Illuminati: The 13 MAFIA FAMILIES Collins, Clinton's mum & HITLERS Funders

This is quite a long story. it takes in Michael Collins, who planted the Scottish RITES Freemasonic flag on the moon circa 400 years after the PISO family PIlgrim fathers arrived in the Empire State on the Mayflower.  My recent revelations reveal the interbreeding between the candidates for the Presidency this yr. That is Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, George Buisson (Buffalo Girls) Bush's family & ALL THE CELEBS picked for greatness in HOLYWOOD are in the PISO BLOODLINE.  It is ever so difficult to grasp but this bloodline goes back to Arsinoe (Arsenal Jokes with the PISO Pineapple on the head), Alexander the Great & eventually to KING DAVID in the old testament....confirming that all the Jewish Christian Islamic jokes are written by that PISO family that launched the MIN/the MAN Arrius Calpurnius PISO (Alpha to Omega joke) who was the cleverest religious fraudster in world history.  The plot is so sinister it means that HEROD who executed their creation "Jesus Christ" was the great grandfather of the MAN/Min and he was, in turn the great Grandfather of Marcus Aurelius.  So I need three videos to tell the story about the Collins' & we start with a woman called Joan with her tits out.  In the end we get into the ORIENT that is where Shania Twain related to the Clintons, Bushes, Dions and French Canadian PMs Cretien & Trudeaux who live in HRHs Canada but prefer to stay out of wars for reputational reasons that cover up their relentless profiteering & genocides.  As well as false religion many of these families are GIFTED in the occult sector & are practicing witches.  The run "Law Enforcement" Globally and Police all the innocent countries as the bosses of NATO, the GLOBAL MEDIA & the corrupted banks.   
So the Collins' need 2 videos to reveal the links to Bill Clintons mum, Hitlers Funding Streams and Joan Collins' links to Henry Kissinger, Garry Churchill, the TAVISTOCK mind control centres where Hitler & Stalin trained with Nelson Mandella. The First one is here   

