Massive Economic and Business Sector Cons/Crimes against the world's people

This story is so big it wont fit on one page but Im going to give you a list of Keywords and Names that take us right into the White House, Ten Downing Street, the P2 Lodge and the infamous Temple Bar/Stock markets in London, Torronto, Frankfurt, and more recently Iraq/Libya. Oh, and the Police and the Banks who are run by the freemasonic lodges (like P2).

So first ABRAXA / (Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Rt Hon John Anthony Chilcot (ARMS TO IRAQ inquest chair), 50 Lothian Road EH3 9WJ, an Empire of Overlapping directors of virtual oil, gas, mining frauds.  Selling worthless stocks through Lancashire's boiler rooms as far afield as Thailand, which explains the diversionary coup there this very week).  These scams are linked into Sir Bill Gammell's CAIRN frauds, links to FETTES, public schoolboys, the genocidal war criminal Tony Blair [and the soon to be heavily armed United Police Force in BONNY SCOTLAND] & finally links to the Bush Dynasty over 3 generations.  The avalanche of criminal exposure focussed on the Chipping Norton set (Run by cameron, Elizabeth Murdoch, Rebeka Brooks and Posh international criminalsThe Chipping Norton Set (and the Prime Ministers Tools for Global Tyranny & Economic Grand Larceny)) have led to the resignation of PM Singh (of Vedanta/India scams). Singh is a close business criminal friend of David Cameron who has planted the CEO of the Cairn frauds (out of a potentially independent Scotland) on the court of the bank of England with its Canadian boss. We also know the Director Number for Donald Trumps interests in wind farms and all the hypochrites in the Independence debate (which is actually lets steal from electorates both sides of the border projet)  NONE of the quislings who claim to be political leaders will challenge the worlds corruption because they profit from it at the peoples expense and they cover it up with the Press that the Rothschilds Own

George Lees <>

10:08 (51 minutes ago)
to Alex.Salmond.m.Johann.Lamont..Tavish.Scott.m.John.Lamont.MSPAnnabel.Goldie.fergusalistair.darli.amillerangela.merkelinfoinformationpor.libadmpmrobertsonbjJKevinKevincontactmark.carterabcd1234andrewcarringt.brianContactRenseEricField
  • THIS ALSO WENT TO THE HEADS OF SCOTLAND's PROFITEERING PARTIES but I cant remember Patrick Harveys' Email and I have chosen a LIST member for the Tories cos they rely on the twisted constitution to get their fingers in the till.
     "" <>,,,,
     fergus <>,
     "J Key (MIN)" <>,
     Kevin Rudd <>,
     Kevin Rudd Labor <>,,, and THOUSANDS of UNPAID
    patriots across the world
  • George Lees I am tryin tae get in touch we Ivanka Trump's dad cos he looks like a good man and I have his director numbers in Scottish Windfarms.
  • George Lees Did you know that the SHARD in London got hit by lightning 6-7 times yesterday.....I have a conspiracy theory that it is related to the SANTANDER logo on the golfers tea shirt. But it may simply have been an act of god like the pope's inauguration.
TRUMPS DIRECTOR NUMBER is on this page Speculative Society (SS) Edinburgh: the template for globalism with the details (see Professor Ewan Brown of Heriot-Watt) how they pumped and dumped the Global economy in 2008, run the Judiciary & the Universities for the bastards at the central banks who fund democracy with vicious loans from private bankers, most of whom use Royal Logos (which gives them access to Armies of Police, Troops, Navies and Air Forces) for their Health and Safety. 

 We intend to make a series of videos on these vicious stealing from the people themes and the one appended below is far too verbose to keep your attention (but we are hoping you will rise to this slur and have a wee lisyen).  We intend to show you expliciely with figures, illustrations and web site URLs exactly how the "Banking Crash" of 2008 was engineered and how it continues now on a daily basis under the ruthless thrall of heads of state & Monarchs but particularly their money lenders & their INTEL.  

