New World Order (NWO): Key Characters

The Queen of Great Britain is alleged to have declared to her loyal aides that there are: 

Black Forces at Work in this country.  I want you to know that she is correct but that it is not just a UK problem: it is a global totallitarian plot (centuries old) but I want to show you graphically how it threatens the world with societal chaos, endless war, ruthless wealth divide and even nuclear extinction.  It is entirely for wealth, power and might and it is underpinned by assassination bureaus run by people why are leaders of our corrupted, ruthless society.  It begins to explain how Anglo-American-Zionist elites and money lenders have destroyed the world for personal gain.  European governments have been manipulated to comply with the chaos and dismember National sovereignty Globally. Asian, Antartic, South American, African, and all Commonwealth nations are simply slaves for former/current European elites. I have covered the villains in Britain elsewhere but I hope you see the menace of globalism here and the risk that WW3 can create a diversion for 100 years of state sponsored/intelligence agency crimes and a lucrative business opportunity for the profiteers.   


Edwin Angeles  co-founder of the ASG, an undercover agent for the Defense Intelligence Group at the Department of National Defense, Republic of the Philippines. His Muslim handle was "Ibrahim Yakub" and as the organization's operations officer and chief recruiter, he was largely responsible for the spread - and criminalization - of the Abu Sayyaf. See 2013 missions/religion, gold, storms/typhoons.

Tony Blair founder of New Labour and UK Prime Minister for 10 years.  Accused of war crimes in the Leveson enquiry, frequently photographed shaking hands with soon to be dead allies in Libya and Iraq.  Now a multi-millionaire and envoy to the middle east. Failed to find WMDs in Iraq/Kurdistan because they had been sold to Sadam by G8 superpowers. Foreign secretary’s and civil servants (in his regime) lost their lives just doing their honest jobs.  Educated at Fettes school, friend/accomplice of George W Bush. Dismembered socialism globally.

George Herbert Bush....US President (formerly named Sherf prior to moving out of Germany with the rocket scientists and nuclear physicists)...led the first NATO conflict in IRAQ (Chemical weapons that Sadam Hussein  used were sold by German munitions company).  Pictured in the States with leading Nazi party members out of Germany. Involved in plot to kill Reagan (champion for taxation on BIG oil magnates & FDR/WW2 new deal fascism denouncer) who he replaced at the white house SOURCE     Director of the CIA in the 70s (see dirty tricks, war, genocide, money laundering and Murdoch/media manipulation and US citizenship scams).

George W Bush Jr....US President friend of Bill Gammell (and Frank Guistra) virtual gas & oil or Uranium magnates.  Planned the Twin towers, Al Quaeda/war on terror attacks and the subsequent media/heavily-armed "Jihad" that martyrs the “Islamic brotherhood” (millions of innocent bystanders in oil/mineral rich countries) and sheds the blame on terrorists that are paid for,  trained, funded as Federal employees for the CIA as state sponsored covert operations. Took America into Iraq/Afgahnistan for oil/drugs & global price fixing, in the Armageddon region. Reliant on the electoral college, brother in Florida and poll recounts for presidency.  Global money, drugs, dirty tricks, shock doctrine business/millitary opportunist.     

Helen Clark....Academic and the Labour party leader “served”  for three terms as PM  in New Zealand.  Complicit with Russian spying, NZ production and export of heavy water for nuclear weapon production then opted for  the UN Development Agency as the worlds citizens were pushed off a virtual fiscal cliff and multi-millionaire banker John Key stepped into power in NZ.  Appointed speaker Wilson (Labour list member straight into cabinet)...Paid for the sinking of the Lermotov in Napier Harbour and in return got direct access to Putin (strategies to perpetuate the cold war and potentially lead to nuclear conflict) and the KGB/Mossad assassination teams.

