Rifkind/Chilcot/Abraxa: how to cheat your electorate and launder it to/from distant lands like Thailand which is in the News this week

By GORDON BOWDEN and still "just" PROFESSOR George Lees (the thieves at the Universities do not have the courage to strip me of my honorary, unpaid title for reputational reasons)

I want to show you how to brutalise the worlds people, steal from your own constituents, avoid tax, launder it offshore and inform you of why the select group of criminals who engage in these crimes are given the Knighthood or the Lordship in advance.  They become peers so they can shoulder heavy demands/business orders from the Cabinet, the Royal Palace and the Global Financial Institutions owned by the Rothschilds which make Government and Politics a laughing STOCK (pun absolutely intended) of everything our Great Countries now do to their innocent citizens.  So GORDON BOWDEN and I intend to tell you the ABRAXA story in words and pictures....we are not ENTITLED enough to know how much revenue they tuck away from your accounts, investments and busted pensions.  I intend to keep it simple and make a few errors (because I know they will not dare litigate because we have thing called FORCE MAJEURE on the side of the GLOBAL victims who are actually the austere electorates).  

Right then: Gordon Told me to open the directory registration documents for a company called Abraxa (so I typed this in and got 85 hits which Gordon explained was part of the art)......so Gordon spelt out this URL
I opened it and was mildly surprised that a previous secretary was located in the Scottish Borders and had the same name as a school chum of mine (but I hope this is entirely co-incidental). When I clicked on the directors, as Gordon Told me, I was really taken aback because Sir Malcolm Lesley Rifkind (an establishment figure, better off together in Kensington and a former Foreign Secretary) was listed as a director, for a period of time, which was incredibly important in the lead in to Tony Blair's unilateral New Labour decision to storm into Iraq without the late Robin Cook's support in 2003/4.   For a much longer period of time (continuing to this day) his co-director was the old and frail Rt Hon John Anthony Chilcot, who I had heard of too, because of his role as chair in the "ARMS TO IRAQ SCANDAL INQUEST".  I got excited by this linkage but Gordon, who is a hard bastard, unlike these gentlemanly political figures (who kill from the office) told me to calm down and stay focussed on their economic crimes.  So I did.

Gordon then took me to another company named Abraxa  ABRAXA SOLUTIONS LTD  06394268 Registered Address: 56 Meadow Way, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 8BP I got excited again because of the Bristol boiler rooms Gordon had warned me about in the Prime Ministers top six theft venues.  But when my pulse was back to normal Gordon made me look at the corporate structure.  They used Form 10 Directors and Form 10 Secretaries who had been used 190,000 other companies in a relatively short space of time....then Gordon reminded me about the 85 other hits I got when I searched for Abraxa or closely related company names.  Rifkind has a couple of pages of directorships including interssts in G4S the notorious private security firm that reneged on the olympics but took the cash....Rifkind was also a director at Aberdeen Asset Management.
At this point I got confused because Gordon wanted me to focus my attention on Northern England and the Manchester/Salford region (which occasionally ring me up and ask if I want my money back for mis-selling scams that they have participated in previously) and he started banging on about Fraud Group North  and his prosecution of a woman who I am not allowed to talk about called Andrea X who was bailed out of jail for frauds in the £700,000, per victim, region.  The things he told me about that woman being involved in the disappearance of a neighbour and the reappearance of her corpse (with Jonathan Aitken/AndreaX in close attendance): I am really pleased that I am not allowed to talk about them at length. Or the involvement of Aitken in Beemark and the Thatchers/PRB in the Arms to Iraq issues http://www.blythe.org/Intelligence/readme/81sum that I have shallowly flipped over on this page.Let Me Tell You About that Guy Chilcot.   Anyway, Gordon has intimated to me that Andrea X was actually cared for by the murdered woman and her daughter is now being persecuted by directors in companies that she has not even heard of who are involved in munitions manufacture, DTI deals, Mrs Thatchers gagging orders and the killing of Gerald Bull in Brussels which I have not found the time to read about in depth yet.  Gordon chucked in the name Arridge RIP, which I dont know if I am allowed to talk about, but I feel sorry for, because of the brutal kidnapping/killing of the mother and the subsequent persecution of the daughter by the criminals who are, or are led by, govt leaders, their advisors, or INTEL operatives, in no particular order.  Her mums kidnapping/murder case was not covered by the local papers or the National Press for "National Security & Reputational Reasons" which one does not have to write down to be blindingly obvious.  Mrs Cook was not allowed on the emergency services copter ambulance in the Cairngorms when Robin (a Foreign Secretary who tried to apply due dilligence and democracy to the process of Government) had his disagreement with National leaders who are now envoys to the middle east and are mentioned in some of the directorial global financial crash issues that occurred in 2008 but are now run on a weekly basis using the methods profiled below (from Bangkok to Salford & vice versa).   Gordon Bowden  and Peter Eyre have both tried to get the truth out about Andrea X but the police in Derby have shredded all the evidence and Chris Williamson MP is complicit in the cover up and Gordon has sent me this so he is cool with the revelation of Andrea X 's ID. ĊWe ALL WANT HER BACK ALIVE so the truth about Iraq can at last come out and the perpetrators/profiteers can be brought to justice (and she can be punished for all of the financial frauds she has been involved in). What would you do if you were a genocidal PM or President wanting to die of natural causes? Gordon seems slightly unhinged cos he thinks UKIP may help with revealing the truth about the whole sorry saga!!!!! We cannot smack our children.
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MAY 24, 2014, 8:55 AM

