Mull of Kintyre Assassinations

Please read these letters before your innocent children lose their lives "for their country"!

Scotland, like so many peace loving countries around the world, is a victim of English, G8 and NATO policy making (although current Scottish politicians, in Holyrood and Westminster, seem inextricably linked to traditional methods of making a good living out of abusing your electorates for party funding or personal wealth)Salmond-Gate: opening it all up for your Nation .  Holyrood has no mandate for International affairs but Scotland has been the crime scene for International terrorism perpetrated by these global superpowers for centuries.  The Mull of Kintyre Chinook helicopter crash (on 2nd June 1994) has all the hallmarks of a state-sponsored HIT that has just been buried too (with all the 29 victims interned with undeclared bullet holes/gunshot wounds in their innocent heads/bodies) with no recourse to justice (for victims, families, political figureheads or bemused and fearful intelligence agents, coroners and their families or courageous whistleblowers in these sectors). Logic or motive in such state sponsored crimes frequently cannot be applied or explained but funding for the Irish problem was a transatlantic political hot potato for 2-3 decades (and the Mull of Kintyre Chinnook was full of highly qualified experts who were expected to quickly deliver results for the politicians on long term sectarian fueds (and the policing/arming of these factions by superpowers both sides of the Atlantic).  Ireland  has been torn apart and persecuted endlessly by its expanionist & greedy neighbours for over 500 years but funding is probably more important than political, sectarian or Imperialist ambition.  Because of constitutional confounds and the need to maintain National security (and bury the facts until victims and perpetrators are long dead)....justice cannot be delivered and truth must be avoided at all costs.  The trials and inquests cannot produce a definitive outcome because of those ancient legal oaths at the temple bar (that pledges loyalty to the Crown Templar....the richest institution in the world which used to have an Empire upon which the sun would never set).  In the Mull of Kintyre "crash" , the lack of evidence from the coroner, and the STRICT SECRECY that the sensitive "intelligence-related" massacre has always relied on makes the whole affair a shameful incident in British-American history.  So Scotland was picked for its naivety and the grieving relatives were just paid (like the judiciary) to conduct secret affairs of state in fear of their lives too!    Anyway here are the facts, the references and the case numbers that British law enforcers, politicians and privy councillors studiously ignored  and International Civil Aviation figureheads vigorously objected to.  As in the Christian bible the sins and the sinners are revealed in the form of letters between parties interested in justice and a better safer world.  Here are the frightening facts.

Hello George

I have attached a shortened version of my Chinook you are Scottish and that this helicopter was bound for Scotland, crashed in Scotland and that the final 2nd investigation was held in Scotland I am sure that anyone living in Scotland would prefer to know the truth..........this again shows how your great country has been abused .....just like Lockerbie......move everything over the border so that Westminster don't cop any shit should someone ever find out!!!!!........the release of the so called bomber was also yet another farse!!!

I also believe that the Pan Am flight was actually trying to divert and that a series of explosions actually caused it to break up in flight......a small amount of plastic explosive in a portable radio would not have ripped this aircraft had to be something much bigger............also another concern for me would have to be why was the first part of the debris the cockpit ie that was lying closest to London  when (if the bomb was further back) other parts closest to the bomb would have fallen to earth first?......does this not indicate that maybe a secondary explosion occurred and that it was this massive explosive that ripped off the cockpit resulting in no communications with the crew or mayday many grey areas hey?

The sad sad story here:

These two front end crew were the best available in special operations and we owe it to them and all the families and relatives of the deceased to bring out the truth.!!!!

As an ex serviceman that served my country I found it most offensive to see yet another inquiry whitewashed into oblivion and then to add insult to injury to hear these pathetic imbeciles apologise to the victim’s families and at the same time make recommendations that already exist but where not implemented in this massive government “Cover-Up.”

I myself, having spent most of my life in military and civil aviation (especially in helicopter operations) find it totally unacceptable that the original board of inquiry and this second inquiry did not even attempt to look at possible sabotage or some top level “Black Ops – Covert Operation” as being the possible cause of this terrible crash. 

