Murdoch MAFIAS PC Gormley, Mital, Carney, Coulson, Brooks, Freud Love Supreme FRAUDS

SEE more on Murdoch's GLOBAL MAFIA OP, his 3rd marriage to Mick Jaggers' EX in St Brides (PAGAN GODDESS OF FIRE burnt it to ashes in the gt Fire of London 1666) FLEET STREET, and his education at the same school that Prince Charles & Boris Johnson attended/taught in. Murdoch is descended through the SIGISMUND Jagellonian dynasties on the World owning PISO Windsor Bush lineage and the are false religion PROFITS using the Australian GOD OF SKY BUNGIE ("Jesus" just failing to bounce back to heaven) /ALL THESE HYPERLINKS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.

This is how the world is now run & all the news & Law ENFORCEMENT is a MAFIA OP

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IF YOU WANT TO BE MY LOVER you need to obey GODs' rules. But sadly this story is about two hundred or so of the worlds GREATEST WHORES all interlocked with ELIZABETH LIZZIE MURDOCH.  Posh Beckham married to Sir David of Olympic and lifelong Man Utd Phoenix film partners & Michael Grade THEFT EMPIRE is a TROLLOPE.  The biggest INTERLOCK in Mrs Lizie FREUD nee Murdoch is a JOSEPH (the launch of a new scam icon since Egypt &  Bethlehem) GORMLEY which just happens to make all her profiteering directors IMMUNE FROM prosecution.  Superintendent Phil Gormley is the new head of the United FORCE & is simply an obfuscation tool like the whole of the MURDOCH MAFIA MEDIA.....that is all paper & news vents GLOBALLY. Unelected they all pick the PMs on yACHTS and live drink Strategically in Chipping norton.  Gormley is in charge of Police Scotland so he is dispensable and does not need to train with blair & Condon at FETTES & the MET POLICE MAFIA founded by Robert Peel who emancipated the slaves who now get to vote in elections run by MI6 &the CIA globally.  He has medals though FOR LONG SERVICE in desserting justice.   When I find my lover I have a hunch she may have been trained at MAGDELENE COLLEGE Oxford or in a public school vent front and rear.  Rebekah Brooks of Leveson Frauds & the Murdoch Empire Concillieri we find nr the end of the video & Winterbotton, McGeechan & Todd Blackadder link the frauds into CHRISTCHURCH  which had a massive earthquake because there never was a Christ but he has replaced the NEWS CORP SUN god/dog on the leash.  The Black Lab is BAAL.  So Bobby Murdoch & all the celtic players I adored as a kid are covers for the global fraud & genocide teams. Mrs Simpson in goal,- Lennox inside Left & Yogi Bear Hughes on the far left. Sadly Jimmy Johnson (LBJ) died really young with motorneurone disease.  The circa 300 interlocks with David Joseph Gormley are more difficult to find since Company Check run by Alistair Campbell got their orders from Downing street to obfuscate the truth about the world owning MAFIA.  Gormley the copper just replaced Sir Stephen House who I brought down for SELLING SCOTLANDS freedom as portrayed in the BRAVEHEART movie.  All the Scottish traitors in the movie were in the celtic team & Alex Salamond Rothschild is the GODFATHER in HOLYROOD was exposed with TRUMP Hilary C's close cousin.  The Murdochs were MUIRDACHS when they were sent to the colonies by the Duchess of Sutherland who runs Mertoun just up the river & interlocks with Rothschilds Montifiories (MOUNTAIN OF FIREin NAPLES BIBLE FRAUD) on the National Gallery & Jewish Policy studies unit. So I cite Lizzie F words' massive list of Interlocking directors. We start with Mithal, Surtees & the Williams F1 mafias that may take us into the loins of the 2nd wife of Guy Innes Kerr, the Duchess of Roxburgh nee Wynne Williams who's children had, before I came home, the temerity to marry into the BEAVERBROOK lineage. Blessedly that marriage did not work out.  That is the Beaverbrooks of CANADA, Ruperts Land, & Rupert the BEAR ROTHSCHILD in his Daily Express.  Madonna, with some make up on,  may well be JERRY HALL who married this week within 2 days of me making this video.  