The Carlyle Group... Those on its payroll include former Secretary of State James Baker, former White House budget director Dick Darman, former British Prime Minister John Major, and former US President George H. W. Bush. Its chairman is former CIA Director Frank Carlucci. [FORTUNE, 3/18/2002] Following 9/11, news reports revealed that Carlyle had a business relationship with Osama bin Laden’s family. According to a Carlyle executive, in 1995 the bin Ladens invested $2 million in the Carlyle Partners II fund, which includes various defense holdings. This was a fairly small amount considering the entire fund is worth $1.3 billion.

Simon Mann mercenary and founding member of Israeli security firm Kroll....worked for both Diageo and Guiness ...aided out of 30 year prison sentences for war crimes by Conservative party members for “humanitarian” reasons.

 Lois Ann Battuella/Abel-Danger investigative journalist/millitary intelligence agency (evidence for 9/11 plot destroyed by Cheney at Pentagon)see 1999 & 2006   ....Batuella lives in NAPA valley, CA, USA and cited as legitimate journalist  in GBs citations on Khashoggi et al but also cited as authoritative source on Saudi BAE arms deals involving Prince Bandar & the Bush Dynasty. 

Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia.....long term ally of Bush and trading with BAE....but also cited as  source of chemical weapons used in Syria 2013 conflicts with Eyre reports that chemical weapons for Kurdish Genocide (and Syrian event subsequently)came from long disbanded/dissolved German sources KK.

Liam Fox......defence minister in the UK who travelled the world with his boyfriend Adam Werrity (given unrestricted access to MOD & its munitions) selling weapons to tyrants OR revolutionary regimes.  These regimes later denounced by UK PM Cameron & its delegation, including Prince Charles [immunity from publishing his political correspondence for 100 years] at 2013 Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka where Fox & Camerons weapon’s customers may soon be accused of war crimes.  See Mitchell (Plebgate) and Cameron 2013 and munitions trips in 2010(and every UN, G8, G20, summit since)


Justin Longley (Dearlove’s Nephew)the MI6 stooge operated with tacit / complicit Conservative Government Support to Grab all the sparkling Goodies in the DRC, Angola, Sudan, Niger, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone etc  Longley (Nephew of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove) a recorded Manager of DIAMONDWORKS LTD "OLD"from MI5, MI6, Police and the CIA. Involved in the cataclysmic destabilization of Africa, on behalf of financial circles associated with the British Monarchy, the UK  Privy Council and Sir George HW Bush.


Nick Du Toit  Simon Mann's captured 2nd in Command was, a close relative of OUR RSA Fraud Case Suspect, From the Apartheid Military Government, ex Senior High Commission, Diplomatic Intelligence Officer CHRISTOFFEL PETRUS DU TOIT.


Robert Gabriel Mugabe (Pseudonym) was born near the Kutama Jesuit Mission in the Zvimba District northwest of Salisbury in Southern Rhodesia to a Malawian father Gabriel Matibili and a Shona mother Bona, both Roman Catholic JESUIT BRANCH of RC father (carpenter) left home . Brother Michael died young. Mafia leader and whole life a lie for profit and terror....seminal role in munitions industry and in covering up the shame with both apartheid and ANC leaders in RSA.


The Right Honorable Henry Campbell Bellingham (Tory Grandee...head of AIM LSE “mining shell” scandals and champion for Simon Mann’s release) Booted out of Cabinet (appointed by Laws in 2010) without explanation in the re-shuffle of 2012 (where Ken Clarke left justice behind) when Peter Eyre was revealing the financial truth about atrocities for virtual companies to brutalize Africa and help bring down the Global economy.  Tory Grandee from Norfolk Director of business interests in Whitney (and NEWCO undisclosed motives & Metorex Cost investors and banking share/account holders £billions)


Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands : founder of Bilderberg, WWF, club of 1001 and who knows how many other secret fascist societies.  

