PHARMA, my old Boss on the FORBES listings and Sir David Steal (STEEL) at the Wellcome Trust

The Edinburgh Pharmaceutical industries Ltd that had billions at the Bank in 2011 when one got the impression that Trevor Mervyn Jones was Director (and at Agilent: both directorships now now obfuscated from Company Check & Companies in the UK)has become aware that mature researchers in neuropharmacology are now fraud investigators (poor old Trevor has been "retired" since 2004). I got several concussions on the rugby pitch when I was earning a living wage from the Wellcome Foundation (so my memory is not always spot-on).  Both Companies refered to above, that were doing really well in 2011 USE GLAXO GROUP LIMITED as Director/Secretary rather than a man/woman in a smart business-like suit.  The Glaxo Group still include Wellcome Foundation Ltd and so many subsiduaries that came into being in the early 1990s and were supposedly CLOSED/CONGLOMERATED as trading is a crock of lies and a series of asset stripped subsiduaries/PONZI shelves.  My old boss at Wellcome has become a legend  He is on the FORBES LISTINGS now one can no longer find those directorships at Edinburgh Pharmaceuticals, or the now  Globalised Agilent Subsiduaries and taken them out of the jurisdiction of the British regulator.  Trevor Mervyn Jones has dozens of high profile accolades, honorary appointments and works pan-continentally for agencies of the stature of  the World Health Organisation and dozens of household names in the PHARMA and Pesticide sectors where, when I was working for him, he became my hero.  On this basis,  I got in touch with him after I came back from New Zealand because he continued to make a principled stand  ( he retired from the Pharmaceutical Society on the principle that all members had to pay fees that gave one the right to work even if they were in their retirement phase with no income but their paltry pension).  Things really heated up in the phase when the Society was honoured by having a Royal Charter .......and introduced CPD as a consequence of the Shipman murders and the call for more up front regulation for health and safety reasons.  I only learned this recently but Shipman the Mass NHS murderer was also the name of Tim Shipman the Daily mail war Correspondent for Iraq.  (See ruthless jokes about Mr Charles Bean the war correspondent for Gallipoli and the humourous deaths of over 100,000 ANZACS in a botched campaign led by Winston Churchill).  Quentin Bryce the Governor General for Australia resigned for reputational reasons within weeks of me posting this. World Wars: the elite joke.  Anyway I digress: back to profiteering/retirements in PHARMA at the publics expense: both in terms of NHS fraud and health outcomes.  The pages above this one show that cheap and cost effective drugs which have gone out-of-patent  are not prioritised by our drugs commissioning bodies but newly patented entities are all the rage for the salary PERKS profiled in the pages above and the vigorous marketing campaigns.  The influx of branded, "me too", drugs leads to a bewildering plethora of choices for the prescriber (which becomes a significant hurdle for the young medic and the busy busy pharmacist to manage and master the CPD, year on year which  gives them the right to work and is required year on year so they stay busy, keep their heads down and cannot find the time to see how the fraud works at every tier in the devolved healthcare system or in the government/civil service buildings they have no time to scrutinise).  The incentive for the Drs to make the more expensive selection of a larger number of drugs for the routine elderly patient is explained above.....and the rest of grannies long life is carnage and trauma, then very expensive care and re-mortgaging to pay the bills.   So Trevor Mervyn Jones is not unique (he is an excellent scientist and corporate leader), but sadly he is typical of the breed of professional leaders we now have who take their cut from their sector but are reluctant to confront the bigger issues on behalf of patients and the nation's prosperity/competence.  It may just have been my imagination that he was listed as a director evidence can be found now and this Scottish shelf is empty as the companies have been dispersed all over Europe.    


So back to the Glaxo Group.  If you look within you see they Use Masterlease (UK4) Limited as Secretary (at least 4 numbered Cos)

If you stay focussed you see Masterlease (UK4)Ltd  use both SWIFT INCORPORATIONS Limited AND INSTANT COMPANIES LIMITED for an overlapping 4 MONTH period in 1998.  Swift have 263,485 Companies TOTAL of which 266,065 have RESIGNED.  

