NHS FRAUD: the costs to the taxpayers and THE PATIENTS

As an expert in this sector the medics and my wife's divorce team & "concerned family members"  tried to get me sectioned......THAT IS SAD....but we have the best NHS in the world and the profiteers are tearing it apart. The Straightjacket Psychiatric Sectioning Tactic 
As a fellow of the pharmaceutical society I feel obligated to publish what I have learned about the  profiteering in drugs commissioning, prescribing, civil service and pharmaceutical sales.  The NHS running costs (the best healthcare system on the globe): run entirely at the State's expense with idiosyncrasies in the cost of prescribed medicines North and South of that much debated border between Scotland and England (healthcare and its funding is devolved beyond the Welsh and Irish Borders too so nobody can be aware of the bigger picture and National statistics).  For the elderly in Scotland buses and medications are FREE (at first glance) but the taxpayers and patients are paying a heavy price.  In marked contrast,  innocent young students have to pay for their buses/transport and in England £9000 a year for what Dame Helen Alexander, Lord Patten, Elizabeth Manningham Buller and Glynis Breakwell got for free.  I chose those four leaders of Russell Group Universities because they are outstanding examples of educational, industrial and out-and-out fraud profiteers.  They all have dozens of directorates: Rolls Royce, Marks and Spencers, Lonrho/LonminBP, BT, Centrica......each non executive directorship can make them £70,000 K on top of the £250-400K they get for being the boss at the Uni and Breakwell (VC at Bath) is the boss at the students loan company too.  But I digress, all these institutions have Medical Schools and 7 years study (at a fee of £9000 per annum + subsistence loans) is a crippling burden imposed even on the children of the profiteers. But this is a very indirect link to the NHS and, when they get a job, the Doctors are promised 6 figure salaries so will soon pay off their massive loans , buy a big house and live happily ever after....IF THEY DO NOT DEVELOP A CONSCIENCE on the legacy of fraud that the current medics have on their everyday business transcript.  Alarmingly, the budget for the running of the UK NHS in 2010 according to the McCandless statistical website was £140 Bn:  with the cost of energy provision for the general public rising 20% year on year it is shameful that the Govt have cut this funding back to £107 Bn per annum (although the facts are increasingly difficult to collate or interpret, because of the fraud and the chaotic devolution). The Govt would have us believe that citizens NEED to live in austerity but now that unemployed professionals/professors have time to scratch the surface they are becoming aware of the excesses, the fraud fraud and grand larceny of public officials (who like to be known as public servants).  In sub saharan Africa, which we permanently brutalise, they have no medicines or blood banks. trained doctors leave for safer futures (typified by the Eritrean massacres)...the cost of training is crippling and paid by the intern.  In Britain the funding for service provision is dwindling (like all public sector initiatives ) because of hyper-inflation (that is obvious for the citizens but OBFUSCATED OR LIED ABOUT by statisticians and opportunistic news men who are simply propagandists.  Here are some headlines about drug related issues
When I was a Professor in the best University in NZ, I worked with researchers in the fields of Pharmacovigilance (drug safety and efficay) and pharmaco economics (cost-efficacy profiling of drugs and their worth/affordability in improving patient quality of life versus cost to the nation).  Healthcare in NZ was not free so the registering/availability of cost-effective drugs was vital in practice and for the patients purse/coffers and of-course for their health.  So when I returned from NZ (both Gordon Bowden and I believe in destiny) I began to talk about these issues in pharmacies, in job interviews and in conversations /correspondence with British doctors, Pharmacists, Academics, Dentists, Nurses and Pharmaceutical Scientists (and even with the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby then Bishop of Durham).  What I learned was that there is a HEAVYreliance on the political policies of the government in power (see appended anonymised correspondence with Doctors/experts NHS staff countrywide)

Google/INTEL are messing with me as I write what is a very sensitive article on the breach of professional oaths for profit and MASSIVE manipulation of the public purse by PHARMA and by civil servants at the top of their respective professions.  So I will make it anonymous if the google editor will allow me to for doctors all over Britain who are caught in the middle of a local honeytrap that has massive implications for their respective devolved nations and the health of their people/patients and (in the private sector) the clients.