Far Right 1001 Club (see Prince Phillip & King Juan Carlos)



Jose Ignacio Sanchez Galan  CEO of Iberdrola.....GLOBALISED Spanish owner of multiple tiers of Scottish power and former publicly-owned STATE Funded initiatives in Scotland ( all over the UK & Ireland), America, Mexico, Continental Europe and Qatar.....paid > 9Million Euros/year (declared income)



Nico Shefer  massive fraud in mining Links in Liberia (Ch 4 News on Healthcare)


 Criminally paid a (JEWISH) CONVICTED Criminal , FAKE MINING Company Director, also a Co Director with COLONEL GADDAFI and his sons, and President CHARLES TAYLOR.NICO SHEFER, CONVICTED BANK ROBBER, METOREX LTD Directors paid SHEFER R327million for the DRC RUASHI Sprl NICO SHEFER used cash he stole from investors in another PONZI SCAM  CMC PTY LTD to buy the RUASHI Sprl. When the Investors tracked SHEFER Down threatening to make public the Fraud, METOREX Directors used METOREX LTD Cash to pay off all the defrauded investors and made them sign letters of "SILENCE"

Tim Spicer (Colonel)....CEO Aegis, private security/conscript agency.  Employee of Sandline International to 2004 (see Mann and Bellingham) $46 million dollars paid out by Cheney in advance.  Spicer (under Mike Jackson’s watch) involved in Irish troubles & murder of Peter McBride in Belfast. under command of Mike Jackson.

General Sir Michael Jackson: adjutant on BLOODY Sunday in Irish troubles. Self-publicist in Balkans conflict (protecting Europeans  from the YankS and the risk they might take us into WW3) Rose right to top of British Empire/Army (wiki: “never fought a genuine battle” but Chief of Staff Balkans and Iraq).  Still in the Private security business and subject to Parliamentary enquiry on profiteering from conflict, bloodshed and bragging rights in the corporate trickle down sector.  CIC for Spicer (see above) and two convicted murderers released after three years of a life sentence (condoned by PM Blair). Striking parallels with career of the other Michael Jackson, the persecuted pop star (see Al Fayed).


Norman Kirk.....NZ PM Labour leader  died young in NZ after playing charismatic/patriotic/populist  mind games with the NWO.


Peter Munk: founder of Barrick (business front for CIA).  Canadian radio manufacturing magnate, stock-market fraudster, early exponent of using taxpayer bailouts to fund robbed/cheated investors.  9/11 mastermind with, Khashoggi, George W Bush et al.  Higher degree from Toronto University (several students arrested in cash for honours protest)......Toronto has a drug addict as mayor as soon as this document is released to the world.


Rupert Murdoch Son of an elite colonial Jewish father in Australia. Friend confidante of US CIA officer Ted Shackley, who "had a good relationship with Murdoch when he was CIA station chief in Australia between 1972-1975. Murdoch was facing the likely closure of his newspaper THE AUSTRALIAN. This was around the time that Murdoch's fortunes changed. Murdoch was running a failed national newspaper in Australia Then suddenly (with support from the CIA) and the collapse of the criminal NUGAN HAND Bank (involvement in wars, drugs, money laundering and drawing David Rockefeller and Gerald Ford....wrote their own IPO cheques and with CIA succeed in displacing Goff Whitlam in covert political/funding COUP)  he becomes a US citizen literally overnight and goes on an endless buying spree. Met UK PM dozens of times on his private yacht  (in run up to 2010 UK elections)...trained Andy Coulson and met Police Chiefs to trade in national secrets by phone hacking then PM Cameron recruited Coulson as his spin doctor.  Advocate for corporate profiteering (and Iraqi/Libyan,Kurdish genocide) everywhere and reliable witness at Leveson enquiry where right wing celebs were compensated for their abuse by the press the government buy.  Crushed UK print unions.  Master of political/media manipulation.

