Mandela: Out of Africa and into Heaven

Mandela Funeral: The NWO gather in fur coats (WWF booty) to celebrate the passing of the wealth.

The thumbnail depicts the deputy head of the Ruling ANC. (only a couple of minutes of your time....but they, the GLOBAL tyrants, will be serving longer sentences soon).

There were hours of coverage on International TV....first day of almost a week of state-mourning (see Mrs Thatchers £8million funeral in London to celebrate some of her African crimes, detailed below). So Back to the funeral it was lashing down at the stadium where the world leaders attended in their pomp and majesty... but the sun was shining brightly where only locals grieved for the great man.
They are not all there at Soweto (god fearing ones stay home) but Blair (2 million innocents in Iraq) Koffee Annan (married to a Rothschild) and Henry Kissinger (Americas highest ranking mossad member/MI6 double agent and on the Board of The Future of Russia Foundation with the Rothschilds who assassinated the Tsar and his entire family because they wanted peace not profiteering conflict) are in attendance at the initiation of Mandela's week long state funeral.  Henry Kissinger, like Obama ,Nelson Mandela and the EU, won the Nobel Peace prize.  Kissinger is the worlds biggest killer.  This includes Stalin, gifted Russia by Britain/Elite money lenders & trained at Tavistock with Hitler, Hitler himself, and FDR who like Obama ran the election on a piece ticket & the new deal for the corporations: they planned and executed WW2 as profiteers and to cull hungry eaters). Mandela himself saw the truth about Western science implanting AIDS/HIV in Africa to meet the goals of project 21AIDS (HIV) and project 21  The ghetto (where one imagines the working class still speaks Afrikaans but have no TVs, diamonds or shares in foreign corporations) is now ten times larger than before they acquired the fur coats and the mansion that Zuma (is alleged to have fiddled from the public purse).  The poverty is 10x worse than when Mandela languished in jail because Strauss Kahn & the IMF imposed all De Clerke's apartheid debt on the relatively innocent  (then) ANC.    But the whole Nation & Continent is a fraud. The RSA with Bredenkamp's Arms Corp have been trading nuclear WMDs with Israel, North Korea, Oman and testing them in the South Atlantic. Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes THE TREATY OF PELINDABER IS A FRAUD.....
Hans Blix's team got models of PLOUGHSHARES when they went to the junket but reported Africa was nuclear free (see Hallett NZ sham and Norwegian heavy water to Taupo scams...KGB/CIA/Helen Clark NZ spying rings and cold war)Greg Hallett: a death threatened species (the honest historian) AND Hallett's Writing: You Will be SHOCKED. Passing these dark dangerous secrets on to the BLACKs in Madela's populist ANC was ever such a touchy they handled it with kid gloves at Mells Park house in Somerset UK.  A Corporate HQ for "Consolidated Diamonds".......the Colonial Grand Masters handled it with Imperial majesty and Mandela (who did not attend) was compromised and became the Holywood Icon (nice film, Invictus, confirms that he had an All seeing Eye, Leading role played by Morgan Freeman, as the NWO order celebrate all they do to dismember global society) rather than the forceful and determined National leader (all in the thrall of Mrs Thatcher who signed a gagging order then passed it onto Major QUICK but maintaining her Imperial majesty and Knighting her son for his endeavours in weapons trading :Crown Inquest never published.  

 Mrs Thatcher with PM Cameron, then aged 24 (and promised greatness for his risk taking),and martyred David Kelly in her arms trading delegation took £17 million for Conservative party funds.  

Lord Patten Michael Heseltine and many other hypocrites like Allan Clarke, soon subjected to an act of god, jailed innocents from DTI contractors and killed Gerald Bull in get the party some "respect".  Blair was coerced by Bernie Ecclestone (of fascist Formula 1 fame) with a 1 million pound take this for your own interests bung.  Blair (looking ever so pale at today's funeral) is married to a Liverpudlian (where some of the Hitlers lived prior to WW2) tried many times to give back the bung (but Ecclestone who had also funded the Profumo Great Train Robbery diversion) to cover up the roles of Government spies INTEL agencies who now are the terrorists, money launderers and perpetual warmongers along with the puppet mediaBRITISH/G8 POLITICAL CRIMES timeline. Murdoch got his citizenship from the CIA funded by, dirty tricks that Kissinger played in South East Asia and a busted bank called "Nugan Hand" (involving Australian PMs (Goff Whitlam) and US Presidents (Gerald Ford).  So, some are greiving genuinely because they know what they have done to democracy for personal gain....even the Bishops who intimately know the christianity geopolitical fraud are nervous although they have an evangilistic theory.  The funeral, on the same day the Higgs Boson theory gets the NOBEL God Particle award in Sweden where the royals, namely Princes Sylvia played a big part in letting nazis like Tiny Rowland into the RSA  and to Direct Lonrho (ambassadors from the G20) into stealing indigenous gold, diamonds, oil, minerals and the name of democracy. That is the same Nobel family that gave a large number of innocent employees heart rythmn disorders due to working on explosive nitrates in their munitions factories....FOR PROFIT & MIGHT.  At todays Mandela ceremony, I could not see the pope but he is a jesuit and they are in the Knights of Malta with the Royals from Spain, Britain and Holland.  Prince Bernhardt, shamed in the 40s for his Nazi affiliation, have adicated like the British King in WW2 & who wandered around meeting people like Willy Brandt who wanted to dismember society by creating the EU).....The Knights of Malta continue to unlawfully kill their relatives, spouses and children just told Benedict (Hitler Youth too) to bugger off when his decade of popularity was waning and these crimes needed a diversion.  The queen is a Knight, you should see the scary Jesuit oath they all sign up to, but she doesnt go to the meetings (she leaves it all to the Grand masters....menfolk all). I need to have a quiet chat with her again soon.  My website can be found here....index on the left. Look for holocaust, Dark Forces, WW2, Greg Hallett ( a death threatened species), Odessa, List of culprits/traitors here.......ODESSA and Operation Paperclip: Historical Crimes.Holocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained

War Crimes Genocide Crimes against humanity 

Nazis to World leaders: Treason by marriage into monarchy WWF land grabs and private millitia training, then ruthless culls on indigenous inhabitants (and other threatened species that you fund so gullibly)!   WWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8

The last time I pointed out the arms trading, war  crimes and economic grand larceny GLOBALLY to Her Royal Highness her aides acknowledged receipt but declared the "Constitutionally the monarch cannot interfere with her own government's crimes"Pleading with the Royal Household Feb 2013.  But they have just fiddled the laws of succession to show they take an interest in their own interests and Prince Charles's financial advisor is Chair at Lonrho where Herr Fuhrop (Rowlands) Al Fayed, Lord Patten, Ambassador Frances Dee Cook and so many others used to steal from mandela's indigenous peoples.  Please note that is NOT Lonmin where British interests just shoot impoverished working black Africans when the staff pay round gets in the way of the next fur coat and the fascist celebrations. 

Anyway off to deliver the XMAS cards while the Bishops near Soweto wrestle with their guilt......and let Jesus swing for all human sins