FATAL "ACCIDENTS" no culprits

SEE MULL OF KINTYRE: Blame assigned only to the innocent pilots (9 inquests: no insight or coroners evidence on bullet wounds to the head) but not even inuendo on the assassination of experts in Northern Ireland seeking peace.
YOU NEVER PUT Commanders in the same vehicle unless you want this result.....Mull of Kintyre Assassinations  

The new accident was in Glasgow same week as I revealed the war crimes, nukes trading and genocidal campaigns perpetrated by the G8-G20 countries and their guests at the summits.  The Tory PM David Cameron OF THE CHIPPING Norton Murdoch Brooks Freud Syndicate, Salmond and the Head of the United Police Force (Stephen House NOW RESIGNED LIKE GORMLEY for shame as Murdoch muppets to cover his Board members Joseph Gormley and Bolger the Liverpool murder victim cover for murdered PM in Australasia) have expressed their sadness at the crash.  The MP for the region just hapened to be passing the pub at the time.....and he got blood on his shirt lifting victims out of the wreckage selflessly.  JIM MURPHY HEAD OF SCOTTISH LABOUR IN THE CAMERON CABINET AND FRIEND OF ISRAEL like hundreds of British Politicians ALL PARTIES ARE FASCISTS. Jim Murphy MP for East Renfrewshire in Westminster ON THE CABINET there just happened to be passing by within minutes with blood on his collar and this was the video that he made JUST AFTER the "accident" occured. Levy and Macrae (Prof Peter Watson) did not get the contract to remunerate the victims who are able to go to their own "funerals" and get a piece of the action like hero Murphy who saved them in the flaming wreckage.  I did not take Jim Murphy's video down but have been to the Clutha Pub to see the tree of life growing through the roof & quite close to the Pi Pi Paisley abbey.

Heard a noise, plume of dust and the copter fell through the roof: East Renfrewshire MP (and Westminster cabinet member) just passing by, blood on his shirt (Labour friend of Israel)

It is 1am and I am working in the morning so for the moment I will just show you some pictures. FIRST THE NEWS of Global crimes, Economic Grand Larceny, Nuclear weapons trading out of Africa and WW2 profiteering 

The victims and for years the "negligent" pilots who were killed by US Navy seals (see Peter Eyre on the internet...and this page...Mull of Kintyre Assassinations
Baron Reid, Secretary of State for Scotland and director at Celtic pictured with a US millitary leader (who privatised the pentagon the week of 9/11)....the navy US seals used automatic weapons to kill 29 experts who were on the brink of a solution for Ireland's troubles.  No coroners evidence was requested or brought forward in 9 fatal accident enquiries.  Reid & Scotland were also responsible for the Lockerbie hit investigations and the release of the stoolpigeon on grounds of ill health (See Brent Carlsson UN peacemaker, De-Beers diamonds, Templesman, Jacqui O and Tony Blair's handshakes with the late ally Gaddafi, CIA, MI6, Mossad all over this web site).

The Rt hon Jim Murphy's wiki profile is in the PDFs at the bottom.

I have not been able to find Sir Stephen House's salary but he is out of the Met in London, trained by Ian Blair (7/7 expert) and Lord Condon (Blair life peer, G4S exec and in charge of Lady Di's fatal accident enquiry)...the verdict I am assured by Greg Hallett who got 8 death threats in NZ that the verdict unlawfull killing (applies to Royalty and is well understood in the Royal, Intelligence & Mafia families). Dianna was a land mine campaigner but had too many people in her marriage http://www.theworldoftruth.net/HallettReport/No4.html#.Up4RJflc1Uw  

This PDF accompanied the Email, it includes Jim Murphiy's profile and some insight into CLUTHA in a literary Romantic context.

 I sent this to PM Cameron's Whitney office this morning and I have receipts from many members in both chambers........he is in China accusing them of human rights abuses as is the US Vice President ( I get mail from the whitehouse)

The Vice President's 2013 Asia Trip

George Lees
11:54 (13 hours ago)
to officeangela.merkelinfoinformationpor.libadmpmJKevinKevinjimmurphympfirstministered.miliband.mpadminahustonalgurnovbarb.burgbbcbreakfastbigfightclassicfmcncglobalvisit.complaintscorporate.affa.dataeditoreditor
Now that is a stunning coincidence.....which Rasmussen, your NATO puppet, failed to mention (on SKY Murdoch news this morning) when he told us that the UKRAINIAN protests were potentially dangerous (but that the fascist leader in Ukraine was going to China to talk to his gang of cowardly friends)and could lead to war. Angela congratulations on your re-election PLEASE make it count.  Kevin, dont know what they could do about you if Labour actually went to work for the working class.....you are all guilty of TREASON and the people now know why the death penalty has been canned.  The media leaders always get executed for their quisling/Gimli roles but your people are going to be really really angry when they catch up with you all.  The Uturn does not help you need to be popular with your electorates and your millitias need to be local before you are really safe.....its a bit like the RUBICON....the funding for effective homeland security could be in better hands and we all have a future.  John Key.....you are relatively innocent but NZs people have a right to know what your predecessors did since 1961 (and what Helen Clark and Putin did to keep the world in NUCLEAR fear for a huge political BUNG).




