Professors, Knights, Secret Societies and Scotlands Richest Woman & her brother : the Billion £ Scams Revealed


Sir Ewan Brown, Knighted for his services to Global Fraud: the worlds people get austerity WATCH THIS VIDEO as you scroll down the high resolution images (below). IT IS DAYLIGHT ROBBERY and your children get the austerity.  Let me tell you about Professor Ewan Brown, Anne Gloag,  Brian Souter, Sir John Wood, Sir Bill Gammel, and their Interlocking with Anglo-Scottish/Global Elites.  I stumbled on Ewan Brown in the speculative society in Edinburgh he was for years an honorary prof at Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh.  The speculative society listings in 2002 indicate that Professor Brown is highly qualified in financial services.

 Brown, Ewan (C.B.E., M.A., LL.B., C.A., FCIBS, Prof., Ch. H-Watt Univ., Dir. Noble Grossart, Lloyds TSB).  He is not an academic who teaches students like the other Professors: he is a banker and it seems a fraudster like so many people at the top of the financial services theft game .  He is a director in many of the Scottish banks which failed in 2008 and if you look at his business interests he left most of them that year.  Take a look at his "portfolio" at the top of this page Speculative Society (SS) Edinburgh: the template for globalism. He just happened to be the first listed on the speculative society that I could find on the company check business registry. See images below for the timelines of his directorates and his financial summary.  WITHIN WEEKS OF THIS BEING POSTED EWAN BROWN WAS KNIGHTED by HRH the Queen  As the Newspaper reported it: Ewan Brown, CBE, Chairman Scottish Financial Enterprise and Senior Governor, has moved up from Heriot-Watt to the court of University of St. Andrews. Brown was Knighted For services to Business and Public Life and Philanthropy in Scotland and in particular his leadership role at Scottish Financial Development.  The other roles (below were not mentioned by the papers for rather obvious reasons.
THESE ARE  EWAN BROWNS list of "achievements" in this sector and he was just the first money trail I followed.  Look closely at the Banking sector "accidents" around 2008.  Click on the links below if you want to see the elite networking in Brown's circle of friends it is astounding.
Company NameCompany StatusPositionAppointedResignedDissolved
NOBLE GROSSART HOLDINGS LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector03/04/1989--BUY NOW
CEC RECOVERY LIMITEDNon tradingDirector03/05/200215/06/2006-BUY NOW
NOBLE GROSSART LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector30/03/1989--BUY NOW
HARRISON LOVEGROVE & CO. LIMITEDNon tradingDirector12/12/200203/12/2007-BUY NOW
CREATIVE SCOTLAND 2009 LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector23/12/200830/06/201003/2012BUY NOW
CREATIVE SCOTLAND 2009 LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedCompany Secretary23/12/2008-03/2012BUY NOW
STAGECOACH GROUP PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector31/12/1988--BUY NOW
LOTHIAN FIFTY (916) PLC  NOTE THE (NUMBER)Company is dissolvedDirector08/01/200214/10/200201/2005BUY NOW
LOVEGROVE & ASSOCIATES LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector07/02/199211/07/199605/2006BUY NOW
DUNEDIN INCOME GROWTH INVESTMENT TRUST PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector23/05/199526/04/2001-BUY NOW
NOBLE GROSSART INVESTMENTS LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector31/07/198919/12/2003-BUY NOW
CABER OIL LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector30/12/198827/02/199501/2005BUY NOW
MORAY PETROLEUM HOLDINGS AND DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector15/12/198831/03/199706/2004BUY NOW
SCOTTISH DEVELOPMENT FINANCE LIMITEDNon tradingDirector16/12/198831/12/1992-BUY NOW
HOWE LEASING LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector30/03/1989-05/2007BUY NOW
NOBLE GROSSART LEASING LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector30/03/1989-05/2007BUY NOW
HOWE SECURITIES LIMITEDNon tradingDirector30/03/198919/12/2003-BUY NOW
BRITANNIC SMALLER COMPANIES TRUST PLCIn LiquidationDirector30/12/199131/03/1998-BUY NOW
SCOTTISH WIDOWS BANK PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector14/12/199401/12/1997-BUY NOW
N.G.I. SECURITIES LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector30/03/1991-04/2007BUY NOW
LOVEGROVE & ASSOCIATES LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedCompany Secretary07/02/199207/02/199205/2006BUY NOW
EDINBURGH FESTIVAL CENTRE LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector14/06/2004--BUY NOW
JAMES WALKER (LEITH) LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector31/12/1988--BUY NOW
JOHN WOOD GROUP P.L.C.Active - Accounts FiledDirector03/08/198917/05/2006-BUY NOW
PREMIER OIL UK LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector04/01/198913/02/1995-BUY NOW
SCOTTISH FINANCIAL ENTERPRISEActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/08/2012--BUY NOW
TSB BANK PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector17/12/199708/05/2008-BUY NOW
BANK OF SCOTLAND PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector16/01/200905/06/2009-BUY NOW
HBOS PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector16/01/200905/06/2009-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANK PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector30/06/199905/06/2009-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/04/199905/06/2009-BUY NOW
COVE PARKActive - Accounts FiledDirector12/04/200701/09/2008-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANK TRUSTEE SERVICES LIMITEDCompany not tradingDirector14/04/199931/07/2000-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANK PENSION TRUST (NO. 2) LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector21/05/200427/06/2008-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANK PENSION TRUST (NO. 1) LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector21/05/200427/06/2008-

