LEES and Bowden Videos: The Fraud Empires that have the world in Chaos.

We are now global with our sensational videos and we have ABEL DANGER (anti-treason GLOBAL RESEARCH movement) participants beginning to join us (in tying their research on coerced politicians & civic leaders/press quislings to financial frauds and economic crimes).  The most recent videos will now be posted on the top of the pages with titles and keywords.  Tell your local political representatives & law enforcers that you understand why the people are in austerity and who the criminals are (we have their director numbers and can explain their political/diplomatic/financial services crimes).  John Paterson in Sussex has been pivotal in getting our news out and in sharing with the British police where there funds have gone and why.  John' s videos on the history of treason wealth divide and religious/geopolitical manipulation of the world are on the page directly below Gordon Bowden does not want to be involved in conspiracy theories which is why we stick to financial fraud and we keep publish the directorial documents.  So recent videos are on top. 

Breaking News 24th July 2014 on Fraud at the Head of UK Govt, G20, Monarchy and Public policy interests that are geopolitical-industrial munitions complexes
Hammond, Liam Fox, Royals: Sir Michael Hinze: Princes Foundation, Duchy of Cornwall & Institute for ECONOMIC AFFAIRS 

Liam Fox, Philip Hammond, Sir Michael Hinze, Elizabeth Manningham-Buller, Munitions, NHS, PHARMA profiteering. Massive Virtual product FRAUDS & the undermining of public sector initiatives (including the funding of local policing)

Gordon Bowden and professor George Lees discuss pan continental fraud involving Liam Fox (and his munitions trading boyfriend Adam werrity) Sir Michael Hinze (directorial links to the Prince's Foundation, the Duchy of Cornwall and the Institute for economic affairs).  We discuss fraud in the NHS, undermining of funds for local policing and the involvement of world leaders and their advisory funding bureaus in the complete sell of of National sovereignty for elite profit. Hinze is a new name for George Lees but the magnitude of his alliance with Royalty and their greed speaks for itself.   Prince Charles' communications with press and politicians is censored, absolutely, for 100 years.  The day he accused Putin of being a bigger threat to world peace than Hitler, the World Economic Forum was covertly hosted in St Petersburg (and Charlie boy was speaking from family owned tracts of land in Canada where our central banking boss comes from: to steal from the worlds  people).  The fraud the gordon Bowden articulately explains is blighting the global economy there are 7 billion victims but only a few thousand elite criminals and genocidal leaders.