All the great laundering tools are on the list TEMPLE Secs, Hallmark JERRY HALL, Howard the Duke of Norfolk Henry VIII divorce conspirators, Lord Assissi LUCA, MacKie of DUNS, Mr Yoel Flohr, & the Tsunami acts of GOD who have been replaced by the SUN the Rotary Club , the mummers in IRE & Butlins. Jesus is the DONKEY in the PPISO BIBLEFraud and in BUTLINS HARRIS arrian master race frauds.  David Joseph Gormley NOT THE COPPER runs dozens of SKY NEWS scams operates out of Middlesex amstrad, Sky ARTS Surrey Golf Company...did U know that the GOLF BALL is the icon for Tom Hanks' Rockefeller Foundation. There is a CARNEY on Lizzies Interlocks they are the 800,000K salary for the LUMBERJACK at the BofE. Gormley the directors aliases include GROMLEY & formerly there UNION leader linkage.  These unelected Godfathers create every political regime globally & all wars. Rupert's country is CANADA & Murdoch replaced Beaverbrook  after VIETNAM.  I divert for a time into the Dick Cheneys of Bedfordshire USA Mafia op out of Rothschilds HERTS.  The PISO Puteoli, Golf Club Christianity JOKES are all through the PISO HORSEY race course jokes since Liz Tailor rode PI to win the GRAND NATIONAL. The Murdochs are close friends of Henry Kissinger the worlds biggest killer who gave himself the PEACE Prize.  As I close I just miss John PREBBLE on the Murdoch's board and hit that a culloden on You Tube and you will understand JamesY COTTER and the massacre by the butcher of CUMBERLAND who became the Windsors. Do you get the HALL Murdoch SUN SHINE  Madonna Hitler links now? SHINE takes into GIN KO the poor peoples drink before GODs' great fire of LONDON. Simon Maximillian Crawford is a COLLINS mafia member...that is JOAN Collins on the centrefold of Victor Lownes' HERTS BEDS & BUCKS Whoring Empire. Shine has over 972 PONZI Shelves.  Instant Companies are in Royal Brighton where Mrs VJ Lees worked as a scorer for the CC word mafias in cricket.  Tailor Swift is cover for SWIFT money launderers.  Harris of Butlins now lives in the STOCKS LOWNES centrefold mansion and they sacked me as a fishing Ghillie on the Tweed which they own with the MILLERS of Bones to FLOUR jokes.  Frain, Schellenburg, Anderson is on the Brooks Coulson Finchley Rd & Notting Hill COMEDY FRAUD. That is the No NOTTINGs of Robin Hood Nottingham fiction and it is Hawkeye in the suicide is painless MASH Vietnam Comedy.  Kevin Cahill is one of hundreds of CAHILLS in British INTEL cos it is the CALVARY HILL JOKE.   The BROOKS links are released even by the NO NOTTINGS as a tiny diversion for their thousands of financial frauds as the worlds citizens are driven into austerity.  So do you understand why Jeremy Clarkson, Rupert Murdoch, Madonna and Nigella Lawson of the chacelry are all in divorce proceedings to cover the massive mUrdoch crimes against the worlds people.  Murdoch with Kissinger & Prince Charles are on the Future of Russian fund and sadly Lord Patten who ran it with the Lonrho, Lonmin and 600 more frauds for HRH QE2  also ran the OXFORD RUSSIA FUND FRAUDS after he was forced to resign as GOVERNOR of Honkong & got a lift home on the Royal Yacht.  Stephen House what is your PENSION Worth & have you seen my Pope Francis & GODFATHER take confession for the South American Genocides video.  I now understand the LIONS DEN BABYLONIAN Frauds that all work in favour of the KING and puting GOD in his /her their place on the end of the Murdoch Windsor LEAD. It is a really dangerous game & there are no rules since chrytalnacht in the SCHINDLERS LIST FILM.  One finds it safer to be GODFEARING since I watched this video made by Charlton Heston who was a leading member of the US gun lobby when he took his last breath.    It  is all really quite scary BUT I DO NOT CHARGE A FEE  & I know that GOD Will catch up with them all in the course of time.

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