More CIA.....state INTEL crimes here>




Mohamed Al Fayed another direct link to UK Monarchy/European elites/global religious clerics’ fascination with leaders from ancient Egypt and the Holy Lands (and myths around brotherhoods and destruction/reconstruction of Solomon’s Temple & the Isis/Assyrus myths.).  Acquired Ritz hotels in London (back onto fraudulent trading venues for Arlington Associates).  Fascinated by Mike Jackson (deputy head NATO )and bought out by new owner of Fulham FC from Jacksonville (see persecution of pop stars are shield for war crimes and Irish troubles) Father of an accidentally killed son and outspoken champion for Prince Charles’ wife (mixed messages on weapons and land mine trading, see Thatcher and Bredenkamp).  Al –Fayed  is owner of Harrods (London & Paris) where elites flaunt these issues even beyond the second Arab spring which has become, potentially, WW3 tinder box.  No complicity, to my knowledge, in media scams, newspaper ownership or manipulating public opinion....other than in the Mike Jackson & Dodi/Dianna cases.  Long term director at Lonrho: the unacceptable face of capitalism..

Richard Nixon.jpg

Richard Millhouse Nixon. Only American President to resign the office His unofficial history is much more interestingDrugs, Booze and Vice: the Fascist links & the French Connection.  Close friend of the American Mafias, and CIC of the CIA/SIS takeover of the indo Chinese/Golden triangle opium crop. With Kissinger, charged with removing the French connection (opium labs in Marseille and laundering Mafias in Corsica) from the global drugs cartel that were strangling American interests (See also Prince Phillip, Lords Plunket, Porchester in the Australasian/British empire drugs Syndicate with Winston Churchill, Aristotle Onassis and Peter Williams QC, the head of the IRA funding syndicate in Australasia who funded the assassinated both Airey Neave and Lord Mountbatten of Burma who tried to break into/up  these narcotic empires. Greatly feared friends of Nixon include Smathers, Rebozo, gangster Mickey Cohen, the Merricks, Howard Hunt (of Watergate/Bay of Pigs fame), Casino Boss Tatem "Chubby" Wofford in the fishing club run by the Florida Clique, Hotel magnates like the Danners(who are in the FBI on the side & full members of the Georgetown University mafia), conspirators in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon House at Gainsville, and, of course, the Abdicated King of England and Mrs Simpson (safely through the war in romantic Paris)....warm friends in global theft/genocidal circles Persecution in the Royal Bedchamber: How the Rothschilds have taken over the world. 


Adnan Kashoggi: M. Al Fayed’s brother in law (M A-F married to Samira from 1954-56).  Arms dealer who employed Mohamed El Fayed in Mark Thatcher and Saudia/BAE arms deals (Crown inquest never published). ARLINGTON ASSOCIATES Ltd Directors attached to the RITZ and Directly associated to: Mohammed ADNAN KHASHOGGI and Mohammed AL FAYED. Hotel Chains, linked to Oliver North and deeply implicated in the IRAN contra affair  Owner 1500 companies globally, runs Lockheed bribery network, world anti communist movement and Nazi death squad leader.


Henry Kissinger (alias since 1917 when father changed name from Lob) Highest ranking MOSSAD agent in America.  Since 1980 history’s biggest killer (equated with Mao, Stalin, Hitler Churchill and Roosevelt).  Provided the Israeli backing for the American President to bring down the twin towers.  Gentiles killed by Jews (who were warned not to go to work that day) with the hit being blamed on Arabs (see Khashoggi et al)  Source: Greg Hallett (how to take over the world).  Mentored by FDR and Nelson Rockefeller soon as he was into Harvard (where Noam Chomsky, Lithuanian jew, was the front for left wing “US red menace” & McCarthy purges).  Much of Americas talent came from Europe: Kissinger was born in Fuerth, Germany on May 27, 1923, and served in the Army Counterintelligence Corps from 1943-46.  As double agent for Israel rose to US secretary of state, National security advisor from US counter Intelligence in the allied occupation of Nazi Germany.Interestingly, world government fanatic and Ashkenazi Jew, Henry Kissinger, did his doctoral dissertation on the Congress of Vienna. At this Congress in 1815, Swizerland pledged its neutrality in all wars a triumph for the Rothschilds who could use this as a haven to fund both sides in all future wars but Tsar Nicholas I rejected Illuminati plans for a one world government ....see Assassination of NicholasII and his entire family in 1918...a warning never to cross the Rothschilds.



