John Lamont the local MSP & the business EMPIRE of Julian Callum Lamont & the Jean Brodie CRAMMOND fascists

I try to be conciliatory to all of my political representatives and to expose everything they do to our society.  I hide nothing and this morning 16th Sept I got another phone call from Psychiatric services Scotland (5th sectioning threat since 2011 when I revealed that Scottish Doctors get 40% of their six figure salary from prescribing too many drugs which dismembers their patients/constituents).  I have offered to work with John Lamont several times since he became complicitt in all the issues  on this page Selling Scotland's freedom and your innocent husband for the illegitimate English Crown & 

Offering my help to my local political rep & advisor to Scottish Government on LAW ENFORCEMENT & his complicity

So I try perpetually to get him engaged in constructive activity LIKE TAM Weatherston the Labour man turned Conservative who gets a mention in the second video down the page.   John replied but declared he could not get involved till the case was over SAME STANCE he took on the Global War Crimes, Fudged inquests, Rothschild Lothian Road Auckland Scandals, Virtual oil & gas empires & vast linkages to the ScottishGLOBALISED frauds & the Aristos/Monarchs who still run the show.  Rory Stewart local Councillor for Jedburgh is cover for Tony Blair's governor in Iraq where I have all the director numbers for the foreign sec in Westminster (Rifkind) and the interlocks at ABRAXA & G4S that have been totally ignored by Lamont, Wheelhouse Matheson (the JUSTICE Secs in scotland & TWICE NOW BY Kelso Police station where I was physically thrown out of the building for reporting it again as Matheson and Miller at St Andrews house demanded I do.
The String of Videos below explain how the Law Society Scotland and John Lamont MSP trained in the biggest Law Firms on the Globe.  What Julian Callum Lamont does is just as serious  & it explains why the Scottish Govt uses Annie Lennox to profit out of MALAWI . John Lamont with Stewart Fair and John Naismith who Interlocks with Ms Ts boiler rooms in FINCHLEY Rd London
SO UNDERSTAND WHY THE LAWYERS are vital in asset stripping the whole of the PUBLIC FUNDING BASE....everything we owned even when John Lamont was a boy has been privatised and all the war crimanls & profiteers are shielded by the judiciary like Chilcot (arms to Iraq inquest) and Lord Cullen, Lord Abernethy (who is in the LONGSHANKS bloodline) & fudged Dunblane .  

John Lamont MSPs previous with the worlds biggest LAW FIRMS & an intro to his namesake Julian Callum Lamont from CRAMMOND where Jean Brodie admired Mussolini for his politics

Lamont is complicit in all of this & he and Rory Stewart have obfuscated all of my truths 

Reporting the war crimes AGAIN as instructed by Scottish Justice Minister Matheson, His Deputy wheelhouse and civil servant Mr Miller at St Andrews House

Wrestling with conscience of the Blonde copper my hands BOTH CAREFULLY ON THE CAMERA for pacifist reasons.  She got agitated by the use of the terms Princess Trust Local Paper THE SOUTHERN REPORTER and its now resigned editor Ms Susan Windram who trades from Selkirk where the millionaire Alister Moffat runs the BBC studies  (MOFFAT is RECTOR at St Andrews like BUTCHER HAIG & has massive interlocks with fraud all over Scotland.  
So I took Justice ministers instructions TO REPORT IT AGAIN and this is what happened NO LAMONTS INVOLVED (to my knowledge)

Peaceful protest BOTH HANDS ON THE CAMERA for reputational reasons & respect for the FAIR SEX

I discovered that Julian Lamont  is registered at FBR in Kelso and I may pursue an FOI request should it become neccessary but you should see his Interlocks with the Rangers Thief Sir David Murray and the ARISTOS all over the "FREE WORLD".  It is no wonder that John Lamont THE PUBLIC FIGURE AND LAW EXPERT does not openly converse about him.  John Lamont is related to Professor Lamont in Biochemistry Dunedin & Norman Lamo Lamont was Mrs Ts CHANCELLOR through several Financial crashes.  He works for NM Rothschild Bank like Field Marshall Gen Sir Charles Guthrie who brutalised both Iraq and the Balkans for which he was gifted a seat in TONY BLAIRS genocidal regime way before NATO swept into Iraq with Gen Sir Mike Jackson (Interlocks with rebekah Brooks of the SUN, MURDOCH (who staunchly supported the first & second genocides in Iraq Under George Herbert POPPY BUSH & George W (who was planted into the Presidency after leading the CIA & was a friend of Michael Ellis Moore of DUBAI, secretary of state for Scotland IN AFGAHNISTAN).  Julian Lamont works quietly in many many backrooms and Duccal Residences all over "GB".
THIS ONE DEPICTS JOHN LAMONT MSPs MUG SHOT & he is very keen on fixing the holes in the Scottish Roads like he was in 2010 when he actually visited me at my door and had the FRONT to talk about his role in life.  I had access to my own children at that time and I volunteered to work for the ROYAL Pharmaceutic Society as a FELLOW  and an unpaid VOLUNTEER right at the bottom of the CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY's ROYAL MILE just behind the Palace and the Profittering Decrepit New Parliament building (one of Sir David Steel of Selkirks' SCAMS 10X over budget.  
LAMONT HAS A LOVELY SMILE and a website which is very supportive of the RBS links to Winston Churchill at Ayton Castle, Toxic Debt in the RATEPAYERS SECTOR and, of course HOLES IN THE ROAD which he has still to fix.  

John Lamont MSP the politician & Law Advisor with no power to effect change in Scotland as an MSP.

Scottish Treason & the JULIAN Lamont EMPIRE


The phone call that led me into EXPOSING ALL OF THE TREASON is this one I have all the SIGNED DOCUMENTS from the leaders in WESTMINSTER, HOLYROOD AND THEIR 4-5 tiers of false democracy that takes one into Nick Clegg's wife assassination bureau & Michael Moores'
KROLL ASSASSINATION BUREAU in GLASGOW that cost him his seat at Westminster.  JOHN LAMONT CAME SECOND TO CALUM KERR who now represents SCOTLAND & THE SNP as slaves to Westminster and the G8's dismembering of the WORLDS' competence & Prosperity. 

SCOTLAND SOLD McCaskill and Salmond RESIGNED with William Hague who received al my mail since 2010 Arnot-Manderson Moira Anderson Murder