LETTERS ON THE MENACE OF POLYPHARMACY AND ITS IMPOSITION SO DOCTORS CAN SECURE UP TO 40% OF THEIR SALARY (against their better judgement and the Hypocratic oath, see page below)
 From such a promising start point

15 August 2011


Dr X GP- "Brigadoon" Health Centre to me, 

show details 19 Apr

George thank you for your e-mail which reached me indirectly via our practice manager. Our touchline conversation was in the broadest sense and my own rant on the pharmacy issue was around the systematic application of guidelines (on statins, anticoagulants, platelet agents and ACE inhibitors in particular) to the elderly population without regard for age, lest the politicians appear to be “ageist” – which results in us starting 85 yr olds on new drugs after TIA’s, minor NSTEMI’s etc, so that we can prolong their remaining life, but by how much? If we don’t, we have to “exception report” them and give a reason and if we fail to do that and don’t medicate them, they contribute to a numerator which will be held against us when it comes to our performance related payment under QOF (Quality Outcomes Framework, applies to measurable chronic disease management only, a national arrangement which now accounts for 40% of what we earn, so not so much a “bonus” as a necessity) This scheme pays differential rates per patient according to target reached.

We could save money and improve elderly lives by exempting the v. elderly from scientific dogma, and allowing GP’s what they used to be accorded, ie discretion, the use of common sense, and a natural prejudice against polypharmacy.

Having ranted about this at the NHS REGION Z Primary and Community Services Clinical Board, and at the GP-sub committee, I have to point out that QOF is by and large negotiated nationally UK wide, and even SGPC toil to make an impression at Scottish level so I am not expecting common sense to come into fashion any time soon…

Conversely on the same committee I voted against a moratorium on prescribing statins for primary prevention of CHD below a 30% 10 yr risk threshold and voted for retaining discretion to prescribe at 20% 10 yr risk, which potentially costs more money, if patients feel motivated to avail themselves of those medications, and lower their risk by taking them. So I am not a consistent Scrooge…

With the best will in the world, and a past track record of prescribing within budget, and also additional help in the shape of prescribing support from Pharmacy, we found ourselves incurring an overspend in the recent financial year, as did many of our colleagues in similar practices.

The nefarious incentives of QOF are only one driver in this, along with the rising tide of patient expectation, and the pharmaceutical industry’s unashamed interest in producing via “research” an evidence base which carefully ignores generics, thereby leading specialists to constantly extend the formulary which at least we now agree to share between primary and secondary care.

Common sense tells me one thing: a return to concern about the perils of polypharmacy in the elderly, for which it is difficult to accumulate scientific “evidence”, needs to start to outweigh the constellation of bright little sparks of “evidence based medicine” each of which adds a new drug to the list.

As to getting the politicians to understand this….

Good luck!


Firstname X


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GP Supplies Ltd, Reward Scheme to healthcare professionals on purchase of medicines - February 2012

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Advertising investigations

26 April 2012

Williams Medical Supplies Ltd complained to the MHRA about a promotional offer by GP Supplies on their website.  The complainant alleged that GP Supplies were awarding points to customers on purchases of medicines.  The points could be redeemed for Marks and Spencer gift vouchers.

The MHRA upheld the complaint. GP Supplies promptly withdrew the promotional offer on the purchase of medicines and agreed to send a corrective statement to all recipients of the gift vouchers.  

Date case raised:  16 February 2012

Date action agreed: 28 February 2012

Date of publication: 26 April 2012


Pasted from <http://www.mhra.gov.uk/Howweregulate/Medicines/Advertisingofmedicines/Advertisinginvestigations/CON149848>

GP Commissioning: entrepreuneurial initiatives pay for themselves!