It goes without saying that once again I have to give my account of events that day in the hope that you the public can see through this quagmire of deceit that has once again been played out by our government.

Having been involved in helicopter operations and observing some very grey areas in the initial inquiry I embarked on my own investigation, compared the facts and statements made and then purely by accident received whistleblowers information that clearly told me that the Government,  MoD and the  RAF lied to us all!!

Here is their interpretation of events after the second inquiry:

Defence Policy and Business news article – 13th July 2011

Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox has today published the conclusions of an independent review into the Chinook Mk2 helicopter crash of June 1994 on the Mull of Kintyre which tragically resulted in the deaths of all 29 people on board.

The review, led by Lord Philip and assisted by three Privy Counsellors, examined the evidence relating to the findings of the Board of Inquiry into the accident.

The review makes three key recommendations:

• the finding that the pilots were negligent to a gross degree should be set aside
• the MOD should consider offering an apology to the families of the pilots
• the MOD should reconsider its policy and procedures for the transport of personnel whose responsibilities are vital to national security.

At the request of the Defence Secretary, the Defence Council was convened and has set aside the findings that the pilots were negligent to a gross degree and has ordered that this action be noted on the pilots’ records.

On behalf of the MOD, the Defence Secretary has also apologised to the families of the pilots.

Dr Fox said:

“I set up this review in the face of continued criticism of the official conclusion that the accident was caused by negligence to a gross degree and my own fear that an injustice had been done. The review concludes that this finding should be set aside.

“I hope that this will bring some comfort to the families of the pilots and I would like to apologise on behalf of the MOD for the sorrow which was caused to them by this finding.

“I pay tribute to the 29 people who died in the accident. Their deaths were a huge blow to the country and a tragedy for their families.

“I am grateful to Lord Philip and his fellow Privy Counsellors for their thorough and painstaking work which has resulted in clear and unanimous recommendations.

“I hope that the conclusion of this review and the action I have taken in response to it will bring an end to this chapter by removing this stain on the reputations of the two pilots.”

The review does not lay blame as to the cause of the accident and does not give support to any suggestions of technical failure. It concludes the cause of the accident is likely never to be known. Since the accident the Chinook aircraft has had an excellent safety record and continues to be a mainstay of operations, having the full confidence of those who fly it.

The Defence Secretary also stated that he would personally satisfy himself that the three Services had properly considered their policy and procedures for transporting personnel who are vital to national security.

Lord Philip said:

“Last September I was asked, along with my fellow Privy Councillors Lord Forsyth, Baroness Liddell and Malcolm Bruce MP, to conduct an independent review of the findings of the Board of Inquiry into the RAF helicopter ZD576 accident on the Mull of Kintyre.

“Because of the limited amount of evidence available, the investigating Board of Inquiry were unable to determine the cause of the accident, and so concluded that it was impossible to find that the pilots had been negligent to any degree.

“The Reviewing Officers, on the other hand, concluded on the same evidence that both pilots had been negligent to a gross degree.

“We have recommended to the Secretary of State that the finding that the pilots were negligent to a gross degree should be set aside. We have also recommended that the Ministry of Defence should reconsider its policy and procedures for the transport of personnel whose responsibilities are vital to national security.”

Before continuing with this story I wish to point out that Lord Philips three key recommendations were totally obsolete in that it had already been decided that the crew were not responsible for the accident and to apologise to the relatives of the crew and passengers is normal protocol in the event that someone makes the wrong analysis or assumption.

The third and final recommendation has been in place in both civil and military aviation for decades and so all three recommendations show that the investigation team had no aviation experience whatsoever which resulted in a rather pathetic verdict.

I will now print the words of another third party who had not only ready my own investigation and evidence (as provided to the investigation team) but also read the government’s response.

Start of comment:

Lord Philip and Liam Fox are liars.