The timeline to the left shows you the conspicuous overlaps at most of the banks that were crashed deliberately into a pool of toxic debt they are still wallowing in....and lending with impunity from into companies that are just VIRTUAL PRODUCT FRAUDS and criminal ponzi schemes on a Pan-Continental scale (read this page to the bottom).

When Gordon BOWDEN looked at his companies the list of banks did not catch his eye but the humble looking company Lothian Fifty (916) PLC (Blue in the top image)) caught his attention along with several "oil and gas" companies most of which are total frauds.  So I clicked on Lothian Fifty and I got 135 hits for offices in Edinburgh at Princes Exchange, 1 Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9EE  (and even with my inexperience I could see they were ponzi shells numbered up to almost 1000 of them shared with other parent, laundering, subsiduary shells) and when I clicked on the one that Ewan Brown was a director of  we find Lothian Fifty (916) PLC is based in Registered Address: 42 Moray Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6BT  So we opened this and had a look at the directors 3 others of whom were also professors. All using Lothian Fifty (906) PLC on behalf of Stirling University, Napier College and rafts of Polytechnics and Colleges....where all youngsters, even of school age, get to vote in the referendum but I am not allowed to talk to, meet or Email MPs or MSPs for blindingly obvious reasons.....hinging on complicity.  

They did though seem to be UK based but when we looked at the Earl Grey Street "companies" Gordon immediately stated they are a mail forwarding address and one quickly realised that they were equipped to distribute the loot to all points on the globe (some associated with the MAFIA and THE WORLD's OWNERS). The first Four we opened were (Shell 990 run by Hanah Levisons & family members in Monterey, MEXICO);(Shell 721 Inigo Sagarduy in Florida); (Shell 150 Cavendish Square London Christian Christofi with 50 active appointments including numbered companies like Dunwilco (1021) LimitedSpeculative Society (SS) Edinburgh: the template for globalism (SEE DONALD TRUMPS scottish wind power PONZISSpeculative Society (SS) Edinburgh: the template for globalism), Continental shelf 292 Ltd); (Shell 713  Rothschild Trust (Scweiz AG) in Zurich Year of Birth unknown).  

