Online Dating S&M Beheadings Schisms in the Bedchambers, Papacy & a good Knight out in the false Biblical Story

30 July 2015

The women in the Kinvara Balfour Dynasty have been badly treated by all of them still have their heads on their shoulders & not in the pickle jar that the victims of the monarchy bloodlines get.  They are picked to be rejected & headless for their affiliations to all the REFORMIST religious denominations that come out of the genocidal Christianity FRAUD. Jesus never lived....and all the elites know that since Herrod and Pontius Pilate condemned "JESUS" to death....they are real and are friends of the PISO authors of the bible frauds in ROME & NAPLES.  The Balfours are close to the Dukes & Duchesses of NORFOLK (in business & it seems the bedroom)out of LONGSHANKS bloodline but they get to whinge about the laws of succession as millionares when we cannot smack our children.  In the Bloodline from Longshanks and his french wife to the Dukes of NORFOLK in SUSSEX ARUNDEL nr BRIGHTON  things were really dangerous for all but one of the claimants in the BLOODLINES.and all across the religious divide that is reformed and post-schism christianity.  Video 3 actually exposes the SHAREHOLDING profiteering in the Cathedral at Arundel and the BARNABUS society BUT here I declare them to be relatively innocent.  The squabbling over inheritance makes these rich people superstars in the trivia sector.  My INTRANET message on facebook is still on facebook and I welcome your friendship there.  The holdings in SUSSEX are massive like the Dukes of Northumberland and all the monarchy claimants own vast castles and tracts of land.  The battles in religion, elite households and the papacy/monarchy is the root of all evil.  I have all the jokes (on how the kill steal and control the masses and expose them all in the message I sent with the Duchess of Norfolks' business register to let them know I am now tracking LONGSHANKS long term friends for 1000 years.  So we do some georgraphy on Sussex where my WIFE was the scorer for the county cricket club.....the links to royal Brighton Bognor Regis and the twisted British monarchy frauds that give them SYPHILIS since HENRY VIII persecuted his lovers in many ways.....right into the RAPED Queen victoria with all the profiteering kids sired by the Rothschilds.  So we show you the celeb culture that covers up the role of women in these households.  They now appreciate that god regulates king henry's prospects of siring a male child and all the elite families continue to have massive numbers of children as they use war to cull the innocent poor.  The original sin is in all the beheading scenarios and  PIPPA & KATE Middleton are not commoners at all THEY ARE PICKED out of longshanks David Frost, Colin Cowdrey, Michael Ancram's lineage.  So the elite team is fabulously rich but they live their lives in fear of the Rothschild assassination bureaus and all the GLOBAL INTEL organisations that dismember the democracy concept and run the propagandist media.  If you want to see my letter go to my facebook page.  The video explains all the GLOBAL HISTORY/CHRISTIANITY/MONARCHY /POLITICAL FRAUDs.  Longshanks had a palsied eye like almost all the Downton abbey cast the NAME for the PALSY is PTOSIS with the PISO word in it and the crucifix that is the letter T. Signore is the father god in OPERA and Gepetto is the father god in Jonah in the old testament LOCKED in the belly of the Mammalian whale  as pinochio (Jesus, with no strings  son of a Schumaker like the Warners Hudal and pinnochio   The PIE is the female vagina and Pi is the horse that wins the oscars.  PINTO was one of 3 ships that columbus sailed in and like magellan's they float by ON XMAS day in the morning.  Santa Monica Boulevard (song by cancer victim Sheryl Crow) is BURBANK where the Warners become the FOX news propogandists who are now news corp led by MURDOCH.  My letter lets the NORFOLKS know I understand the SCHISMS reformation and Inquisition culls as well as the SAXE COBURG Windsor fraud. INNES is the Ineous joke and is the Jesus joke (INSOUS/or INRI is inscribed on jesus's cross).  I profile the INTEL operatives around us and insight into the Wynn Williams Duccal Welsh tart director numbers.  These fascists cull the returning troops after they laugh at the WWW Windsor kings speech jokes....Mussolini Goosolini in the WW W W Warner bros HOLLYWOOD joke in BURBANK CA (Calvary Hill Cahill jokes).  The blue blood syndrome is SYPHILIS in the bloodline since King HENRY VIII right into the GOLDFISHfor the ROthschilds who sired all the profit stream from Queen Victorias' rape by the ROTHS in her bigamous marriage to Prince Albert. My message was sent to the Duke Guy Innes Ker, Lothian and Borders Police and Shania Twain who wears the ARRIAN Arran Jerseys and is part of the Tom Sawyer Mark Twain Whiteboards joke and a personal friend of criminal PM Helen Clark in NZ & the UN development agency.  so into the acts of god in the Philipines where the local jehovas have daughters working in the CHRISTIANITY fraud missions her sister is a dead ringer for the BRAVEHEART wife who had her throat cut for defending herself from rape by the English troops.  CENSORED FROM HERE Their are hundreds of christian denominations in the philipines which is why they get the floods.  ABEL DANGER are KNOW NOTTINGS with a Hawkins at its head (the Hawkeye Vietnam Robin Hood Jokes from No NOTTINGHAM and NOTTING HILL JOKES.  Then things get really serious when I talk about the reformations and religious SCHISMs and GENOCIDAL CHRISTIANITY IN fighting.  So my wife is a traitor to the worlds most innocent activist for human rights and INTEL operatives get treated just as harshly as the rejected claimants to the throne as figureheads for all denominations.  We profile Marlene Ditrich for her aid out of USA-Germany to become an icon in USA post Nazi backroom. Mata Hari was executed as a Dutch spy  and the whole world is divided by treasonous marriages arranged by the freemasons......GLOBALLY to keep the world in chaos.  The Mata Hari was interogated by Sir Basel Thomson (the RULE BRITANNIA composer's surname ) Mata Hara the dutch Colonial woman started her career in EMPIRE in SUMATRA which like the Pauline Missions is quake prone and Volcanic) was peaceful PACIFIC before christianity arrived as the worlds biggest ever fraud.   So CHRISTIANITY can never agree with its self & all the tiffs become massacres following rule changes all in the name of Jesus (the fraud) and his mum the Virgin is soon launched as the MUM of the gods in the heavens.   ALL THE disagreements in THEOLOGY is lETHAL all over the missionary and reformist world (as I wrote those the sun sank behind dark skies) ....Justs the names for the lethal arguments are:-

