Serious Fraud: How to report it in Scotland to the United Force

I just visited the local police station to ask this question.  They asked me what sort of fraud I was thinking about ? 

(I had a poster hanging around my neck Entitled "Fraud at the Co-op Bank and at the Toronto Stock Exchange Robbing the Mutual Blind" the second of the two images, which will be published in full soon in high resolution.  So I told the always pleasant civilian on the info desk that it was about Fraud at the Co-op bank over a 2-3 year time period which had now turned into an addiction scandal which has not been challenged by law enforcement as the new CEOs get paid a million, or so, a year to cover the tracks of Peter Marks and the Lloyds banking group. Lloyds banking group "lent" the co-op enough money from its massive billion dollar pool of toxic debt to acquire 600 branches of Lloyds TSB so Peter Marks could feel good about defecting with his £5million pay off. So it lent money to acquire itself at interest and the Co-op is busted as a consequence as the Lloyd board throw the personal profiteers overboard, who sold their company into insolvency but exit with a fabulous pension but no need to stop repeat offending in this sector because it is too complicated or dangerous for law enforcement to take it on. They just take their experience in theft to another bank and empty it.  See the sad case of this director who used to be the chancellor of my first University with directorates in all the big banksProfessor Ewan Brown C.B.E., M.A., LL.B., C.A., FCIBS, Ch. H-Watt Univ. Scroll down and see all those banking interests go offshore in 2008: it was no accident it is grand larceny and his students now get loans from the Rothschild bank (alias the Student Loans England they get a £50,000 overdraft and a life in debt) that they busted this way in 2008 and laundered the cash into havens for the board and the tax free loot that all goes to executives. As the busted banks sack behind the counter staff who take their pensions at 30 because they know they will be worthless by the time they are made redundant...just after the acquisition which turns the ocean of toxic debt in a PONZI scheme whirlpool.     But I did not trouble the civilian on the enquiry desk at the police station with this, I just wanted to know how I could report the massive con trick to law enforecement and get justice for the account holders. SO SHE TOLD ME ABOUT THE FRAUD UNIT IN MUSSELBURGH, near Cardinal OBrien's Parish ....but she thought it had closed since Stephen House became head of the United Force.  So she went upstairs to refer it to the policemen on duty.  While she was looking in her directory for a phone line she confirmed sadly that her civilian colleague the parking inspector/attendant had lost her job since Stephen House got his pay-rise and his knighthood around the same time that they re-opened the Moira Anderson case because they now had the forensic tools to solve it after 50 years of local forces having a lifetime in work. 
The Moira Anderson case is a joke about the death of a young child and Mrs Thatchers appointments of Scotlands law Lords.  Paedophilia Inc. Gov.UK

Moira Anderson the adult used to sing about the ownership of Scotland's mountains but Levy and Macrae (law firm in many of the scams, massacres like Mull of Kintyre, have removed the right of people to roam on the massive Perthshire Estate of anne Gloag cause she is Scotlands RICHEST WOMAN and can pay the fee.

The police constable who came to help/advise me is an old friend of my family and an acquaintance of mine on the bowling green and, as always, he was polite and friendly but feared that the unit in Musselburgh had been closed down. Neither he, nor the kind lady on the information desk (who I talk to and report arson, car crashes, lost/found issues genially), knew how many jobs that had cost but it had happened since the United Force took over.  So I scribbled what they could remember on the back of of a brochure from their shelf on how to complain about local police (shown above and in higher res at the bottom). We came up with this from memory "Specialized Fraud Office" as a guess but  when I got home I noticed that there is an explicit listing of crime agencies on the other side of the brochure.  Some of which are far from the knowledge base of your everyday-bobby-on-the- beat  and the heavily armed ones are mentioned already on this web siteXMAS shopping for an MP7 in the UK MOD police gestapo .  That is the MOD police in "Essex" where the "girls" have a bad reputation and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (which is in Culham...a kinda sick joke)is in Oxford hundreds of miles from TRIDENT (and wrong side of an Independent Scotland's border) is run by the highly paid alf Hitchcock out of Bedford. The CNC are the armed force , I think, who were involved in a shooting incident on a nuclear sub of the Trident model (which will be relocated or closed peacefully, with many job losses, depending on the result of the referendum which everybody  talks about in the news every evening because it does not implicate any politician in massive fraud or issues that require a cordon of heavily armed police).  On this note, the UK BORDER Agency will be majorly affected by the result of the referendum and it is located in GOVAN where Scotland's highest ranking member of the judiciary, Elish Angiolini was born before she defected to Oxford to join Lord Patten's team without too much unwanted attention (on paedophilia and even murders committed by the paedophile rings). Alex Salmond sums her contribution up nicely: First Minister Alex Salmond said: "By next year Elish Angiolini will have completed an unprecedented ten years as a law officer, including five years as Lord Advocate. It has been a pleasure to work with her since 2007, and her term as Lord Advocate has been marked by significant improvements and substantial success in the disposal of justice in Scotland." The citizens are harder to please

