Madonna Ciccone Buccatelli of St Andrews' Cross Keys Mancini SASSOON Opium Exilarchs Iraq China India Austrian Nobilty Fisher Rothschild DAVIDIC Icke Bloodlines

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Madonna Penn PISO Ciccone Bloodline  Ballantyne Bannatyne Cross Keys Hotel Kelso W Scott Clubs St Andrew's flag Golf Clubs Vatican Naples USA Trump Fisher Harrison Ford EXILARCHS Sassoon Rothschild OPIUM Wars HSBC.JPG

It looks as though we are to have a snowstorm as I upload this. TOTALLY EVIL for over 2000 lethal years

After 1 view YOUTUBE have declared COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT for exposing that the GODFATHER  MAFIA spook stories involve the  same families and descendants of the PISO Bible fraudsters OUT of NAPLES, 19 countries that use St Andrews's flag or St Andrew as their Patron SAINT.  If I have to take the music off it does not affect the potency of the  video themes.   HAPPY NEW YEAR.  My last video was on the BRANSON billionaires and Madonna extends that as the millionairess from flashing her tits UNDER THE CHRISTIAN CROSS that has all her GLOBAL FANS in the  SOVEREIGN DEBT POOL that her elite family friends have STOLEN/Privatised. The intro explains Rothschild,  Fischer, Toddesco are out of the Austrian Nobility and into life in exile without their posh titles and how they become EXILARCHS ever since KING DAVID shagged  Bathsheba his married next door neighbour.  The Exilarch community takes judaism and FALSE christianity (Jesus  ST Andrew and St Pierre/Peter never lived) but CHRIST was Trumps' dad's middle name. Carrie Fisher's surname was Austrian nobility and her  much OLDER star wars LOVER Harrison FORD is out of the ARRIAN master race too (Harris of Butlins, Rolf with his 4th leg missing from the Swastika, Rotary club icons for FASCISM/MASONRY Globaly & SADLY the Cross and SALTIRE FLAG for Scotland).  Ford was a double agent profiteer in war and that is in the Kitteridge/Philadelphia story further on.  The Exilarch muppets were in the BBC light entertainment  cartoons but it is the masterplan diaspora of Judaism & Christians spreading their MONEY LENDING NARCOTICS/RELIGIOUS HATRED empires all over the world. The Sassoons are in the photos, with David LOOKING Just like Arius Calpurnius PISO the bible author & they take ROTHSCHILD Narcotics out of Hussein's Iraqi Bahgdad, Into China & then India BOMBAY/PUNA both of which GOD has sent me to To TRACK  DOWN THE WORLD OWNERS.   So later I profile the Opium Wars, Britains Royal Drug Running,  the gifting of HONGKONG to HRHs  Great Britain run by Sassoon and Matheson Jardine & the HSBC Shanghai  (CANTON then) BABYLONIAN Empires of SKYSCRAPERS all over those now ENGLISH speaking ORIENTAL EMPIRES. At last we find the image of DAVID SASSOON who got UK citizenship after securing ALL THE LOOT for Rothschild & the Royal Family Baghdad - Shanghai. Marsden was the man who took the  CHURCH OF ENGLAND into  NZ out of NSW where he as an entrepreneurial vicar claime 30,000 ACRES of land and flailed/jailed his free labour the PENAL COLONISTS who had stolen bread and made room for the sheep in DUCHESS OF SUTHERLAND/Lady Leveson Gowers' SCOTLAND.  Marsden (the cover story) when I was in NZ academia was the only funder for the scientists like WELLCOME the African MASON was in the UK. The Duchess of Sutherland is INTERLOCKED to the Jewish Policy Studies UNIT/SEEBAG Semen Montefiore and the Melrose School. SADLY Christianity was imposed on NZ way after everywhere else & the quakes get more and more frequent in places like CHRISTCHURCH and Seddon (the PM who sold NZ back to Queen Vic like QUEENSLAND, VICTORIA, NSWales etc etc): VAST TRACTS. All swearing loyalty under JESUS' oath!!!!  The night I was forcibly arrested by 4 STRANGERS (PISO POLIS from surrounding towns) I was telling my facebook friends GLOBALLY  about the CROSS KEYS Hotel Chains that are the VATICAN Cross keys, St Andrews' Scottish Flag and SS Banatyne Club initiated by SIR WALTER SCOTT. The KEYS HOTEL WAS run by a man called Becatelli  who I very soon reveal to be on MADONNA of Bay City  Ciccone ancestral bloodline.  