Re: GP led austerity measures


George Lees to Dr Y firstname-G.

show details 20 Apr 

Dear Firstname,

Do you mind if I use this case to illustrate the UKs problem to Australasia who are much more pragmatic and are even prepared to pay for the policing of new clinical entities in phase four (beyond clinical trials and post-launch).  This ensures that we dont get another thalidomide on our hands: myopathies with statins and cognitive decline/confusion are now under investigation, as is varenclicine on another front.  Rather than riding that eulogistic wave that drugs can make you live forever they are asking for proof: here if there is a phase four the companies pay so marketing, rather than science, leads the profile.  They are doing the same hard sell with "cognition enhancers" and I presume your committees swallowed the ritalin concept before the kids took the tablets.   So if I am hearing you correctly NHS Scotland has to pay twice for the retention of this (up to 40% of the payroll budget then again on the conflated drugs budget).  I suspect that the managers in NHS REGION Y have been corruptly draining down their own bonuses for several decades and pressurising good-hearted colleagues to leave: I know one truthful individual who had to work for NGOs/charities in Africa to stay in work(so it might be a triple whammy).  Rather than rant, have you thought about writing a letter to the BMJ....looks like an infringement of the hippocratic oath.  IT WOULD BE VERY WIDELY CITED so might even capture the minds of academic medics who act as advisors to government.  Same type of bullshit for corporate gain is evident in the published literature already....the polypill is being "marketed" by a knight of the realm at the Wolfson Institute  for everyone over fifty years of age!!!! This is dereliction of duty and is a likely a big factor in somnolent patients walking around like zombies for a huge chunk of their lives.  The same knight of the realm is one of the most highly cited medics on the globe (after Professor Doll who ranted then went to press) after running campaigns on salt in the diet (could not find corporate support for this) so it has been going on for decades.  The marketing here was to be through pharmacy multiples and TESCOs/BOOTs are deeper strategic thinkers than academics or  expert medical panels) so best draft letter to BMJ quickly (ask your young coleagues to help and they can carry the flag through their careers)  You mentioned veterans sport..now that is a good idea....AND THE BIG issue in my letter was whether I could pick up support for good causes from the rest of the practice (who is not somnolent or confused in the community of retired GPs and watches Victor Meldew on the telly): I know some fly fishing medics out of the hospital sector who might be interested. I  Wont use the rhetoric but can I send your Email to ASCEPT (Australasian Society for Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology & Toxicology) so I can get them to profile their system against yours: the fundamental difference is that the patients have to pay for their medicines and the privilege of seeing the doc and everything is generic (and objectively cost-effective for patient and the state) in the NZ PHARMAC system.  BUT IT WORKS WELL and you should see the numbers on the sportsfield!!!!  Are you going to any of the sevens and, if not, can I get some time on the phone?...the rant needs to become a sober and informed campaign and I know the young medics, that I met last week, would rally. Take a look at the enclosures in your own time but the apathy has gone on too long and it is time to make the expertise count for the kids.

Constructive Regards


The enclosures have some ideas that can help turn this around and quickly restore effective democracy and education to a crippled country.  The GPs have the intellect and the moral code to lead this but all the professions need to mobilise (do you know the administrators at doctors.org.uk?)  Letter to BMJ or Lancet would open the floodgates but it needs to be written in lingo that even the politicians can understand.

The images were not in the correspondence but they hopefully relay the importance of making evidence based cost effective decisions

Methods for monitoring drug safety objectively are out there and in Scandinavia/New Zealand they use longitudinal surveillance to pickup trends in patients (in real clinical scenarious, on a number of drugs) but these science programmes are very much underfunded and the drug companies have very effective lobbying methods as explained in my correspondence with the medics and healthcare professionals.


I have made First Minister Salmond and senior civil servants like Chief Pharmacist Professor Bill Scott aware of this horrendous situation (but all just acknowledge receipt and turn their heads to the referendum fraud/false promises)..That is the referendum which could make Scotland free (and a template for the free democratic world), prosperous and healthy if the contenders just had the decency to confront the fraud and do the right thing for the people, the taxpayers and the patients. Like the doctors they are led by the political diversions from serious fraud and the world just needs to refuse to comply with the greed and the criminal trends that now embroil all professions on a Babylonian scale.  Bill Scott is a decent bloke but the peer pressure to bury your head with your patients is immense.  I anybody wants to do something about it I would be delighted to help.