That is the UK Border Agency who allowed Andrea Davidson to flee to Latin America despite being guilty of £700,000 ( each ) fraud in cons against her neighbours and in selling forged passports for people wanting to flee to Latin America for criminal reasons (these dirty businesses were run from a heavily armed house, with legit gun licences in Bangor but not as I mistakenly had stated in Derby)  Andrea was ,at the time on police bail: her house was raided by Derby police who sacked her home to find the evidence which secured her pan-continental escape simply so she could not EXPOSE/SQUEAL the fine details of the Arms to Iraq scandal.  The police number that was given for this issues was 620 07/10 2010 but it has been removed from the Derby police records for illegal reasons to shield the head of govt that created the United Force and put Lord Condon in the house of Lords/Head of G4S/BAE munitions systems limited.  Gordon Bowden was  heavily critical of my accuracy on this statement and he told me to change because he doesnt want the Derby police threatening his home with a helicopter again (he says there were no guns in Derby when Andrea was based there) but he allowed me to be more accurate about the guns licenced by Andrea's partner in Bangor.  Gordon corrected me articulately:   The 6 Firearms held by DAVID WILLIAM MILLS (in BANGOR) were all licenced 1 of the 6 was a .223 straight pull rifle Converted to single shot only by modification and built on the chassis of an AR15 Military Sniper Rifle.  I asked him if I should leave in the parallels with gun licences in Dunblane gifted to a notorious paedophile (Hamilton) by the man who was to inherit the top job at NATO for his capacity to just sign things off without worrying about accuracy.  I dare not give you the mans name because he has a temper under pressure and just pulls the trigger on litigation. So apologies for inaccuracies Gordon and I hope the helicopter does not bother you again.  Only Gordon could be heard in our conversation today thanks to SKYPE personnel (who monitor our every word) and who revel in cutting off free speech between loyalists which makes them traitors.  Which makes them complicit in the things we were trying to discuss which was the fudging of the Arms for Iraq inquiry and the release to another Continent of Andre Davidson who was guilty of massive financial fraud, faking passports for latin American criminal refugees and stealing sums of circa £700,000 from her neighbours which did not capture the attention of helicopter teams in either of towns Andrea ran her frauds in.  Gordon is a hard man to please even if you are not on the wrong side of the law and he was going ballistic when SKYPE cut off our access to two-way free speech using their monitoring tool.  Andrea knew too much which is why they let her go but she doesnt know nearly as much as we know....which is why Gordon is nervous about the helicopter and the obfuscation of documents pertaining to genocidal arms deals.  Some of which I sent to Procurator Fiscals in Scotland this morning but I got two constables at Kelso police station to witness the document I sent with a commitment for the recipient to sign off on its safe delivery to law enforcement.  The local police were ever so polite, and understanding, and this makes me feel MUCH SAFER (even though they are inthe united force).  They, the locals, have no helicopter even since Stephen House took command and the innocent Parkie lost her capacity to feed her children with no stress.  They have helicopters in the Cairngorms where Robin Cook had his "accident" but they would NOT let his wife on board in case she got to know to much and he was, predictably, dead on arrival. So the the only decent barrier to Blair, from fettes where the POLIS are trained, to storm into Iraq is buried like the subsequent inquests.  Gordon I do not understand guns so I have just parrotted back what you said: a concept which in the fudged inquest is known as Warwick University rules (they get you in a few days before, get you to learn the script and if you TELL THE TRUTH you get a heavily armed helicopter visiting like the incident on the Mull of Kintyre (which Gordon will scold me about because unlike in the financial billion dollar crimes he solves, he does not have all the evidence).   

