Stealing From the People: the bigger picture and the methods

GORDON BOWDEN AND GEORGE LEES have made a series of You tube Videos that reveal how the wealth divide project works in tandem with the brutalisation of innocent countries.  The primary motives are wealth, power and other people's land/corporations.  All you need to know is what role your elected public officials and peers play in this team plan then refuse to comply.
These are not in any particular order but they profile different criminal/government leaders and their crimes....against the people, the students and the world's children.

Academics, Politicians, Peers, PMs and Union Leaders at the trough

Asset Striping of UK: sovereignty, energy, NHS, Police, Unions & capacity to Fuel & Feed our nation

This video by George Lees and Gordon Bowden is an hour long.  the financial and economic crimes revealed are enormous and have the worlds' people in austerity and many 9in the developing world) in shallow graves.  When genocides occur only local activists are accused of war crimes. We talk about the Bush Dynasty and Blair arming Iraq and private militias in Africa, the middle east and the Oman nukes made by Bredenkamp in South Africa and in Mugabe's/Smith's Rhodesia.  We talk about sporting figureheads like Phil edmonds the International cricketer and the HALO trust's scams and the land mine trading that was one of the contributory factors in Princess Dianna's shameful persecution and death. Most importantly we talk about the trillion dollar financial frauds often dealing  in virtual "non-existant products" in mining /oil /gas and how the illicit funds are raised in the Alternative investment Markets (notably the AIM in London, Torronto, Germany and China but all countries have these scams often before the transitional government imposed by the millitias is in place).  Together they generate/control all rights to issue currency and stocks/shares only to their elite friends and to launder the proceeds into havens in Switzerland delaware Florida, Cuba, Mexico or offshore.  We talk about corrupt companies like Lonmin (subsiduary of Lonrho) who kill their staff in the payround negotiations.  We talk about the history of Tiny Rowlands, the Isle of Man NAZI internment camps and his release into the RSA/Rhodesia in 1942 to create a mining empire in Gold Diamands then to come back to Britain to be the unacceptable face of capitalism.  We forgot to mention it but Lonrho's current chairman is Prince Charles' personal financial advisor. Al Fayed, Lord Patten and many mor infamous characters have served on the board and we discuss their boiler rooms in Finchley, Arlington Street (behind the Ritz) Bristol, Fetter Lane. The scams of false news from the BBC (which Patten runs) is shared by Ingenious Films LLP....with David/Posh Beckham, Steven Gerrard, the Neville brothers, Gary Linker and leading bankers like sir John Craven on the board (Deutsche Bank, JP Motgan-grenfell).  They liase with the PM's friends in the chipping Norton set, illicit charitable scams (red nose day, WWF, British Legion, The Poppy fund and fail to read out the names of the war dead even in their local parishes.  The Duke of westminster (Britains richest man) is a director at the Br Legion where they run a £7million insurance hedge fund to protect the profiteers from litigation by the impoverished masses. We profile the virtual oil and gas scams, erosion of our industrial productivity, public sector funding and jobs and reveal how the private security firms like G4S are now headed up by NATO commanders in chief (Lord Guthrie: a Blair life peer since 2001 and an NM Rothschild bank director like former chancellor Norman Lamont....who crashed our economy and our real estate pubbles before these teams got really violent and rich in the noughties!   We talk about our relentless campaign to inform the people of the theft from the world's people and the endless brutalisation of innocent countries.  WE finish by revealing that politicians like Alex Salmond SNP and Nigel farage UKIP (who are picked by the corrupted teams) have been informed in hundreds of Emails over 2-3 years of exactly who the fraudsters are and how G8 leaders run the world like the MAFIA (with NATO and the UN entirely at their disposal as profiteers).  We profile the PONZI schemes in Westminster and roles for Dave Prentis on the court of the bank of England.  We tell the audience about the scams against british students and the jobless youngsters and how this leads to a life in poverty and joblessness.  All households are now feeling the pinch as they de-commission, armies, public police forces and have all institutions/countries on the globe in a massive pool of toxic debt that means all infrastructure projects, olympic events, world cups cost more than all of the previous events added together (as is the case with sovereign debt in every nation across the globe).  Lastly we reveal how the world sees the ownership of other people asets as a well understood joke notably with oil and gas (where there is a real product) and how this is paid for by the lives and land of the locals.  If you do not understand this or the characaters/ names involved then please loook them up in the index on this web we reveal in the summary the information is now going viral and is being shared with activists and anti-treason researchers GLOBALLY and the pin stripe brigade and the PM's friends in Chipping Norton, the SKY News Empire and the G8-G20 summits are in a really dangerous position as the masses who die for this realise they fund it all from their sacrifice and loyalty to tyrants and thieves.