Intention to defend

I am drafting this for my own safety and reputation.  I am accused of financial neglect of my family AND WANT TO SHARE THE HARD FACTS with the entire world.  

Just to get you aware of the facts this is a letter I wrote to my wife (who is divorcing me for bad behaviours and for financial neglect : see lifelong earning graphs below), her solicitor, My MP and the Local Police force who persistently refuse to report the fraud that is blighting our potentially great and prosperous country.
THE BAD BEHAVIOUR LETTER: written as a request for information on my status 

George Lees <>

7 Sep
to Patricia
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From: George Lees <>
Date: 4 June 2014 18:40
Subject: Re: FW: Lees Divorce

  Dear Mrs Lees , Ms T (my wife's solicitor) and Michael Moore MP
Regarding our divorce proceedings and abuses of law enforcement & the UK constitution
Firstly I need to be made aware of the date for the hearing into our divorce case so I can attend and defend my case vigorously.
Since my wife orally proclaimed what was about to happen domestically to my family I have asked for her policy statements to be documented with the the timelines for my status as a citizen in this marriage and this country (which I need in forthcoming job applications/dealings with the DSS and communications with my constituency MP who is Michael Moore, see raft of covered up murders, genocides and profiteering campaigns that have been reported to Michael but can no longer be discussed with my children or my family group who have been disappeared with no rights of access despite my wifes oral pledge that access would be given freely when she was orally reeling of her advanced plans for our future just 3 days ago). Since the 1st of June she has removed half the contents of our home and I still have nothing in writing on the timeline on my financial status (my wife has agreed that the jointly owned home will not be insured when I default on the payments because I have no insight in my capacity to fund my life from my pension) and the contents of our various prosperous joint accounts.  The contents of our jointly owned home are exiting as I write in our jointly jointly owned car.  Please see web pages below on war crimes, assassinations and profiteering in government...that is those issues that have already been reported to Michael Moore who has nothing on HANSARD and has been booted out of the cabinet so he is no longer privy to the secrets on war crimes and child massacres at Dunblane because he is secretary of state for Scotland (and was, with Vince Cable at the DTI, the joint owner of the UK students loan company which my wife dutifully feeds with "her" sacrifice to our unfortunate kids who are lifelong victims but dont know it because their genuine and loving mum favours the simple life in front of the telly, to any form of deep analysis)...That is Michael Moore owner of the student loans scam, despite his pre-election pledges never to charge student fees on British students .  I have asked Valerie for a morality statement (and her opinion on the broader issues that are war crimes & Economic frauds that we, Gordon Bowden, Field McConnell & other amateur loyalists intimately understand and only yesterday caught the attention of 600,000 people in the ABEL DANGER movement ( a global coalition against national traitors and profiteers which is why I am including Michael in the recipient list).  Valerie repeatedly refuses to read, talk about, or understand these issues (but frequently denounces them like Michael used to do) and the impact it is already having on "HER" children (although I have no access to or insight of their address from Friday coming (6th June)).  The local law courts, councils and housing associations are £millions in toxic debt and growing despite Michaels' stoic keep calm and carry on ignoring the honest campaign to save the futures of all Britains children from profiteering in Government.  On the domestic front and your assett stripping of my home I have asked for a written account of Valerie's timelines on the emptying of "MY" pension fund and her bailing out of the joint account which pays for the rates on our jointly owned home (as she pays twice to duplicate the costs in her secret future home which she will rent, ultimately,  at "her" childrens' expense).  I have repeatedly asked Ms Thom  to define the terms for the divorce proceedings (with no reply) and have pointed out that Valerie is guilty of removing her sexual favours as a lever to try and get me off the war crimes and genocides which have calamitously impacted on her lifestyle and our exotic holidays. Geo political Profiteering Hyperlinks listed below for Ms Thom and Michael who is obligated to receive my communications as a constituent and take them forward and into HANSARD but no longer sends receipts because he understands the magnitude and gravity of the crimes against the worlds people). With my understanding of Scottish Law, I suspect that my wife is now guilty of three issues that constitute grounds for divorce in Scotland: desertion, withdrawal of sexual favours over 4 years of her fundraising for shopping & student fees and,  finally, an oral statement that she has decided to opt out of the financing of the jointly owned home, which she will later attempt to sell (with our joint signatures on the title deeds...which means I cannot be evicted from it within Scottish law). She has refused to provide me with a written timeline for me being stripped of my pension (or components of this and my mysterious pension funds which Ms Thom knows all about)  and my lifelong savings or of having access to my own children who will be given the same moral code that she and Michael live with because it has AYE BEEN.  I want Ms Thom,  from Canada (like Mark Carney £800,000/£250,000 housing allowance at the head of the BofEngland) to know that I will not relent on what happened to 2 million innocent bystanders in Iraq, David Kelly, Robin Cook and Richard Chang who is a dead parent of a young son Killed by Stephen Hester at the abbey National bank. Or on the arms to Iraq scandal which include overlapping directorships in fraudulent Ponzi shells with Rifkind (director at G4S and Aberdeen Assett Management), foreign secretary to 2002, and Chilcot inquest chair for the covered up inquiry with immunity from prosecution of leading figures like Sir Mark Thatcher and the Rt Greedy & ruthless Jonathon Aitken. But more importantly, the fraud  is still happening in trillion pound/dollar scams in the AIM in the city of London, Torronto, Canada and all over the UK.  That is Canada where Michaels govt planted a Canadian millionaire as the boss at the bank of England that has, since 1815, lent money to our privately owned democracy. Valerie  I want to know why your documents on the separation order have still not been shown to me and that I understand your frequent referals to psychiatric services and in the NHS (see scams below which will be profiled online today).  As you all know, money is relatively unimportant for me but the breaches of justice are vital and I will out them and keep appealing your decisions in law just so I can get the news out to the taxpaying public.  Neither Valerie, nor her legal team, has yet provided me with timelines or documentary evidence to transact the relocation of "our" funds which she confidently talked me (orally and perfectly composed) through on Sunday evening and informed me it would be decided in law but that it was complex ...see correspondence with ms Thom who refers to me as "him" and only with reference to debt I may have created since the separation was declared. My wife has declared that she cannot live with me but is forced to listen in to my oral discussions with loyalists who are directly confronting Michael's crimes (actually Michael is blissfully innocent compared to the cabinet members who survived the cull)....The issues I asked to be documented by Valerie  include the withdrawal of four figure sums from our joint accounts which were placed in ISAs from our joint account for people that are leaving our jointly owned home (which if I had done it would be grounds for divorce).  MY FAMILY HAS NEVER BEEN IN DEBT and has always had reserves in the bank.  Miss Thom has re-assured my wife that it is not a crime not to engage in marital sex after your husband declares that he is no longer earning the six figure salary.  From a husband's perspective I "choose" to sleep alone in our jointly owned one-person bedroom and not to sleep around so I can live within my marital vows and legal commitments as an honest faithful husband (as stated in Scottish law just to be on the safe side of the infidelity issue that can be grounds for divorce). When Valerie started removing "our" belongings she was unable to tell me in writing or orally whether I could pursue safely a new sex life. She did not know and said it was complex so she could not write more than one sentence in reply to tell me whether I could now legally discontinue my policy of chastity to save our marriage.  Which has not been saved despite the fact that I have no documentation on when I will be impoverished and homeless. As with the funding and my social security status I just have an oral account that Valerie was moving out under her unilateral terms but that I would not know where my "accessible" children live because of her reluctance to see what is happening to their futures. 