Did you also know that Russia & Putin  is the HOST TODAY (23 May 2014)  IN ST PETERSBURG OF an ECONOMIC FORUM Attended by WORLD LEADERS and their pin-striped trolls who are actually national traitors as discussed in the video below.

Chilcot, Rifkind, Leon Britan, Cameron, Bush, Clinton, Prince Charles, Virtual Oil & Gas, PMS Presidents,The Peerage, Trillion Dollar Fraud on a weekly basis

So I sent an Aggressive Email to Prince Charles' financial advisor's Girls School in Kensington which I hope was not shared with the innocent wee girls. Remember Also that the costs of Putin's Winter Olympics in Sochi were BIGGER THAN all the other previous WINTER OLYMPICS ADDED TOGETHER......exactly the same as PResident OBAMA's National Debt burden.....BIGGER RAUD THAN ALL THE PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS ADDED TOGETHER....freemasons all. WHO ACTUALLY OWN RUSSIA.....see the Oxford Russia Fund, The Future of Russia Foundation, The Hermitage Project and the 40+ GAZPROM Subsiduaries (including the South African office)  west of Amsterdam and Paris.   I try and mingle objectivity with HUMOUR in CASE THEY LOP MA HEAD OFF.....which is a frequently used law enforcement method for THE CROWN (who the judiciary like Chilcot work for with immunity from common law.

 Fwd: Ah hope their BITS DRAP OFF in St Petersburg at the economic harem

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to Joanfergusawaymatchescomunicacion.f.customerservic.educationalvis.enquirieseventsevertonhealthhomematchesinfopressrobin.hoodticketsunited.eventsvisitorexperie.webmastersClub, bcc: nicola.sturgeo.
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From: George Lees <>
Date: 23 May 2014 08:40
Subject: Ah hope their BITS DRAP OFF in St Petersburg at the economic harem
To: "@Squawk Box Europe" <>,
Cc:,,,, Chris Evans <>,, "J Key (MIN)" <>, Kevin Rudd <>, Kevin Rudd Labor <>, fergus <>,

Dear Fair Maidens,

Ive just noticed your boys are oot o toon ravin it up wi Putins thugs the day efter Prince Charlie Malkied them frae vast tracts oh Canada.  As a godfearin man I have tae denounce that as hypochrisy and I hope they get a share oh venereal revenge attacks LLP.  NHS Scotland yase the same drugs that the ruskies use tae knock the drinkers aff the bar stool but I notice that your cowardly menfolk are sittin on deck chairs for special effects. I firmly believe the Russian winters will penetrate their manhood and END IT ALL SOON

INDIGNANT protestant but mildly Coptic Best Wishes

Even ma local councillors dae this covertly but cheaply in Leith on the Royal Yacht....the Pole dancers are frae BANGOR.  Ms Montague ah have guilt aboot loosin ma breathe in pursuit of yer trothe....but I thought it safer that way since a got crabs at the local seafood restuarant in JOPPA.   

LATER I SENT IT To DAME JOAN BAKEWELL at the ethics committee in the BBC and Westminster mafias.
THE DAY BEFORE I SENT A MUCH MORE SERIOUS SET OF ACCUSATIONS TO ALEX SALMOND who could easily liberate Scotland if he really wanted to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MASSIVE FRAUD IN GOVERNMENT, the referendum and Murders covered up in Wales/Iraq/Brussels

George Lees <>

13:47 (21 hours ago)
to Alex.Salmond.m.firstministercontactholmemb.shaylorcOPCCPublicservicec.RebeccamaytArlene.Gibsonaviyonahhelpdeskjudicialoffice.nicola.sturgeo.steven.dayJennyJenny.Marra.mspiain.gray.mspHAROLDadivcbooxgangs.adivsntsighthi.aidan.doudsalan.hopperalistair.macle.alwyn.bellandrew.clark
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the LINK above  IS THE SIMPLE VIDEO Copy & Paste to your browser.

