John Paterson & George Lees THE WORLDS BIGGEST SECRETS & Qu Vics virginal wedding dress

John Paterson & George Lees Re-unite. John has been jailed & the Prof has been sectioned in the ruthless year but now the GLOBAL GOVT Mafias and money lenders are totally exposed & ruderless.

This is John Paterson's comeback BUT John switched off his recording system 30 minutes before I did. So hear you get my stories about KATE MIDDLETON's Mum and our love life at Thames Poly where I rejected her advances because she was already married. Same with Mrs HOARE the Bellringer at Tring church but that is linked to Rupert Murdoch's cabal murdering Sean Hoare the last truthful journalist in the UK. The pictures include NAKED PRINCE HARRY and the Royal involvement in the Jack the Ripper murders. Much of it you know if you have followed my highly censored output.  JP has been jailed and I have been sectioned since we last talked SO THERE IS A LOT TO COVER INCLUDING the latest on the massive false religion frauds.  I start by showing you the image of John and the Judiciary cover ups of our work. He wears lurid tartan pyjamas.  The Brexit referendum is cover for Blair Kissinger & Lord Kerr of Kinlochart running UNELECTED the future of Europe as a MAFIA Op.   Prince Harry's nakedness is used by Murdoch's press all the time but we are not allowed to republish it to expose the ROYAL illegitimacy and their involvement in the terror on 7/7 when Harry dated a CRESSIDA to cover Cressida Dick the murderer in the Met Police.  On 9/11 Princess Fergie & Andrew were major players.  So we get up to date on all the recent scandals.  INNSBRUCK is the joke about Hitler, Pope Bendict & no room at the inn for jesus. The Brook joke is now widely understood and Hannah Mary Rothschilds hubby Lord Brookdale is the most difficult man to profile on the internet. SO I try to explain the BREXIT Tony Blair cover ups.  John is talking to all the quislings and is a ROYAL COMMISSION official despite our exposures of the ROYAL BATARDS and the Bishopric false religion.  So the NUJ journalists are discussed and we agree that we cannot fathom how they sleep at night. Hislop has the word PISO in it and dropped of my lobbying lists in 2010.  john insists he has found some honest lawyers BUT HE HAS BEEN TO JAIL for his beliefs. Lord Patten has been disappeared as head of the BBC and Oxford  since 2014.  John is unaware of my work on the Rothschilds that now takes us to the 9th century.  So I get john to witness the ROYAL prince Eddy Jack the ripper murders covered by puting the Prince in Glams castle.  Gavin and Stacy Shipman on the telly cover the NHS Dr Harold Shipman played by Robin Williams and in 2005 Tim Shipman was the reporter for the Daily Mail WAR CORRESPONDENT FOR IRAQ.  Then I explain the sovereign debt balance sheet scams of the Rothschilds who now own every central bank on the globe including the BASEL FAWLTY Bank of Internat Settlements.  I explain Ancram being in charge on the CHINOOK Irish troubles assasination.  Then explain the SWASTIKA being the icon for the global masons up to 1939..Rolf Harris' Jake Peg joke is the swastika with one leg off. It is the Rotary Club,Waggon Inn wheel, and the suns' rays for the ROTARY CLUB. Then I profile Mrs Valerie Jane Lees nee Hancocks INTEL crimes to cover the illegitimacy of Queen Vic that John, Hellett and I have blown open.  She was the first woman to be wedded in Virginal white because she had her only legit son aged 14 by blind Prince George of Cumbria yrs before she married ALBRECHT/Albert the poof with the chain on his penis.  I then reveal the ICKE presidential Nazi jokes that involve Dietrich schindler and Nixon.  John understands the Jack the Ripper murders cuts out the vagina because it is the PISO pi (the Vagina in translation & the AMERICAN PIE for Don maclean & Britney's AMY song.  Johny Depp takes stimulants and solves all the crimes like me using caffeine.  Depp and Jolie are in the same bloodlines as HRH the queen related to the POPPO's of Grapfeld which is just to the EAST of Rothschilds Frankfurt and launched the GRAPES in the ripper film and the Royal champagne scams on the front page of the British papers last week.  Queen Vics life in rape is next up.  