Because of my wifes persistent referals to psychiatric services when I am exposing the scandalous profiteering by our government profiled below I  feel obligated to publish my dialogue, with Scottish doctors/Leading Civil servants in several catchments, on Scottish doctors remuneration (1/3-40% of a GP salary comes from meeting prescribing targets by volume) which is called "poly-pharmacy" and is lethal and invariable renders it difficult for elderly relatives to stand up and stay in possession of their own homes (see Mrs Thatcher's boiler rooms in Finchley which have been used by all PMs since she sold the council houses to grannie all over the UK).  I will publish anon correspondence on this later today for fear that my wife needs to resort to the psychiatric threat and gets me locked away on behalf of her "concerns about my welfare" from family members who are happy to live and be unemployed, robbed blind,  long-term in this corrupted society we live in. That is a globalised FRANKLY LETHAL society for innocents on all continents overseas.  So Michael, that might help you with your "better off together" campaign depending on how you choose to manipulate the statistics and despite the fact that you have no electronic patient records South of the border for very expensive incompetence reasons.   Before you have me locked away to silence Britain's most loyal the name of your "MORALITY" I want you to know that I never give up (and that imprisonment gave even the Apartheid Regime in the RSA a conscience & that I am prepared to tread that path) .  Its amazing how Valerie carefully avoided showing me a separation document that she has misplaced over 24 hours since she started emptying our "jointly owned home".  Yesterday she claimed that the issues were too complex to explain until she gets more legal advice from her solicitor  Miss Thom who has not yet defined the grounds for the divorce to a man who has no conscience about any of his decisions throughout a long happy and prosperous life in a perpetually brutalised world that Michael is unprepared to talk about (or respond to in neglect of his parliamentary duties). My wife detests my lucid informed discussions with unpaid world experts on these criminal greedy behaviours from an adjacent room where she works on healthcare issues that are no longer available on the NHS even in an Independent Scotland where education is "free".  I am particularly keen to see a declaration of the grounds for our divorce (even if it arrives retrospectively) and how it impacts on my capacity to feed myself from the undisclosed remnants of "my pension". Although you have all chosen to dessert my moral stance I think I can simplify those complex issues for you over-time thanks to my wife's advice to get out from behind my computer and take my campaign onto the streets which the heavily bankrupt local council now runs at high rates of interest.  I know Michaels constituency office is just across the road from the police station.

