JUSTIN WELBY & the Economic banking Religious FRAUDS for 2000 years before WONGA

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Archbiship of Canterbury Justin Welby Winston Churchill PA Mrs welby Banking Fraud and Parliamentary Commission Banking standards Pope Queen Wolsey Dollar Chancellor.jpg

Justin Welby Arch Bishop of C, ELF oil, Churchill, Co op Bank WONGA Odessa frauds 1

You Tube Censored all the story above here and I will post it all on my website under JUSTIN WELBY & the Economic banking Religious FRAUDS for 2000 years before WONGA the whole story is on GOOGLE+ NOW HERE ARE SOME KEYWORDS they would not let me use ENTERPRISE OIL PLC; Scottish Borders Council; Ms Patricia Thom; Justin Portal Welby; Company Check; Director Number; OIL Magnate; Gun Licences; Hollywood; Peter Vardy; Beheading of Wives; Excommunication; Sectarian Dublin; 8 York Road London; £1.89 Bn; Enterprise Oil Middle East SE1 7NA London; Christchurch Earthquake; English City NZ; John Key; Aftershocks; John McCarthy hemel Hempstead; POLIS Piso Joke; Drugs Triumverate; Holy Trinity, Brompton Cocktail; Opiates; Liverpool Care Pathway; robin Williams, Jumanji, Sonof a Shoemaker, Archbishop Hudal; Lord Thurso; Peter Marks; Carl Marx; BBCradio Four Economics Lecture; Barclay; Channel Islands; Co-op Bank; Lloyds Verde Project; Bank rate 0.05%; savings funds; WONGA 4000% interest for homeless; Welby homeless 80% interest; Banking crash exposures LYNCH MOB; Yogi Hughes; Bishop of Kensington, Bishop of Liverpool, Alexei Miller GAZPROM; Grinding Bones to Flour; Miller & Baker Jokes; Professor Christopher Higgins; Vice-Chancellor Christopher Higgins; Professor Kenneth Callman; Russell Group Universities; Student loans scandal;Callman Rothschild NAPLES Bank of Italy; Dean of Liverpool, Andrew Lloyd Weber; Snowden Whistleblower; Princess Margaret; Sex with two black men at same time; Pope Benedict; Hitler Youth; Genocidal popes; Dr Fingland, Kelso High School Governors Board; Healthcare Polypharmacy; NHS Profiteering; Private Care Homes; Public Assetts; Lords Spiritual Bench; Law Lords; Judiciary; Its the Law Dad, Devil's Advocate, JK Rowling; Paul Kim (Christian Primate of Korea); Prime Minister Lewis Hill; Borders General Hospital; St Paul's Cathedral; Christopher Chambers, Lonrho, Lonmin; Rebekah Brooks, st Pauls' Girls School; Privvy Council; Bronfsteins; Bootleggers; CENSORED BEYOND HERE ON YOU TUBE KEYWORDS CONTINUED Non-Existent St Peter; Coldplay; For Some Reason I cant Explain, I know St Peter wont call my name; JIHAD; ISLAM; Persecution of Christians; deuteronomy; false icons; messianic religious fraud; Women Bishops, Vicar of Dibley; Trigger; Dell boy; BoyDell Books, Emily Lloyd Pack; Sex Mad; Tacitus: Mackem; Geordie; Tiny Rowland; Rowlands Gill; Sharks in Oxford; WONGA 4000%; Welby 25%; Food Banks; Local Council Food Charity Franchises; Societal Funding; greenpeace; Prince Philip; WWF Land Grabs; Animal Welfare Scams; Blenheim; Gift from a grateful nation; Orange sectarian strife, Culloden; Flodden; Modern Slavery; Pope benedict; Park Hotel; Lady Hamilton; Lord Nelson; Its in its Pocketses Joke; Killing in Iraq; Charlotte Hawkins; SKY News; Hawkins Jehovas' witnesses.....THEN MY BATTERIES RUN OUT