Then I show john Colditz, Hannah Mary Brookdale & jesus' holy relics in Waddesden, the Colditz amputees, the batman jokes for blackadder and baldrick. Lady Jane Grosvenor sister of the Duke of Westminster is now Lady Jane DAWNAY and that is a joke about the 39 steps hero on the clock face at Westminster.  The duke of Wellington is Wellesly Wood who interlocks with Hannah on the ROTHSCHILD boards and that is the HOUSE of Rothschild movie Bank of England WATERLOO Fraud.  The european Development bank is next to that BofE in cheapside and President Hollande and his ex segolene Royale are directors which was covered by their divorce SOCIALISTS BOTH.  The Lib Dem John Prescotts' fish joker ids the DEAD Charles Kennedy.  He died because the up pompeii actor was Alfie Bass who played Arius Calpurrnius Piso.  All of that & Jesus being Frankie Howard's donkey in Up Pompeii was why Kennedy died so young. Arrius Calpurrnius PISO was the great grandson of King Herod & the Gt Grandfather of Marcus Aurelius.  The reilgious demonisation leads to genocide of christians & jews that lead to genocides for the dessecration of the host THE BLEEDING of the wafer of communion bread genocides all over Europe. I explain the Marshalls of the horse in ARUNDEL near John's home.  Then I repeat my conversation with the Glasgow police assett stripping of local jobs and property ALL THE PENSION FUNDSARE BUSTED and the cops understand that but they are the Pi Pi PISO POLIS.....the BREXIT diversions cover all of that too and Jo Cox the murdered mP is just a cover for Brian Cox's crimes against the students as chancellor at DUNDEE Uni where my sons are in the debt pool.  I have now sussed the whole story. BREXIT AND MECCAno are regions in ARRIAN BAVARIA like the Tyrol and Trins where the Scottish Soldiers died.  So Harry is now dating a GOULDING to cover the GOULDING discussed by me and Field McConnell as the cover for the murder of GOULDING the double agent in 1945...ELLY GOULDING is now dating Prince Harry to cover it all.   Sean Hoare's murder by Murdochs press cabal is discussed.  In the Lawrence of Arabia movie the two gay arabs are FARAGE & DODI.  That is Al Fayeds son Di's lover and the UKIP BREXIT scams.  The HSBC is the HBC Hudsons' bay joke for the Rothschilds/Bears.  Herr Zeller in the Sound of Music are the owners of the HBC like the Tailors that are my Auntie Mary and Prof Barry Taylor in Dunedin.  The Google sites WEB site I run has had all of my images of Prince Harry, & VIDEOS by/on  Quentin Bryce,  the Mr Bean war correspondent for Gallipoli/Dr Ian Fingland ALL TAKEN DOWN WITHOUT MY CONSENT.  Arriana Huffington the millionaire & employer of my "socialist" contact Noam Chomsky is in my hometown at the DOG/GOD on the lead show.  Paterson understands the Little Blue dress jokes for EVa Braun and Monika Lewinsky the SPERM on the dress is RABBIT SHAPED and that is Ian Fleming's Op Winnie the Pooh, Op Montbatten, and all the work that greg Hallett was murdered for.  The last 30 mins are only on my video.  Princess Kates' mum is Caroline and she was a post grad at Thames Poly.  Corbyn is the same actor who played David Kelly KILLED BY THE BLAIR REGIME but in the weapons delegations with Cameron. The actor that played Nick Clegg has now received Lord Lucan's inheritance.  The actor that plays King Juan Carlos (Lady Di's lover to wreck her bloodline) pretented to be the redhead on BBC Radio 2.  The interegnum for Hallett is the yr long period when he disappeared & his replacement demeaned us and pretended he was a Kelso High School pupil.  Zoe Ball is a mafia op and Wogan has passed on....Watson's were my best friends and they are privy to the new Hallett claiming he is from KELSO HIGH SCHOOL as a born & raised KIWI. I explain the Coldplay Chris Martin Christian Fraud and his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow who won her oscor for playing SHAKESPEARE's lover.  The other divorces cover the Hill McGraw financial frauds in the USA.  Garry Lineker   on the Rothschild boards like Gascoignes and Adele and so we are back in touch but all the censorship is still done by the cops and INTEL who get no pensions and I will not stop releasing the real news! This with the BASTARD KIDS of Napoleon in the next video explain how the Rothschild's SIRES RAPE  Princess Mary Louise Bonaparte when the Emperor was still alive in exile.  It is all evil.