8th sectioning threat and COMPULSORY MEDICATION order Fingland Switzer Mr Guy Couper 7 days notice War Crimes & Frauds against the people & THE PATIENTS

BELOW is the DESCRIPTOR FOR THE VIDEO they blocked the day my 8th sectioning threat popped through my door 7 DAYS NOTICE OF MY OBLIGATORY ATTENDANCE at THE MENTAL HEALTH TRIBUNAL FOR SCOTLAND scheduled for 2nd OCT 2015 and I need another solicitor from the LAW FRAUD TEAM.  This time it is A COMPULSORY TREATMENT ORDER and the decisions will be made by Legal Tribunal member Mrs Dinah Illius, Dr Paul Myatt & Mr Douglas Armstrong. Please look at the images of what I am exposing as a human rights & war crimes activist and UNDERSTAND that doctors all across the UK get 40% of their salary to prescribe drugs by volume. Its called Polypharmacy and see how ashamed of it the KELSO SURGERY were in 2011 but they could not take action UNTIL THE NEW GOVT emerged from the election.  THEN DR IAN FINGLAND (trained as a cop first launched my first sectioning threat) Referal to Psychiatric Services for my interests in local healthcare 

 So the blocked video PLEASE READ THIS RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM. The seventh sectioning threat arrived through my door at lunchtime and I now have been given 7 more days before the MENTAL HEALTH TRIBUNAL for Scotland want me in the HEARING with another FOR PROFIT SOLICITOR.It is SCHEDULED for 2Oct at 10am OR EARLIER and the decisions will be made by Mrs Dinah Illius Dr Paul Myatt and Mr Douglas Armstrong.  Mr Guy Couper you know already is the twisted MHO at Borders Primary Care NHS TRUST (and the medical background will be given by Dr Ian Fingland THE POLICEMAN (who with Morris and the Kelso Surgery, all of COMPLICIT Scotland politicians SEE CRIMES  at the bottom all REPORTED BY ME to the SCOTTISH JUSTICE SEC. & his Deputy Paul Wheelhouse BOTH WITH SIGNED RECEIPTs and JOHN LAMONT Michael Moore and now Callum Kerr all COMPLICIT in the war crimes, financial frauds & the political fudge.  When the seventh letter ARRIVED same day as I made the video THE HEAVENS OPENED. Please READ to the bottom and all documents vids cited.
This video speaks for itself and will not take you long to grasp it is absolutely co-incident with the arrival of my second WAD of documents FROM the MENTAL HEALTH TRIBUNAL for Scotland and the request for a COMPULSORY TREATMENT ORDER for Professor George Lees CHI Number 2805575717 Made by Mr Guy Cooper Based on the input of "MY DOCTOR" Dr Ian Fingland who trained as a policeman first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VT0I3Fyv_w   THIS VIDEO explains why they want me sectioned TODAYS letter is the eighth attempt   to section me and this new document gives 7 days NOTICE & REQUIRES the appointment of another set of corrupted solicitors. It reveals the motives and the METHODS and the massive FRAUDS in the NHS that all of the sadd sad people are complicit in  WATCH THIS ONE TOO that is FINGLAND & SWITZER (SEE THIS VIDEO which has almost 1000 hits in a fortnight).  I have one week to make my case NOW and they did not reply to my simple question on whether they would now take MORE AGGRESSIVE ACTION.  My sons have now been informed on what they intend to do 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsJ3OOTLLNw  FINGLANDS DAD was a copper too AND THIS IS just part of what they are ashamed of SIX PROFITEERING PAGES ON MY WEBSITE if you hit NHS,  David Steel, hypochratic OATH, Thalidomide, Uppsalla monitoring centre, DRUG SAFETY, ASCEPT, OTAGO UNIVERSITY Pharmacology Dept, Polypharmacy, Wolfson Foundation Polypill, War Crimes Iraq, Receipt from Scottish Justice Secretary Michael Matheson on the TRIDENT NUCLEAR extinction threat, Rifkinds Interlocks to Chilcot, AND COMPLICITY

Here are some earlier videos I was allowed to post all over You TUBE and my childrens' FACEBOOK PAGES & MY FACEBOOK & YOU TUBE CHANNEL  IS GLOBAL LIKE the awareness of the leadership & PROFESSIONAL fraudsters motives methods and EARNINGS from dismembering their followers their patients and all of the children in that £60K educational debt pool.  Deputy Justice Sec Paul Wheelhouse (pictured above) is PRIVVY to John Lamonts Awareness of the TRIDENT AND MASSIVE LOTHIAN ROAD SCAMS.

THEY EARN 40% of their salary by overprescribing I now have 7 days to respond to the COMPULSORY MEDICATION ORDER PUBLISHED ABOVE Fingland trained as a Policeman first this was his 4th visit since 2011

That is Lamont who conceded he had all my correspondence since 2010 THE CONTENTS OF THIS WEB SITE. He refused to help & is Deeply COMPLICIT


THEN WE HAVE THE UNITED FORCE the child murders and treasonous LAW ENFORCEMENT that Sold Scotland to the Illegit crown  I get Gagging orders AND NONE OF THE CASES ARE PURSUED