Selfishly though,  I do need figures on what you take from our jointly owned accounts, how you will try and evict me from my own home (my wife is still in possession of a set of keys but is reluctant to share a forwarding address because she cannot write anything down for complexity reasons until her solicitor returns from Canada, Like Lord Beaver Brook and Canadian citizen UK PM Bonar Law) .  I will be appearing in Galashiels outside Michael Moore's office and possibly Ms Thom's solicitors office with war crime statistics hanging round my neck and Michael Moore's avoidance of the fine details of the removal of a constituent's right of access to his MP (my wife has kindly donated some paper for this purpose with no obvious financial or  ownership flytraps) Valerie has just confirmed that I will not be allowed to visit our kids in "her" rented home but she is cool with our old family home being uninsured until she repossess her chunk of it). The posters, hung from my body, will include the methods, the IDs of the world leading personnel and the Ambassadors, NATO generals, JUNTA tank commanders, Met Police Commissioners and AIM fraudsters who cheat and steal from their citizens/investors/savers.  i.e the facts on all British families' impoverished futures and who profits from it. BUT: for practical reasons around starvation and access to the Internet I am particularly keen to know when and how you steal my wife's legal team take over my pension and my savings?  I know now, thanks to Valerie's articulate oral account of her plans,  that from Friday I am in it (our house) alone that she will leave some food in the jointly owned fridge and that I will be living in austerity (happily) fighting for the Nation's future and to expose the criminality in the establishment that all of  you tacitly condone (with my only contact with the outside world being through the RIPAS monitoring scheme that keeps me safe).  In Great British law Michael is aware of how, and who, is stealing from our "accessible children" which makes him complicit in the crimes since 2010 That was the year that David Laws (with previous at JP Morgan and Barclays) negotiated the coalition theft from the treasury agreement  and then was allowed to sidestep any accountability by claiming £50,000 expenses for his gay boyfriend (before becoming secretary of education in the steal from the children/students plot that Michael so cynically denied he would ever allow to happen)...which made Michael popular and an obvious choice for the deceitful cabinet.

