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Good morning I am bored again so I want you to know how corrupted and lethal our local national and feudal government/governance has been I want you to start by watching this video on BLAIRS IRAQ WAR Then the LEVESON COVER UP VIDEO next one down



CLICK ON THE VIDEO & READ THE FULL TEXT (censored by You Tube & Google+ for shame of the above video on corruption and genocide by the World Owners) with a focus on the LEVESON COVER for the war crimes and ECONOMIC FRAUDS THAT BLIGHT OUR WORLD & the childrens' future Globally.

Leveson Duke of Sutherland linkage, Borders Council Donkeys & the MONTEFIORE Sebag Gossip (read it as you watch the video above)
Im bored again so am going to BUST OPEN the ANGLO-AMERICAN media and Government (local and national scams).  So we start with diasporas to the promised land and global conflict. The music is Jewish but I am tracking down the growth of Christianity and the roles of HOLLYWOOD in the JOKES about all messianic religions.  We start with King George, the stammering oscar winner making the British Empire speech at IBROX Glasgow just 5 minutes in the chariot from PAISLEY and the Cluny CLOONEY frauds.    The new data is on the Scottish Borders Council, David Murray of Ibrox (the Italian Bros Joke) and the DONKEYS they keep in the field.   Lord Peter Lothian the banking UN magnate has died so I show his image at the pearly gates in DAVOS THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.  The EPHOD in the Jewish faith is the Ipod.   The Montefiores and the Quraish's are jewish bankers and the KORAN publishers for the PISO family under their new IDs in Paisley, HASTINGS, Ulster and the YMCA in CA (calvary hill) .   The Leveson victims are Portrayed ( I played James Blunts' no bravery on the IRAQI and Afgahn Kurdish Genocides before I wrote this). Hugh Grant, John Prescott, Tony Blair the war criminal, Coogan the Comedian, Ian Hislop Have I got news for you JOKER, Jeremy Paxman student loans leader at University Challenge,   The late Peterr Sutherland is a financial & UN criminal with the RBS like SAINT McKillop in the religious fraud.  The HIGHLAND CLEARANCES are next....written about by the PREBBLES on the Rothschild Boards but planned by the Duchess/Dukes of Sutherland from MERTOUN on the Tweed and Oxford's Richest college where JRR TOLKEIN was a profiteer. The CULL ODEN  FLODDEN jokes are revealed like the Bletchley Code & the PISO numerical codes.  THe GEORGE Clooney O Brother movie is made by the Cohens to cover CLUNY ABBEY the biggest in the world before St Peters inRome. The Cohens are the high priests of Israel since Ch 2 Aaron in the Old Testament & Talmud.  So on to the tabs to be gossiped about.  1936 Empire celebration STAMMERING KING in IBROX (Italian Bros) Glasgow.  The Duchess of Sutherland LADY Victoria MARY Sutherland (nee Egerton)  is RELATED TO LORD LEVESON and are linked to the Montefiores and Lord Sanderson of Bowden, Robert Bruces HEART at Dryborough where David Murrays golf course is right next to the DONKEY field for Alisdair HUTTONS Scottish Borders Council.  The Leveson secrets came from the Met Police leader LORD Stephenson linked to all the FETTES trained Blair, Stevens, Condon et al....linked to the OUR KINGDOM/ TRIDENT scams .  The Piso numbers code is a huge joke for David Murray as he steals from rangers fans twice.  Ewen McGregor makes the movie on the Salmon fishing in the YEMEN and the Saltire flag being the JOCanan Star wars light sabres JOKE. Blairs genocidal deputy is john Prescott killed millions in Iraq and got 40K from Leveson for being abused by MURDOCH (see video 2).  The colonists were sent away as slaves for stealing bread at the same time as the Rothschilds got the Bank of England and Osterreich into their pockets AFTER WATERLOO 200 years ago this week.  OXFORD CENTRE FOR JEWISH & HEBREW STUDIES BOARD. Just some names: Montefiores (Semen bags) are on the Board with Field Marshall Lord Charles Guthrie BLAIRS pick forthe peerage , John Lewis, PINTO Columbus's ship, Goodman, Lord Rix, Ambassador Moshe Raviv, Dame Shirley Porter, Dr Arthur Levin, Lisbet Rausing, Dr Paul Michael Joyce LORD HAW HAW; Lord Clause Moser Fraudster and chief statistician aged 90, Lord Simon Richard Marks, Nicholsons, Mr Peter Morris Oppenheimer; William Frankel;  Avril Millicent Cameron (white feather Clan in the flight of the HERON Jokes); Neil Ninian Robertson; Slomo Ben Ami PhD; Prof Vermes; RevDr John B Muddiman; sir Isiah Berlin; sir Ivor Crewe; Sir Maurice Shock; Cowens and Lord WOLF;  Mosers' Sutton Jewish ART school in London costs 30,000 pounds per year/pupil .  Maggie Smith in the JEAN BRODIE Downton Abbey sector is also innocent like the current Duchess of Sutherland (AliasMs Victoria Mary Egerton).  I do not know whether the current Duchess has a four poster bed.  So profiteering in elite families that OWN the WHOLE OF SCOTLAND.  Charles Adam Laurie SEBAG Montefiore; Charles Edward Bruce; Mertoun Estates Farms is decent but the directors need to be watched IAN DOUGLAS ROSEN; Tweed Foundation; Tweed Commisioners; Henry Alexander Egerton; John Philip Henry Schomberg Scott OF NOTTING HILL do you get the NO NOTTING Crimes and genocides now WHY ABEL DANGER met in Nottingham;  Mertoun House looks clean but they run PONZIS in wind power.  