Coroners and Pathologists sell the verdict (accidental death or suicide)

MULL OF KINTYRE Chinook evidence on cause of death (bullet wounds to the head) has ever been called for or published.
There have been eight fatal accident enquiries, crown commission investigations or inquests (on both sides of the Scottish border) into the 29 deaths in the Mull of Kintyre Chinook hellicopter "crash" over the 30 years since the tragic incident occurred.  The only blame assigned was to the expert experienced pilots and no pathologist/coroner's evidence has ever been called for or published.  Scotland has no mandate for International affairs, yet are given judicial responsibility for such incidents and the conviction of a Libyan suspect (as Britain and NATO rape that country, lock up its assets then appoint transitional governments led by some the richest transitional politicians in the FORBES listings and execute its former ally) for the Lockerbie bombing. The Lockerbie plane was carrying one of the UN's last true diplomatics (Brent Carlsson, a Swede) but PC Fletcher (at the Libyan Embassy siege) and the plane were brought down by the transatlantic alliance so the rape of geo-political assetts in the middle east could be deposited in the G8/NWO corrupted banks and Britain's and Americans everywhere become hate figures for impoverished and brutalised locals.  Peter Eyre insists that the keyword to understanding Lockerbie is DeBeersFollow the money.

Near to home we see that a small pool of expert pathologists and corners have been used where the verdict of accidental death or suicide is needed to divert attention from 10s of thousands of UN protestors and violent policing by individual officers who are handled very gently by their bosses and the judiciary.  The pathologist on this case, Freddie Patel, has since been struck off from his profession and his expertise was required to declare that Richard Chang's interrogation  and bloodless/rigid fall from a sixth storey balcony was actually a suicidal plunge.  Even though both Patel and the coroner on the case (who has also been discredited for making his wife a partner/coroner when she had no professional credentials) have now been shamed and cast from the profession.  Richard Chang, and his long suffering innocent-family have even had their right to petition for a retrial challenged by the UK's legal system.....which appears to work for the highest bidder.   Here is some correspondence from Peter Eyre's blog on the New World OrderThe Satanic NWO: undermining decent society for wealth divide by human suppression and to reduce the global population of hungry eaters (like you and me) to < 500 million which shows how the money men use the law to shield their crimes and get rid of the honest whistleblower by twisting the evidence and choosing its investigators ever so carefully :-

This is not the end to this tragic story because his sister  Jacqueline Chang has attempted to re open this case but with no avail.

In her frustration she thought she would start off a petition (which she had tried before) only to find that our dear old government also blocked that…….so folks I ask you all…..”Is this democracy” ? is this “Fair Justice for one and all” ?…… already know the answer to this question as per below!!

This is the response to Jacqueline:

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 16:58:29 +0000
Subject: HM Government e-petitions: Your e-petition has been rejected

Dear Jacqueline Chang,
Your e-petition “Inquiry into the work of former Home Office pathologist Dr Freddy Patel between 1989 to 2009″ hasn’t been accepted.
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Since reading these frightening disclosures it is apparent that the UK constitution and the concept the members of the Privy Council (or figures appointed to chair inquests into such "affairs of state") are obligated not to reveal the truth or deliver justice because these crimes involve figures right at the head of our esteemed and corrupted government, the monarchy, the media, G8 & Israeli Intelligence and the financial services/banking  sector. It can only last so long....all the scams are eroding our capacity to invest or save honestly and, as the UN protests always demonstrate,.....the elite tyrants are tiny in number and are ever so close to exposure to physical risk.  When common law breaks out of this vicious ethical and legal stranglehold (that shields the criminals and persecutes 7 Bn innocent bystanders by brute force and grand larceny) the beautiful world will be safe, prosperous and just for all its innocents.