Antipopes, Arianism, Eastern Orthodox independent crisisis I, Eastern Orthodox Cannonical  II, Bekhamsted Baptists;, East-West Schism, Protestant reformation,  Society of Pius X (with Piso in it); western Schism, Acacian schism , Affirmation st Louis, Alogi, Anti Pope II, Beglopopovtsky, Bohemian reformation (immune from Plague) in the Great schism when we had three popes, Council of Chalcedon, Pilgrimage to Glastonbury, Circumcision Strife, 4th council of Constantinople,  That is Eastern Christianity, Council of Ariminum, Council of seleucia and jews winning battles by pilow talk and beheadings by Jewish spies who are concubines for the enemy king,  Crotty Schism,  Disruption of   1843, Donatism, Dyophisite,  Instititute of Maria etc etc etc,, Jansenism (and my friend in Minnesota who have  one of 13 Federal banks  in the USA homeland fraud) That is minnesota now home for the HMONG vietnamese traitors,, Judaizers,.  Then I get to our friends in rural Herts where all the mums/families are in money laundering, my hobby horse has been stiolen by the Church of scotland fraudsters who worked in sub saharan african fundraising as former PARKS of Hamilton. Marcianism  (marcia Blain School for Jean Brodie), The Pritchards of Tring go right into the reading Uni and UK PLC frauds with Princess anne at the hub and the CRiddles have gone the same way and now play for Saracens the HARRIS STocks House linkage to South African Rhodesian scamsters like Philippe Edmmonds of Cricket FRAUD ,   Back to Ephesus out of the Cof E Tring Church, Lollardy, Marcianism Meletius of Antioch THE HAND GRENADE that explodes all the volcanoes all along the THREE PAULINE missions (also non existent but with BARNABUS interlocked with the Dukes of Norfolk.& the SHARES in religion and in the Cathedral at ARUNDEL, (Next Video) .  Melitius of LYCOPOLIS (Piso and POLIS) Monoenergism, Monophistism, Nazarene sect, Nestorian mum in law is NESTA.  Her family are pathetic they are caleed the SALTERS and they are money laundering fraudsters like the Hancocks (Peter was from the WARWICK fraud region and OXFORD where they are really clever and close to the SCUDAMORE lineage and Zahawi the war criminal MP for Stratford on Avon.  The nazarene sect, Nonjuring Schism, Nontrinitarianism, Novatianism, Papal election 1130 (we have quite a way to go till we start loving our neighbour and rejecting our false icons, then papal election 1155 when the French were settling in even in County Durham!  CATHEDRAL STILL TOTALLY INTACT even after Welby became the boss.  All the plotters Like Wolsey in all the courtrooms and vatican scams  get topped too and we get near the bottom of all the lethal arguments.  The chancellor is now full time Money man.  Photian schism, Primitive baptism, Acts of God in childbirth, The Greys in my family are sad too (SON OF YORKIE BADGER BILL) they try to get me sectioned and both he and my uncle with PARK linkages ot of Hamilton THey BOTH get DIABETES.  They get to fish for the Millers of Alnwick and all of them are fascists. Iexplain the Wraiths and McElraths and the sick working man concept.  ECCLEs in the Goons is the Ecclesiastical joke.  I explain again the rift between Kings and popes on the kland grabs and money stream issues.  Creamy Telfer is CREME De La Creme in the Brodies solicitors Marcia Blain CREME DE LA CREME at Crammond jokes.  So the Massacres in Christianity in history are all about the messianic frauds for cash and to dismember honesty, freedom, and the WEATHERSTORMS are acts of God when I reveal the horrible truth. Avignon Papacy Tiff that was the great SCHISM with popes in France Rome and Behemia (the Rhapsody song for queen).  The inner circle is massive and the cloven hoof Touch Wood jokes shared by church goers every Sunday with their dead relatives onthe list of war dead under the phantasy of Jesus in the fine art painting.  my Wife and the Harrises are both from Hemel and laugh at the Maxwell 30 years war conscript Osford Uni Press Christian Bible then we get a list of Christian revisionists that include KNOX, Wycliffe, Tynedale, Jan Hus, hussite Wars,  Radicals ,Counter reformation,  Barkers, Luther Melathon Petrie Calvin, armenius, TrubatSimons etc All the Divisions slaughter Millions then my batteries run out BUT JESUS never lived and that is the LIGHT of THE WORLD JOKE OUT OF CHRISTYS COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE (IMMUNE FROM BOMBING Like Oxford and thei University Press scams that Print the Bible under the MAXWELL conscript name.  YOU TUBE CENSORED IT RIGHT UPNEAR THE TOP but they are just doing what they are told by the treasonous Government.