Colins Todd Mafias Bill Clintons mum & Michael Collins on the MoonYouTube Video  Descriptor is reproduced below. & THERE ARE TWO MORE VIDEOS at the bottom that explain REALLY DANGEROUS WORLD Ownership.
We start with the music I chose for the first dance at my wedding. The honey moon was in Bergen Norway but the images are of Belson Bergen. The world leaders understand all the jokes about Govt, Genocide & False religion that we start off with We start with the French Canadian world owners that are Hilary Clinton, Celine Dion & the De Buissons the Bush lineage. One by one we are dissecting the super rich genocidal worl owners who understand & today it is the Collins Mafias. The American PIE is the Piso joke about the Fanny/vagina sung by Don McLean and that is the Life of PI, National Velvet PI the horse & all the web sites that reveal christianity ISLAM , el Ninho ,the baby jesus doll joke, are now understood by the worlds poor people. So Joan Collins appears on PLAYBOY BUFF NAKED right into her forties. We reveal that the Collins' run all sorts of business interests including the Grand DRUID Council. We could only find 2 in the UK ,one in Hemel Hempstead. But the Bokers/Bowker cousins and the Druid companies in the UK gets over 10K hits. Bill Clintons mum's ID is Pamela Digby Chhurchill NEE HARRIMAN and that is the story that Greg Hallett has published in 100s of thousands of books on HRH, the Rothschilds on world ownership ^ the illegit royals. All of the Bill Clinton life story is a lie, but his wifes bloodline is out of France, Canada and they are the PERCHE family out of CAEN and into Canada. Hillary is closely related to DELLA Murray and Egger & Higgins make the ships that the war migrants like Madeleine Albright use to get to fascist USA home to fascists all over the world. So Garry Churchill is a living relative of Winston;s and he is on the TAVISTOCK directoraes like the Brannahs of the shakepeare companies. Catherine McKinnell MP for Newcastle n is GarryChurchill the healthcare fraudster in ASTHMA and prisoner counciling sector. Tavistock is where HITLER Rothschild & STALIN Rothschildwere trained. So it is spooky that the HUMES THE PACIFISTS are on it. Gary is on Airways the respiratory asthma boards & his ancestors were gifted BLENHEIM for their killing for Gt Britain in the William and Mary ORANGE ERA,,,,which explains the King Charles spaniel affiliation. So there is also a body double for LORD PUTNAM in the same region of my town. THAT is PUTNAM of Sunderland Uni, Chariots of Fire & the Mister Bean WORLD WAR DEAD run for your country on the CHRISTIAN FRAUD on a SUnday jokes! Clinton, the Queens half brother, with PM Winston Churchill as both their parents. The Harriman woman was the US ambasador for Paris and it takes you into the OMEN movie. The GOLD from the RSA, Latin America, Australasia, is of huge significance in the Collins Rothschild Rockefellers rituals. We explain the fraudulent PRESS, Routers, News Corp and how they manipulate all the news & the religious psychology that underpins the worlds biggest lie that is HESUS CHRIST. All the INTEL policing spying ops are led by freemasons and even the US flag on the moon ,with a Collins in the team, is a Scottish RITES freemasons . Joe Collins Joan's dad is friends with Lord Lew Grade & that takes you into Lord Michael Grades massive PONZIS, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, John Craven & Man Utd players all on the Phoenix Film partners frauds with Beckhams, & all sorts of diversionary CELEBS. The collins' are mates of kissingers Onassis' Grades Michael & Lew. The Bronfmans takes into FDR' s prohibition bootlegging and the UK Royals' PRIVY council which appoints the Bronfman & Conrad Black the Canadian Press thief. Michael Collins gets to the moon BELIEVE IT IF YOU LIKE. The Witches, all the christian Denominations are on the take like the queen GODS rep in England which is the EPISCOPALIAN . The Hall revelations gets the fire brigade on my doorstep. Arthur and wilkie collins are NWO authors. Collins & Cromwells charge the Jews to return from exile back into Britain. Then TULSA the pop song as the cover for the satanist hub. The dads' army ad comes up all the time Michael Gambon, and the new film will have removed the CP badge on their shoulders & the TULSA song takes me into the nostalgic 60s, The woman in red is the Valkyrie widow from my recent disclosures & that features the albrechts on the rich lists and Mainwaring in the HSBC, we end with the Collins Lloyds of London shipping profiteering in WW2. We end with Petrie of Hibs & James foster Collins & all the Jews at the UN.

Clinton's mum 2 Jew Collins Hitler Rothschild $£Dm Bravehearts Thistle

Hitlers ENGLISH speaking funders The Rothschild Teddy Bears Bauers Teddy Robinson Jokes for Mrs Valerie Jane Lees the young mums XMAS stories.

Valerie Jane Lees Teddy Robinson Bears picnic in the Woods Bauer Rothschild Hitler Funded WW2 Colins W Averill Harriman Cynthia Payne Rupert Murdoch Deng Hall Divorce Tyson Ted Hancocks.JPG

