Referal to Psychiatric Services for my interests in local healthcare

X & Y are actually  Morris & Fingland and the sad BASTARDS have for the THIRD TIME tried to get me refferred to psychiatric services for REVEALING THEIR PROFITEERING AT THE PATIENTS' EXPENSE.  The last letter from NHS BORDERS arrived on my doorstep the day I revealed the RELIGIOUS BANKING AND MONARCHY FRAUD INTERLOCKS and I will not be attending DR BASEL SWITZERS offer of a free consult....from the health board that Dierdre HUTTON used to run for profit & fraud from the same street address that Fingland uses.  THE EARLIER ISSUES are all around this page.  ENJOY and let them know that you know who privatised all the care homes (also a HUTTON LED INITIATIVE but this time as Boss at the SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL. 
THAT SHOULD READ LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL HEALTHCARE (see pages on corruption in PHARMA the civil service and the Drugs Commissioning and Trial interface)
Please see lead up to this issue in the pages thoughts and dialogue were on the scams and inbuilt contracts that led to the polypharmacy crisis that they (GPs)  would not take action on until the new government in Scotland was in office.  Both GPs that wrote to me have been  friends of my family for decades and one hopes that this will continue for several more (see my response at the bottom of the page on the issues that put the "Brigadoon" practice in conflict).  The sender of the letter above had already visted my house on my invitation: I wanted to discuss fraud in Scotland and in the NHS and when he left he said he understood where I was coming from but may not have been fully aware of all of the correspondence that I had entered into nationally and internationally (see pages above on Polypharmacy NHS governance and interactions between pharmacy & GPs/Hospital record keeping and Pharmacovigilance) with some of his partners who declared they would act beyond the next election but deserted their cause (and ceased written exchanges) at that time.  All the doctors are decent but they are in a profiteering honeytrap that sadly works against their patients health and our country's coffers (both sides of the devolved healthcare border).  This is called peer pressure and examples of its massive costs for society and innocent taxpaying patients are all over this website.

The letter I have ,from the school governor/GP, has been scanned into my computer so it is more difficult to render anonymous (it has the full list of partners of the Brigadoon practice) and all the health board ties so I dont want the correspondents to have shame about their role in what all doctors in the UK do but first I want to publish my response to their interest in the referral...I have nothing to hide which they now know and there have been no more referrals to psychiatric services and the request that my wife attend (as a lay person with no understanding of the complex healthcare issues I had opened up freely with healthcare professionals as a former member of ASCEPT council in Australasia): see pages above.  Diplomacy and tact is essential in all professions even for the jobless.  Here is my objective response and request to stay friends with local experts and decent leaders of our community.  AKA MY RESPONSE NOT TO ATTEND SURGERY WITH MY WIFE IN ATTENDANCE (AS REQUESTED).   

Prof George Lees

40 Pinnaclehill Park





Tel 01573 229084


5th Sept 2011


Dear Firstname Dr Y(School Governor another rugby touchline friend),


Thank you for your letter dated 1st of September expressing your interest in my correspondence with Dr X. If you are concerned about the issues both myself and Dr X exchanged views on (GP prescribing-targets & bonuses, pharmaco-economic efficiencies in times of austerity, Australasian ASCEPT protocols, the hazards of poly-pharmacy and the role of educated professionals in taking Scotland and the UK out of its fiscal and moral crisis) then I am happy to meet? If, on the other hand, your concerns are still for my health then I would rather not meet you at all (I am reveling in the time to think and have never been fitter)! If you don’t have ALL the correspondence from Dr X FIRSTNAME then please let me know. I know you are a leader of the community, like Dr X, and as a school governor I am surprised at your reaction to honest, enthusiastic people trying to effect constructive change. So I have no concerns, even with the attitude that the practice and Dr X have displayed to issues that impact on NHS budgets & potentially on patient care (I think Dr X said up to 40% of your GP salary would be lost if the prescribing targets were not met). Dr X initially wrote that he could not discuss these issues before the election results but declined to enter the debate at all beyond May (I can forward this correspondence if you wish)? Regarding your concerns for my welfare: I am not concerned at all (the more recent Email was on removing corruption from public affairs and some of the recent news here is positive). Hang ups on politics and income streams are a symptom of the times we live in and my contacts with your practice have been based on the belief that the medical profession would be duty-bound to confront problems facing patients, healthcare and society. So please give me a call if you want to meet and chat informally about these issues around cost-efficacy & integration in healthcare but if not, then I would prefer to keep my distance until you see the weight of the moral and fiscal issues facing the country. I am also happy to forward ALL the correspondence to you (or to have it published) so that you, and all interested parties, can see that my input (and FIRSTNAME Dr  X earlier mail) was entirely constructive. Dr X's correspondence is somewhat bipolar but life is full of disappointments and this issue is relatively trivial for me compared with the global economic picture. I will not “trouble” him again! So please call me George and let me know if you are up for a friendly chat and I would be delighted to meet you again (with or without partners and children). A friendly stroll by the river and a “blether” with you on the touchline would be most welcome. Please let me know if this is possible or whether you might consider coming to dinner (your son K and my son A are close friends): all my relatives, contacts and I know you and Firstname Dr X are a force for good in the community. I hope K’s injury is healing quickly and that he gets back to the game soon.

