Mount Rushmore PISO Windsor US Presidental Bloodlines Hitchcock Sellers HRH Clinton Theresa May (BofE) Napoleon Roosevelt Pilgrim BATARDS

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HRH Eliz II Bill Clintons Little Siss Churchill Semen Cigar Tube PISO WINDSOR ancestors of Pharoahs, Presidents on MT RUSHMORE Robin williams Health Isle of White Qu Vic Peter SELLERS Gardner Being There son of mountbatten.JPG

HRH ancestor of the Bible Authors and all the Am Presidents on Rushmore THE MAYFLOWER TOO

Theresa May was a senior thief at the Bank of England then as foreign secretary and she is cover for Maria Theresa of Prussia.  Hitchcock is a Rothschild researcher (Andrew Carrington), another one ,Alf, is head of the UK millitary nuclear police and Alf in Holywood is cover for Arrius Calpurrnius Piso the BIBLE fraudster who writes himself into the PISO Coded new and old testaments.   Ever one of the Presidents on Mount Rushmore is directly related to Marcus Aurelius, King Herod, HRH QE2, and the Roosevelts are Pi Pi Pilgrim fathers.  Cary Grant is in the War Bride comedies but he is not related to Legrants in the Rothschild Napoleonic wars and Bank of England Waterloo scams.  So everything we are told & taught is a lie.  I introduce the Austrian Master race scams Zu Bacharach Laurelie Shona Castle ROTHSCHILD ancestors.  The "Being there" movie involves Peter Sellers as cover that Marcos Manuel only legit son of Queen Victoria. Sellers himself is Lord Mounbatten of Burmas' BASTARD kid. Bill Clinton is Winston Churchill's son & HRH QE2's half brother.  All of that was revealed by Greg Hallett killed in 2012 by HRHs hit men. James Henry Fetzer the Alumnii of Princeton was his interviewer on the REAL DEAL Radio Programme. So they are talkin g about the BRITISH ROYAL & Clinto scams in the THEY HAVE NO BACKGROUND bastard lineages....the Gardener joke applies to Marcos Manuel on the Isle of White and Hitler Rothschild in Barcelona.  Robin Williams hung himself and all the things that he made movies about in NEUROLOGY he suffered from after he made the JUMANJI film.  Marcos Manuel was raised on the Isle of white where HRH's Prisons lets the villains and drug runners escape. Shakira sings about the PISO PIE/vagina and the have a Gina RHINEheart Rio Tinto Lookalike in her Pie Descalos video. So do you get the Hitchcock PISO Bible jokes....the Bletchley code in WW2 for ROTHSCILD is the same joke.   The Bloodlines they are all in take you back to Statira and Darrius of PERSIA & Close to Alexander the Gt in Macedonia & LAGOS the RABBIT sign for Churchill.  Fetzer's Princeton extended Woodrow wilson's WW1 by 2 years, laughed at in the Blackadder trenches final scene as the Jokers laugh at the War Dead.  Then we get all my and Hallett's pictures of the 165 yr monarchy fraud.  The Drug running triumverate was Churchill Onassis and Prince Phil then Prince Phil Lord Plunkett and Lord Porchester & MOUNTBATTEN was killed for trying to take his place from Prince Phil who had him murdered.  So do you get the HITCHCOCK launch to release only the HISTORY of the ancient ROTHSCHILD ROYAL scams and the PISO-Windsor bloodlines.  Statira and the links to Darius are difficult to find but DARIUS GUPPY from Iran/Persia is still in the news as a business magnate. That deploys Boris Johnson as the trivial comedy. Ian Hislop is in the bloodlines PISO in his name like the POLIS for Lord Condominium (translates as PISO).   So they are all ancestors of the Roman Emperors, Pharoahs in Egypt /Morocco & Alex the Gt in Macedonia.  Then all the Presidents on mt RUSHMORE is the Moses in the Rushes basket of REEDS.  The Turnbulls of the MAFIA are the ancestors of Roosevelt and the Livinstones are ancestors of George W and HERBERT POPPY Bush.  MARIA THERESA of PRUSSIA is on the DAUPHIN in Versaille bloodlines beheaded in Versailles by Napoleon in the same families. I find the Queen Mary stewart bloodlines and the Hanoverian Cumbrians BUTCHERS of Cumberland  at Culloden and Georges I-III the Mad syphylitic Cumbrian lineages that lead to ALBERT and Queen Vic first woman already a mum to Marry in Virginal White dress. The Aherne Death is explained in the "ROYAL" family jokes.  So I fail to find the US Presidents amongs the European ELITE MONARCHS COS I have the wrong page open. Isabella and Ferdinand who launched the religious INQUISITION and Genocide all over Europe are in the LINES too.  So I find the page after blaming Rebekah Brooks.  FDR is on it but Teddy BEARS in the Rothschild woods is related to the Bullocks' but is not actually profiled on the ICKE web pages.  All the names are different NORTON the Irish Chat show/boxing covers.  The Riddells are all through it and out of the French Normandy connection. The Cridells were in our birthing chamber at RAF Halton which was a ROTHSCHILD Mansion.  The Mecklenbergs of Strelitz and Kaiser Bill are Close cousins which is why he was the boss at the Admiralty when WW1 was declared.   Swabia is the OTTO Piso Jesus swaddling clothes bandages for the pharoes. James'y SOTER in Rab C Nesbitt is actually Cotter NOT SOTER. MY MISTAKE.  The Suttons of the Jewish Schools are on the list.  America sings Good morning AmericaI am your native Son (the culled Indians & their Sun God replaced by the PISO peace pipe).   JP Morgan is John PIERPOINT (St Peter)Morgan and his nose expands as he pretends he saves US banks and the JESUS Saves is his biggest lie....That is Jesus Pinnochio THE BOY WITH NO STRINGS.  The Batton for the Police is the BARZOOM in the Devils Advocate.  The Turnbulls are in the Nevada Senators story and he is the inquest chair when Frank Pentagelis bro comes into the court and silences the INFORMANT...The Nevada senotors murdered Prostitute has her fanny cut out the PISO Vagina Jack the Ripper Monarchy Jokes. The American PIE for Don Maclean and Britney in the AMY video all the same PISO Vagina Pie & rivers of blood relentless jokes at the worshippers and war dead.
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Britney Speers Scented Fanny SNIFF THE AMERICAN Pie and the Gusset in your knickers IF YOU SEEK AMY Video PISO BIBLE Vagina SAGA.jpg