WHOLE STORY HERE & Pictures here:     The Rothschild Teddy Bears in the Woods Jokes & Teddy Robinson XMAS fraud is outed & Mrs VJLees thinks that is very funny.This is part 2 of the Collins Todd Clinton Harriman mafias story.  That is Bill Clinton whos dad was Winston Churchill (whose mum was Randy Jenny Jerome) and if you listen in you will learn how they funded HITLER ROTHSCHILD in WW2 & why Steve McQueen the Gt Escape joker died in his 40s and was wrapped in barbed wire in the movie.  But first COLLINS mafia activity as JEWS at the UN, Mel Gibsons' role in life and some lovely cross-religious music to warm your heart and profit from NUKES, the Treasury office,  Aircraft & Navy munitions. The Pythons team sing about pressed dried flowers so we remind you of LONGSHANKS Salmond & Sturgeon & the jokes about Scottish Freedom.  James Foster Collins has many of those profit streams at his disposal as a Jewish UN official in INTEL.  I remind you about Hillary Shaniah and Celine (5 miscarriages SOURCE Oprah) the Fr Canadians  who become the rich list celebs or Presidential WORLD OWNERs closely related to the Bushes and half sisters to Bill Clinton.  So it is ever so difficult to find any socialists ALL through American & world history the COMMON COMMUNIST is a fascist the romance in the Braveheart movie.  The Collins infiltrate INTEL, schooling, art and becomes a pastor fascinated by Mussolini who changed sides in WW2 & launched communism in Italy.  Mrs Simpson and Miss Jean Brodie LOVED them and their in-laws (the Cianno's).  Next the De Ville (Cruella joke) and Hillary's name is HELL ARRIUS. The deville Collins' are award winners with the  Masons Congressmen Attorney Generals & the VATICAN.  Garry Churchill on the Tavistock boards friend was a COMMUNIST called Catherine McKinnel (see ePISOde1). Ross Collins is a LAWYER like Lord WALLACE of Tankerness who is Privy to many of the GOVT Crimes I have reported.  Almost all of them are MASONS & I mention field mcConnel & ABEL DANGER & the Chicago MAFIAS with baseball bats who are all 33degree masons.  I reveal that if we turn on these fraudsters as the citizens we could have a tax free civilisation. Then Wilkie Collins' and the fear SPOOK stories & queen Vic the Rothschild rape woman who married in virginal white even though her son by blind Prince George was living on the Isle of White.  The Goulds & the Russells are close to the collins and I talk about our headmaster, the Jehovahs, the Coopers and the culling of the 500 nations and my art project at KHS where we made a totem pole for the INDIANS out of Fr Papier machiere. I display the Illuminati Pyramid and Wellington's Director ID as Wellesly Wood, ABBA is the father God and the pop-band is the WATERLOO central banking joke as NORWAY stays neural and OPT OUT of War as the Fr Canadian WORLD OWNERS do too like the French Belgians & Free Polish in Beds Herts & Bucks NO BOMBING ZONEs. The bosses are the PIR Piso Peer pressure cabal.  Sufism, the Masonic Rites and the Moriah jokes are explaine like Tolkein out of Mertoun College and the duchess of Sutherland.....who sent MURDOCHs family to the colonies and some of his ORIENTAL wives are in Episode 3 The Kaaching Oriental HK banking TRIADS. The P2 masons run the NWO banks  and they launder trillions in instant transactions out of the central banks & treasuries globally.  So back to TODD and the TIGER jokes in the illuminati PISO jokes.  The Todd's are married to 2 Presidents. The Hitchcoks are also in the mafias and my research exposes ALF Hitchcock as head of the armed British Policing. All those jokes about fascism are shared through rugby teams for generations THE HARLEQUINS JESTERS joke in London & in my hometown.  The whole of sport is a diversion & then I reveal the BEARS Bayers being the Rothschilds alias we play the IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS TODAY  SHRUBBERY JOKE & sung by a Ann Murray.  Teddy Robinson has been the XMAS story for my wife every yr FROM ROTHSCHILD Herts but it is ever so difficult to find now since I become a fraud war crimes and religios XMAS fraud researcher. The Wiccans are Collins' too and that is the HELLFIRE Boston tea party jokes & the PIERCES are the Bush wives & St BARBARA patron St of explosives & munitions.  Sarah ANN Collins is sold into marriage and that becomes the freemasons on the ELVEN path the garden gnomes & gnomes of Zurich. The Windsors are experts in the occult. Sarah Ann is related to Francis who can from England in the Pi Pilgrims fleets.  The TODDs are Todd Mortons law firms who employed sherif peter paterson.....the better off together PUTNAM scams & laughing at the war dead false religion on a Sunday jokes.  