So it was immediately plain to see how a mail forwarding address could disappear the assets of thousands of shell companies globally.  The leaders of society and politicians/the peerage who created this have dismembered their Nations (Economy, sovereignty and treasury)  as a result and the decent economic/industrial activities/gainful employment are all run down. There is no innocent political party they are ALL AT THE TROUGH (which is in the tax havens as described and illustrated above).  I just learned that since 2002 Brown's boss at Heriot-Watt was Lord Mackay of Clashfearn (Scotland's Highest ranking law enforcer....selected by Mrs Thatcher when even British govt would not allow her to elevate sexual deviant Nicholas Fairbairn to this office. Paedophilia Inc. Gov.UK ) Please remember that she tried to have Jimmy Savile Knighted three times before she made him Sir Jimmy Savile around the time she was signing the gagging orders and commissioning the DTI contracts and treasury cash for the arms to Iraq Scandal to be covered up by John Anthony Chilcot. (co-director of Globalised Ponzi scheme at Abraxa Let Me Tell You About that Guy Chilcot  AND RT HON LIAR DERBY NORTH MP CHRIS WILLIAMSON with Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind in the lead up to the conflict justified only by Tony Blair (by murdering civil servants and his left wing Foreign secretary Robin Cook). On many pages on this site you will note the transition from locals policing their neighbourhood to Globalised private security firms  AKA G4S, ERGO, Kroll: see links to assassinations,Israeli Presidents& tank commanders, General Sir Mike Jackson, and Sir Richard Dearlove MI6.  G4S are rapidly displacing local jobs  public sector staff at sporting events , the DSS and parking-attendants  The concurrent privatisation of power/buses/council staff/behind the counters banking and replacing them with private fraudsters from subsiduaries/parent companies elsewhere decimates the tax revenues.  The virtual products frauds or sacking the staff and closing the blessedly productive unit because more money can be made by 2-6 people globally using the methods we profile on this page for a pre-arranged fee but no products (particularly in diamonds oil & gas: see Cairn, Cluff and Lothian Road below) is now blighting the whole of the globalised world.  Where the people of the world are too busy IN FEAR OF THEIR POORLY PAID JOBS to notice or to contest it with the greedy political or financial services sector leadership teams.  THE RIFKIND-CHILCOT overlapping directorships at Abraxa were based at 50 Lothian Road (recently changed its named and moved to morningside).  It is the epicentre for oil, gas, renewables, private security, and financial services fraud (Rifkind who was born Rivkind was a director at G4S and Aberdeen asset Management).

 Now that you see the Ponzi Shelf plot to disappear money and pump and dump money out of crashed companies (particularly useful in the tax season or quarter)  Lothian Fifty, Gordon Bowden explained, was likely a reference to 50 Lothian Road (which is also a mail forwarding address but much more prominent than the Lothian fifty outlets) for globalised money laundering.  At fifty Lothian Road alone Cairn "Oil and Gas"have 2,3000 companies (Sir Bill Bowring Gammell the owner has retired recently because he knows his massive crimes are being outed to the masses).  There are no real products:  for decades , the virtual oil and gas frauds have linked Sir Bill Gammell to 3 generations of the US Bush dynasty and to Fettes where Tony Blair and police leaders trained.  We have shown 50 Lothian Road's role in the Abraxa, G4S, Aberdeen Asset Management director Rifkind and Arms enquiry Chair Chilcot.  All posh Anglo-Scots:  except the Bush's who are actually German.   

NOTICE THE REFERENCE to SIR WILLIAM BENJAMIN BOWRING GAMMEL who started Cairn from his garden shed and has no products over decades of fraud...his CEO is on the Court of the Bank of England
The greenpeace (prince Phillip's environmental charity/diversionary tool) scam between the RBS (who lent $100m but never recovered the funding other than from the UK treasury)  and these fraudsters is relatively small compared to the multi-billion-trillion dollar frauds that are the IPOs/stock market flotations that trade only in worthless coupons....then are crashed at savers, investors, pensioner's expense.  It is VICIOUS.

Then Gordon and I looked at Sir EWAN BROWN's list of Co-directors (for the companies and banks they steal from...see video at the top of the page. and it is like a hall of fame for Anglo-Scottish Elites). I dont want to confuse you so lets just name some of the directors in Browns circle of friends. So I thought it best to take on a new topic.....and gave Gordon his choice.  He chose STAGECOACH (Green) and then Brian Souter as the director of most interest.  
This delighted me because I was aware that Souter was the founder of the company with his sister (Ms) Mrs Ann(e) Gloag (CBE) AND THAT SHE IS NOW SCOTLANDS RICHEST WOMAN.  This is a fascinating case.  Their start up fund for stagecoach came from their dad's redundancy money from the the Nationalised BUS companies that operated all over Scotland when I was a boy and generated jobs in engineering, driving, conductors & construction with simple accounting and a balanced interaction between managers who had risen from the ranks and union leaders who were workers with normal salaries & pension deals similar to those of their members.  