Evidence was provided to the Board of Enquiry and they did not give it ONE moment’s consideration. The proof of this evidence being provided is available. What do you do when the State itself is considered liable but when you are one of the Queen’s four Privy Councillors “investigating” the murder – for that is what it was – of 29 people? The Privy Council takes an oath to, at ALL costs, protect the monarch. These corrupt people however should know that the monarch is a CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICE and not a flesh and blood person. The flesh and blood person who holds that position is like a CEO of a company. The CEO position still exists even if a new person takes the office. But while we are led to believe that the present monarch is simply an “old dear” who holds Head of State but has no power – as the establishment wishes you all to believe – the fact is she and her family and hangers on are far more than a simple “Constitutional Monarch”.

What do you do when you are provided with information, then, as a Privy Councillor protecting the State and the Head of State, which advises you there is significant evidence to show that the Chinook was shot down and that also, there has been information relating to the dead having gunshot wounds to the head? You would think that such a serious review board would take such allegations seriously when faced with the input coming from people who would have knowledge of such events due to their positions. But no, they are entirely ignored.

The tragedy which took place on the Mull of Kintyre in 1994 when an RAF Chinook Helicopter crashed killing all onboard is currently under review, once more, by a review board in Edinburgh comprising:

Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke  Malcolm Bruce MP, Lord Philip, and Lord Forsyth of Drumlean.

All four of these individuals are peers and also have the title Right Honourable. Personally, I do not recognise honour in any single British peer or MP/MSP so my apologies if I refuse to use such titles for these people. However, these are the people selected to conduct a review of this tragedy and I would suggest you note something about ALL reviews and inquiries in this country: They never include one single member of the public. My take on that? Very simple: Such a member may just ask far too many probing questions and that simply is not allowed to happen.

End of Comment.

Now you can read my account and summary which clearly shows many grey areas and deep flaws in this entire government “False Flag:

Summary of events re Chinook ZD576 accident at the Mull of Kintyre on 2/6/1994

On the 4th of August 2010 I was having a private chat to a Ms Tara Andrea Davison regarding intelligence in this country. She had been in charge of investigating illegal arms dealings carried out by the Conservative Party in the build up to the Iraq War.

It was during this conversation that she mentioned that the Chinook crash at the Mull of Kintyre was no accident and that it had been an inside job carried out by the department she had worked in but she herself had not been involved. I asked her why would they do this….she explained that things were not going along too well and that there were a few obstacles….she went on to say that in such situations you remove the obstacle!….obviously the passengers on the helicopter were part of the problem. I then rang my friend and told him the contents of my phone call…..we were both in shock

For the next two months I worked my way through this entire operation from start to finish and realised that there were so many grey areas. I went over the flight planned route and the weather conditions time and time again and satisfied myself that the very experience RAF crew would not have flown this Chinook helicopter straight into the hillside.

After some time I contacted my friend who so happened to be ex RAF and again told him that I had proven to myself that this was truly a cover-up and his response was that we go to the local police headquarters and report what I had been told, hopefully under oath.

The police were basically not interested even though we insisted that this be recorded for our own safety…..we did eventually obtain an incident number and on the 27/10/2010 I submitted my evidence to the new Review Committee in Edinburgh which was delivered by hand.

Some time passed and on Thursday 19 of May 2011 someone responded to one of my Chinook articles and sent the following message:

The Mull of Kintyre Chinook accident was done by an assassination hit squad. You are correct Peter, FADEC is just the smoke screen. The pathologist a “she” who carried out an examination of all the bodies reported at that time that they all died from extensive gunshot wounds. 

I followed this up the next day and again that person sent the following message:

We can authenticate this by either obtaining the coroner’s report, or getting a statement from the women coroner. The problem with this is that her life could be in danger. These are very very serious issues and allegations  Peter…It was reported to me that the Coroner said “they all had gunshot wounds to the head” The coroner told her brother … just in the passing…the brother told me…

 On Saturday 21st and again on Monday 23rd of May 2011 Gordon and I confronted the police and told them they have to take this report as it now involves the police, re possible multiple murders etc……they were extremely difficult to deal with and reluctant to take our file.