DEAR LEON BRITTAN  & MALKIE Rivkind (alias  Gordon Bowden an me have made a wee video aboot yer careers.....and it is not petty!  Since ah started tae investigate 1 Park Row Leeds and Leon's secretive whereaboots the Penny stock has dropped and I read NUMBERS in the auld testament which is quite violent even compared to your careers.  So I want you to know that we are goin tae ignite firepans up yer arses so Britain can have its treasury back.....and oor kids and the peace lovin nations can have a life.  I used tae walk the streets oh Kensington THINKIN THEY WERE INNOCENT!!!!! and aboot Prince Alberts Chain oh Command withoot a second thought about Yer Business Links tae CHILCOT at ABREXA.  I am directly in touch we the TARTAN ARMIE and McGeechan's ponzi schemes at Headingley. So get some asbestos knickers and I can get you a MESOTHELIOMA for yer sins.  Mr Salmond I dont know if you know it but I have Mr Trumps business directory numbers in renewable energy in a potentially corrupted INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND so I want you to confirm that you will come clean for the WORLDS PEOPLE (it is too late for those other sad bastards to save their souls)......or tae reverse the bankin crash oh 2008 which is explained under Ewan Brown's (who was KNIGHTED by HRH within weeks of this page being written: news released 14 june 2014: Brown is now a financial advisor hon prof at St Andrews Uni) watch on this page.  WE HAVE A HUGE DATABASE ON YOUR FRAUDS in MININING OIL AND GAS (with the epicentre in Lothian Road & Bill Gammell's shed).  ALEC (might I call you Eck as if you were ma decent friend) Your reputation is still on the crime line and I can remove all of the obstacles that you and wee Nichola face.

We are NOT PREPARED TO WIPE THE MURDER of an innocent woman in Caernarvon from the takes one up to the head of British Politics (and JONATHON AITKENS LINKS TO MARK THATCHER, BEEMARK and THE KILLING OF GERALD BULL in BELGIUM)  Much more seriously it also keeps the secrets of the ARMS TO IRAQ scams and "INQUESTS" SECRETS because Andrea Davidson (cared for by the murdered woman and her persecuted family) and her CAPITALIST FLIGHT to Latin America was condoned and managed by "British LAW ENFORCEMENT" which is why Theresa May was allowed to bully the quisling police federation profiteers yesterday as local jobs tumble and gun licences are given to protect the criminal governments that are stealing from their people.  SO MR SALMOND & WELSH POLICE COMMISSIONERS a lot of things are hanging on your conscience.  As the video above demonstrates these crimes cross all party-boundaries and we would like Mr Milliband to know that we have no complaints about his ethnicity or religion.  The dessertion of Britain's working people and their endless killing in campaigns overseas is a different matter entirely and Mr Milliband's brother and Stephen Hester were really quick to see the dangers of stealing from/killing innocent British people.  The corpse in Wales was the Late mum of Mrs Alison Arridge (who is, I am led to believe still, being harassed by local officials and freemasons for her family's innocence: SOURCE Gordon Bowden)....but was not covered by the "British Free Press" the innocent bystanders who paid the ultimate price & loyal British troops in the ARMS FOR IRAQ genocide which Andrea Davidson knows all about in South America with Mrs Thatcher & the Pope's old friends in uniforms.

Mr Salmond you have stopped sending me receipts for my open communications which could make you a great man or just a sad bastard like Malkie in the Kensington safe house.  Which is why I am informing more and more COMMONS PEOPLE of the risk to their reputation and capacity to walk the pavements safely. 
Yours sincerely
George  (unemployable Patriot)

The VIDEO ABOVE WAS APPENDED which now makes Alex and the SNP complicit in future crimes against the WORLD's PEOPLE.   The last letter in this tragic/comedic saga was sent to BONNIE PRINCE CHARLES cos I fear his dad's capacity to kill Loyalists for cash and to despoil and murder British kids as head of MI6, the British Navy and the Dunblane School......and as a NAZI in the plot to strip great Britain of its honesty and sovereignty. WWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8

PLEASE LOOK BELOW the image of my computer which is in my unpaid office in "my home" on land still owned by the Crown. There you will see my aggressive response to Prince Charles' speech which was made to initiate WW3 against the hosts of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM in St Petersburg RUSSIA (three days later). The British monarchy/cabinets are cowardly genocidal leaders but are actually victims of the Rothschilds Totalitarian money lenders.....and dont have the wits to make their country great for fear of assassination bureaus in pin stripe suits near Chipping Norton and 50 Lothian Road Edinburgh.