Michael Meiring (alias Dr Van Der Meer/ and Mike Meyer “the spy who shagged me” in popular American diversionary culture), African-born American citizen alleged to be a terrorist in the “Al Quaeda offshoot of America’s National Security Council domiciled at the Evergreen Hotel  in Davao with munitions hoard to justify US-intervention in the phillipines.  His munitions hoard later blew off both his legs in May 2004 act of god.  Others like Benjamin Fulford laud his “patriotic work” as a spy for the Bush, Abu Sayaff Group (ASG),  Kashoggi terror network that brutalized  its own homeland on 9/11 and re- invented hostage taking and innocent muslim countries like Nigeria   See treason from Fleming and Blunt during and post WW2.


Hosni Mubarak: Tank Commander, then Long term Egyptian President.  Convicted of “failing to prevent genocide” when the Arabs tried him in spring in 2010-2: imprisoned for life.  Pardoned: early 2013.  Concurrently, new elected President head of Muslim Brotherhood missing in 2013....Mursi sought by UN/UK diplomat Baroness Ashton to no avail.  Provider of safe house (2nd Mansion nr New York) to Egyptian UN leader, Boutros Boutros Ghali for several decades.


Sir Richard Dearlove KCMG OBE Head MI6 1999-2004, Now on the board of ERGO (not listed on UK Business directory for shame...other advisors include Israeli Millitary Commanders & PMs, Trades in “actionable intelligence from the front line”: company icon “red zone” rebuilding crane) Son of a crippled father who launched the elite para-olympian movement, called the shots & came third in the Commonwealth plot. Ruthless private SS company leader with Anglo-American and Zionist holdings in >90 countries ERGO ( for-profit “subsidiary”of NATO and the security council ....not listed as a British Business but access to all MI6, Mossad and CIA data.....) Sir Richard has held numerous trustee and advisory positions, including trustee of Kent School in Connecticut, honorary fellow of Queens’ College, University of Cambridge, member of the international advisory board of AIG (see 150 trillion fraud/Paulsen/Ventura), senior advisor to the Monitor Group, chairman of Ascot Underwriting, member of the advisory board of IrisGuard, member of the advisory board of New Venture Partners, chairman of trustees of the Cambridge Union Society, and member of the strategic advisory board of TimeSight Systems.


Justin Longley (Dearloves nephew) MI5 and diamond trader with Sir David Michael Scott Steel (Baron Steel of Aikwood)  in South Africa (on UK Privy council since 1970s and when Lockerbie De Beers plane brought down).


Sir David Steel Head of Liberal Party, Chair of the Wellcome Trust, Chief advisor to the Nascent Scottish Govt (Holyrood)....director on the UK listings but holdings deleted for shame...Alias Baron Steel of Aikwood. Friend of Buckingham & Heritage oil and Gas but all evidence obfuscated from UK corporate registers/directories.


Tony Buckingham founder of Executive Solutions (private militia specialists).  Helped displace regime in Sierra Leone and install Valentine Strasser  .  Major figure at head of Heritage Oil Corporation listed on both Torronto & London stock exchanges (accomplished yachtsman ).  Now purely commercial interests in Uganda, Congo (and licenced) in Iraq,  Kurdistan and Mali!