Also in Madge Ciccone Madonnas bloodline we have a Ms Mancini who in the male gender is Vincent  GODFATHER IV Vincent  Corleone (not the real name CICCONE but the name given the young boy at ELLIS ISLAND Border control NY  from his documents/home town in SICILY).  So you are now the keeper of dangerous secrets & I have infringed their COPYRIGHT like the people I was talking to the night  I was JAILED(stripped & woken up every hour to remind me of my suicide option) then tried in an ILLEGAL LOCKED door Star Chamber court.  So the whole of WORLD HISTORY is a lie but the liars and leaders become SEXY millionaires named after GODS virginal mum or BILLIONAIRES like Branson's Presidential, PM, Junta leaders interlocked to STEALING GODS GIFTS of GLOBAL ENERGY for false prophets and PROFITS.  The Mancini woman was the GODFATHER MOVIE actress SHAGGED by Sony behind the hotel door at Michael's wedding.  Then SONY & Gen Sir Mike Jackson/Michael Jackson provide another set of covers into Irish troubles & the Balkans BOTH FOR RELIGIOUS Hatred and the EU got the peace prize for the Balkans.  I forgot the Cluny Abbey, Clermont Ferrand mason scams that were the first VATICAN. The Ballantines millionaire data is still remarkably on my FACEBOOK page & now there are NO pictures of Beckatelli the owner of the Cross Keys Hotel  before  BALLANTINE.  The local Builders Ballantine are millionaires too but just 2-10M quid and they are just covers fo WALTER SCOTT's "we know as MASONS that christianity is a fraud" BANNATINE Club. CENSORED ON YOUTUBE HERE.
At this point I will give you the link to the BANNATYNE CLUB which is Walter Scott MASON SUPREME related to all the Franko/German/Austrian/Iberian families that migrate to BRITAIN & immediately are gifted the lands/Islands and titles. My other videos have images of the fronstieces of the TEXT with CP for Calpurnius Piso.  THOSE are the ROMANtic legends that all the ARISTOS who can read and write understand BANNATYNE CLUB Walter Scotts' ROMANtic stories masks the BIBLE FRAUD that all the inner circle aristos understand

BRANKS PUNISHMENT FOR GOSSIPS BRANKS Hold your tongue in a razor cage   and more TORTURE INSTRUMENTS for Gossips/Masons Tools for the freemasons

So to Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone  bloodline published on the excellent  GENi  website.  So Madge/MDMA/Madonnas dad is related to Beccatelli  several generations back.  The name CORLEONE was adopted at ELLIS ISLAND Border control under the MAFIA statue of Liberty.  Her HUSBANDS WERE Shaun Penn and Guy Ritchie.  The PENN surname reveals the bible fraud and NOTICE this week that the extreme right wing PENN FASCISTS have been loosed into the NEWS. She is mum to LOURDES LOLA LEON and one assumes her virginity  is no longer a virtue unlike ELTON John's babies mum!  The LOURDES (VISIONARY Sainthood for a Mother Mary Witness at the most famous Catholic pilgrimage & OSCAR WINNER) names are shared with the BORN TO DIE Austrian Nobility Carrie Fisher family. The last baby is CHRISTopher! Her dad was Sylvio Anthony m Madonna Louise Fortin which is very close to the FORTUNES of my home town.  NICE PEOPLE!  The family launch the BAY CITY ROLLERS (stormy waves) in MICHIGAN on the great lakes with massive rOTHSCHILD links to HSBC in Shanghai and the HBC in Hudsons Bay FURR STOLES  since the Pilgrims got to Pi pi Plymouth down the Ermine Way.  Her Granpa  is Nicola Pietro Ciccone and Great  Granpa was Gaetano I. Ciccone  and his mum was ANNA Marini Mancini.  SHAGGED by Michael is not a biblical term! It is the reference to SONY the elder brother of the groom taking a bridesmaid IN THE BIBLICAL SENSE that her vagina translates as PISO the American PIE in the crude filthy history that provides a laugh for every soldier in the roman army . The FISH in the LOAVES is the penis in that scene by the way and FISH on a Friday is lovemaking the night every catholic dad gets his pay packet.  