Prof Brown and I are alumni of Heriot -Watt but his directorships stack up like A Massive Banking CABAL  URL at the bottom ....who steal your money and sack your old schoolmates who work dutifully and honestly behind the counter. When I first tried to show the list of directorships which connect all of the crashed  banks in 2008 (all dissolved under his watch) my computer shut down and my subsequent chat with Gordon Bowden on SKYPE was perpetually blocked when I spoke). Gordon was able to tell me that Ewan Brown is linked to 500 virtual oil and gas companiesLike Premier Oil UK Ltd, Alkane Energy PLC, Gulf sands Petroleum PLC, Eni Mog  Ltd (some registered at 1 America Square).  Gordon was excited because they interlock with Andrea Davidson's fraudulent cheap shot activities in the false passport issuing industry which is useful to pan-continental criminals who work on a global scale (Andreas forgeries were largely focussed on Venezuela where Reporting Scotland have recently covered a drug running scam by two innocent looking Scottish actors which is a cover for British INTEL led fraud). Andrea started as a marijuana trader herself but THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM GORDON BOWDEN unless you have close contacts in the English & Welsh police who have empathy with theft from the neighbours, both in the parish and in distant lands like Latin America, where Narcotics draw in the mafia with easy access to gun licences. The links to Andrea Davidson are through 13 Menai View, Bangor  where she worked with financial criminals who owned between 4-6 guns under licences approved by the "law enforcers" (see parallels with Dunblane) in that region.  Andrea had her secrets shredded by the Derby police because she knew everything about the arms to Iraq secrets.....which allowed her to flee from the UK to latin America so Tony Blair could be envoy to the Middle East, make his fortune a secret,  and let the names in this ruthless secret circle spawn the British Kazak Society (who covertly liase with Iran/The Shah and make Bliar an oil exec to launder out the product they Brutalized Iraq for).  Gordon Bowden also mentioned more recent British Fraud (one of the many scams involving boss at the DTI Vince Cable) who with former Aussie PM Bob Hawk is director of UI Energy.  They , like all the others with the exception of the bus companies, named above have no product.  They make their money by taking loans (AKA gifts) from bankers like Brown then they issue AIM registered,director-only, publicly-listed share holdings (for £ tens of billions for every one of the >500 scams) .  Based on JORK estimates of the worth of their "find".  The brochure for the IPO makes it look like a win/win situation but it is just a worthless hole in the ground in which the hopes and savings of investors are buried when they crash the system in a few years time and start a new IPO.  When I asked Gordon how the F... it has never been detected if they keep repeating the crime:........he replied: "George, it has been going on since 1975 when George Bush snr launched BARRICK GOLD and in the oil sector it goes back to Bush-Overby when George W Bush's grandpa was in partnership with Bill Gammells dad"!  You cannot go higher,these are Presidents who lead the country, and at some point, lead the CIA too.   Gordon finished me off with the declaration that the launch of Bush-Overby was the launch of the CIA money laundering Globalised-web of crime that sparked the IRAN-CONTRA crisis and it makes a really good film for Holywood. You should now realise that "All the Presidents Men" (and the Watergate cover up for Nixon/LBJs brutalisation of the Golden Triangle and Latin America for narcotics EMPIRES in the USAs "biggest ever" scandal) is absolutely trivial compared to this STEAL FROM THE WORLD's SHEEPLES CRIMINAL CABAL. The Global Press are gagged by brutality and assassination and just settle for quiet but safe complicity by telling lies about the massive economic crimes to secure their salary and capacity to stay alive the following week.
These are the names Gordon Bowden wanted me to pursue for the association with Ewan Brown.  The secret teams crash the banks in 2008 and randomly lend to fraudulent directors in 500 oil and gas scams which merrily trickle down without a break or regulatory intervention since we bailed the banks out.  John Alexander Van Der Weill; Joseph Derby, JOHN MICHAEL BOTTOMLY and his missus /Dame Bottomley; Lord Peter Lovett-Fraser, Sir David Harry White . The links to andrea Davidson (and her law enforcement sponsored retirement to Latin America ) were Antony Craven Walker and Gail Craven Walker.   When I tried to post the URL at the bottom: GOOGLE CRASHED MY WEBSITE (declaring AW SNAP because the PM's former advisors work for them now). In the ensuing SKYPE discussion only Gordon could be heard when we were discussing this.  BECAUSE INTEL/the police in the masons (who loose their pension because of the impact of the frauds were monitoring/censoring our free speech) have a twisted sense of loyalty (or more likely fear of) the political, money lending  and monarchy elites.  Look closely at the Busted Banks near the bottom, below Sir John Wood a BP profiteer who owns Salmond's Aberdeen but keeps his tax free cash in trust (like the BBC). Brown is an Interlocked Director with Scotland's richest elites in all the crashed banks just at the time when Allan Greenspan, Mervyn King, George Soros and Ben Bernanke tell them to in 2008......over the fiscal cliff they go.......and everybody except the secret society criminals are in austerity...Andrea Davidson is in Venezuala and the Arms inquests are buried with the documents from Andrea's homes for 70-100 years