So, regarding the financial frauds, I got lost in Lancashire like the victim and the corpse in Carnarvon where Andrea X was suffering with severe Malarial remissions (which rendered her comatose) and was cared for by her unsung neighbour. Gordon told me that when Andrea X was in the adjacent house she had access to a Kalashnikov rifle and used to come and chat to her fearful neighbours with it before they were disappeared.  I am not sure if I am allowed to talk about this, so if I have to edit it out I have put a Kalashnikov in the appended photo with some arbitrarily selected knights of the realm, weapons traders and their mums.  I got really excited again when Gordon told me that Andrea X was actually an MI6 operative, running false passports into Latin American emigres empty wallets, a cannabis trader, involved with a Russian Singles bar in Bangor where they would betray ordinary working drug addicts into convictions for her business interests in Cannabis trading....but there you go that is what double agents and criminals do.  SHE, ANDREA X, in her MI6 role, KNEW ALL ABOUT THE ARMS TO IRAQ SCANDAL and reminded powerful people of this when she was on the verge of conviction for million pound fraud. As a consequence she was encouraged to flee from the country into Latin America so that the Tory and New Labour Grandees who mismanage the world in a greedy way can stay in office with undeclared profits in GLOBALISED HAVENS (which will be explained below)

But back to global fraud which takes is into Lancashire call centres.  There they can talk the hindlegs of "Jesus' donkey" see my conversations with the staff at Crown Oil (who have no oil but they have call centres phones and massive share flotations and loans from a toxic debt pool at all of the major banks) near Cyril Smith's Rochdale (who has been demonised beyond the grave by his colleagues which is not a rare event). Crown Oil Directors are members of INGENIOUS FILMS LLP 1-3 (like Ryan Giggs, Steven Gerrard of Manchester United/Liverpool/England and Sir John Craven of Deutsche Bank) so they can publicise their business and IPO brochures and sell them to local victims on the phone. The relatively minor tax evasion side of these companies has even been revealed by the BRITISH PRESS which demonstrates that it is insignificant compared to the International laundering and Virtual Products frauds which we describe below.

I am going to have to check this out with Gordon again because I think he told me that Fraud Group North had actually convicted people of crimes in the fraud sector?  He mentioned that Graham Mills admitted Cheating investors in fake companies in ILLKESTON Derby.  That the syndicates in Swinton/Greater Manchester were pursued for cold calling using fake company fronts like Regal & Archer LLC, Quantum Holdings Ltd and that Graham Mills' frauds were pan-continental involving Thailand Boiler rooms and domestic banking frauds which netted circa £3.7m ( a trivial amount compared to the Abrexa criminals in the Judiciary and the Foreign office).  But the Gordon kept reeling off convictions which is really encouraging Mills got 7 years, Paul Slack got 4 years for conspiracy to defraud and Andrea X was accused of 26 offences of theft and false accounting BEFORE she reminded the really powerful and obscenely rich bloody people that she could expose them as war/financial criminals in fields of conflicts of interest where they were appointed as the INQUEST CHAIRS or the CICs in crashing the global economy.  

The methods for running the money out of the country are illustrated for Rifkind/Chilcot owned Abraxa (who has quite a vicious interest in private security firms/corrupted investment trusts and the shadowy side of crony capitalism) His real name is Rivkind (according to Andrew Carrington Hitchcock) and he is intimately involved in oil and gas frauds through his links to leon Britain, Cairn, Gammel and the Boiler Room at 50 Lothian Road EH3 9WJ  in Edinburgh's Babylonian financial sector. I intend to get Gordon Bowden to talk us through out the pump and dump companies fail to work for the investors, have spawned the fracking storm so they can have a legitimate but controversial front to obfuscate the financial grand larceny and have created a place for themselves at the Bank Of England (where a Cairn Director is a Courtier with UNISON BOSS DAVE PRENTIS).  It is unbelievably corrupted but the ordinary people do not understand it clearly which is why i am going to get Gordon to explain it again on You Tube.  He has already explained that Rifkind with the top four Tory Grandees in Mrs Thatchers cabal launched 2,674 virtual companies from Lothian Road.  That their opposition in the form of Ed and David Milliband(who fled from Britain same week as Steven Hester....who appointed Kroll to handle his Basel 3 Whistleblower Richard Chang RIP Coroners and Pathologists sell the verdict (accidental death or suicide) who are Lithuanian Jews. I aske Gordon who Mrs Thatchers picks for grandees were:  Rifkind, Ken Clarke, Patrick Mayhew, Baroness Linda Ann Chalker he growled back at me).  They in league with "diplomats" like Samuel Essen Jonah have tried to intimidate Gordon on his exposures of fraud at Equator Exploration Company, ABC Four corners, Range resources Ltd (and the control of Oil recovery for British and Royal Dutch interests out of brutalised but "transitional" Iraq).  That is real oil from Iraq which used to be somebody else's country:  but Sadam was armed by the west like the tank commanders in Egypt who are pretending to have another general election this very week but have lost the elected leader of the muslim Brotherhood within two years of USAID ($1Bn/yr to kill democracy in other people's countries). This makes me agitated like the oil and gas scams ignite Gordon. The tank commander's take equates to the SSE Managing Directors 1 billion pound fraud out of Lothian Road which was based on a 1 page AIM admission to trade document and has disappeared the revenues to the British Virgin Islands (like Necker Branson's Virgin Haven).  Gordon cannot find hios web cam but when he talked about Michael Howard former head of the Conservatives in "Great Britain" and his 3 FAKE mining companies on the Torronto Stock Exchange (which no longer allows any investigation of any of its documents) he was INCANDESCENT with anger.   But I am now going to insert the pictures to show you how they disappear the cash that the fraudulent Fake Companies generate .