Attachments area

Massive Financial Crimes at the Head of British/American Government for over 40 years

TRYING TO MAKE PRINCE CHARLIE CHUCKLE and keep the world in peace.
Crammond is where Miss Jean Brodie (a friend of fascism was entertained by Gordon Jackson an escapee from STALAG whatsits name in the GREAT ESCAPE MOVIE (but the original steve McQueen, who died young,  could not escape Gods wrath for laughing at global conlicts initiated by OSCAR WINNING King's Speeches .  Ronnie BALFOUR Corbett was knighted by HRH in 2013 when stephen House re-opened the Moira Anderson child murder case. Ronnie Barker was a Chipping Norton Set Traitor &  JK Rowling (profiteer on Red Nose day with Sir steve Redgrave who has diabetes for his profits)now lives at Crammond because she thinks the fascists will win in the end and has chronic MS in the family bloodline.  Her hosts at the poison Garden were at one time claimants to the British throne but got their HEIDS LOPPED OFF and they employ me for my expertise in CULLING PhEASANTS (the only elite sport I am allowed to play).  Year on Year the pay rise is impressive in percentage terms but insufficient to get me into Hogwarts or The Poison Garden.......I may not have to pay to get into the Tower in London which is why I am trying to keep Prince Charlie approachable:  


George Lees <>

21 May (2 days ago)
Regardin your pledge tae keep oor secrets immune frae the law
OOR Loyalties have become divided and we want you tae KEn that oor Double heeded EEgle will be loosed on the Tower of Blackpool and in the Goal at Parkhurst. I have sent this tae the coward Cameron o Locheil (wee the white fethers in his budgie) so I can impregnate his conversation we "the queen".

We ken yee talk tae oor soldiers in the tree community and that you stammer when you think, but we have mercenary Ferrets that will be deployed on your every leisure outlet & ballop relations.

PS tell that Camilla wuman that we have sponsorship frae JP Morgan and that we will court her tae try and pit a steak an chips through her hairt.  If yee dinna take this message seriusly we will loose the Ja Heid on ye from ma Freends in the Witnesses HQ in NY......oor highest rankin Wuman is a PrOOF reader at the Church o Scotland wee previous as a DEbuttante at the three day event at Badminginton. Onyway I need tae stop noo cos ma gusset Fink Nottle is dragin along the flair. 

Sir Ronnie Balfour Corbett
Midget for the Crown at Crammond
(In the midgie season please contact oor holiday home "Prince Eddy's Rest".....just show the blood on your hands tae oor man on the door).
Communist Party of Alba & Friend of the Canary Society LLP
Independent Scotland, Nr Cheltenham  AB35 5TB.

THIS ISNAE MA REEL NAME by the way and I want tae confess this tae oor mutual freend Cardinal Obrien before the sun sets on YOOR Empire.
I have enclosed oor Pamphlet from CRAMMOND and if I do not intimidate, perhaps you may consider a small contribution for National Security reasons. TAX BREAKS GARANTEED. 
Inline images 1See that FETTES Link ye telt me aboot!!!!!!!!!!!!......I have sent Vince Cable to bury it deep in Camilla's Baggy Drawers for the sake of oor reputation.. Did ye Ken Chairlie?, that that Rebeka Brooks wuman is a dead ringer for yon Mary Queen of Scots and that Wully Wallace was jailed by the crown aged 7 (he was a child soldier which is a war crime in the DRC but is laughed at by that Kenny MCAskill whae is an afront tae oor bowel movements at Crammond)....but that that William Hague is still at liberty!   I have some beans to spill on that MalKy Rifkind & "RT Hon" Chilcot joker and I hand delivered them tae the Airmstrongs at the Tory Club in JETHART yesterday. They paid me handsomely in steroids for ma Haggis.