Over the course of the next week I went through everything again, cross checked my own analysis (based on my aviation experience, especially with helicopter) and extended my inquires to others who had written about this accident or reports that had revealed more evidence….one of those people was a valuable witness has he had seen another Chinook that day in a totally different location but which was also heading out to sea.

After sending in my second evidence to the Review Team I again embarked on proving this incident was clearly a massive cover up. Over the weekend of 28th/29th May 2011 I finally uncovered vital evidence as follows:

One Northern Ireland Politician had asked  the Under Sec of Defence for a summary of helicopters that had arrived and departed Northern Ireland that day (2/6/1994) The reply revealed no helicopter had entered NI and only one had left (ZD576)……..this was not correct because a witness that I had spoken with over the weekend saw another Chinook and described as follows:

“My late parents and I were driving east from Coleraine towards Bushmills about 30 minutes before the crash. It had been a very wet afternoon and the sky was still very dark for the time of day. A Chinook with a [three colour] patchwork quilt style camouflage flew across our path just after we reached the top of Kilgrain hill. It was flying low in a northerly direction along the line of the Ballyversal road and by the time we reached the junction with that road the Chinook was just skimming the high ground to our left. There have been unconfirmed reports that the distinctive sound of a Chinook was heard over Bushmills.”

“No one has been able, so far, to explain the ownership of this Chinook or its role that day. I checked out the camouflage with someone who worked in the paintshop at RAF Odiham and he explained that this style of camouflage would most likely have been used by a special operations Chinook.” he did go on to say that the sun was breaking through the cloud to the west and was on the side of the Chinook and that he was not sure if it was RAF or American as he was aware of US Navy seals operating from  RAF Machrihanish around that time. You may recall that one of the witnesses who was sailing offshore the Mull of Kintyre also passed comment about the sun breaking through the cloud and he could see the reflection on the glass cockpit as it approached……..obviously this was ZD576.”

Based on questions asked in the House of Commons and information from the Inquiry the only other RAF Chinook was out of service (or so we are led to believe)….this then confirms that the Chinook was not RAF but possible US from the base at RAF Machrihanish, which also happened to have a detachment from the US Navy Seals.

I drew a plan from Belfast Aldergrove to Portrush and realized that the Chinook would have flown down the road he described on its way seaward…..however the fact that others were believed to have heard it over Bushmills indicated that it had turned right over the sea….which in my opinion would head it over to the Mull of Kintyre.

The fact that it left before ZD576 was simply that it was flying a triangular route and would have had to do this to shadow the RAF Chinook that was flying direct to the same point.

My next area of concern was to analyse the communications between ZD576 and other control zones, including the RAF Command Centre……what I found rather strange was the fact that when he called Scottish Military at 1755 local time they did not answer….this resulted in no communications from that moment until impact with the Mull of Kintyre….a period of at least 4.5 minutes which at his speed is a long way.

My take on this is: 

Why didn’t the first inquiry board pick up the fact that almost 5 minutes had elapsed at a critical hand over point which meant that ZD576 was in a no comms situation? This would never happen in normal circumstances and Scottish would know their flight plan and Northern Ireland would have handed the Chinook over to them. Scottish would have called them to establish communications and likewise Fl Lt Tapper would have kept calling them. As the report said that the crew and aircraft were operating normally up until nearing Waypoint Alpha. It is also fact that  ZD576 had also established HF comms with the RAF Strike Command and requested a listening watch be maintained how come this additional back up frequency was not used by the crew………Could the crew have been incapacitated and did not make any calls at all?

My next question would be why was such a high profile flight undertaken without meticulous monitoring by the RAF and why was all the VIP allowed to travel on one helicopter?

The next article I picked up revealed the following:

There is taped data from a Scottish air traffic control room that shows an unidentified target nearing the Mull of Kintyre at precisely the same time as the disaster. And finally, we have been told by RAF sources (reliable RAF Officers) that an unknown team of Americans had reached the crash site prior to any RAF or UK rescue unit and were found to be sifting through the wreckage. What were they looking for? 

Someone in Northern Ireland also confirmed the same story in that when RAF staff arrived at the scene  there were other people sifting through the wreckage. One of the RAF crew approached them and asked what they were doing…….the reply came back in a strong American accent “We are looking for something that belongs to us.”

