessly running down peaceful protesters on Tahrir bridge (by the following morning these horrific killings had been removed from the INTERNET).  Like the South American cases a lot of the idealogoy comes from ZIONIST america, with the news men and the American University in the region and the new tank commander gets 1Bn a year from USAID to keep defending this undemocratic cause just because it is fascist and the Americans want Islam (and its brotherhood to be the pearl harbour/Hitler catalyst for WW3.  It is ever so ancient and now chaotic but the Rothschilds are the masters/directors of this fabulously rich global theatre and all the worlds armies, monarchs and corporate/banking leadersare at their beck and call (at punitive rates of interest)!
Please look at fascism elsewhere in the world in the pages/references below.