Mancini in godfather 3 is also VINCENT whos sister is assasinated by rivels on the OPERA steppes where the OPERA is JESUS Cavaliere RUSTY NAILS Rusticana.  At the wedding all this happens to the tune of the JIGGY TARANTELLA....assosiated with NAPLES since Vesuvius exploded on the PISO home in 79AD. The Great Great Granpa was Domenico from aQUILLa (PEN again) which gets more quakes than anywhere else in ITALY and next to PAGANONIA which gets no SEISMIC problems.  Thats why Berlusconi created a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT THERE so the GODS in their goodness would back off. So the owner of CROSS KEYS Beccatelli now appears as Domenico's  GRANNY Via the  LATTANIO branch 1780s-1828.   Just in case you think that the SPELLING of Cross Keys HOTEL OWNER from Italy's name is a flaw and if you are called BUCKLEY/Duke of Buccleuch or some such and you get GUILT take a look at our immigrants through Liverpool Bristol Plymouth & Southampton 900 UK Border Control spelling variations for Buccatelli of ITAL/Bologna/Naples  Thats why the Beckham woman became a LADY & she was already POSH.  Bannatyne initially was covered by the conductor of the Russian Symphony Orchestra NOW DISAPPEARED from the INTERNET. Finally I find the Ann Maria MANCINI woman in DOMENICO's fascinating tree but I am now guilty of REPETITION.  So lets track Beccadelli back into BOLGNA and then PISO NAPLES all in LATIN/ITALIAN for National CHRISTIANITY SECURITY REASONS with links to the GODFATHER in NAPLES and the GERMAN FASCISTS in WW1.  The Sassoon relevance comes in re the NARCOTICS running of ROTHSCHILD the EXILARCHS and the British Royals BASTARD ancestors of the current lot. The Dome at the cathedral  in NAPLES is legendary in the GODFATHER Assasinations final scenes.   My Granpa made BAGATELLE games it has NAILS in WOOD and a velvet robe in GERMAN GREEN .  So the BECCADELLI di Camporeale (NAPLES CAMPAGNIA carry on Camping for Barbar Windsor)  is the appointed GODFATHER in PISO/VESUVIUS territory.  The GODFATHER is married stunningly IN ENGLISH to LAURA ACTON with a consort called Fiorenza Binney Kingsland.  I got this as I wrote the text and the  MINNETI' family make COAT HANGERS IN JEDBURGH where my wife applied for a job.  Alfredo Acton - Wikipedia
Naples. Occupation, admiral and politician. Awards, Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath [*]. [edit on Wikidata]. Alfredo Acton (12 September 1867 – 26 March 1934) was an Italian admiral, politician and ... His aunt Laura Acton was married to Marco Minghetti, prime minister of Italy. Alfredo .  That is JEDBURGH within 10 miles of my birthplace where I have been divorced for bad behaviours after vresigning as an altar boy.  THE GODFATHER in NAPLES was a close friend of the German PM/Chancellor William Von (Austrian) BULOW up to 1909, just 5 yrs short of their greatest ever cull on their global neighbours. So the evidence that FALSE RELIGION & MASONIC ROMANticism by the "local" " friends" and "cops" PISO POLIS still under same familial chain of command THE NIGHT I WAS FORCIBLY ARRESTED under orders from Chipping Norton where my wifes brother lived before he moved to Cameron's new constituency in Witney. Sept 29th 2016 and my exposures on M&J Ballantyne at 10.30PM and then the BANNATINE CLUB got me arrested. All associated with the 1500 yr old joke that the CLUNY ABBEY icon of the cross keys is SALMOND & Sturgeons Saltire flag and TRUMPS for the St Andrew's courses he runs both sides of the ATLANTIC.  TOTAL FRAUD & LETHAL through all of world history.  The Ballantynes sadly have a history of dieing young and they were the locals who got me to lecture to the ROTARY PROBUS CLUB in the Ednam House BROOKS (of Colditz) run HOTEL .  