Longshanks' Bloody Bloodline Under religious, reformation & Sectarian Orders


The dangers of unjustified divorce and executing the innocents under RELIGIOUS ORDERS


So I Made this Video and a couple more below on how the corruption and the ruthless executions continue in royal bedchambers and at the hands of NATOs armies right up to the present day.  

BELOW is the descriptor I tried to post on YOU TUBE.  If you listen carefully you will understand the ARTHURIAN LEGEND JOKES, Tom of Warwick, University of Warwick Inquest War CRIMES RULES and treason for over 1000 years and the religious drivers are RUTHLESS and the women get dementia (like THATCHER still the greatest in Max Hasting's/Murdochspapers) or their heads lopped off like Dianna Queen Mary of Scots, Lady Jane Grey & all of Henry (INRI jesus pun) 's wifes are the diversion from Henry stealing back from the pope his holdings in Briatain and eventually the YMCA in California!  I want you to realise the dangers of unjustified for profit DIVORCE & the headless bodies corporate...that now include the CROWN's lawcourts.

Longshanks UK Inc, INRI VIII, Tudor Heads off Divorce & the Howards Dukes of Norfolk Reformation out of (Arundel UNDER RELIGIOUS ORDERS) (which You Tube Removed from the Title).

This video describes the amazing linkds of the Dukes of Norfolk to LONGSHANKS King Edward I (Hammer of the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish and the Holy lands).  But also, in more modern days, to Colin Cowdrey, David Frost, The Marquess of Lothian, the De-Mowbrays, and the MIDDLETONS.  We focus on the engineered tensions between the christian sectarian denominations, the rift beteen the land/money grabbing fraud that is christianity and the papacy which leads to the monarchs, emperors and dictators declaring that they now want to champion the NON EXISTENT JESUS as the leader with them as his rep all the way from Dover Hastings and Arundel up to John O Groats .  I try and describe how simple it is to have your wife executed,then and today in the form of Princess Di and the demonisation of the denominational figureheads as ruthless rivals it is ever so lethal compared to what we have now. So we profile the innocents that were Anne Boleyn, Mary Queen of Scots and the 9 day queen Lady Jane Grey all killed by beheading under the revised/reformed Christian laws which are tweaked continually to cover the worlds greatest ever fraud.  I will add more but I want to get this public there are at least 2 more on these themes and the GLOBAL Schisms and Massacres they engineer all around the world. It was easy then to exert absolute power and I will add to the story as soon as my divorce case is over AND I get back on the trail of our treasonous governments all over the G20,,,,,this one though is about "Great Britain and the Bloodshed that follows the christian launch.  So we start with Anne Boleyn down on her knees after being acused of breaking Gods rules by a christian cleric.  THERE never was a jesus christ.  She was beheaded with a sword without her head on the block.Lady Jane grey was planted as a candidate to Henry's throne by the Dukes of Northumberland (Percy) but her reign was only 9 days and even her husband DUDLEY& the Northumberlands get executed too.  The Percies Northumberland also own WARWICK in those days.   I refer to Thomas Moore & A man for all seasons but also to the Arthurian legends.  Tom of Warwick is a boy who gets knighted for acknowledging that Arthur's influence will live on.  It is now a joke about UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK rules.....writing a legend of lies that will be used in a war crimes or treason inquest.....if you do not stick to the world owners script you get what Boleyn, Queen Mary of Scots, David Kelly and Robin Cook.....the inquest chairs are the judiciary like Chilcot, Cullen, Reid of Celtic and LORD ABERGAVENNY married into the LONGSHANKS marriages since Willy Wallace was executed. Pelinor in Camelot becomes the NUCLEAR inquest at PELINDABA where the inspectorate led by a Blixen (not with syphilis as OUT OF AFRICA movie).  Under Warwick rules too the twisted witnesses who declare Africa nuclear free get ploughshare icon made from Arthurian swords).  THEN we get onto the DUKE OF NORFOLK: Howard and the friend of Thomas Moore.  The depictions of the executions bring tears to your eyes even today.  All the perpetual religious schisms, 30 & 100 years wars keep the ordinary worshipers in armies for all of CHRISTIAN history. Now the Eastern wiing launched by the PISOS (like the Quoran Koran with the Jewish publishers in TEL AVIV).  The syphilis in Henry's loins and the illegitimacy takes us into the current "British" " Monarchy" .  