Obama Pearl Harbour Ni Ng PISO Nero Murders Calligula Marriam MONA Prima Nocte bedroom Black slave Britannia crimes

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Obama alias Barry Soetoro Pearl Harbour Ni Ng Calligula Marriam Prima Nocte PISO sires Epiphrodite PISO Nero Murders Anglesay Sacked by Seutonius IDS Clive Woodward & Rome 12 caesars apostles for JC.JPG

Obama's real ID and his ancestors in the Roman Armies & False News since "Jesus" and his twelve Caesars 7 their Bastard PISO Kids

This video is about the PISO Bible fraud and the bloodlines that run the world since Alexander the Great through the Roman Emperors (12 caesars era)to QE2 in her 300 palaces.  So Obama's real name is Barry (please note it is a welsh Island) Seutoro, he went to school with Field McConnel of Abel danger and was shipped into the states from Honolulu  THE PEARL HARBOR OVER THERE for all UsS troops in WW2 under FDR the pi Pilgrims command. The writings of Abelard Reuchlin are here http://www.vectorpub.com/pdf/TrueAuthorship.PDF 
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Obama is Barry Soetoro and not US citizen out of Pearl Harbour as Barack Husein Obama & into PEACE Prize 2009 ancestors sack Anglesea Wales and that is St Baruch of Barry Island.JPG
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Arrius Calpurnius Piso the Bible Fraudster sired by Calligula & Mariam Prima nocte and NERO murdered by Pisos  OBAMA is Soetoro but Suetonius the author or General in Britannia & sacks Anglesey.JPG

Sadly  Seutonius Suetonius in the history I reveal are actually a Roman General and a news reporter and a close friend of Arrius Calpurnius PISO who is a bastard of Caligulla by the prima nocte conception by MARIAM who is the cuckold for Gaius Piso.  Arius Calpurnius Piso is the cleverest most lethal man in world history.  Before he was born in that virgin birth (not ny his father) the PISOs killed emperor NERO using a black slave called Epiprodates & in the Tacitus Seutonius PISO tales that was a suicide but Reuchlin has it all sussed.  The massacres in Austria Hungaria are then committed by Artus Calpurnius Piso and that becomes a template for all wars Crusades and even anti Ottoman Islamic wars ALL the religions based on PISO writings and ACP writes himself in as Joseph Jesus and several others all with a legendary numbering code. So the Obama ancestry  has been to Britain before & I prtray all the parallels with Gladiator his role as commander of the armies & SEUTONIUS the general sacks MONA ANGLESEY in Wales and that leads to Globalism today through CONS ian Duncan Smith, Clive of England and Southampton who were both schooled in MONA (thats why Seutoria was christened Barry after another WELSH Island).  So we see AGAIN the PAGAN Anglo Saxons sacking the Roman forsts in Londinium and St Albans but when Suetonius and his press NEWS mate of the same name get over there the Roman armies refine their tactics and 10K men are sufficient to kill 80 thousand sun god worshippers in the name of JC Christ who never existed and Julius Caesr who spent  chunks of his life in Egypt where the Arsenoes & the Cleopatras are lovers in the same super elite bloodlines. So he is a peace prize winner then ordered the inasion of Libya and Lebannon and the Killing of Bin Laden (who god gave kidney failure as an elite friend of no bombing Cambridge. Remarkably BARRY ISLAND in CARDIFF BAY has a patron saint of false religion named Baruc who was drowned by the real gods but OBAMA may well be the true prince of wales!!!!!! It cannot get more evil. I have more explanatory pictures and the URL will be posted in comments fields ASAP that is Obamas' fake credentials and the Sacking of the Global pagans to enslave the worshippers & start all wars.
Arrius Calpurnius Piso Jewish Roman Bible Author sacks Austro Hungaria the start point for many wars and  Constantinople launches Islam threat after Piso text published in 800 AD ALL WARS.JPG