Yours Sincerely & Constructively


Conclusion and up to the minute bulletin.
The Marx brothers used to laugh at the Sanity Clause joke but it is not funny......and the doctors appreciate now that I am deadly serious and have not asked me to attend the clinic since 2011.  This may disrupt the equilibrium but I am quite prepared to openly discuss these issues with anyone who is in a position to change it for the benefit of patients all over the UK and Ireland.  

I have appended this page from my CV (and PDF of a published review) just to demonstrate that my dialogue was based on my areas of expertise and to stave off the threat of the straightjacket for my moral stand on every issue on this website......honesty and depth is rare in this day and age and thankfully the Drs have backed off.  Please see articles here to see that my lobbying for access to drugs we take for granted is constantly ignored under the most extreme conditions....all my time input is unremunerated. No Opiate Analgesics All over Sub-Saharan Africa

Pharmacovigilance is the most underfunded science on the globe and British Doctors' complicit admission that generic drugs are out of favour in the UK (but that all new clinical entities get endorsed see letters from Dr X above) is an abomination. The PHARMA mafias that are portrayed in the film "The Fugitive" are relatively innocent compared to the pan-contintental mafias and money launders that drive this along GLOBALLY.  I am still in touch with my students in NZ and at ASCEPT and they see the bigger picture now....but the Professor of the Pharmacovilance at Otago was given her chair (professorship: formerly an Associate Professor and Director of the World Famous Drugs Surveillance units) same month as she got her redundancy notice.  I will not reveal the name or gender for fear that that person struggles to find a decent and honest employer. The thalidomide story was told from these underfunded units then the statins nightmare became a PHARMA dream come true.....when I gave a lecture on drug safety in Dunedin almost all the pensioners who attended (were retired academics, physically fit, exercise freaks) and when I polled them almost all were insider academics who were living a dream with no drug taking on their list of daily is called physiology and fitness (mentally and physically: it is very important you learn these lessons and relay them to your family before granny is incarcerated as a zombie in the privately owned care home).  If I get sectioned after writing this, I hope you will make a fuss but the surgeries are now writing me again to try and get me into bowel screening procedures that Billy Connelly (a working man with an excellent renowned global perspective and the capacity to laugh at what the UK has become) describes here.

He has since succumbed to prostate cancer and I wish him a speedy recovery

In 2014 I got a Letterheaded message from the "BRIGADOON" surgery and it claims that the Bowel Screening Programme has significantly improved the outcome for patients found to have early bowel cancer or pre-cancerous changes but there are no citations on research or the statistics that they base this claim on. I have set it aside as "polemic" (see letter from my concerned GP "ally" on the menace of polypharmacy and drugs for salary bonuses above).  I am delighted that the request for my bowel screening has ended the embargo on my communicating with local/International healthcare professionals and thrilled to tell you that the only concerns for my mental health since 2011 have come from my wife who is divorcing me for the loss of my six-figure income.....because I care about society and its morality......yesterday I learned from an innocent passer by that the University of Dundee (which has the best funded pharmacology dept on the globe led by my old mate Prof Gerry Lambert) closing departments in other topics and bleeding researcher/faculty jobs en masse (I discussed the humanities faculty at Edinburgh where 40% of academics are now on zero hours  conrtracts and offered my services as a self employed hedgcutter before she left the conversation....I am not an expert hedgcutter but I have no income stream because I am honest and objective)....all of this ocurred same week as the strike on the public sector pay freeze.  The doctors never came to dinner in 2011 but the invitation is still out there as the NHS, which they run, is run into the ground.....based on the scams that are revealed on these pagesMassive Economic and Business Sector Cons/Crimes against the world's people . The Leadership teams think it is hilarious but the families see the risk only after granny is in the £600/month care home that used to be state owned and have to sell the family house back to Mrs Thatchers the financial services, banking fraud sectors.  I now want to tell you about my old boss: one of the most highly respected people in PHARMA and head of the ABPA for some years, his CV is quite something.