Coming at you like a runaway train.....YOUR OWN PEOPLE with a spirited informed response.  Alex Salmond these are huge crimes and the CLUTHA romantic movement will not save your soul or cover up your COMPLICITY.  Jim Murphy I understand the blood on your shirt and that you are not an expert...just an informed passer by (and like all UK and American parties you have friends in Israel (source Wikipedia))......THANKYOU for your BRAVE EVIDENCE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvovN0B4Y2o.  If you are an intensive care doctor/academic then remember the late Prof David Bennet (and the BBC's role in this)http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/spl/hi/programmes/panorama/transcripts/londonunderattack.txt it will all be in the "Annals (no pun intended on the Billy Connelly, stand up working man CASE)  of history" and you need to be on the RIGHT SIDE soon.  

The Role of Scottish/Teutonic Romanticism and the power of propaganda is explained here (the appended PDF).  Sorry to take up so much of the time that you might be serving VERY VERY SOON.  Google (who went to North Korea with immunity are making the drafting of this Email difficult but open the appended Scottish Romaticism PDF which is right on the bottom of the Email...below the message from the White House....on the fascist meeting in China (which is trying to clean up its human rights record since the West and the communist millionaires took control over the tanks at tianemin....its almost poetic....Like Scottish, Teutonic, and Biblical/Talmud/Quoran text....but it is designed to cull decent poor people everywhere they worship celebrity and Privately Funded democracies from Auckland to Zimbabwe.

Sincerely Aware


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From: The White House <info@messages.whitehouse.gov>
Date: 3 December 2013 21:43
Subject: The Vice President's 2013 Asia Trip
To: profgeorgelees@gmail.com

Here's What's Happening Here at the White House
 The White House, Washington 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The Vice President's 2013 Asia Trip

The Vice President is on a six-day trip to Japan, China and the Republic of Korea. In each country, the Vice President will meet with key leaders to discuss a full range of bilateral, regional, and global issues. The trip will reaffirm our enduring presence as a Pacific power, promote our economic and trade interests, and underscore our commitment to rebalancing U.S. foreign policy towards the Asia-Pacific.  

Click here to follow the Vice President's journey.

Vice President Biden's Asia Trip


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Announcing the Winners of the Healthy Young America Video Contest

Back in August 2013, Young Invincibles, in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services, launched the Healthy Young America Video Contest, an effort to mobilize young people to help educate and inform one another about the Affordable Care Act. Participants submitted their videos, the public weighed in, and a finalist was selected in three different categories.


America’s Manufacturing Sector Continues to Show Momentum, With New Data Monday Showing Manufacturing Growing at Fastest Pace Since Early 2011:

Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council Gene Sperling discusses President Obama’s agenda to grow the middle class and making the U.S. a magnet for the location of high-quality jobs – especially those that support manufacturing and innovation.


Sharing Responsibility, Strengthening Results  

The theme of this year’s World AIDS Day was “Shared Responsibility: Strengthening Results for an AIDS-Free Generation.” Now more than ever, it is a fitting theme as the United States focuses, both on the domestic and global fronts, on building partnerships that strengthen our response to HIV and AIDS. 


 Today's Schedule

All times are Eastern Time (ET)

12:30 AM: The Vice President joins Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Cathy Russell to visit an internet company

2:45 AM: The Vice President meets with Crown Prince Naruhito

3:30 AM: The Vice President meets with Prime Minister Shinzo AbePrime Minister’s Residence

4:40 AM: Prime Minister Abe and the Vice President deliver statements to the press

10:00 AM: The President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

11:00 AM: The President holds a bilateral meeting with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia

12:05 PM: The President holds a working lunch with President Santos

1:00 PM: Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney

2:30 PM: The President delivers a statement on the Affordable Care Act

3:30 PM: The President participates in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony

4:15 PM: The President meets with Secretary of Defense Hagel

11:15 PM: The Vice President arrives in Beijing, China