Previous Directors and Secretaries

Previous Director NameAppointedResignedCurrent/DissolvedResignedTotal
GLAXO GROUP LIMITED31-12-200031-08-2004983101BUY NOW
INSTANT COMPANIES LIMITED16-03-199831-07-19982432120337122769
SWIFT INCORPORATIONS LIMITED16-03-199831-07-19982580263485266065

Geoff Merson a familiar name in PHARMA, financial services and (at Arsenal FC).  

If you are in PHARMA or in the related academic fields it is impossible not to notice the defections from the UK of the giant employers but who needs a massive number of employees and honest jobs if you can manipulate the markets, the prescribers, the governance bodies, the private care home owners (often still largely undisclosed) and you do not release objective statistics on budgets, spend and the changes of these state funded issues overtime.  The methods for globalised tax evasion, money laundering and incentivising the doctors (and almost all professional sectors) to do the wrong thing are all over the web site and when granny is fully medicated she falls over when she stands up (postural hypotension) or falls down the stairs cos (her pain relief comes by taking a synergistic drugs COMBO at a costly and confused outcome)...which is sometimes diagnosed as Alzheimers.  The dementia diagnosis looses a brand new set of drugs which are derivatives of the nerve gases that Tim Shipman was interested in around the time that David Kelly and Robin Cooks died as britains last honest democrats (just trying to draw down a pension but live with the nuclear/chemical  weapons war crimes rules) and get no more than a placebo response in a brain dead patient that distresses the entire family.  Their PHARMA bosses insist on having access to patient medication records (for their research that are not shared In England between hospitals, care homes, pharmacies and psychiatric care and, as described above, computerising this fails even with a massive £billion dollar budget and a reluctance to share amongst the healthcare professions for historic reasons and for professional prestige.

It reflects the human condition perfectly.  Take what you can get when the opportunity arises and the patient is conditioned to the free-lunch/tablet concept and justs waltzes into that haze of of the drug regimens with an innocent reliance on the healthcare professionals expertise......without any understanding of the risks and the profit motives that have been made so plain in the pages above.  As Gordon Bowden taught me when you look closer at the hub of the operation you find links to society's richest and most influential people.  This is the hub of the spoke and wheel rotary club model and it is complex but one finds links to PHARMA profits in Royal circles.   All the data is published on the business directory but Prince Charles gets to keep secrets......the day he denounced Putin as a tyrant (in his vast National Parks in Canada) the world economic forum was in St Petersburg Russia.....very little press coverage and immunity from publication over vast tracts of land.

To summarise we have covered

The men in suits are ever so pleased with themselves.....

but the professionals and the civil servants need to work together for country and patients.  When democracy is funded by itself all the stress is lifted and the workplace is rewarding and produces favourable long term outcomes for all concerned parties (and families get quality time with relatives and to inherit their own homes).  

Sir David steel has been a leader of the devolved Scottish Parliament (scam) at the wellcome Trust

("Modernised" and busted for investment returns) at the Lib Dem's scammed their way out of respect and power in the corrupted coalition and is now better off together scamster because he is a former director of the British Syrian Society with Sir Ian Fleming (who for scam avoidance reasons runs his geo-political empires under the pseudonym Sir Andrew Fleming Green) Ian Fleming (the BOND author) GLOBALISED FRAUD 

I just want the readers to know that my respect for Sir David Steel has abated somewhat.  He was my local MP for decades but I now understand how he modernised the Wellcome Trust (it WAS funded by the companies as one of the main sponsors for healthcare research as left in his legacy by Sir Henry Wellcome).  One has become aware how more profitable methods deployed by the corporations have become but how this goes largely to the top of the directorate (and sometimes the union leaders).  The total lack of viable investment options reflects the cheating and the massive virtual products frauds, ponzi schemes and laundering scams and the Wellcome Trust now has been overtaken even by the state funded research councils.  The Science research council (SRC) could be mistaken for the Space Research Council which was very topical around the time of the ASTRA supergun contracts and the corporate assassinations.  David Steel was not a conservative but he was a registered director in the Fleming Family geopolitical cabal that determined the future of country's like Syria (and their funding streams).  The decency has been stripped out and people simply cheat their nation, their staff, their investors/savers and critically their patients despite the oath and those impressive looking CPD portfolios on how to assett strip your country of all the Nationalised state-funded assets that my generation got for free but took for granted.