Transactions & Executing the Executive Profiteers

All over this web site is evidence of a wealth divide plot which demonstrates exactly how National Leaders and Elites are stealing from their citizens.  The criminal leadership teams are stealing from their students and are prepared to throw the worlds children, refugees and developing world further into poverty or conflict to hide their shame.  Surprisingly the world's controllers have come up with  deterrent that has spooked Banking executives, PMs Presidents and speculators/money lenders everywhere.  This video clip was initially broadcast on 28th January 2014....exactly 100 years AFTER an elite "GERMAN" family tiff saw millions of innocents go to war for a cause that was too complex for them to understand. Please Search for 1916 (Woodrow Wilson, Brandeis, Untermyer) & 1939 (Churchill, FD Roosevelt, Stalin, Hitler, Tavistock, Liverpool) on this site. All the Jewish tribes that left Israel have been culled because they were enslaved by Khazarian Jews who now hold the entire world and all of its poor citizens, taxpayers and refugees. So RUSSIA TODAY have come up with a simple explanation which may well be the FINAL SOLUTION to the fear and treason that has ruled the brutalised world for way over 2000 years.   They have realised that explaing the simplicity of the crimes against the people may be a strategic error so this video can no longer be found on the Russia Today/Keiser Report Websites....both the experts are American (looking down on the Bloody Tower of London)......with a lump in their throat and a fear of the noose.  So simplicity is threatening to the tyrants and I will let the RT PROGROM threat to elite criminals speak for itself.

The FINAL SOLUTION: let the people know how simple it is