1hr later I was still typing on facebook when the cops STORMED IN 4 Strangers in the tiny town of Kelso and I have been EXILED ATENDERED in breach of ARTICLES 8 of the European Human RIGHTS CONVENTION & I now have no address AND that means I have no protection in LAW OR ACCESS to the POLITICIANS who represent me & HAD ME SECTIONED in 2015 (prompted for by my wife from HEMEL/FIRST DATE Chipping Norton). Professor  Vincenzo Crunelli is Dr Adam Errington's boss in CARDIFF UNI all too scared to confront  the student LOANS ROTHSCHILD BANK run DTI scam & NO FUNDS AT ALL FOR RESEARCH NOW unless you knell down to the MAFIA and dessert your loyal friends.  Every post doc globally now has the right to a job for life if they serve two posts back to back (6yrs of research) BUT the re are no funds for that so they all have to MOVE around homeless ! Dr Errington was lucky he got his Bsc and PhD for free and was not in a debt pool .  Penn is/was married to Susan Sarandon and that is the PISO joke too the GRAND CANYON is the American PIE again but Sarandon is from the BOENER  dynasty who became the SPEAKER.  John Boener plays at the RITZ CALETON in NAPLES FLORIDA where Donald Trump has a home and one of 5 chanpionship courses in FLORIDA is called INNESBROOK. The inscription on Jesus cross (Boener Wood) and no room at the INNSBRUCK belly laughs birthplace of Hitler Rothschild & Pope Benedict INNSBRUCK.  Boehner the golfer is married to a PELOSI with the words Piso & Peso in it.  Penn's mum is Eileen Ryan but she was an ANNUCI: that is the Anni Annuci who took  the BIBLE story out EAST & WEST from Rome & Naples under Constantine & Marcus Aurelius' orders.  That becomes FRANCE terror and TURKISH Austro Hungarian WW launches for 2000 years if you forget the seven crusades to BEAN Israels holy lands that is the  EXILARCH story for Bennjamin Netenyahu et al.  Camilla is related to the Marquis De Sad,  EdwardVII's bastards, Earls of Morton (batman for both Churchill & Butcher Haig), Queen Mary of Scotts,  Princess Di and the Canadian pMs Trudeau Cretienne and Shaniah Twain.  The FORDS of autos were war profiteers and that is the Pi Pi Philadelphia story jokes about Hitler's banks IG FARBEN, Basel's Bank for Int Settlements and munitions magnates McKittrick (Kitteridge the unlovable husband to be for Catherine Hepburn ) More on that soon sadly, it implicates Errol Flynn. So AT LAST THE David Sassoon ROTHSCHILD NARCOTICS Iraq,  Indian,  Chinese Queen Vic regime scams.   I cite Andrew Carrington Hitchcocks data on SASSOON starting in Baghdad Iraq and all along the SILK road to the orient.  We have the launch of Schiff from Rothschilds house in Frankfurt and Albert PIKE's Protocols for WW1,2 and 3 and we have the dismemberment of the entire ORIENT since the 2 great opium wars then into the GOLDEN TRIANGLE Vietnam & Burma with Pepsicola producing the cocaiine and MASSIVE TREATIES and payments by China gifting the UK Hongkong, Shanghai/ CANTON and the HSBC for Camerons' dad.  Companies like Jardine Mathieson finish it all off and when the wars start the ARMIES in China are totally addicted. THE EMPIRE UPON WHICH.    Sassoon traded 30,000 chests of opium every year.  When I was in NZ every now & again chinese chests and headless bodies appeared in the harbour in the country ran at that time by HELEN CLARK and PUTIN KGB agent .  So they need reparations when chinese law enforcement confiscate & destroy only 2000 chests.  So the ROTHSCHILDS retaliate by demanding that Victoria ,who bore 9 of their bastards , declares the FIRST OF 2 OPIUM WARS.  In 1853 Sassoon became a British Citizen but dreses like the mad MAHDI still. His son ABDULLAH changes his name to ALBRECHT, sorry ALBERT Victoria's gay husband who sired none of the 11 kids, 10 bastards in a bigamous marriage.  Sassoon then flits to INDIA to all the places GOD sent me and sets up Judaism in several  newly built Synagogues as a chosen one JEWISH EXILARCH in the DAVIDIC BLOODLINE NARCOTIC MAFIA BOSS. Nice little earner and Marseille is where the opium labs were.   The TSAR is Romanov Nicholeivich Rothschild of HEARTS & Lithuania.  