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The Jewish Moravian Ancestry of Pope Benedict XVI linked to the Maharal of Prague

Family of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
The Family of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – the young Joseph Ratzinger sitting on the left


If one comes to the conclusion that the purpose of the “chosen ones” of Israel was to prepare the pathway for the redemption of the Jews, the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, and all those who serve the G-d of Israel, then it would not be surprising to understand that over the centuries, the Jewish presence sitting on the papal throne of the Vatican has been significant. The latest comes with the blog from a Jewish Catholic blogger who wrote the following blog, titles, “Pope Benedict XVI's Jewish Ancestry.”

According to this genealogical analysis, the grandmother of Pope Benedict XVI was Maria Tauber-Peintner that once lived in Bolzano, Italy. That region of Italy was once a part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.  It is believed that she, Maria Tauber-Peintner’s ancestral background linked into the Jewish Tauber family living in Moravia and Hungary. They were descendants of the Moravian Jews called Aaron Tauber. This genealogy does not make Pope Benedict XVI a true halakhic Jew, for “to be a Jews your mother must be a Jewess” yet on both his paternal grandfather’s side and his paternal grandmother’s side, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI was a descendant of the famed MaHaRal of Prague, Rabbi Yehuda Loew (Leib) ben Bezalel in the 16th century.

As described in his official biography by the Vatican’s Libreis Editrice Vaticana:

Libreria Editrice Vaticana – “Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, was born at Marktl am Inn, Diocese of Passau (Germany) on 16 April 1927 (Holy Saturday) and was baptised on the same day. His father, a policeman, belonged to an old family of farmers from Lower Bavaria of modest economic resources. His mother was the daughter of artisans from Rimsting on the shore of Lake Chiem, and before marrying she worked as a cook in a number of hotels.” 

First let us look at the Ratzinger family’s paternal lineage:

  1. Rabbi Yehuda Loew (Leib) ben Bezalel [the MaHaRal of Prague] (c.1512-1609), m. Perla Shmelkes-Reich(c.1516-1610)
  2. Vogele Loew (c.1556-1629) m. Rabbi Isak Ha-Cohen (c.1550-1624)
  3. Chava [Eva] Ha-Cohen (1580-1651) m. Rabbi Abraham Samuel Bachrach (1575-1615), Rabbi in Worms
  4. Rabbi (Moses) Samson / "Simson" / Bachrach (1607-1670), Rabbi in Goding, Leipnik, Prague, and Worms, m. Dobrusch Phobus (c.1610-1662)
  5. Rabbi Jair Chayim Bachrach, aka "the Chavas Yoir" (1638-1702), Rabbi in Worms, m. Sarah [Dinah Sorle] Brillin (c.1638-1703)
  6. Rabbi Samson / "Simson" / Bachrach (b. c.1657), wife's name unknown
  7. Malka Bachrach (b. c.1680), m. Rabbi Zalman Shpitz, president of Beit Din in Eisenstadt
  8. Sarl [Sarah] Shpitz (b. 1703), m. Rabbi Jacob Knoepflmacher (c.1700-before 1739), "The Master", or the "Chief Rabbi in Mehrin"
  9. Nissel Knoepflmacher (b. c.1722), m. her father's youngest brother, Rabbi Moses Knoepflmacher(1718-1798) of Holesov
  10. Jacob Knopfelmacher (b.1739) m. Katharina (b.1740)
  11. Joachim Knopfelmacher (b.1764) m. Anna (b.1764)
  12. Markus Knopfelmacher (b.1786) m. Betty
  13. Josefina (Peppi/Josefa) Knopfelmacher (b.1809) m. Jacob Tauber (b.1811)
  14. Betty (Elisabeth Maria) Tauber (b.1834 Mahr. Weisskirchen Moravia) married in 1858 at Rio de Pusteria to Anton Peter Peintner
  15. Maria Tauber Peintner (b.1855 Rasa d.1930) m. Isidor Rieger
  16. Maria Peinter Rieger (b.1884) m. Joseph Ratzinger
  17. Joseph Alois Ratzinger(Pope Benedict XVI)

As Biblesearchers wrote in the sub-article titled, “The Abomination of Desolation”; the Creation of the “Image to the Beast” – a Cabbalistic Amoral Golem”, we read of the famed Hasidic story of the MaHaRal in Prague when he created golem;

Biblesearchers Reflections – “In the mysterious lands surrounding the city of Prague is one of the most fascinating of the Ashkenazi Hasidic tales about the creation of a golem. Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bazalel, known as the Maharal of Prague (1515-1609), created a golem out of clay with his son-in-law, Rabbi Isaac Ha-Koehn and disciple Rabbi Ya’aqov Sason ha-Levi. He did this in order to protect the Jewish community there against the threats of a Jew-hating priest at Easter.

