Anglo-Fr Canadian mafias & the Royal SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE Cromwellian PEERAGE scams into QUEBEC NEW FRANCE & WW2

The British monarchy own vast tracts of the world and the G8-20 teams run all continents all wars and own all pressand media.  In recent months I have revealed the interlocks of the gene pools from the PISO BIBLE AUTHORS to the Windsors, US Presidents and celebs often out of france holland then britain and into AMERICA or EAST into the orient and SOUTH PACIFIC.  So I made this video on the treason in Scotland and the manipulation of minds so that none of our countries have a genuine democracy, prosperity...and it is tier after tier of profiteering, corruption and false news everywhere on the globe now.

Fr Canadian Anglo German Genocide Bruce WW1 2 & FlODDEN war dead

I am still hitting on the Canadian profiteering and am quite stunned to see in the papers that Celine Dion' s husband died and was buried only yesterday.  But we start with the Pythons jokes and all their shrubbery 12 trees/ Jewish tribes PINE trees.  But I first explain the womens wifes red coat and the KILTIES doing the country dancing in their SKIRTS.  My Rothschild Aylesbury rugby mate Ivan Dymetrenko was a Scottish Country Dancer and only now do I appreciate that is a joke imposed on Scotland by King Charles of Spaniel fame and CROMWELL hated all over Great Britain.  So if your bloodline was weak or if you had homosexual habits then the KING or his courtiers might disposses you of your land.  So the Earls of selkirk lost their castles to the Douglas family that is the Buccleughs who have vast tracts like the Canadians (in actuality the British Royals who train the muppets in kilts to dance). The wild flower THISTLE and Lillies/Flowers of the forrest jokes are about the war dead.  My wife left the REDCOAT behing cos she favours Rothschild Yellow, even though the redcoats from the UK kill poor & pagans all over the world. Now the Canadians are milking everything and the treason is endless. As those estates peers were given back to the KING they become SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCES & QUEENSBERRY RULES Jokes for Cromwell and the KINGS powerful mates.  The Selkirk land conflicts ends up as the HAMILTON House Dance (and that is Hamilton where Rudolph Hess' relatives are from & the NHS sectioning team think just Like Adolph Hitler Rothschild and are also based in Hamilton). So Braveheart's dad is a plotter and advocates perpetual alliance with England & the dad has leprosy like FDR had polio.....the dad chants ALL MEN BETRAY and with my recent perspective he is accurate.  So I show you images of the Canadian & Scottish Press Bankers & Munitions Airplanes Ships & the elite canadians come back to ENGLAND Britain and get into the heritable peerages and our traitors go to Canada as Governor Generals like the Buchans/Tweedsmuirs & all the treason is covered by lies and propaganda from Peers like Beaverbrook and the Thomsons who end up on the rich list and HERITABLE PEERAGES & Privy Council.   So the massacres are jokes too the War dead Flowers of the Forrest  & Floors castle translate as PISO THE BIBLE FRAUD TEAM.  My wife understands all the frauds cos she trained in INTEL as did her bro who is a ROTARY CLUB OBE so they understand all the jokes about Arsinoe Arsenal and the PISO WINDSOR Rothschild bloodlines of the world owners. We married in TRING where the Rothschild Penis is the GOLD FISH pond opposite the church.   So in Canada the men that run the wars get the peerages that stay perpetually in the family. Lord shaunessy was a railroad shipping magnate started as a Clerk but made the Canadian railroad for WW1 & the YUKON Gold rushes & became a shipping magnate like Churchill.  Beaverbrook is head of Propoganda /Aircraft Daily Expressand he gets the Peerage for life and that becomes a home on the cote D'Azur, Fine art collections and mariages into the Dukedom in the UK....So Canada is NEW FRANCE and Du Plessis is the real  name of Cardinal Richelieu who sent the armies out to be defeated by the Brits in those massive wars against USA, France and all the 500 Indian nations.  The only peerage members in Canada are hand picked as the BOWES LYON bloodline but they are false royals from the DOWNSTAIRS sector.  All the others are picked for their roles in muntions transport or the Governance of the EMPIRE all over the globe. Danny Alexander Lib Dem is a Collins MAFIA man. The heritable peerages are here  Those are the Thomson Twins and the Thomson Newspaper billionaires on the rich list.  We find Camilla;s family too and that is the CAMELS & ships of the dessert.  So in my home town Shaunessy was my solicitor and when I became a fraud researcher he left and was replaced by a LEES. Same at the bank of England where David Lees became a courtier in the ROTHSCHILD owned scam.  We show you the victims of the ROYAL WARMONGERING & the SELKIRK pipe band.  Mark Shand, Camillas' bro was killed in the revolving door between JP Morgan/WWF . ,profiteering and a hotel . Kneeling at the church is NEIL & is the beheading of gladiator but it is Egyption NILE for PISO.  The Nile is the PISHON and adjacent to the Garden of ADEN that launches TAZERS & Taze Russell of the Jehovas. Bombed for the BP plant by Wilson and Douglas Holme.  The Rio-TINTO links are in HRH;s business interests & Danton and Robespierre are MASONS too.  Youst Van Der Vestahasem, Jimmy Johnston &  Steven Hawkins all got motorneurone disease.  More on my pathology theory but I dont know what Celine Dion's late husband did for a living and she has 2 female kids in the images in the papers.  Shaniah and Celine end up in Las Vegas where the pipers in womens closing are the millitary tatoo for Alisdair Hutton the British Legion boss and councillor married to DIERDRE queen of the quangos & head of the Health Board.  So it is a massive cabal of peers prepared to kill for profit.  Almost all the media people understand the joke like Sally Magnusson and we end with the 39 steps Buchan Tweedsmuir output that is Gone with the Wind too.  The Dawney on the clock tower  is the new partner of Lady Jane Grosvenor and all the BUCHAN stuff and Busby Babes dancers and Man Utd bosses are the covers for the ROUND TABLE RIIA, Royal Institutute for Int Affairs all HRH's and the Rothschilds INTEL Banking Commercial cabals.  We close on the war crimes Odessa XMAS dream Nazi diasporas and the masons in Selkirk Aus and all of them laugh at the ANZAC war dead and fail to understand why only 2 of 800 returned alive from Floden.  

We follow on by showing Mark Carney now the boss of the Bank of England and below we have the run down on those heritable peerages that go to work on expanding or brutalising the Empire upon which HRH's bloodlines wear the GOLD rush crowns and Diamonds in her ceremonials but the whole bloodline is now illegitimate for 163years and rising.   THE LAWS OF SUCCESSION WERE CHANGED AGAIN IN 2012 so that the whole world gets kept in slavery and in fear just because it has AYE BEEN an expression no doubt used by BRUCE the LEPER when he talks about the ALLIANCE WITH ENGLAND.....they are all in the same team and they work for themselves under ORDERS from the RIIA, MI6 MI5 and all of those are run by the ROTHSCHILDS and the 13 Illuminati families that own the mafias the occultists NATO the Corrupted Banks & the RELIGIOUS FRAUDS ARE MASSIVE TIED TO THE SAME USUAL SUSPECTS.

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