Christopher M Chambers....the link to the UK monarchy....openly declared as advisor to Prince Charles on Bloomberg publicity. Director at the fraudulent companies trading out of Arlington Associates profile on Wikipedia like many of the associated companies e.g. Lonrho (who have deleted past directors from their profile because of their might and corrupted careers e.g. Lord Patten) but others are BRAZENLY elite and up front across Swiss UK, German and Israeli borders (links into Media elites and the Bloomsbury artistic perversion sector (see below) through the high class routes trodden by artists and posh clothing retailers ....see Jalmoli, Delek and so many other interests that unite the extreme right from Germany, Switzerland, Israel and the profiteering superpowers (both republics and constitutional monarchies). 

Eric Maswich Son of a Lithuanian Jew Born Birmingham ( alias Holt Marvel)...wrote Nightingale sang in Barclay Square commissioned the Dr Who (“joke” about one of Israel’s biggest stock marketers DELEK) and Dr Findlay “dramas” (educated at Arden house). Co-wrote Goodby Mr Chips (tragic tale of innocent British schoolboys dying for their country).  Under contract to MGM (Zionist media USA) who were given Israel by Lord Balfour et al with no break in the strife and infiltration in the Middle East within 2-3 years of 1945.  See Prince Charles & Delek (oil and Gas Huge in tel Aviv/Credit Suisse): elite joke on time travellers (Piso new testament myth) and dalek’s /extraterrestrial threats (similarity to BIS architecture of central bank in Basel).

THE TIME TRAVELLING Dr Who Joke and Princess Margaret's sexual trips/boyfriend SNOWDENS creation shared with Richard Branson, the Tennants here (see Faking the New Testament and Christ's birth to 79AD). You can see how pussy riot, the gay bishopric, Scottish Independence, Poaching Rhino horns, Culling Badgers splits the sides of the elite heads of BBC & Digital News companies everywhere.  See Hallett to see how lethal this joke was for the World in WW2 and how expensive it is for us all taxpayers and peace loving citizens today.

Robert Maxwell, post-war British Spy in Czeckoslovakia, counter intelligence expert too in the eastern block...came from the same village as Stephen Cock (Director Astra....see Tory party Bank of England Funding scandals/supergun scams deaths and 9 nuclear weapons made in RSA 1989).  Espionage rags to riches PUBLISHER story like Rupert Murdoch’s but fell from favour and “suicided” off the back of his elite yacht (no body ever found/authenticated: like Bin Laden elite Saudi citizen/friend of Cambridge, buried hurriedly at sea by Obama and Hillary Clinton).  See also charismatic  Lord Lucan). The Maxwell inquest (like Mark Thatchers) was never published

Greg Pallast New York Times, BBC & Observer freelance reporter who blows whistle on Bush Jr, Khashoggi, Munk and Kermit Rockeller on CIA front for business fraud and waltzing into the White House.  Bestseller, educated at Polytechnic....profiled wiki here

Vladimir Putin:  Russian Prime Minister and President (on a rotational basis with Medvedev).  He was a Russian Spy in Auckland (1980s) but arguably the most politically responsible leader in the G20 who commands the respect/fear of his people and the Russian media (and may be a genuine “left wing” communist party member). Putin is a Cold war nuclear weapons, strategist, mover-shaker and personal fitness fanatic. Deadly shot with most weapons (even from the hip).  Like most leaders came to power by coercion (exposed Yeltsin as state funded profiteer extraordinaire): role in NZ to get sexual/paedophilia backgrounds for aspirant politicians who quickly rose to power. Now host to the charismatic tax exile Gerard Depardieu (Film star revolutionary). Former colleague of Boris Beresovsky exiled to mansions in London but now dead (suicided by his International friends) Founded the Israeli, Russian, US naval bases for nuclear submarines in Fjiordland and dropped live weapons/mines into Cook straights that are still on the ocean floor.