This was also confirmed by two senior RAF officers at a base in Lincolnshire, one a senior communications officer, have confirmed that Americans were at the scene of the crash first. When the British servicemen asked them to explain themselves, they were told: “We are looking for something that belongs to us.”

By now I started to piece this all together and made the following statement

In closing this report I would be bold enough to state the possible events that took place that day:

Another Chinook (possibly US) with their own team onboard set out ahead of ZD576 and tracked up towards Portrush and then  over to the Mull of Kintyre to monitor the flight of ZD576 and the actual crash (as was reported a second radar return was observed at the same time).

This helicopter carried the team that would go through the wreckage immediately after the crash and ahead of the RAF team……the only way this could occur was that if the US team knew of the intended crash and were nearby ready to move in.  

This US team had no authority to enter the scene of a crash, especially when this involved an RAF aircraft with British crew and passengers. Air Crash Scenes become a sterile/secured area by the local police until such time as crash/emergency crews arrive and then after the investigation team takes over. Nothing is allowed to be taken from the scene prior to this and no other third parties are allowed to enter. I would also like to put on record that baggage and personal belongings were also removed which is also in violation of normal protocol.

I repeat again the statement made by the senior officer from Strathclyde Police who emphasised just after the crash that there was nothing suspicious about this crash and that it was simply a very tragic accident …….this statement alone made me deeply suspicious that this was a total cover-up as he does not have the experience or capacity to make such a bold statement, especially before the investigation got underway.


Based on the statement made by ex Intel Operative Ms Tara Davison in 2010 that this was an inside job and based on the report from the coroner that all crew and passengers died from gunshot wounds to the head (as per my two reports to Lord Philip) one can only surmise that the crew and passengers died at some time prior to the arrival at Waypoint Alpha and without course correction continued on into the hillside. Add to this the 4.5 minutes of radio silence with no call from Scottish Military would indicate the crew were not alive

The presence of the second Chinook (US?) that tracked up to Portrush and then possible over to the Mull of Kintyre (as per Scottish second radar return) may have played a significant part in this tragic event…..especially when it was understood that collusion had possibly been taking place between the RUC and the Intelligence units with additional pressure from the US to expedite the peace talks etc….one can only guess. US Navy Seals were in situ at Machrihanish at the time and they are specialist at this type of work.

I repeat again that the only sure way of identifying the truth behind this crash is to bring Ms Tara Davison in for questioning (as per Mr. Gordon Bowden and my request to the police on two occasions) and secondly to obtain the original report from the lady who wrote that the cause of death was by gunshot wounds to the head. Obviously one would have to be rather naive to think that autopsy report are not falsified to comply with secret service activities. Finally the ultimate truth can only be gained by carrying out another autopsy on the victims concerned which would immediately reveal the true events of that day.

My latest evidence has been sent to the Review Board in Scotland as of today’s date and awaiting acknowledgement from the board tomorrow……..I have also passed the contents of my findings to many other locations within the UK, Overseas and some media outlets as a safety message for Gordon and I etc..

Having been in aviation all of my life and having experienced many tragic accidents this one just simply does not add up!!

Peter Eyre – Ex Senior Airline Executive (Operations) – Ex Senior Operations Officer Helicopters- Ex Search and Rescue Coordinator.

I would be more than happy to provide anyone with the actual evidence presented to Lord Philip and his team.

It not only reveals what I have explained above but also reveals the shortfalls carried out by the first investigation team in not taking into account the possibility that the accident was no accident!!

I also had communicated with many members of the Royal Aeronautical Society worldwide knowing that this well respected body were in existence to enhance the standards and safety in was the response and arrogance of its CEO, Simon Luxmore that shocked me. The following is an account of my communications with him:

Tuesday, 12 October, 2010,

Dear Mr Eyre,

As Chief Executive of the Royal Aerospace Society I have it brought to my attention by a number of members that you have been circulating and email concerning ‘Chinook’ to what appears to be a wide distribution within the Society.