This Catholic priest was spreading the “blood libel” that the Jews were capturing Gentile children and sacrificing them for Passover. The “blood libel” is one of the most mysterious of the anti-Semitic horrors inflicted upon the Jewish people. Of all the nations, races, and religions, only the Jews have divine injunctions against them for touching the blood of a human. This act alone will make them impure and unable to participate in any religious ritual or convocations to their God.

The Golem at Prague, by separate traditions, ran amuk and threatened to hurt many people so had to be deconstructed by the rabbi…These same observations we will have to ponder as we consider the anti-Messiah and the actions of the Gedolei Yisra’el, the “Great Ones” in the last days of this era.

This tale of the Prague Golem, using the mystical folklore, the supernatural, and the religious themes of old Europe has created the powerful imagery for novels and movies over the years. These range from Mary Shelley's “Frankenstein” to Karel Capek's “R.U.R”., where the word "robot" originated. It also was the theme of the Jewish 1978 Noble prize winner, Isaac Bashevis Singer's “The Golem” and the popular American TV series, “The X-Files”.

We even find a golem in the classic series “The Lord of the Rings”by J.R.R. Tolkien and Disney’s classic animated film called “Fantasia” where “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” created a “golem” as an animated broom. These are all memorialized today in the legends and stories of the Jewish Kabbalists in the Golem Museum in the Jewish Quarter at the city of Prague.

Coming from the early traditions of the Golem in Judaism, it was the Tractate Sanhedrin 38b that described that Adam was initially created as a golem when God shaped the form of His body from a shapeless hunk of clay. These golems were only to be created by those whose holiness and godliness were a part of their whole lives.

Yet, in the final years of the tribulation and the era of the anti-Messiah, there will exist an era of supreme evil that will be a Shabbatean dream. The anti-Messiah will become the incarnation of Satan himself, an angel of light when he is actually the supreme master of the forces of darkness.”

Pope Benedict XVI
The Jewish Shabbatean Pope Benedict XVI

So from the loins of the famed Jewish Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bazalel, the MaHaRal of Prague we have now discovered the Jewish paternal roots of Pope Benedict’s XVI from his paternal grandmother, Maria Peinter Rieger. It also appears that Maria Peinter Rieger was a descendant of Rabbi Jonah Gerondi, whose ancestral family took on Catholic identity and Catholic names when the Bavarian Jews were persecuted in the 17th century during the same era of the Shabbatean heresy of 1666.  

Here now we find Maria Peinter Rieger’s maternal grandmother, Betty (Elisabeth Maria) Tauber who was the paternal great grandmother of Cardinal Joseph Alois Ratzinger. This Ratzinger lineage back to Aaron Tauber of Moravia is depicted below;

  1. Aaron Tauber of Leipnik Moravia [b.1658]
  2. Isaac Tauber of Leipnik Moravia [b.1690] older brother of Joachim Lobl (Leopold) Tauber of Holesov Moravia
  3. Jacob Tauber of Lepnik Moravia [b.1715]
  4. Jonas Tauber of Mahr. Weisskirchen Moravia [b.1739 d.1822] m. second wife Rebekah Zerkowitz [b.1788] of Levitical Cohen lineage.
  5. Jacob Tauber [b.1811] m. second wife Josefina Knopfelmacher
  6. Betty (Elisabeth Maria) Tauber [b.1834] (b.1834 Mahr. Weisskirchen Moravia) married in 1858 at Rio de Pusteria to Anton Peter Peintner
  7. Maria Tauber Peintner (b.1855 Rasa d.1930) m. Isidor Rieger
  8. Maria Peinter Rieger (b.1884) m. Joseph Ratzinger
  9. Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)

Aaron Tauber, born in 1658, was only eight years old when the famed false messiah, Rabbi Shabbatai Tzevi announced that the day of the “Messiah” would be revealed on the day of June 18, 1666 (June the 6thmonth, 18 (6+6+6) in the year 1000 + 666).  This false Jewish messiah traveled to Constantinople to receive the keys of the East Roman Empire where instead he was captured, and imprisoned. He held his messianic court for several years in the prison of Constantinople. 

When Shabbatai Tzevi was finally given the ultimatum, either convert to Islam or is beheaded, he chose conversion to Islam and there took thousands of Jews with him into Islam.  During these years of great unrest and persecution of the Jews, many of them went underground and converted first around 1666 to Islam and Catholicism. Fifty years later, one of these descendants of Jewish descent, Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria was raised and trained as an adept in the Society of Jesus as a Roman Catholic Jesuit.

The messianic time of the end did not come, and the messianic millennial kingdom did not arrive and the anti-Torah writings of Shabbatai Tzevi were now underground. It was during this era that Yakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich, called Jacob Frank, was born to a Polish rabbi in Podolia in Old Poland in the Ukraine region. As Biblesearchers Reflections describes Jacob Frank as he was coming into a mature man:

BibleSearchers Reflections – “From Poland he (Jacob Frank) traveled to the Middle East as a cloth merchant. There in Turkey he was initiated into the secret Shabbatean rites of Donmeh Shabbataism. When he returned to the Ashkenazi Polish Jews they thought he was a Turkish Sephardi Jew and called him frenk,which in Yiddish means a Sephardi Jew. He soon assumed a new family name, ‘Frank’.

