Banks Assassinate Whistleblowers: the Late Richard Chang RIP

Banking leaders have been getting away with daylight robbery for decades (and "regulate" themselves). There have been no convictions at the head of the banks (for economic or violent crimes or complicity in them). Their ruthlessly greedy activities are ruining society's prospects, savings and pensions.  Two weeks ago I received a call from the sister of the late Richard Chang: she was clearly shaken by my flippant response when I picked up the phone (I said I was the "Nat West Bank": almost one in every three calls my family gets are on mis-selling scams perpetrated by the high street banks)!  When she had established that I was George Lees (who had been mailing her website address to combat corruption) we had a long and distressing conversation on the death of her brother who worked for Abbey National (run by Stephen Hester at that time).  She relayed and confirmed news that her brother had almost certainly been assassinated pleading for justice: the sister, parents and children of Richard Chang (and thrown from an multi storey building).  She confirmed that the coroner on this case had since been discredited and that was going to pursue a retrial (with her life savings) to try and get justice.  When her brothers tortured corpse hit the ground, rigormortis was at an advanced stage (arms rigidly locked to his sides) and there was no blood on the pavementWikispooks on Euston Road: the ultimate cost of speaking out against banking fraud . The pathologist (Dr Freddie Patel) has a long record of giving flawed evidence in murder cases (he has in at least 4 prominent cases come up with verdicts of natural causes/suicide for murder/rape victims) and has since been struck off by his Professional body.  Richard had been involved in the evolution of BASEL 2 a new set of banking regulations created by a cabal of crooked corrupt central banks and "too big to fail" banking leaders who meet in the Swiss city of BASEL (see The Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the German city of Franfurt or wherever Global economic summits are held (behind huge security cordons).  The company that interogated Richard (Kroll associates) is a member of  The private security company Association of Iraq and the only eye witness (employed at Abbey National only weeks before Richard was killed)  Alastair Beattie graduated in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University  before training in jungle warfare in Guyana). Wikispooks (link above) reveals how this witness (who "saw" Richard Chang leap over the balcony) was unreliable and was called into the CEOs office BEFORE being interviewed by police. The pathologist  failed to show at the inquest (and the coroner in the 2005 case has also been discredited for professional misconduct since) and there are a number of distressing and sinister revelations on this case hereThe sinister contents of Pandora's box 

More on this sad sad story here from Peter Eyre

BANKING SCAMS & VIOLENT even GENOCIDAL WAR CRIMES: Finding out where the Banking/Political/Monetary  Leaders Live 
So lets have a closer look at who are the commanders in chief in this dangerous and treacherous world. They are all establishment figures and are robbing global citizens, customers, clients and honest investors blind.  Richard died to try and change this at a point when Hester was asset stripping Abbey National to form the Santander bank (a NWO funding vent).  Santander bombard the world of elite sport (e.g. Grand Prix/FIFA finals) with extravagant advertising campaigns like the bank that Hester now runs (The Royal Bank of Scotland).  Jacqueline Chang's family have been dragged through Hell and High water to clear their brothers name (and Hester gets Millions of pounds ever year to acknowledge his ruthless expertise in this criminal sector).  The scams are endless and ruthless (and the implications for society are horrific)First Cyprus: then the run on your high street bank..  Justice will be done in the end (but you cant afford to assume that the current Governments & money lenders will give you access to it). They will pull the run on the bank (like they did in Cyprus this week), push account holders of the virtual fiscal cliff againThe FISCAL CLIFF in the very near future.  So you need to find out where these banking experts & politicians liveOpulent Mansion Houses within range of your protests (when the hole in the wall is closed to account holders) and  get your pitchfork ready so you can penetrate their falsified fraudulent accounts, create a local savers "no fly zone" in their gardens and make them pay the ultimate price for these unprecedented Global crimes!