All the PISO icons pearls, Fur collars and false writings of Max Hastings free press (see next video on HASTINGS treason all over the UK).  Queen Mary was executed at 45 yrs.  We still have PRETENDERS to be news men to defend this treasonous plot THAT IS ABEL DANGER & the No NOTTING Notting hill traitors....same people that get remunerated by LEVESON who is married to the Dukes & Duchesses of NORFOLK/Longshanks' bloodline.  The films today depict the W W W Warner jokes  with the beheaded heads having Whigs or Mickey Mouse icons (the Tom & Jerry Walt Disney Time Team Jokes).  Please note QE1 the surviving tudor monarch has a POPPY on her head....SHE KNOWS POPPEA was NEROS wife and that the PISOS murdered NERO. HER HEAD STAYS ON....and she launches the hearts of OAK fleets.  NUTS by the way are TESTICLES in the male gender.  Howard in the movie wears a kilt-like LEDERHOSEN uniform to declare his commitment to make the war dead dead.  We discuss the LOYALTY and treason issues that mean that the British Govt & the Scottish govt are entirely committed to silencing me as an activist.  As a leader of our corrupted Nation both Howard of Norfolk & Lord Sanderson blame the Spanish for corruption like BASEL fawlty blames the Portugese.  the only way I will be silenced is by EXECUTION.  This team have already stripped out £60,000 from my pension fund & in Scottish law they have attempted to backdate the DIVORCE DIVVY up back to 2011 but have now removed all grounds for divorce.  HRH the WWW Windsor will be made aware of that in the next seven days.  She is one of the richest profiteers on the globe and owns the Scottish COURTS THE CROWN OFFICE who sold Scotland in the Referendum for the Constitutional Monarchy.  THEY WORD LIMITED ME HERE FOR SOME STRANGE REASON.   The Bowdens are both covers for the feudal landlords that launch the false news and DAVIDSON is the man who took the orders to execute Mary Queen of Scotts to the ENGLISH GOVERNMENT.  In Gordons Scandals that is the bitch that was freed to cover up the arms to iRAQ inquest  SO THE TREASON & WAR CRIMES ARE CENTURIES OLD but keep being covered up by University of Warwick rules and LONGSHANK’s surviving relatives both sides of the bloody border our country has been sold.   The Email to myself is obfuscated by the surveillance armies of “FRIENDS” they have on my case (to silence the worlds most informed human rights activist).  My affiliation to cider is strictly to remove the gender bias from the original sin chapter one BIBLICAL FRAUD. ….that is the APPLE joke (did you notice JOBS  the APPLE computing Joke died a couple of years ago).  Listen for the messages dropping into my In Box.   So I upload the LONGSHANKS EDWARD I  family tree and he was married to a Maggie from France.  We mention the De Mowbry’s the Nevilles of Man United, LORD ABERGAVENNY of the DUNBLANE cover up. DERBY DUKES, several Kers Kerrs , Earles of Carlisle, D’Acres (in the 7 ACRES wood in Op Winnie the Pooh for Hitlers friends THE RABBITS),  HENRY VIII only has two of his wives listed for ovarian/headlessness reasons.  The Churchills run the Orange wars & get Blenheim and to sire the Queens Babies since the stammering king’s children were stillborn with epilepsy.  The Petrie’s of HIBS FC are in the bloodline like Melvyn Bragg from Penrith & Lancaster.  LEVESON GOWER pops up again that is the link to my neighbours at MERTUN the Duchess of Sutherland who sent the colonists to the colonies and the profiteers to LEVESON so they could have a laugh at all they steal and Kill.  Tuppy Glossop the PG Wodehouse’ joke & the Macleods of SKYE fairy castle jokes…..the FITZALLAH ALLAN Joke is vicious.  We expose the last FALLON at Celtic superstars….and that my name LEES is pronounced that way even if it is written Legh……The FOGHORN LEGHORN puppets in the modern scams and Legge Burke when Princess Di was engaged to familicide experts. Robert Maxwell fought for religious divide out of Cumberland like the Butcher of Cumerland THE GEORGIAN German who culled the JACOBITES in the continual strife.  The Modern Howards/Norfolks are featured in the next two videos.  It is just not Cricket but it leads to the cricket pitch in London being THE LORDS cricket  ground NIXON being covered up as drug running genocidal land grabber in the Vietnamese and Latin American narcotics wars…that Is NIXON who like to party with the abdicated King and was found guilty of electoral fraud at WATERGATE for Robert Redford who did not get syphilis OUT OF AFRICA then my batteries run out so MAX HASTINGS willhave to wait to be accused of treason in the INDEPENDENT Governance boards for the free Press FEATURING LORD CONRAD BLACK FROM CANADA and on and on the corruption rolls.