Tiny Rowland (alias Roland Walter Fuhrhop) son of anglo-dutch mum (see 1001/WWF & Prince Philip/Prince Berhardt Nazi NWO links)  and German Trader father born in internment camp in 1917.  1919: Fuhrops refused entry to UK.  1930, Roland: in Hitler Youth but by 1936 (when his father declared he despised Hitler) the family allowed into UK.  Worked with his uncle (and Winston Churchill,  Lord of the Admiralty in UK shipping) and changed his name at the age of appear more British. (see references to Saxe Coburg dynasty in the same transitional period).  Conscripted into the Medical Corps then joined his father as a UK alien on the Isle of Man after attempting to have him released from  an “alien” internment camp there.  Released, without explanation, to Rhodesia in mid WW2.  Rest of his greedy life in global suppressive and corrupted business typified by LonRho much of it as a civic leader in the UK.

The Rothschild lenders and sires/concubines to monarchies and elites for centuries :since the five male children “arrows” were sent from Frankfurt (where ECB now resides in splendour) ghettoe across Europe and into the Americas.  Owners/manipulators of the Bank of England since 1815 and the Fed in America since 1914  and all central banks since early noughties..  Close relatives genealogically of Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Churchill Saxe-Coburgs/Wettins (now Windsors). Founder members of the banking/corporate elites: create world wars for profit and power.  See assassination of Russian Tsars, US Presidents and anybody prepared to reject their terms to keep the world at war (or renege on the commitment to pay loans/bonds/consorts at interest) whether you are the victor or the loser.  Owners of central banks all around the world....and the OECD, IMF, and World Bank..... masters of espionage, media control, intercepting mail, manipulating stock market crashes and impregnation (semenally or providing elite wombs for  monarchies, dictatorial tyranical bloodlines).  Masters of leadership strategy to keep the poor poor and the elites nervous for their lives or their succession rites. Sometimes eccentric and harmless (with zebras, zoos and massive mansions/museums....these harmless members are exceptionally rare,  but get extorted killed by others more ruthless conventional friends because of their innocence/naivety) .  Famous orators....Still incredibly innovative to everybodys cost.....see Future of Russia Foundation and Henry Kissinger (the most lethal politician in the late 20th and early 21st century) on the UK business directory.....and Obamah care-sovereign debt scams globally.  Former policeman Andrew Carrington Hitchcock sums it up: The Rothschilds have been in control of the world (including the man on the street or in the army uniform using GLOBAL freemasonry and elite secret societies led by elite grand-masters/monarchs since Adam Weishaupt drew down his salary from under the red 666 sign) for a very long time, and I produce my evidence for this below in a timeline. Any marriage between the Rothschilds and other known elite bloodlines is merely a business deal and they are really just one big happy family. They also sire many children secretly that they can put into positions of power when required. The following article demonstrates how the Rothschilds marry their cousins, initiate their kids into running the world from the age of 12, ruthlessly cull poor people in wars initiated to bring down their rivals (assassination being a simple route to remove strategic rivals or decent world leaders like Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family and JF Kennedy (who all wanted to fund their democracy by controlling its own central bank).  Now, 2013, NATO is still in Afgahnistan because it was the last central bank across the entire globe not to be in Rothschild's direct control.  The family have long used anti-semitism as a shield for their ruthless wealth divide progroms but they funded Hitler, the Allies and the Axis Powers and now >95% of the world's surviving Jews are Ashkenazi jews directly descended from their own Khazar/Georgian bloodlines (spawned East of the Black Sea).  Monarchies are dismembered and infiltrated by their concubines and bastard children and all monetary institutions and Governments are owned by them or their batard cousins.......under the crown. Now government sponsored terror is funded by them, with zionist cousins like kissinger and National INTEL agencies perpetrating the to keep the world in fear and divided: see twin towers, 7/7 London Terror Netenyahu, MOSSAD Iraq, and finally Iran/Afgahnistan where they are training the locals to enslave their countries this way.