Back to my visit to the local police station in Scotland: on the rear of the brochure I used to scribble on, unknown to the friendly job-threatened Scottish Police, was this Unit: The SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME AGENCY.  It is a PO Box number in London, so it can be overwhelmed by cases. A PO Box so no innocent civilians can wander in and it is in the City of London where Stephen House was a trainee under the regimes of Condon, Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, and Sir Ian Blair.....and Cressida Dick was relatively "harmless", at that time.  I forget the names of the two Met Commissioners who sold the Leveson secrets obtained by phone hacking but I am mortified that the parking attendant in my home town, who has a young family to feed, (like Richard Chang's widowBanks Assassinate Whistleblowers?) has lost her innocent job to a greater force.  Her car parking fee revenues were honest, albeit modest but in Scotland we take all the decent locals for granted.  The only man on my walk through town who queried what was hanging round my neck spoke with a home counties accident, but said he was from Ireland and that the corruption in Vancouver was worse than the corruption in Torronto.  He knew all about Martin Sorrell, Haughey, and the serious fraud that was the rape and pillage of the Irish economy and when he said farewell he asked me to LOOK AFTER MYSELF which made me slightly nervous about his sources and his mates gun licences.   Please realise that genocide was committed with the Arms to Iraq and that British law enforcement out with the local sector is a complete SHAM which is why Human Resources in the new police regime " LOOKS AFTER" all the people who are innocent and aware of what is happening in the United force.   Because they, United Force Bosses,  dont want massive  fraud and criminality discussed in the tea room, it is unsettling.  There is no mechanism for reporting serious issues in Scotland which is why Cardinal OBrien, the Co-op board and the LLoyds Banking group are still walking the pavements and leaving the poor local people to "look after themselves" with no organised resistance.  G4S now police the social security office, the RBSs' armoured cars & sentries on the door at George Square HQ, special forces at Melrose sevens, Olympic events where they are disappeared, and Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, Eliza Manningham Buller of MI5 (Cheltenham GCHQ fame) are University Vice-Chancellors/Rectors.  Co-incidentally the County Courts, local councils and housing associations are insolvent and can no longer afford to cut their loans/lawns or dispose of ratepayers' garden rubbish for 18 months .....and you can learn more on their leadership profiteers below.
At the bottom of the page is the PO Box Number for the token effort on fraud (but I will try, like I have done with Europol & Interpol, to tweak their conscience)  in the heart of the city of London....where Cressida Dick is working her quietly way through the system 7/7.  The second royal prince now shoots rare species and dates a Cressida to keep these mafia family issues strictly covered up as an issue of National Security see Dearlove, General Sir Mike Jackson and Andrea Davidson's mate on red nose day Kevin Cahill (advisor to Paddy Ashdown on the  "Irish troubles" murders/Aconomic grand larceny, Gordon Brown on how to demonise Islam but treat it at the NHS' expense and fund it by selling Britains Gold to the EU really cheaply.  One is not sure who looks after Gerry Adams in the financial sense and he talks a fine revolutionary (the LOGO at the Co-op bank) game.  The man who was prepared to talk about the crimes hanging round my neck would not reveal his profession......but would be an excellent lobbyist because he was well informed about all of the crimes politicians commit.  
 The FRAUD UNIT IS POETICALLY IN THE CITY OF LONDON but does not have that personal and friendly touch of the local police
Serious Organised Crime Agency
PO Box 8000
London SE11 5EN
Web:            The local police are now aware of this because I told them the following morning when I got them to acknowledge me informing the procurator fiscal of the new data on the Arms to Iraq scandal and the new evidence on Andrea's flight from justice to keep the reputation of cabinet members and PMs in several corrupted regimes.  

The video is SICK but typical of David Camerons criminal friends in Chipping Norton.....GOD caught up with Ronnie Barker some years ago but Corbett got his knighthood recently he is Ronnie BALFOUR corbett and the author of Treasure Islands....the GLOBALISM story was written by Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson.  Malcolm Rifkinds real name is Rivkind and he might blush if you mention Abrexa Ltd and ARMS TO IRAQ in the same breath....check out his number on the business registry 905773088 (Alliance Medical Group). He is on the Board at Aberdeen assett Management and a G4S subsiduary/Sea Energy PLC and i wrote to him and Mr Salmond on the Hearts fraud into Lithuanian Havens which are actually the newly founded, Rothschild owned CENTRAL BANK.  Romanov, the Hearts Owner, has a millitary submarine which he has used to flee from justice which is not difficult.

The poster hanging from my neck (On the coop fraud) will be published at a later date but the ONE ABOVE gets taken round the local streets tomorrow the cynical laugh at the death of Moira Anderson 50 years ago and re-opened by Sir Stephen when he started to lay off the parkies who are really decent local people now looking for jobs far from home just to feed their kids....they do not address Chief Inspector/Commissioner House as SIR any longer.  I would love to chat to those who were laid off at the fraud unit in Musselburgh.  So please get in touch.  As you can tell, I cannot afford ink for my printer but it is easy to resolve if decent people continue to chat with local jobless crime fighters. But have their eye focussed on the fraud and its creators. Here is the PO box number  in London but I cant afford the stamps since Vince Cable privatised the Globalised Royal Mail AGAIN ( you should see my poster on his VIRTUAL OIL AND GAS CRIMES with PM BOB HAWK from Australia....Vince is MP for Teddington (where John Patrick McCarthy of Lebannon has several businesses registered)  and if you buy VINCE's soon to be worthless SHARES in UI ENERGY then you will likely die a pauper and it will be blaimed on the waiting times at the NHS.   One of the men who insisted Andrea Davidson was loosed with her massive criminal transcript  and her knowledge of the IRAQ genocide is on the business register (sas Rt Hon John Anthony Chilcott and you can check him out at Abraxa: you cannot read his enquiry because it was fudged and supressed like Prince Charles' letters.  Only if more and more of us ask for case numbers from LOCAL & DECENT police, before they loose their jobs will any of this change.
High res high security forces from unexpected places but the FRAUD UNIT IS POETICALLY IN THE CITY OF LONDON but does not have that personal and friendly touch of the local police