Jimmy Nail Bradford & Ms May of the Mayflower Thatcher Peron and Argentina Pigmy Pi Interest CELEBS

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Dont Cry for me ARGENTINA & the ordinary working FASCISTS' Global history

We start with FASCISM in Argentina and the Madonna Ciccio song Dont Cry for me.  Jimmy Nail the GEORDIE singer and comedian actor.  Nail played OZ Osborne in Auf Weidersein brick laying cheap labour cast.  The Louse Vietnam Archelouse jokes are now exposing the PISO family influence since CLOVIS then Louis of Bourbon Versaille became their ancestors. Nail was born JAMES MICHAEL ALOYSIUS BRADFORD  & that A Arrian middle name is legendary for POPES, DICTATATORS, BASTARD bloodlines & the world owning aristo teams.  He broke a glass and the shards went into his hand like a NAIL on Jesus' Cross.  The Shin links to Osborne & Ireland take is into Ferdinand Von Prodzynski Boss at Robert Gordon's UNI massive estates. Billy Bradford was the new Pi Pi PILGRIM fathers bible authors' family & that is the GENEVAN BIBLE that launched the Genevieve movie.  Please do not forget Bin Laden the Kaiser El Fayed Rothschild et al were schooled in GENEVA and cause all the global conflicts in the name of religious divide.  In the EVITA movie Banderas is cover for the Conquistador Christian murderers.  The woman I forgot with her Banderas lover in pop music is Leanne Rhymes Catch the moonlight.  My first US girlfriend was Nadine Schneider....munitions family in Germany linked to Jolie and the Austrian Aristos who include the PM MAYs (& Bradfords wife on the Mayflower)  Von Braziers in Austria.  The Alloysius jokes were launched at me by NADINE  at the ALLOY ALUMINIUM smelters in Fort William on the massive Caledonian canal canalised LOCHNAGAR fault line from Inverness to  Dumbarton.  So Billy Bradford re-wrote the Bible for the PILGRIMS & wears the tophat in the Pi Plymouth colony for the BANKSTERS. The Alloys are the Aluminati and the Schneiders are  familialy linked to Baroness Angelina Jollie (angevins) & John Vought of ODESSA do they know its XMAS joke.  The Schneider Wife in INDY Jones and in Robin Williams bed with restless legs syndrome are just covers for my life story.  Do you get the ALLOYwheels for F1 tyres that replace the SUN GOD SOL (his pagan celebration is on 25th Dec) the suns rays on the wheels become TARANIS  (Sinatra Tardis tartan) & the Goddess Anialha  of Holland. The Alloys are the RAYS & the Swastika limbs for Alois Hitler Goldsmit and Rothschild in the breeding chamber scams MARKLE is Benedict's birthplace & MERKEL out of the cigar tube semen samples for insemination of Queen Vic, Salamond of SNP, the five arrows et al with a maid called Maria in the Rothschild Schikleburg batard lines.  The Alois Hitler Rothschild batards were in Ireland too Paula & Patrick. Donald Drumpft and family use the word Christ as their middle name.  The Brooks of Colditz & Ednam house are Bourbons too and that is the poshest hotel on the poshest SALMON  fishing beat in the world.  So Nail the actor laughs at Scharnhorst like Murdoch of SKY laughs at the ARGY battleships sinking in Mrs Thatcher & Pinochets election victories. Nail has a PERCY facial structure but Henry Percy is now just SKULL & BONES since he was poisoned with MDNA.  Madonna directed WE the movie featuring Riseborough as Mrs Simpson in the LETHAL royal families linked to Bush Murray & FDR through the world owning bloodlines.  The Bushes are both CIA bosses and related to POPPEA in Neros PISO run roman court.  The Polish bloodlines are Kaiser Bill and Jaggers  (rolling stone for Jesus) Jagelonian bloodlines.  The Martin Clunes Cluny of O Brother movies are religious fraudsters too & they have cocker spaniels unlike the Springer Spaniels on the Mayflower fleets.  The Shin Ali G jokes are about Kosher butchery and how to make laws about Pi Pi PIG KOSHER BUTCHERY circumcision etc. The Balfours of Israel were actually from Whittinghame.  So NAIL is featured on Pi Interest implying he is in PISO's lethal bloodline & Bill Nighe is in the Auf Weidersein cast too & loves Rothschild ORCHIDS.  Nail & his sons are in London now & his sister died at 20.  The Blaydon foot race this week is the joke about Leiden in Holland being the pi pilgrims launch pad. The images of Mrs Simpson played by Riseborough are on my website Horned hat and swastika suit. If Nail/Bradford is landed & wealthy it is all tucked away in places like the FALKLANDS (Fulke on the bloodlines).  