See next video.  Rupert Murdoch, Lizzie his daughter Chipping Norton run the wars the cover ups.  TWEED FOUNDATION The Fish conservancy Centre DRYGRANGE (the abbey where Robert Bruce's heart is buried for ALLEGIANCE TO LONGSHANKS & BETTER OF TOGETHER traitors.  Duchess Victoria Mary sutherland is on the TWEED Foundation with the Ker's, JOYCEYs again HAW HAW, the YOUNGER brewer dynasty; the Dobies Gardeners; the Curries of the SS in Edinburgh; Schomberg Walter Scott Museum Curators; Onslow; Virtue; Jennifer Jane Lovett; Andrew Douglas Home YEMEN bombing family Garden of ADEN jokes;  LORD SANDERSON OF BOWDEN has been removed since he asked me to kill fish for the CONSERVANCY (for 30 years he was THATCHERS nogotiator of our EU fish quotas).  SO the Montefiores are on the Jewish but not  many Borders Boards; HOVE and GOVE is now JUSTICE secretary;  Simon Sebag Montefiore and many others named ADAM, Moses and other Montefiores own BLETCHLEY CODE ESTATES that run the PISO christianity NUMERICAL CODES for centuries and falsify WORLD HISTORY trained in Cambridge.  Treason and Spying out of OXBRIDGE and into RUSSIA CHINA (SHAKINA Jewish angel jokes); Ramsgate & Montefiore Synogogues & links to BRISTOL slaving and boiler rooms for MONEY LAUNDERING MAFIAS;  Emigrated from Israel in 1989; Sir Moses Haim Montefiore Hospitaliers; Dorothy Yellow Brick Road Montefiore Anglo OZ suffragists; Lubawicher Perth australia McCalpine Tory Fundraiser in Australasia; Tel Aviv Publishers of KORAN; SANTA Montefiore XMAS dream ODESSA jokes.  LORD SANDERSON of Bowden has headed the Abbotsford freemasons that cull returning troops for 200 years since waterloo so they can be LORDS and help the ROTHSCHILDS defraud our country and break all the Conservancy RULES and GENEVA Nuremberg Rules.  So we go to Charles Laurie Sebag-Montefiore Reg in W Yorkshire where they have only one tiny salmon river but vast tracts of freemasons golf courses and Scarborough where the cliffs collapse and Bram Stoker & Sir Jimmy Savile are celebrities for this cause.....and CAPTAIN COOK sailed from in the GLOBALISM MASTERPLAN (they have a TT bike racing track like the IRISH Isle of Man laundering scenes and that is two christian crosses joke.  EU clidian Ponzi shelves under Charles Adam Laurie Sebag-Montefiore's INTERLOCKS Millions at the bank runs Euclidian PONZIS 1-6 Kiln & Courtauld Trust; Textiles; Lyle and Ms SCOTT of Notting Hill jokes.  St Mary's school at Melrose is one of Lord Sanderson's holdings but I struggle to find him until VIDEO two and you should see what the Abbotsford walter scotts followers do in Las Vegas and the Napoleonic WW1 & WW2 suppress and kill the working man as COMMUNISTS sectors.  Lord Cecil Parkinson is in the Montefiore Interlocks but I struggle to find the ENERGY Wind power fraudsters but Melvyn Bragg Chancellor at Leeds University is listed too with Countess of Hare; Joyces HAW HAW Jokes but I cant find the WINDMILLS scams run by the Duchess Interlocks. Mertoun farms are registered at 66 Lincolns in Field  & they use TYROLESE as launderers and TYROL is where all the legendary Scottish Soldiers wandered far from home to their death.  We Find Egerton in DORSET and that takes us to GVO (GOVE Cabinet Justice Sec) Cover wind farms as PONZI shelves and registered in BERKELY SQUARE London (massive cover ups since Busby Berkely Murders in USA and Matt Busbys babes at Man Utd; Lord Henry Alexander Egerton also uses Tyrolese.  Andy Stewart sings thec songs about TYROL and these are MY MOUNTAINS and the BARREN ROCKS of the GARDEN OF ADEN where the BP plant still is even after bombing by Harold Wilson & Douglas Home. Henry Alexander Egerton Ellesmere LINK is the key to the PONZIS out of berkely Square using the TYROLESE Launderers. Ian Douglas Rosen runs the Wind farm ponzis W1J5AE;  GVO Biomass Windmill scams; GVO Wind 22 two little duchesses and dozens Windmill frauds which the Rothschilds have been running since the law enforcers took SIL out of the HERTS silkworm factories.  St Mary School is the safe fascist haven for Lord Sanderson of Bowden under the Roman Eildon Hills.  The Borders Councillors are in a massive toxic debt pool and they wont let me help. Gareth Baird is Lord Lieutenant for our region and the BUTCHER in Melrose. Roger Baird the rugby legend is on the St Mary's board too with the Youngers and Lord Sanderson Who Persecuted me as one of our country's leading fremasons. Ogilvies on the Board with McGregors THE SALMON fishing in YEMEN Ewen McGregor covers into star wars THE SALTIRE crossed light sabre Joke; John Alister Campbells on St Mary's school board.  The PEER pressure is IMMENSE.  Julia Margaret BRUCE since Braveheart treason, Onslow, Blair-McDougall.  We Close the video when the batteries run out. Lord Sanderson of Bowden has resinged from almost all of the registered companies and we close with the HAWICK Cashmere company see next video on the Hawick working men slaves and war dead SUNG about by the Scottish Walter Scott warmongering profiteers since WATERLOO got them into power and TYROL is also HITLER's birthplace (No Room at the INNSBRUCK baby jesus VIENESE CENTRAL BANK Rothschilds scams TO BE CONTINUED in Episode TWO