This has raised a significant amount of concern within the Society in general.

In order to understand just exactly who you are and where you are coming from, I would be grateful if you would contact me with some contact points and an explanation of the situation.


Simon Luxmoore

My response:

Tue, 12 Oct 2010

Dear Mr Luxmoore

Thank you very much for your quick response in reply to my rather long and complicated brief to your members and also to the civil investigation team.

Myself and my friend have been under much pressure in attempting to bring the contents of this email out into the public domain.

It has become clear that there is a distinct lack of motivation in attempting to get those that were involved in the initial investigation of the Chinook ZD576 to accept that the information that was passed to me during a private conversation could be factual.

I have no reason to believe that the informant, who previously held a position as a government intelligence officer, was not telling the truth. However I do appreciate the sensitivity of the information provided, and if true, the implications.

What I do find disturbing is that this aspect was not taken into account or if it was it was quickly brushed under the carpet by the military/government bodies.

As you know there is much, dare I say, total disagreement between the civil investigators and the military brass with many aspects of this investigation, result in a new investigation taking place.

I have a long history in both military and civil aviation (at senior operational level) and therefore consider myself to be of sound body and mind. It would certainly not be acceptable, as someone as already indicated that I dwell on the conspiracy theory.

I have had some connection with Intel myself in the past and also been involved in my normal airline duties in providing information to the AIB over some accidents that have happened during my tour of duty. I have also discussed my own theory in relation to multi sectors, crew hours, commercial brainwashing of pilots and some aspects of when two captains fly together etc etc. All in all a wealth of practical experience as well as flying in the jump seat many times checking flight plans and all associated en route problems etc.

This experience has covered long haul, short haul, VIP/Executive Jet and in particular helicopter operations and ATC/SAR etc.

With that out the way I will try to reduce what I have to say in bullet points as per below along with the action both myself and friend have taken to date. The reaction by the police was disgraceful to say the least and still we are both waiting to log this situation in a recorded interview, under oath etc. The basics have been revealed and given an incident number, which is given in the text below.

My purpose for communicating with your members was for the very reason, that up to the current time, we are drawing blanks. I believe that with the integrity and respect carried by the RAS you would be in a position to look into this matter to ensure, that what I have disclosed, is received and acted upon. More importantly the fact that this angle should now form part of the new investigation.

I believe the aircraft wreckage is still under lock and key and can therefore be re examined.

See below for summary and bullet points etc

I look forward to your response.

Peter Eyre

Mr Luxmoore responded in a rather arrogant way :

Wednesday, 13 October, 2010

Mr Eyre
Can you tell me who you are and what authority you believe you have to communicate with the Society’s members on this or any other issue. This clearly has become vexatious both to the Society and its membership.
Simon Luxmoore

Again I tried to contain myself in response:

Wednesday 13 Ocotber 2010

Dear Mr Luxmoore

I appreciate your concern but you have to understand that if one finds oneself up against a wall, in wanting to report a matter that could influence the way in which an aviation accident is investigated, then one can only turn to those organisation or individuals who have respect in the industry.

I thus emailed the investigation team; those listed in the RAS and selected political figures as well as other third parties in order to generate a response.

Obviously I will continue to email many other people in the industry until such time as this matter is acknowledged and that collectively some pressure is applied to interview the person who made the initial statement.

The very fact that very senior and well respected civil aviators disagreed with the military panel is of great concern and as one would expect the crew were originally charged with gross neglect, which has since been waived.

The RAS prides itself in the contribution is makes to aeronautics as well as safety issue and standards etc. The recent event organised by the RAS in London - Human Factors, Emergency Response and Safety Management is typical of that contribution.

As part of my determination to make sure as many aviation/aeronautical/aerospace experts were informed, I selected organisations that were available via the public domain.

The civil and military aviation sectors are openly discussing events leading up to the crash and because of that concern, and the pressure from outside sources, the government has been forced to re investigate the crash of Chinook ZD576 (2 July 1994).