Hitler & Stalin were  Rothschild bastards too.  We are now on the verge of PRE-PLANNED WW3 with TURKISH ERDOGAN on Richard Branson and George W Bush's Boards. Carrie Fisher with TODDESCO and ROTHSCHILD are all in the BANNED AUSTRIAN Nobility in 1919 and only Von Karajan can use is Von or Zu cos he is an entertainer like JOLSON (cant recall his jewish name).  Arnstein, Eskeles , Gomperz, Kuffner , Auspitz (no not the famous death camp), Schey von Koromia,  Wertheimstein & WEIRNESS (my Physics teacher Mr Weirter/Elliot Ness untouchables? ) Do you get the LOTHRINGEN Lothlorien Lord of the Rings Jokes in relation to the SWORDS re-forged and kings re-appearing from distant lands.  Hainisch is HAIN the RSA now Welsh politician and GERMAN GREEN policy maker. Von Zeppelin was notorious in WW1.  BENE Israeli now in transit/freelance  as the money launders that Pi Pi Jesus warned us about! Do you get it now?  The Congress I attended was in the Sassoon Hospital PUNE. Mumbai is home to 80 million and the wealth divide is astounding THANKS TO THE MONEY LENDERS that Jesus etc. The staely Empire RAJ buildings are now in the shade of the FINANCIAL SERVICES SKYSCRAPERS.  There are of course good sassoons who write ANTI-WAR POETRY for Rothschild who run all wars all sides.  The Jewish names become the OBI Wan Kinobe jokes for Harrison Ford and Ewan McGREGOR (Rothschild of Watford)  Mar Zutra got me a picture of the erotic Kama Sutra like TOTSI Website for the ANGELFIRE evidence that Christ never lived gets you PORN too. Obadiah and all the Jewish names then appear in the MUSEUM FILM to parody everybody in world history. Kofee Anan of the UNITED WEALTH DIVIDED NATIONS treason pops up. Huni,  Hanasi, Jonahan Aitken is a double whamy AIK is OAK  and that is  THORS PAGAN icon on the Churchill estates and on the shoulder  badge of every German uniform throughout WW2 & HOME to David Steel in AIKWOOD & 100 ACRES Christian Domesday LAND GRABS.  AKKUB, Shemaiah Hezekiah, Shemiah TWAIN, Obadiah, Jesaiah.  Next Burgonland way out in the death camps. My friend Billy Burgon died really young and BURGONLAND on the old maps is R UGLAND right next to THURINGIA AND LOMBARDY legends in financial services now. I explain the Med Twin Towers of Gibraltar and the N African pillar & the TARANTO region on the heel of Italy that spawns TORROTO and its corrupted stock exchange. Jardine Mathieson  is the other narcotics financial services output. So we did not find FISCHER on the Austrian lists but LOURDE  are relatives of Carrie Fischer and her bro TODD,  The Sissi family are mentioned as template for the Von Trapp Austrian nobility and LISLE 16 going on 17 died of DEMENTIA making that massive joke about LANDLOCKED AUSTRIA providing naval officers out of INNSBRUCK/Rothschild VIENNA.  The Rothschilds in VIENNA employed a maid called Maria and she may well be the ancestor of ANGELA MERKEL and Hitler Rothschild out of the semen in the cigar tubes INSEMINATION programmes.  The Adel lists are the slightly lower nobility but earns adelle the singer a massive fortune.  The TREATIES and gifting of HONGKONG are just a massive piss take. As are the HSBC Cameron's dad' s baby and the ICONS for the SWASTIKA CROSS WINDMILL are all through the sick world history. 21 million dollars were taken from China in Silver coinage  for challenging what the BRITS did on their land and to their dismembered armies.  So religion is less potent in dismembering CHINA than narcotics  but the missions & land grabs continue  relentlessly .  END OF STORY BUT YOU SHOULD SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN NAPLES FLORIDA! 

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE MANCINI WOMEN Descend to Madonna (Ciccio from Corleone) and are Shagbags for Charles II of England in CHELSEA & Descend from the PROSTITUTE  Lovers of Louis XIV of VERSAILLE  (Madame Pompadour & Hortense)  Louis XIV of France had many Prostitutes at great cost to the Nation and the Polish Les