JUSTICE: the horrible truth

The world is governed by a gang of old-world villains and its judiciary, law enforcement agencies and legal system is hopelessly corrupted by adherence to non-sensical Constitutional "habits" or pledges.  These take the form of religious, freemasonic, or ancient oaths (or pledges of allegiance to long lost or itinerant monarchies), on legal, sexual, religious or mythical/even Satanic beliefs.  In consequence, "the developed" and law abiding citizens of the world are doomed to a chaotic and violent future as World leaders, Corporate Magnates, Bankers, Auditors and Rich Malicious Figureheads in Religion abuse their honest law abiding followers for personal gain.  Common law is feared by the corrupted governments because "commoners" call the shots and what we have now is lawless tyranny allowing a tiny number of elites to rob and abuse global citizens ruthlessly.  So lets look at some case histories which make the tears well up in my eyes (you must make up your own mind).  It is little wonder Britain's politicians have moved away from the death penalty (at home) so they can continue to abuse the myth of commonwealth and holy lands.  The Americans are much bolder on these issues because law enforcement and execution can command a significant fee (and the good guys, "terrorists", strangers and extradited threats to this system pay the ultimate price or are regressed by well funded scientists with an academic/immoral interest in funding!) .  Please watch these two videos carefully (if you can bear it).  University leaders everywhere insist that these lectures cannot be given in their elite, vocational, or local Institution because the message is clear (and the student's future is so very very uncertain).

So the MOTIVE for International war crimes in GAZA and Partitioned Palestine:

The news that your vice-chancellor/Provost/Rector/NewsAgency is paid to censor

The Weapons of Mutual Destruction for innocent people everywhere are depicted below!  Depleted Uranium is a by product of nuclear energy and is portrayed as an ugly and dangerous waste material that is being stockpiled in pits close to the local nuclear energy plants.  Nuclear energy plantsGlobal & UK Energy "Policy" are now being decommissioned for fear of the ecological, toxicological and human-health consequences for citizens living on location, or adjacent to these energy facilities that have fuelled Europe since the 1950s.  So the official line is that these waste materials are worthless and DANGEROUS.  The reality is that the depleted uranium is used in solid for to produce widely used nuclear weapons of Mass Destruction by NATO.  They are manufactured adjacent to cities like London (see radiation graph below and the location of the towns) and are traded by hypocritical criminal politicians who give/sell them to friends in the Middle East ( or the Balkans) or the JUNTA  in the ASEAN region or wherever the regime thrives on brutality or human supression.  The profits to the warmongers are massive but the costs to our citizens and our millitary personnel are horrific (as portrayed in the graph at the bottom) but the local civilians within the theatre of war, who are taken out in the millions by NATO or the ruling regime or the rebels, suffer from mutated genes and horrific birth defects as well as cancers even if they survive the acute conflict and the blast injuries.  

Depleted uranium (half life 4.5Billion years) is used to create the solid lance like structure at the centre of these weapons (which can be launched from aircraft, stealth bombers, tanks and warships).  The material is ideal for armour piercing and it is pyrophoric....it has a very low combustion temperature which means that even the personel launching the weapons are exposed to nanoparticles (following detonation) of dense HIGHLY TOXIC MATERIAL as well as the shrapnel (and that victims who are hit are literally firebombed to death).  Those that are sent to clean up the mess are more aware of the contamination risk and just bury the tank and the dead veterans on location.....the corpses being burnt to a crisp and the shell of the armoured vehicles being littered with toxic nanoparticles of uranium and plutonium.   I think the biggest shock, I learnt about talking to munitions experts in this field, was that even middle-managers in arms trading will threaten to assassinate traders or safety officers who fail to meet contract deadlines (because they comply with safety regulations to protect both civilians and militia).  

Adhering to the Ancient Satanic Oath

The video above brought tears to my eyes.  It is obvious that states who use these weapons, particularly close to the field of conflict (i.e. in Israel, the UK [see graph below] France, Italy) are exposed to massive spikes of airborne nano-particles and the acute human cost is horrific (see images in the video above).  So these gestures are lethal ,crippling and "anti-semitic to Israeli civilians at home" but when these facts were aired at the Knesset by conference delegates those armed with the facts were just fobbed off.