This is the last and final opportunity for the crew to be totally cleared and for the true reason as to what caused this crash to be revealed. No stone must remained unturned, which I am sure you agree.

This particular model of Chinook and the FADEC system had been causing major problems for the crews flying it and the Test Pilots at Boscombe Down had grounded this type just before the crash.

It is the duty of care for anyone associated with aviation, aeronautics or aerospace to report anything that could have contributed to this crash. That is exactly what I and my associate have done in reporting the matter to the police. However in doing so we have been received in a very unprofessional way.

You will see at the end of my previous email that I have already revealed exactly who I am and indicated to you my long standing experience in aviation.

The seriousness of this accident and the lack of receiving a professional response leave one with no choice but to email all those whom you respect in the industry and that is exactly what I have done.

The fact that 29 highly professional experts perished that day does not restrict one from communicating with anyone whom you can contact in the public domain and that is exactly what I have done.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Eyre 

Well as you would expect the arrogance continued in his further response:

 Wednesday, 13 October, 2010

Mr Eyre,

In the light of your latest correspondence and arising from a number of concerned requests that I have received from our members, I must formerly request that you cease contacting our membership further, using contact details obtained from RAeS originated sources.
Simon Luxmoore
Chief Executive

 Cc John Balfour Hon Solicitor
David Couzens President

When your dealing with such an important issue and with such a respected organisation you would expect a more favourable response. However, I was not put off by this self opinionated upstart and sent him this final email:

Wednesday 13th October 2010

From Peter Eyre

Mr Luxmore

I can assure you that I have no further requirement to contact the RAS.

As advised I am contacting many other organisations on the issues raised as I feel it is my duty of care to do so in order to maintain the highest level of safety and standards.

Having spent most of my life associated with aviation safety and security I can assure you that this matter will continue to be raised until a satisfactory response has been achieved.

During my time in both military and civilian aviation I had the unfortunate task of being part of both lifeboat and helicopter SAR…..later I became a  coordinator and had my own ATC/SAR centre. I became sickened (having recovered many victims) by the fact that in most cases the crew were or are ”guilty until proven guilty” despite the many shortfalls on aviation safety and maintenance.

Maybe had you been through the same experience you also would possibly have taken a stance, just like me. However, it is easy to turn a blind eye and turn to the beaucracy and red tape by asking me “Can you tell me who you are and what authority you believe you have to communicate with the Society’s members on this or any other issue..

I am sure the relatives of the deceased would be deeply upset by the general response from the many sectors that I have exhausted.

All communications have been recorded as evidence that I have attempted to bring this to the attention of as many people as is possible.

 Peter Eyre

I actually found Mr. Luxmoore’s comment rather ironic when I later read the following headlines:

“Royal Aeronautical Society fellows doubt safety of Chinook software”

With that out of the way it now leaves me to remember those that died without cause in the hope that one day under the “Freedom of Information Act” the truth will come out......unfortunately by that time those responsible will be either too old or dead to be put before the courts.

It would also be a suitable time to give account as to who were the senior figures around at the time of the crash and who were controlling the Government, MoD, RAF and the Department of Trade and Industry at the time of this tragic event namely:

One day the truth will be revealed and then you all can truly “Rest in Peace”






Asst Chief Constable: BRIAN FITZSIMONS.

Det Chief Superintendant: DESMOND CONROY.

Det Chief Superintendant: MAURICE NEILLY.

Det Superintendant: PHILLIP DAVIDSON.

Det Superintendant: ROBERT FOSTER.

Det Superintendant: BILLY GWILLIAM.

Det Superintendant: IAN PHOENIX .

Det Chief Inspector: DENIS BUNTING.


Det Inspector: KEVIN MAGEE.

Home Office CB-57: JOHN DEVERILL.















 Normally the secretary of state (Patrick Mayhew) travelled on that annual conference but for some convenient reason he was not on the flight that night. Good timing Patrick!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/8/2012

I then asked Peter Eyre  to comment on why if the coroner and some of the relatives knew the truth why it had not emerged.....the answer as always is fear, a cash in hand silence incentive and the 

stunning lack of coroners evidence in a series of fatal accident enquiries.

