Norfolks of Arundel & Shareholdings in Cathedrals, Saints, Sothebys, Max Hastings news & missed kick

Money for nothing out of the false religion frauds

You can hear the greed ringing in your EARS.  That is the 1000 years of corruption and globalised Imperialism which LONGSHANKS started in the Holy Lands CRUSADES.  We quickly profile Henry VIII and all the other close relatives in the Colin Cowdrey, Roger De Montgomery (dukes of buccleugh), Middleton, Hastings, David frost, The middleton lineage. Yesterday I suggested the NORFOLKS had no massive scams on the business records I briefly checked out in the previous video.  I now have SINS in religious profiteering to report.  But firsts the GAVIN HASTINGS sporting diversion for the arrow in Harolds eye.   The Rugby world cup is the motive, Murrayfield is the crime scene and HASTINGS is the traitor (see earlier videos on assett striping the Rugby sector, London Scottish and the British lions issues where all the money disappears out of the TOP of the game.  If you dont understand rugby the goal for the kicker is to get the ball over the crossbar and between the posts. So Scotland lost and Hastings sold even his club down the swanny.  They run the real estate empires in Scotland now. So now on to leadership of the KINGDOM and the execution of queen Mary by her cousin queen Elizabeth I and her lover from Leicester. I explain the white feather COWARDICE issues.  The Davison story is the Bowden story.   QE1 plays the persecution game like Pontius Pilate the roman governor who passed the crucifixion decision on to those helped the PISO write the bible but JESUS never lived. The earl of Leicester JEREMY IRONS  plays the christian Conquistador in the MISSION move with Robert De Niro .  Queen mary has the same Mickey Mouse haircut we described in the 1st LONGSHANKS video & the romantic French linguistics and the RUBY red Catholic revolutionary/martyr colours.  The reformation & launch of new denominations is the key to all the religious massacres.  The clerics read a section from the bible FRAUD and the rest is sectarian violence for hundreds of years ALL sides have iconic martyrs.  So yesterday I said the Howards of Duke of Norfolk that desserted Thomas Moore for fear of HANGING were relatively innocent in Arundel and their other massive estates.  Now I know they make money for nothing out of religious frauds. The missing planes is the cover for the monarchy frauds for way over 18months already. The middletons are not commoners and one of the Norfolk women is  a dead ringer for Mrst T.  The Duke of Norfolk Edward William Fitzallen-Howard has massive interlocks covering Waste disposal in sheffield where he interlocks with the BALFOURS.  We look at their farming interests which sell food for profit but we find this is slightly in the red UNLIKE their religious interests.  They take the form of Share issuance scams where no capital is sudenly transformed into £millions.  Two of his companies are TRUSTEES (NO TAX SCANDAL).  The archbishop of Canterbury typifies the profiteering in religion Oil magnate with ELF and son of Winston Churchill's private sec.  St Barnabus is the administrateor (non existent) for the nonexistent St Paul TOGETHER they are the Pauline missions the HAND grenade of Antioch Python jokes. The St Barnabus Society is registered in  Oxford with a nt worth of £8,6 million......ALL in Share equity with no share capital invested THAT IS MONEY for nothing A MIRACLE (shareholders are anon).   Sothebys are in the Norfolk Holdings (Like IAIN FLEMING THEY ARE REGISTERED  in BOND STREET for a laugh at the WAR Profiteering led by the flemings.  the friends of Arundel Cathedral are doing OK with 1.2 million net worth with £12K in Assetts. All in the share isuance scam sectors with money released from the rising toxic debt pools.  I explain the auction room selling team buying team and how the stock rises in value.  So we explain confession and COERCION in religions.  The Balfour Norfolk waste disposal companies are in the South coast and they scam SHEFFIELD (Nick Cleggs old patch). Poor Sotheby's have nothing at the bank or in their share portfolio. On the sotheby's board we have Scots husleins, Wurtenburg, Lord Nicholas LENNOX,, Michael Conrad heseltine, Giuseppe Ceccateli, Jacobus Christophelt Du-Plessis (Cardinal Richeleu in france), Ed Stourton;s relatives, Pratt and Sons, Lord Markham the Rayners of Ukraine. At the bottom we have a Kuhne, Robsoms Montgomerys again and Sue Wonnacott from Chatham house  &  the RIght Hon Sir Angus James  Bruce  Ogilvie,  They the OGILVIEs have been saintedby the catholics    Max HASTINGS is also a traitor in the Free Press so the batteries run out as we profile  Game and wildlife Conservation people like the Salvesens and the Dukes of norfolk, ASTORS and the HASTINGS are the head of the independent Free press regulatory body!!!!!!  Lord Black interlocks with the Bronfsteins THE WHISKY ALCOHOL Bootleggers