NARCOTICS: Opium Wars and Dismembering Vast Continents

The page above describes 500 years of ruthless violent Imperialism that reduced the numbers of indigenous peoples all around the globe.  The tactics to strip out national pride and sovereignty included rendering troops and oppressed nations senseless and hopelessly addicted all over china, the golden triangle then eventually into the new world.  As a professor of pharmacology I was shocked that narcotics, booze & vice prostitution are stunningly effective tools for profiteers and international tyrants....the pages below go on to demonstrate that world leading nations like Britain Holland, Spain, France and then Fascist Juntas/Zionist MOSSAD led American tyrants in the New World have kept the troubled world troubled just for the cash (and to remove the risk that countries with pride, organisation and spirit will emerge to challenge the corrupted globalised CABALS/MAFIA who effectively run/own the world.
This is a long document but it demonstrates the might 0of the Rothschild dominated crown templar and the persecution of North America (before Henry Kissinger appeared ruthlessly on the global stage).  The dope inc story is rivetting but its almost 200 pages long.  PLEASE TRY AND FIND THE takes us up to the 60s/70s and the launch of psychedilic drugs/narcotics and the launch of the NWO bands/musicians like the Beatles and the rolling Stones (the Manson drug fuelled raves and murders).  The irony is that for almost 200 years we have developed safe and effective methods to anaesthetise patients in our western G20-30 countries and mortality in childbirth in the developed world (in UK the death rate is now 1 in 180,000 births).  In developing ASIA and Sub Saharan Africa they still have no access to these opiate analgesics and anesthetics that we have been using on street corners and in operating theatres for 200 Liberia 1 in 12 mothers dies if caeserian deliveries are required and they have no effective anaesthesia or pain relief it is shocking.

ANYWAY PLEASE READ DOPE INC it is ever so sly and vicious but works like a money lenders/tyrants' dream. More on the shocking lack of drugs we take for granted in Sub Saharan Africa on the Pages below.