I relish the prospect of open communications and amateur debates with my local representatives and legal spouses....who have misplaced the document that means they were unable to provide me with any timelines on my pension but are unprepared to  commit their advanced oral plan to writing because of the complexity of our domestic case history (and for fear of making an expensive tactical error). I understand my wife is getting support from her family to fund the legal fees.   That is her family that lives in the PMs constituency near chipping Norton (but are intrinsically decent and just dont have time to probe into what are, on the outside, complex looking financial services crimes).  I am grateful for this gesture but Ms Thom was never prepared to discuss the cost of her expert but complex handling of what is just a disagreement on morality that will strip me of everything I worked for for 20 years on a consistently large and eventually six figure salary.  Please know that the truth will be outed for the Worlds people no matter how hard you promote your unilateral divorce proceedings as the only thing that matters in your future on this earth.  I will contest Britain's (and chipping Norton, Downing Streets) morality to my death bed if this is what it takes.  Ms Thom, can you confirm legally that my wife has the right to remove my children from my home then that you have the right not to inform me in writing of my marital status and the future of everything my family currently is 25 years to the day since tanks were required to remove the peaceful protestors  from Tienanmen have no idea of the Force Majeur that is behind my campaign which will determine the future of all Britains children.   So please quickly provide me with your complex plans for the future of my pension, my savings and the home that you failed to deliver the separation document to (and get a signature for) so I can buy some bread and stay online in austerity from next Monday in my nearly empty home with only one set of keys. These are the links that will deliver justice for all of Britain's people and will end Michael's career really quickly unless he starts honouring his pledges to all British and Globally Brutalised children....all for the fast buck and the power to dismember your own local society for personal gain and power. 
I know "my wife" will not look at these links on principle that they are wasting her income stream and holiday funds.  I know that Michael will not confirm receipt and that he is on record as saying that it would take an army of fully paid researchers to confirm the global banking crash/reset and the sovereign debt crisis are scams (which he said face to face when he and his wife drive home on a Friday and gets full expenses paid and four free trips to Europe to network in the extended summer vaction period .  He has not confirmed receipt of my correspondence on 2,300 shell companies who traded out of 50 Lothian Road Edinburgh where the 20-25 directors (who included Rifkind and Chilcot to 2014) earn something like £70K basic each to be directors of a PONZI shelf which has no product......and the CAIRN company that Cameron has crashed then sold to PM Singh in India (as Vedanta) now has its CEO on the court of the bank of England with Dave Prentis head of the UKs largest public sector union.  The UNISON staff have had their pay frozen for way over five years of austerity and the INEOUS negotiations which typify how the country is now run by bullying and fear for your job. Donald Trump is an investor in ponzi schemes in Scottish Windfarms and I cannot tell you what the Chancellor of my old University at Heriot-Watt Professor Ewan Brown did to my childrens future in the global banking crash of 2008....with interlocking directorships in HBOS, TSB, Lloyds Banking group and some of the financial institutions responsible for my decimated pension fund which is not actually mine until you deliver justice for my wife. That is Valerie who felt persecuted through almost all of her working life in HR (until she was allowed to work peacefully in her own home with "him" that is the "accused" in the domestic case and the funder of this family Empire).  The accused gets one weeks groceries as a compensatory gesture with no rights to visit English or Scottish relatives who have made expensive but friendly reciprocal visits to open and happy homes in both hemispheres. Until I got serious about Michael's elite bosses across the G8's crimes....with thousands in our bank accounts.

Michael Moore, I have talked to the police in Gala....they know what HR in the United Force are obligated to do to local policing and the parkies (whos jobs have also been lost and given to G4S where Malkie Rifkind was a director until he joined the virtual oil gas & renewables frauds).  I have talked to the G4S staff at the DSS in Gala which is very close to your office which is convenient for my campaign unless you put a restraining order on me (like my wife has threatened to do). That is, if I learn about my families new location through the gossip mill, which has persecuted her in both hemispheres where she feels, chronically, that she has not fully lived the high life of a professor's wife on a six figure salary .  She does not, yet, call me "him" but I want you to know that when the historic archive is written you are campaigning for the evil/corrupted side at your own children's expense.  Ms Thom this is presumptive of me but be reassured that I will not engage you in online dating until I know that legally I am allowed to find a partner or a representative that I can trust for the rest of my honest democratic campaign. Michael have I ever explained the Basel Fawlty, Fish Called Wanda, Im a lumberjack and Im OK jokes to you in my previous correspondence?  If you get wise, as you get older, please remember the risks of poly-pharmacy and incarceration for your capacity to pass on all of what you worked for to your children and grandchildren.

Ms Thom, please let me know when the climactic hearing takes place to determine how quickly I am rendered insolvent by the people I love most on this earth.  Ms Thom and Michael you are not yet contenders but it is well within your scope.....if you have an ounce of decency between your ears. As a Professor of Neuroscience I find it best not to confuse my audience with complex issues around neuroanatomy or the release of dopamine when you achieve your own satisfaction after your wifes decision only to sell her body to her husband on her terms (which Miss Thom has confirmed is not a crime).  These are just some of the crimes that Michael persistently refuses to acknowledge.   

The tragic case of Murdered Richard Chang "died" in Stephen Hester's Abbey National Bank Euston Road. The police and lawcourt staff in Jedburgh were reluctant to sign a petition to clear his name.  I will be asking Michael to Sign it. Both the coroner and the pathologist have been thrown from their profession for fraud. His sister Jacqueline is a pharmacist and close contact: she asked to be put on my mailing list and her entire life is dedicated to salvaging her brothers name on the Basel 3 banking regulator whistleblower "suicide".