Kermit Roosevelt (educated with US and World elites at St Alban’s school) prominent CIA official founder of Barrick Reserves  International  and Barrick Gold: both to serve as a dummy business fronts  run by CIA.  Member of the legendary political/monetary oligarchs. (elite Joke in the Muppet cartoon character cast).

List of Journalist researchers/Sources & key establishment figures in selling their countries and culling their citizens.

Source Alex Constantine:

MI6 headed by National traitors for global war and intelligence/media and mind control....just in time for WW1 and the 39 pre-planned steps to WW2. No convictions only knighthoods....

Chiefs of the SIS

·         1909–1923: Sir Mansfield Smith-CummingKCMGCB

·         1923–1939: Admiral Sir Hugh SinclairKCB

·         1939–1952: Major General Sir Stewart MenziesKCBKCMGDSOMC

·         1953–1956: Sir John Alexander SinclairKCMGCBOBE

·         1956–1968: Sir Richard WhiteKCMGKBE

·         1968–1973: Sir John RennieKCMG

·         1973–1978: Sir Maurice OldfieldGCMGCBE

·         1979–1982: Sir Dick FranksKCMG

·         1982–1985: Sir Colin FiguresKCMGOBE

·         1985–1989: Sir Christopher CurwenKCMG

·         1989–1994: Sir Colin McCollKCMG

·         1994–1999: Sir David SpeddingKCMGCVOOBE

·         1999–2004: Sir Richard DearloveKCMGOBE

·         2004–2009: Sir John ScarlettKCMGOBE

·         2009–present: Sir John SawersKCMG

Source explaining espionage, religious and governmental traitors/profiteers/war criminals here>



Mrs/Lady Margaret Thatcher.....”Britain’s greatest woman” friend of Pinochet, Airey Neve (Boyfriend for sexual romps).....Neve was killed like Lord Mountbatten by funds from Australasian branch of IRA (led by Peter William’s QC).  Mother of Sir Mark Thatcher (multi millionaire and arms enquiry never published (see Robert Maxwell)).  With Murdoch (CLOSE personal friend on the extreme right) eliminated the union movement as a left wing threat in the UK.  Demented (act of god, see US President Reagan) but very expensive state funeral only days after false flag bombing in Boston (at Marathon just a week before the London event)....Boston legs were lost in Afgahnistan and Iraq and medical/intensive care specialists from Harvard just live with their conscience (see bloodless beheading Woolwich and Mosque burning London). JFK library quietly burned to ground with no press coverage same weekend.  Took her country to war in Argentina....and funded her political party by trading WMDs and nuclear bombs out of the RSA/Rhodesia (which later ended in the deaths of David Kelly, Robin Cook and Dr Gerald Bull in Brussels where she ranted against the EU for its crippling effects on “Great” Britain).  See LonRho...the unacceptable face of capitalism with current PM Cameron, aged 24, in her sales team.  Used to be a Greengrocer on a street corner in Grantham.

Maurice Templesman  Belgian-born, has a long and bloody history in Africa. He was Jacqui Onassis' third partner.   Began with De Beers in the 1950s: Prominent in coups dictatorships  in  Congo (“From then on diamonds would be extensively used to discreetly fund wars, coups, repression and dictatorships, in Africa.”) Angola BotswanaNamibia, Sierra Leone.[22][23][24][25]&Ghana       . Grand Master in The Secret World of the Diamond Cartel. Maurice Tempelsman is Chairman of the American Jewish Congress, a Zionist pressure group that claims it works closely with the Israeli military. SEC filings show that LKI directors are high-rolling Zionist lawyers and investment bankers: one director belongs to the law firm that once represented President Kennedy—another Tempelsman friend. LKI is also connected to the euphemistically named United States Agency for International Development (USAID)  The Tempelsman empire remains rock solid behind Leon Tempelsman & Sons, De Beers, and Lazare Kaplan International—supplier of Tiffany’s and Cartier’s diamonds. See Lockerbie 1988, Angola 2001.