Jack the Ripper Grapes HRH QE2, Colditz, Shipman NHS Killer, Iraq War, Gav Stacy Herr Zeller Taylor Hudson Bay Co LOGO and Carney 2 Rohns of Sax Coburg

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Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, outdoor
Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, outdoor
Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, outdoor
Colditz Elites Hannah Mary Rothschild Mrs Brookfield Alister Brooks Ednam House Hotel Duke of Buccleugh Lady Jane Dawnay, Mike Biggars dad amputees 39 steps to WW2 J Buchan Lord TweedsmuirGG of Canada.JPG

The Lumberjacks & Arrian Master Races Doing OK

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I need to get this on-line quick in case I do not return from the law courts tomorrow.  They want me out of my house and silenced for reasons that will become obvious.  Scotlands people own no mountains and that song was sung by Moira Anderson an acquaintance of Thora Kerr who I dated for a brief period. Moira the singer has been disappeared and the child murder of Moira Anderson kick started Stephen House's £250K pay rise and knighthood.  But I start with the Jack the Ripper in Hell story and the Joanna Page role of the lover/lobotomy victim of Pr Eddy the Royal serial killer. The vaginal Body part is the PISO PIE that gets cut out with the uterus.  So She played STACY SHIPMAN, and Shipman was the serial killer in the NHS, and Tim shipman was the war correspondent for the daily mail in Iraq the for the Liam Fox frauds. I remind you of the GRAPES of Grapfeld in Rothschilds Frankish Thuringia for the POPPO characters who are direct ancestors of Albert/Albrecht.  Oh and harold Shipman the serial killer was played by robin Williams who was schooled with Kermit Rockefeller & George W Bush's kids at St Albans school USA.  

So I Prince Eddy was placed in Glams castle and the stable girl who is prince charles illegit daughter appeared in Sainsbury's this evening.  So the Royals cover the scams by selling £9 bottles of Proscuttio at £360/bottle and facebook took down the  old google images of Pr Harry scud naked DOZENS of them to cover the 7/7 terror and his dating of a Cressida to cover cressida Dick of the Met Police murder of the suicide bombers and the people in the Station.  So we go to Grapfeld which is already morphed to Grabfeld.  The Hillsborough Ulster Bad Kissinger jokes are revealed and the Rhon region is the TWO RONNIES  jokes about war profiteering & your batman servant is in the war camp with you.  House has resigned after asset stripping all 9 Divisions and his succesor is a GORMLEY who covers Lizzy Murdochs Directorial Interlocks.  So the court proceedings start again for my wife who is in intel since she trained at M&S with Rimington & Manningham-Buller. MI6& MI5 have follwed me all round the world.  So the Alister BROOKS' of British fascism are relatives of the Bourbons of Versaille and they are in the Syndicate that sacked me for refusing to kill fish with Lady Jane dawnay ex duchess of Roxburghe.  That is Sanderson of bowden who ran the fish quota EU frauds for MrsT.  So Mike Biggar's dad (both legless) was in Colditz with Duke of buccleugh (legless) and Lady Jane Dawnay is a joke about the 39steps book by John Buchan Lord tweedsmuir.  So God gets to David Murray & Sean Connery and all the traitors except Brooks.  Abbotsford and Walter Scott's Foundation is home for alisdair hutton and robert the Bruce's heart.  & Dierdre was the head of NHS Borders with the Donkeys in the field as the Jesus Joke in the PISO bible.  Sheriff Peter Paterson has replaced Drummond and John Halley of Arnott-Manderson M.Anderson cover law firm who sold Scotland back to HRH in the referendum.  Grabfeld is east of Rothschild Franfurt Schweinfort.  The Queen has confirmed 2 of my 3 letters but the last one led to my sectioning.  All the boddies are dropping like flies now.  RHON is the two Ronnies.  Grapfeld is Alberts homeland Saxe Coburg and Gotha just NE. The Mark Carney are the Carneval place names.  Ronnie barker was in cameron's Chipping Norton set and his comedies are with Balfour Corbett on Colditz, Moira & Ken, and all the PORRIDGE Scottish Mackay of clashfearn & Poof nich Fairbairn Scottish law comedies.  Thuringians were puppets on the telly in late 1950s and early 60's.  The Whitney constituency of cameron become the Butlins Houston Nuremburg covers for the Rothschilds all wars all sides.  HESS, Babenburg, and Babenhousen are all in the Rothschild story and the Backerack Kissingen Hennenburg EGINO Melrose & Hillsborough links are obvious.  Albert did not sire any of Vic's babies and he was murdered by the windsors/Roths.   Herr Zeller becomes a subsiduary of the Hudson's Bay Company.  Then they became Taylor Lords and Prof barry taylor in NZ got in touch as soon as I began to reveal that to my surveilance monitors.   My Auntie Mary Callander NEE TAYLOR is very pro Canada for obvious reasons.  11 of my granpa Callanders Bros went to canada.  Absynth was used by Depp in the Hell Ripper movie and it is an UPPER drug that blocks inhibition in the CNS. Depp is all over the papers in marital strife and Pr eddy spent his life in GLAMS.  My Auntie Mary was a Scottish Int Runner and she was fit and kept the kids disciplined just by pointing at the local BORSTAL telephone number.  They lived in Pathead on the Duke of Westminsters farm!  That is Lady Jane Grosvenor's Dawnay's Bro Britains richest man.  All the Barclays, Tuckers and Griffins from Britain assett strip NZ as do Otago Poly & my ex wife who teaches them to launder using her Bros methods. Mark Carter was a director at Ernst & Young and on the Boards of BHP Billington & munitions companies owned by HRH.  So we search for rothschild of America nothing comes up.  Hannah Mary Rothschilds married name is Mrs Brookdale but LORD BROOKDALE the innsbruck joke has nothing on the internet NOT even a wedding photo.  The Elchanan Backerach icons are on the crest for the Hudson's Bay Company.  The Cunning fox is also on the HBC logo and ZELLERS was an elite SUPERSTORE since the lead up to Hitler Rothschilds WW2. The Swastika is the mummers tumblers in the circus, Isle Man 4th leg for Rolph Harris and sadly the Windmill for Don Quixote.  Laughed at fatally whenever the Pythons try to make a Quixote film and PELE is Sir Pelle in the Arthurian story & Pellendaba Weapons scams in the RSA & Rhodesia.  So Von Trapp singers director was Max Detweiller who now sells DRONES.   Zellers for Hudsons Bay & Madonnas Bay City is Rothschild red LOGO too.  So I am going to insist that the frauds that blight the world are exposed whether or no I loose the house to the better of Together traitors but they will stop at nothing to silence me.  With Condons G4S armoured cars banging up the poor people.  So Mark Carney BofE boss is Carnevalaska Gotha Saxe coburg, and Bad Konninghen KING are all East of Frankfurt.  Nuremburg is adjacent too.  Beatrix is BEAR BAYER Rothschild too and that is my wifes TEDDY ROBINSON if you go down tothe woods tonight sons every FALSE "XMAS" under the Lumberjacks Pines & mighty Spruces the PI PI Pyramid icons.  PLEASE FORGIVE ME by Burt Bacharach Rothschild Auntie Mary! XXX
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The Banned by Facebook images that were published by the Royal Fraudsters in Murdochs. Berlusconis papers