On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 6:01 AM, George Lees wrote:

The evidence for the pay off to the relatives?G

On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 7:50 AM, Peter Eyre  wrote:
Hello George

You are a hard man to please re evidence of pay off:

This is the extract from one of the many articles I did on this topic

So lets now look into the claim that some,  if not all,  of the relatives have now received damages in out of court settlements and if so one would have to ask the question why?

My first findings were from The Lawyer Publication as follows:

Litigation Writs 24/09/96

Four women whose husbands were killed almost two years ago in an air crash near the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland are suing the Ministry of Defence for compensation. Claims have been mounted by Elizabeth Biles, widow of Christopher Biles, of Shaftesbury, Dorset; Beverley Hornby, widow of Anthony Hornby, of Bloxworth, Dorset; Delyth Gregory-Smith, widow of Richard Gregory-Smith, of Guildford; and Jill Allen, widow of Richard Allen, of East Hagbourne, Didcot, Oxfordshire. Writs issued by Leigh Day and Co, London WC1.

I then came across an intelligence report N. 63 New Series, dated 30th June 1997 which gave the following information: 

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has paid almost £8 million in compensation to the relatives of 17 top intelligence officers killed in the Chinook helicopter crash in Scotland, in June 1994.  The information was revealed after Delyth Gregory-Smith,the widow of an Army intelligence officer, accepted an undisclosed out-of-court settlement (believed to be in excess of £500,000) on 16 June.  Twelve of the 29 claims against the MoD have still to be settled.  If the present rate ofcompensation is maintained, payments will eventually exceed £14 million. 


 There were official enquiriesThe laws an ASSasin's best friend: the 17 year denial conducted in 1995: (two pilots pictured above found guilty of GROSS NEGLIGENCE), 2000 (House of Commons Defence Select Committte), then again in 2001 (House of Lords:Prompted by the families, with the support of Major & Rifkind)  2011 when a Parliamentary report found the Reviewing Officers to have failed to correctly adhere to the standard of proof of "absolutely no doubt" in deciding the question of negligence.

 In Scotland fatal accident enquiries were conducted in 1996 .  In 2007/8 New Labour still blamed the pilots and in 2010-2011 a Tory Lib Dem coalition reviews highlighted technical problems with Chinooks (reported by the MOD 9 

months prior to the incident)  then later in the year declared these reports them to be unreliable/.  Blessedly though the pilots were found not guilty of negligence by the current Conservative?liberal coalition.  So 17 years after the 

event the dead expert pilots and their families were acquitted and no culprits have been found.  None of the evidence lodged with police, ministers or openly presented on Peter Eyre's expert blog sites has been even raised in these l

shallow cover ups and the cross-party leadership teams are in denial for obvious reasons.   Look carefully for coroners evidence: you wont find itor here when the Tory leaders had bailed out into the second chamber

If you cant understand the cross-party confounds to National justice then please look up privy council on wikipediaA privy used to be a place to defecate in! (and know that the unbending allegiance to the Crown Templar does not serve UK citizens or their children well).  All cabinet members (across ALL PARTIES and even INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARIES) and senior legal figures are sworn into allegiance (and to serve as advisory strategists) to the CROWN .   
Just this week I stumbled across this article on Canadian media magnates and families that led cross border bootlegging (of alcohol) during prohibition being inducted into the privy CouncilLord Conrad Black (media magnate & Blair life peer) & Other notable members include: Prince Philip, Ed Broadbent, Maurice Strong, Charles Bronfman, and Michael Ignatieff. .  All Britain's high end Privy Councillors and retired cabinet members are sworn to protecting and preserving the constitutional concept of an ancient constitutional monarchy which cannot access justice for its people or its heroes.  You may justifiably say BUT the Crown does not call the shots for the Navy seals (but that is another complex story that is told elsewhere).  All roads lead to Rome and many lead to Frankfurt, Hanover and is a lawless money trail and it is killing your children's prospects ruthlessly!

Chinook investigation by Peter Eyre Source data: