Ian Fleming (the BOND author) GLOBALISED FRAUD

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Listen to the plot-line and click on the links below.  http://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/pandoras-box-opens-up-more-grime-part-4-repeat-revised/.  BUT THE BIT ABOUT IAN FLEMING's family business interests is BREAKING NEWS with horendous implications for the "peace loving nations" that are brutalised for almost 2000 years.   CLICK THE VIDEO ON and scan down as you listen to see the evidence we have unearthed.....and the images of the forensic documents we have sourced and archived
It all comes out of EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES and Gordon's dossier on interlocked companies PANDORAS BOX SERIES ON INTERNATIONAL FRAUD:  which takes us to virtual oil and gas CONS in the United Kingdom.


Registered Address: The Firs Station Road, Mayfield, East Sussex, TN20 6BW

Khaled Shahabi is introduced to the listeners first: he is listed as a director in the hundreds of Virtual oil and gas scams.....then suddenly the story takes a SINISTER TURN as Gordon highlights his role as director at: 
 the BRITISH SYRIAN SOCIETY which was dissolved in 2004.  Directors in the "geo-political firm" trade from St James' in London & include Dr Rosemary Hollis, 
Sir  David Steel of Aikwood (for decades the Lib Dem MP for my constituency in Scotland Roxburgh Selkirk and Peebles; Chairman of the Wellcome Trust and stripped out its status as the biggest source of science and medical/biomed funding in the UK; Unelected Grandee/Scottish commissioner to establish the overlapping tier of political governance that is the Hollyrood parliament (an infrastructural/budgetary nightmare for its construction [7-10x over budget]and running costs: the building is already falling apart). Never has been he been held accountable for the turmoil in Syria as these are well kept corporate secrets....TILL GORDON AND I got the scent of the profiteering.
Sir Andrew Fleming Green who, according to Gordon, is the real IAN FLEMING see INTEl/double agent role 1939-1947 Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes and operation Winnie the Pooh to get Hitler and the Nazis out of Germany and into fascist countries elsewhere including Spain and latin America via the canary islands where Fleming's MI6 ops have been a British mafia/laundering diaspora outpost for 70+ years  Sir David alwin Gore Booth, Wafik Ryder Said 2 directorships...directors (queen Annes Gate).  Gordon and I discuss the brutalisation of Syria, NATOs no fly zones and the instant provision of arms by companies led by the G8 like this one that keep the middle east in turmoil.......one is well aware that the G8-20 manipulate these attacks and genocides in other people's countries but one had no idea until Gordon declared it that these warcrimes are part of "British" family business empires.  So the Fleming's are still warmongering strategists but please read to the bottom.
Four variants of FLEMING Family partners Ltd are registered (first net worth of £30M, run/registered from Clifton Bristol) Ref:Dear Taxpayer, I want to tell you about the Prime Minister's Boiler Room in Finchley Road . Details of the Board is then revealed for the listeners. 
The Directors of just the first of the four are stunning for their roles in International fraud two brutal world wars and in the creation of false news and propaganda.  The names include Sir Robin Renwick, Ms Nilefa Von Bismarck  Sir John Anthony Craven (Deutsche Bank Ingenious Films LLP) William Arthur Waldegrave PII Public immunity certificate Arms to Iraq Scott Enquiry &  DRUSILLA CHARLOTTE JANE ROWE (a secretarial tool for over 500 instant laundering companies who is a well known fraudster in our joint investigations),  JP Morgan,  Premier Oil & Babcock arms traders. 
The implications of this British/German manipulation of an innocent country are massive and since that time Syria has been through an Arab spring, multiple revolutions and in 2014 even an election which was won by President/dictator Asad (who is a friend of Tony Blair's and his wife frequently shops in London and western cities)  The hypocrisy and brutality is massive as the refugees are lent money/issued with credit cards by Rothschild owned institutions & the Bank Paribas so they can be abused in rented flat pack refugee homes far from where they were born....it is like the bible stories in the old and new testament but in this case we have the documents on who writes the text and the propagandist news (as well as the registered owners of the profiteering industry of human rights abuses & war crimes).Thankfully John Craven the childrens TV presenter is not a criminal (he only has an OBE god bless him) but the guy with the knighthood has previous in Germany and with Lonmin/Lonrho) These firms crimes in the financial, and getting the police to shoot your black staff in the payround negotiations are legendary but I have never seen sir Jon Cravens mug shut until I realised what Ingenious Films LLP actually do.  Once you get used to the false news world and the names of the financial/political criminals you realise that the celebrities with the same name come in handy as a diversion in the search engine.

Sir John Anthony Craven (top image) born 1948:  23 resigned & 2 dissolved companies since Gordon exposed his dirty deals.  Previous with Deutsche Bank; Reuters Deutsche Morgan-Grenfell; Royal Marsden Cancer charity (no tax arms link to British Am Tobacco & the Bredenkampmunitions Empires in Rhodesia & the Republic of South Africa since the Apartheid regime prevailed.  Craven is a director at Lonmin/Lonrho & Patagonia Gold PLC.  In the video we discuss how they "regulate themselves"  by forming interlocking directorships with the Financial Conduct Authority, the  National  Institute for Econonomic And social affairs & we discuss how Ian Fleming, Branson and our business empire leaders have a propensity to quickly become  TAX EXILES from the UK.

BUT DOWN to the nitty gritty of the Fleming Boardroom


Registered Address: 15 Suffolk Street, London, SW1Y 4HG


 Filed up to 2013


 Private limited with Share Capital


 14 years (Incorporation date 02/06/2000)

Credit Status


Company Status


Owner Verified

Not verifiedNot verified by director
Net Worth

Current Directors and Secretaries

Current Officer NameAppointedCurrent/DissolvedResignedTotal
Lord Robin Renwick Of Clifton07-11-2000134BUY NOW
Mr Adam Richard Fleming16-12-200851621BUY NOW
Mr Guy Gibson Beringer01-03-200841418BUY NOW
Mr Mark Douglas Gray19-03-2013202BUY NOW
Mr Mark Edward Trehearne Davies21-05-200373340BUY NOW
Mr Philip Fleming07-11-20006713BUY NOW
Mr Richard Douglas Schuster03-09-200813215BUY NOW
Current Secretary NameAppointedCurrent/DissolvedResignedTotal
Ms Katharine Diana Munday14-09-2010101BUY NOW

Previous Directors and Secretaries

Previous Director NameAppointedResignedCurrent/DissolvedResignedTotal
Mr Evan Mervyn Davies13-12-200614-01-200911112BUY NOW
Mr Gareth Richard Bullock13-01-200613-04-201061319BUY NOW
Mr Gavin Mark Rochussen03-04-200303-09-200821719BUY NOW
Mr Geoffrey Adrian Richards01-05-200401-03-200872633BUY NOW
Mr Khaled Rida Said13-01-200605-12-2007033BUY NOW
Mr Mark Rafailovich Garber07-11-200015-05-2012145BUY NOW
Mr Martin Gerald Wade18-07-200101-03-2006066BUY NOW
Mr Robert Fleming07-11-200005-09-2007448BUY NOW
Mr Roderick John Fleming27-06-200001-03-200841620BUY NOW
Mr Rupert Roger Seymour Beaumont27-06-200027-06-200012223BUY NOW
Mr Valentine Patrick Fleming07-11-200001-08-201052631BUY NOW
Mr William Arthur Waldegrave01-03-200814-11-2012358BUY NOW
Ms Annemarie Verna Florence Durbin13-12-200613-04-2010224BUY NOW
Ms Annemarie Verna Florence Durbin13-04-201019-03-2013213BUY NOW
Ms Drusilla Charlotte Jane Rowe02-06-200027-06-200018554572BUY NOW
Ms Eleanor Jane Zuercher02-06-200027-06-20000347347BUY NOW
Ms Nilufer Von Bismarck27-06-200027-06-200002323BUY NOW
Sir John Anthony Craven07-11-200005-09-200722325BUY NOW
Sir Roger Geoffrey Gibbs07-11-200005-09-200751924BUY NOW
Previous Secretary NameAppointedResignedCurrent/DissolvedResignedTotal
Mr Andrew John Benns24-07-200009-09-2002186684BUY NOW
Mr Michael Pohling27-06-200024-07-2000167BUY NOW
Ms Celia Eileen Susan Scott09-09-200214-09-201041138179BUY NOW
TRUSEC LIMITED02-06-200027-06-200030018422142BUY NOW

Number of Employees

Number of EmployeesYear
 Even the Professor of Neuroscience can see that there are Loadsa Fleming Family directors:   Roderick,  John,  Robert, Fleming, and one was quite stunned to see that  Otto Bismarcks bloodline also "serves" on the board.  To try and bring home the weight of our capacity to dissect and deeply discuss these issues the audience is reminded that Gordon Bowden 7 times met President Nelson Mandela at Transkei University and once in his family home.  As we work through the Fleming family corporate documents we reel off the implications for arms provision, arming of armies and rebels and the role for the media and the false news vents like Ingenious Films LLP.  Then Gordon takes us into  
Pattagonia Gold PLC Directors: Neil Lindsay Herbert;  York Place nominees (prev sec: 36 appointments); Sunrise Diamonds and closes the circle by taking us back into the Range Resources scams as a vehicle for laundering Blood-Diamonds out of the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC),  Angola, the role Kimberley Diamonds and R of South Africa/Australian murders and frauds which are revealed in the ABC four corners videoThe LINK to the video is on the bottom of this page.. Gordon charts us through Galahad Resouces: who trade in virtual mining and  agriculture (no diamonds minerals precious metals bread or grain just IPO fraud, investors cheated and corporate crashes...round after round) After the crash assets are laundered to subsids or joint venture partners.  Mr Herbert is profiled as one of the admin/secretarial boiler room tools.  Gordon then profiles Galahad Gold: dismantled 2004 Bn pound organised laundering scam.
Uramin UK Ltd was the focus of Gordon's Res circa 2004.  The list of fraudsters includes Cassidy, Scott  &  Steven Rowland Dattells who ran Barrick Gold Corp with one George W Bush....that is the President who also ran the CIA and liaised with Mohamed Khashoggi, Mohamed and Dodi Al-Fayed Networks in covert arms to Iran-Contra deals (it cannot go higher).  Corporate espionage and billion pound money laundering involving Ed Mascall Snr investigators for ALP Services ....detect fraud  in directorate decent movement for investors (which is based on Gordon's forensic evidence).  The investigators ALP had read Peter and Gordons pandoras box articles URAMIN INC 2.5 Bn dollar right off by Ms Ann Lauvergeon. 
Lauvergeon was fired so AREVA commissioned Namibian fraud investigation into virtual mine SR Dattells and the case is now in the hands of French prosecution authorities.  Gordon ends with revelations on Ghanaian Sir S E Jonah,  knighted by HRH, invoved too in the Range Resources, 34 Parliament Place, Perth Australia frauds...these involve JCI Ltd  & Durban Roudeport Deep....in AUS.   We end video number 1 with a discussion on the sinister Bismarck- Fleming linkage spanning two world wars and a new millenium where the Rothschilds now own all central banks on the planet.

Ian Fleming the Spyand corporate profiteer: Decades of fraud and warmongering

The 2nd Video 
Ian Fleming THE SPY.......intro to INTEL double agents Fleming Family and Partners 4 corporate Groups.   130m dollar RSA fraud in 2004.  Lord Robin Renwick  & William Waldergrave....massive £Bn International  money laundering. 
We talk again about Fleming family directors Robert Roderick John Valerie Patrick (and trading from/into tax havens).  Gordon confirms they are linked to recipients for FOREX  often reg in the British Virgin Islands, Panama, the Channel Islands. The participants divvy up the assets into havens. UK law enforcement and regulators/politicians not prepared to examine or confront at any point in the criminal chain of Br Trade and Industry.  On list ofdirectors 2nd June 27th J 2000 < month  been a director 572  504 now dissolved. Lists companies in 25 days instigator of launching.  Gordon again covers Syrian politics: Khaled Chahiba,  Paul Mack,  UK oil and gas limited....other people/actors/media presence in Syria for covert rebel or govt suppression/violence. Gordon who has served in the RAF all around the world comments on the logistics of quick time  weapons provision to  friend or foe and how INTEL briefs both sides on targets ,weakness-points.  Such advisory roles often are underpinned by SAS from the UK. Links to Fleming munitions provision are discussed including Aitken/beaverbrook, Churchill...Allies & German forces complicit across the allied axis power base in ruthless profiteering

In a more modern context Jonathan Aitken is discussed when  Sir Mark thatcher arrested and detained in the Equatorial  Guinea Coup with Simon Mann ...provision of weapons courtesy of Zimbabwean munitions companies.  Mrs T got Mark off  all charges re BMARC, Belgian Astra holdings deals.  BAE systems are mentioned when Tory grandees stopped serious fraud office intervention and gagged Al Yamama munitions deal sales.  As often happens in a sensitive part of the interview Gordon Bowden gets a phone call we are perpetually monitored on SKYPE Email transactions and by telephone.  
We now understand that SKYPE is owned by the directors of McAfee, Gmail and have input from secretarial companies who run symantec and Japanese anti-virus/hardware.....the overlapping directorships goes all the way to the Princes Trust and much of this dirty tricks surveilance empire is run out of corporations registered in Wimbledon and Woolwich where two mosques were burnt this year following very dubious looking false flag terror attacks. The registered businesses will be revealed in another article really soon.  PLEASE DONT STOP USING SKYPE IF YOU ARE AN INNOCENT CITIZEN but get all your friends GLOBALLY talking about the financial crimes of the world leaders, local MPs who have resourced the mass INTEL operations simply to shield crimes against the world's people on all continents

IIn the interview, we move on to a broader funding of all sides in wars revolutions, coups.  Gordon emphasises the role of the Rothschild  family as a conveyancer of funds chinese japanese anglo wars but see this page to discover this is ancient historyTimeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes.  Vast money streams are required for International conflicts and a massive debt facility comes in handy from all monetary institutions at massive rates of interest.  So it never ends and innocent troops are sent into conflict as cannon fodder sent with tools of destruction to cull "enemies" they have never met when our auguste government declares the issue of National importance.  We cover themulti millionaires from the war office,Rothschilds and now the directors of private for profit mercenary millitias. This is profiled by Gordon in the Equatorial  Guinea coup.  They use PMC logistics to enable weapon transportation (covert) to get the combatants tooled up through shipping. Covert deals in the Balkans, Tony Blair peerages,  Nm Rothschild Bank,  Norman Lamont and General Sir Charles Guthrie are discussed for their strategic millitary and financial roles.  BP & Shell hide money..sell off assets as an international ponzi scheme as  the private security firms displace parking attendants, Disband regiments and tumble police jobs for local officers all over our greedy country. Britains hypocritical attack on Putin is aired as we run The Future of Russia Foundation, The Hermitage Trust, the Oxford russia Fund out of the UK US with Kissingers  Rothschilds and Royals on the boards.  Gordon Suspects treason and the isuance of Knighthoods (who are just mafia dons/thieves).  Gordon confirms he would not fight for the British Forces/corrupted cause now.   Prominent politicians like Lilly (once again a PM advisor for his sins) and Hain are denounced as cheap shot fraudsters but also as war criminals in the nuclear warhead sector...Ponzis and massive fraud in their everyday contemporary political roles.  This week the UK media have been propagandising on conscripts for ISIS from Aberdeen despite its peaceful and industrial history.  It is infantile and deceitful but will be sufficient to spark war against islam if we fail to get the message out to innocent intelligent readers...whose children will be asked to die to cover up the financial scams and economic grand larceny.

Finally we discuss the Global Grand Masters.  That is the Rothschilds, JP Morgans-Blair connection, Oppenheimers, . EU leaders, Global Financial crimes now occuring on daily basis (using the methods we profile so simply).  We try to name politicians and the collapse of companies they have crashed for cash.  They fool the masses most times but in 1914 nobody could read or write except the elites monarchs and field marshalls: now we have global eduction/communication and 7Bn articulte citizens who may not so easily be victims.  The politicians are just puppets/muppets.  Actors just read the trivial divisive arguments in the debating chamber in westminster or on the telly. To conclude we confirm we have  FORENSIC evidence...of crimes impacting on savers taxpayers investors pensioners and public/private sector employees.  These are clearly CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE involving  AIM pennystock fraud,  Bn pound scams and the creation and crashing of virtual companies.  We ask the question should we Run for Office and would they permit good men to do so?  We close on Common law and capital punishment and Gordon suggest we arrest Robert Mugabe Lonrho and Lonmin.  We refer the listeners to the Westminster Foundation for democracy Ltd PONZI frauds and hope that you are now much the wiser and are prepared to confront your MP with the truth that your children have no future.  End of Video