The Bricklayers from TYNESIDE went to Roman Governor NEPOS' Mannheim where I worked with Schwarz PHARMA & NEPOS Roman Governor made bricks there like LUMLEY does here in the celeb comedy teams. Jerry built like SOLOMONS TEMPLE at Jericho. Crocodile Shoes,  Spender are other vents for Nail's talons. That is the crocs that gobble the Wild Ass ZEBRAS up in the Rothschild cart & Investec LOGO jokes for Bradley Fried of the Bank of England. 3rd richest man is Warren (Rabbits) Buffet. Taze Russell Jehovas, Eden ,Aden & the Piso Polis Tazer are explained.   So Dorothy Bradford was Mrs B on Mayflower and that is the Yellow Golden bricklayers road to BERLIN & the NAZI LOOT into Basel & Allied into Fort Knox. CENSORED  I nearly died in a car accident with Nadine Schneider next to PM Douglas homes' Hirschel way after he bombed ADEN for the BP plant in the Garden of Eden.  I give more insight into the Mayflower passengers and the massive quakes in Santa Cruise & the holy city of LOS Angeles where Nadine lived.  The QUAKES in Italy were in Aquilla where the christian churches were flattened and the Paganonia town was safe until Berleconi built a NUCLEAR ENERGY plant to DEFY the gods of their right to run the universe their way. Love Brewster of Stewarts Melville RFC and the Graham Brown family tennis champs. That is the Browns who were my best man & got hit by lightning twice when I was in NZ.  Dorothy Bradford was a May like Theresa who was a Von Brazier from the Austrian Nobility. BHP Billington & Rio Tinto for Hancocks are in the same directorates as Donald Trump and the Queen.  The Belgian terror occurred exactly 1 year before the London Palmer Tompkinson Rothschild married to Moses Montefiore cover ups that obfuscate the brother in law of Natan Mayer Rothschild of the BofE Waterloo steal for the five arrows.  At last I find an image of the Mayflower by the rock at Pi Pi Plymouth colony & I explain the 500 Indian Nations and the Soldier Blue Rape & Pillage Cul by the Calvary Hill CA  massacres.  We move on to the ALLOYS jokes for christiany and all the schools using the names like POPE BENEDICT, PIOUS XII with the Canaries on his shoulder.  Nail plays Augusta in the EVITA movie.  The Louis names are explained but not once do we see CLOVIS or Louis of Versaille.  Alois Ratzinger, Pope Benedict, was forced to resign by me in 2013 for running the Institute for Interreligious studies rewriting the PISO errors in PISO Bible Koran & Talmud.  Alois Hitler is the breeding of the warlords by ROTHSCHILD & Paula & Patrick Hitler were in the IRISH branch of Adolphs' BASTARD LINE.....they have Liverpool and Everton branches too (and EVERTON is the EGERTON relatives of Rothschild from Gaddesdon & Sutherland but never had time to publish that yet: GADDESDON near Hemel).  Nail with Tim spall and a body double for the now dead Garry the cockney raced & gambled on the landmines in the FULKE Falklands and Spall play CHURCHILL in the Stammering Kings OSCAR winner and has nearly recovered from his near death cancer. The PERONS are fascist leaders in Denmark & Sweden like  Mrs T's Pinochet.  We reel off of all the locations of Hitler & Stalin Rothschilds siring & training in the UK Liverpool to TotTenham  the PURS SPQRS joke on the Roman Legion's standards.  The Germans are a very logical race but all that led to the HOLY ROMAN GERMANIC EMPERORS and the launch of Christian Vs Islam in the Constantiople Blue Danube regions where Rothschild stole the archdukes shooting lodge after his son had been married their.  So Nail played Augusta Migaldi in the EVITA film.  Do you get the Nile NILE PI Pi Pishon jokes too.  We close on the fascist General played by JoNATHAN Pryce who was in the Grimm Bros movie which killed Heat Ledger in the Teutonic forrest where St Boniface of Exeter in xMINSTER launched XMAS by cutting down thors oak and replaced SOL & the SOLSTICE with the non existent Jesus. In the BANDERAS/Conquistadors S Amaeric Donald dislikes the Mexicans cos they still use the PESO currency & host butch & sundance as PISO bank robbers too.  EVITA was made by Oliver Stone, Tim Rice, & Andrew Lloyd Weber & they with Bill Nighe are pathetic specimens who still love the orchids that were on Nathan Rothschilds Lapel at the BofE Stock market scams.  Thatcher died of dementia & hundreds died and were dismembered in battles for Oz's Falklands.  Donald Trump dodged the draft in Vietnam.  Anthony Hopkins Have Igot news for you Hopkins & Blais Prescott all have PISO in their names & Niall McGuiness played Zeuss in JA's son & the ARGONAUTS.  Schweinstigger is Rothschild bloodline and he had to retire early from Man Utd and the German National FC.  Lumley bricks are all over Newcastle & all the buffoonery & comedy for profit is really dangerous PLEASE EXPOSE IT PEACEFULLY now that we can all read & write but cannot smack the kids.