At the age of twenty nine (1755), when Jacob Frank returned to Poland, he had been fully indoctrinated to the mystical anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic teachings of mystical Shabbataism and transmitted his teaching to central Europe. He posed as an orthodox Sephardi Jew from whence came his name, Frank, which in Jewish Ashkenazi Yiddish means a Sephardi. There he founded the heretical Jewish sect called Frankists.

Jacob Frank soon began to have direct revelations from heaven and admonished his followers to convert to Christianity. They began to practice an underground religion that was anti-Torah and like Shabbati Zevi and Nathan of Gaza engaged in sexual activities forbidden by Torah. The halakhah of Torah was abandoned for a higher wisdom or knowledge. From the midst of Luria’s Kabbalah which was based on the Mosaic Torah, the Frankists claimed a new wisdom, the ‘Torah of emanations’ or the Christian Cabalah which was anti-Torah.

As such the Shabbateans and the Frankists corrupted the Jewish prophetic idea of the emanations of God in the TaNaKh (Old Testament) and instead of subjecting themselves to the emanations of the Almighty by their covenantal relationship with God and obeying His commandments; they reproduced a new ‘Torah of emanations’ which they could control. They took the spirit of the “little horn” of Daniel the prophet and in essence proclaimed that they ‘were like G-d’.

Adam Weishaupt, who later when on to create the Bavarian Order of the Illuminate, allied himself with Jacob Frank.  Here was now a Catholic Jesuit of Jewish descent, in alliance with a Polish Jew now indoctrinated with Shabbatean mystical Islamic Quabala which was the true Kabala of Judaism mixed with Islamic Sufism and became converting Jews from Judaism into Jesuit Roman Catholicism. They perverted the true ancient Torah teachings of spiritual morality into a profaned “messianic” concept that stated; “In the days of the messiah, that which was truth will become profaned, and that which was profaned will become truth.”

Rabbi Jacob Frank would later ally himself with Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminate, and Mayor Amschel Rothschild of Frankfurt, Germany. They took control of the 33nd and above levels of the English and Scottish Masonry and imbedded within them concepts of the true Jewish mystical Kabala adulterated and profaned. It is now understandable the apostate cultural Jewish milieu that the ancestors of Pope Benedict XVI grew up within and were a part of.

Two centuries later, in the days of the “Great Advent Movement” of the 19th century Second Great Awakening in America and Europe when William Miller and Joseph Bates began traveling the eastern seaboard of America preaching that the Messiah was returning. In this same era in the 19th century (1820s-1844), Elisabeth Maria (Betty) Tauber was born (1834) in Moravia as a Moravian Jewess.  Her homeland was then a part of the Hapsburg Austrian-Hungarian Empire.  It appears that when she converted to Roman Catholic as hundreds of thousands did in the prior two centuries, she was severed from her Jewish family and her Orthodox roots in Judaism. .  

This was nothing new, for as we have seen earlier, Betty’s own family, once Jewish turned Roman Catholic during the 16th century persecution of the Bavarian Jews. Later in that same era they later openly returned back to their Jewish roots in Judaism in the freer religious political atmosphere in Moravia.

Betty (Elisabeth Maria) Tauber later moved to South Tyrol region in the Northern Italy, then also a part of the Hapsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was there that she lived with Anton Peintner and together they had a daughter, Maria Peintner. It would not be another three years after the birth of Maria in Rasa that Anton Peintner married Betty (Elisabeth Maria) Tauber in 1858.

So may end the quest and the enigma of Pope Benedict XVI. He was nominated by the Papal Conclave in Rome after only two rounds of voting and only 24 hours after the conclave of cardinal convened for the first time. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was officially elected Pope on April 19, 2005.

In the year of 1981, he was officially named the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which up to the year of 1954 was called the Holy Office of the Inquisition, hence the successor of the Grand Inquisitor.  As we shall see later, Pope Benedict XVI, was the 29thJewish Pope in the 266 Popes accepted by the Roman Catholic Church. 

According to the Prophecy of St. Malachy, the last pope of this world age will be nominated. His name will be Peter the Roman.


The Last Two Jewish Popes herald the Final Age of the Vatican in Rome.

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At the time of the end the G-d of Israel will use all of His Chosen Ones of Israel to complete His divine destiny for Planet Earth. Most of these chosen ones will have no idea of their chosen destiny. They will become the prime actors in the final act of the “Drama of the Ages”. In that day when the Messiah of Israel does reveal himself, also will be revealed all those whose destiny were linked to that august moment in human history. Also in that day, the full revelation of the Return of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel will come also to its full revelation. To understand more about the Rabbinic Judaism and its Biblical Mandate to preserve the Mountains of Israel in Shomron for the return of the Lost Tribes of Israel, Contact “Kol Ha Tor”, the Voice of the Turtledove.


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