Michael this directly implicates you in the cover up of the Arms to Iraq kidnappings and murders in Wales and genocide in Afgahnistan, Iraq & the deployment of Rolf Harris as a prize in the Lib Dems fundraiser, but finally and most seriously  the Unconstitutional stance you have adopted not to receive constituent Emails on your governments crimes.

Michael this implicates you as you well know and makes a mockery of your pre-election pledges.

This is pertinent to my family relatives near whitney where the prime minister lives

I am now in a dialogue with American and Canadian ABEL DANGER anti-treason operatives many of whom are ex-servicemen who have risked their lives for YOUR COUNTRY.  So if you have the bottle please confirm receipt.

My family are just about to have one of our last meals I told them about the Last supper (and the thirty pieces of silver) and the parallels for Joseph in Egypt where he was betrayed by his own family for 20 pieces of silver.  To my knowledge the Al Fayeds were not involved but they have lots to account for in the pre-meditated unlawful killing of loyal and slightly rebelious family members called Di and Dodi.  Dodi and Farage were the two gay boys in the Lawrence of arabia movie who stuck the stick up the camels rear. Dianna died in the LAlma tunnel (translated from Yidish as APPLE to laugh at Dianna's equivalent of the original sin) which was actually committed in the British Colonial territory of the Garden of Aden. At JFKs funeral the barren rocks of Aden was played as a sick joke by world Michael used to be.
Some of the culprits & premeditated plots over 150 years here

Yours Sincerely 
George (him to Ms Thom, who hopefully is enjoying her trip to Canada)

I will not at this stage name names but the Divorce Case is being heard in Scotland......where legal advice is very expensive (ranging from £200-£300/hour/£40 per letter). That is Scotland Where the law society (advised by John Lamont MSP and Stuart Fair) is totally corrupted but casts judgement on innocent locals from Berwick to John O'Groats

Both the accused and the litigant are very close acquaintances of mine: at one time they were HAPPY to describe themselves as PARTNERS/LOVERS FOR LIFE (and one of the parties has never swayed on this issue/pledge but is now unilaterally threatened with divorce action because of financial neglect of HIS family which I will detail below over 2 decades in both Hemispheres).  First I want to review the LOVE STORY.  The Happy Couple married very early in the 1990's.  The husband was a graduate in pharmacy (at the time a steady earner, in a profession where English speaking experts could travel to and practice in hospital, retail or industry on both sides of the world and where regulators and practitioners were all able to travel and practice as temps, for a very reasonable Pharmaceutical Society fee in both the UK and all over Australasia) who eventually became a Professor of Pharmacology (without ever being in debt and always had substantial sums at the bank).  By the time he met his future wife he already owned his own home and fell in love with a pretty and decent girl who temped for his company (a Pharmaceutical giant called the Wellcome Foundation).  She was relatively poor (all she owned was a grey Nissan on HP and could not afford university, although it was free and opted for Watford College) but charmingly carefree and they quickly formed a relationship that excited both families and, with the permission of the girl's father, they became engaged in what looked like a lifelong bond.....and one party still clings to that vision: that marriage is a job/blissful linkage for life but has been rejected for financial neglect (by, as it happens, the pauper in the relationship).  See tables and graphs below

Lets analyse that more deeply.  When they met, the husband owned his own home in Leighton Buzzard and the girlfriend  moved in as an intimate friend/lodger and they had strong personalities (both) and still do (which used to be exhilarating but now are handled entirely by a solicitor).  

The House that the male lover entirely owned was worth a paltry £70,000 when his girlfriend moved in as a lodger  on a rental basis.  The relationship was always spirited and sometimes "hot-headed" but both the lodger and the landlord learned new tricks and seemed happy enough with their lot and this continued when the Dr of Pharmacology opted to move home closer to the place of work of both occupants....they moved to Tring (most famous as the home for the world famous Rothschild Dynasty) which was close to the girl's home/workplace in Hemel Hempstead and the Doctors Laboratory, where he was already a team leader in Pharmacology and Biochemistry (as a specialist in electrophysiology which is the study of EXCITABLE CELLS WHICH ARE VITAL IN LIFE AND DEATH.....they regulate the beating of the heart, the function of the lungs/muscles and,vitally, the functions of the nervous system without which we could not make promises or even be aware of our surroundings, senses, emotions or recall of our personal history and human relationships.   

At this point, in the narrative I am unable to compare the earning power of the two lovers (because this is none of my business and is rather personal).  The female litigant had held steady jobs with the NHS, Marks and Spencers, the stationary industry and in recruitment firms which provided temps for Wellcome.