That is Putnam of Sunderland Uni, the putnam Monthly warmongering mag and that is a huge joke when the Indians get culled and when the KNOW NOTHINGS come to Nottingham and make the Notting Hill movies, featuring the LEVESON inquiry victims. The VARDY cars of Sunderland get a mention.  THE Collins links to Grade & Putnam in the MASSIVE PONZIS & energy frauds they run.  Next the De-Witt Clinton & the warmongering SKULL & BONES & William Collins Witney (the PM's constituency, the Nuremburg inquest chair).  Then the ordinary working COMMUNISTS Billy Connely, Jim Murphy, and the FRIENDS OF ISRAEL in the clutha Pub in Glasgae.  We replay Clinton's mum joke but alarmingly this time it becomes the FUNDING STREAM for Hitler and the links to IRISH NAZIS in WW2.  Pam Harriman was Bill Clinton's mum and Prince Phil is the man in the monarchy who prompts for the unlawful killings.  Hannah rothschild gets really old as she admires Blair's spin doctors in Iraq & Afgahnistan.  The Collins are Puppet masters of President Cleveland & the Nortons are launched into boxing. I reach my word limit just as I get to Averill Harriman funding HIITLER in WW2.  Sellers was Mountbatten's son and Mountbatten was killed by the IRA under Phils orders cos he tried to infiltrate the ROYAL ONASSIS CHURCHILL drug running syndicates,  So BUTLINS VJ Lees Stephen Andrew Hancocks and Cynthia Payne the prostitute  in PERSONAL SERVICES all to get Hitler funded on the quiet.   My relatives and in laws are hypocrits and issue the affidavits to silence me.  That is John Cook of Jedburgh;s wife my sister. Fitz Thssen and Frederick Flick Stallwerk produce explosives, PISO PIg iron, steel, plate and the No 8 wire that ANZACS war dead survivors laugh at still.  That is the links to Clinton that launch WW2 and Jedburgh parachute INTEL..  Hitlers first name was Adolph and that takes me into another story of my beautiful family friends.  The adoptions and stem cell stories explain how even Elton John;s Virgin birth.  The cover ups of all of world history is ultra expensive and I am running out of time....BONO is a branch of the PISO family and it seems the WITCHCRAFT Witch burning sagas.   Prince Eddy was the Jack the ripper murderer and lived his life in Glams Castle & the witches are profiteers the TRADS are actually the TRIADS & the ROSE song by WESTLIFE is about the dance of death around the illuminati DRAFT BOARD.  The witches become Harry Potters authoress JK Rowling, the Duke of Northumberland & his missus are PERSIUS in the Roman Court and HARRY HOTSPUR assassinated as a claimant to LONGSHANKS' bloody throne.  & Ms Sturgeon wants another referendum to cover all of the politicians of the borders.  Thanks to John Cook for confirming your guilt burden and confessing to the Honeyford and Rory Bremner relations. The TODD MURDERS are deferred to the next episode when the ORIENTAL TRIADS are revealed as puppett masters to the PISO POLIS in chinatowns all around the free world and in VANCOUVER & all across French Canada.....or en Francais si vous preferz hillary clinton, shania.  Did you know that the Free French Canadians opt out of war whenever they get the special ops.  All on the centrefold for celine Dion in the Putnams' monthly and laughed at by John HOOD in Nottingham and the RHODES TRUST that run Prince Philipps right wing mafias.  Rory Stewart Councillor for Jedburgh is AN INDEPENDENT in case he gets tainted by THE COMMUNIST WORD that made Tom Weatherston and Wedgy Benn DEFECT & drink at the TORY CLUB COVERTLY.....that is the COVEN secrets and Mrs Warboys in the Victor Meldew comedy was the last witch to be burned at the stake in "GREAT BRITAIN"

Li Ka-shing Martial Arts & Law HSBC Hot Toddy Busby babes Luciano mass murders & narcotics mafias Video 3

The Li Lee Li Ka-shing Triads Hongkong, Red China Singapore & Chinatown Mafias Globally

So we get to the ORIENTAL MAFIAS.  The TRIADS and all sorts of names all over ASIA Hongkong & the South Pacific. AND in all the big metroplitan cities across the world.  So we start with Li Kasching on the FORBES rich list and Shaniah the working class Canadian ARISTO.  Fr Canada is quite sick like the English speaking johnny English Rowan Atkinson jokes.   NEPAL Naples its all the same PISO joke.  So we finish off the TODD & Colins Mafias here but focus on the Li Dynasties and that is the PISO joke too , Typified by the ID of the Kung Fu serials David Carradine Arrian in it. So Hot Toddy is a warm whisky water mix but in Hollywood it is a murdered actress who dated Lucky Luciano the mobster, docklands teamster. THELMA TODD was the murdered Hot Toddy with thousands of pounds of jewelry left on her rigourmortised body.  Those are similar to the BUSBY Berkely murders. Those take you into Man Utd & the Busby babes diversions.   Ms Todd was murdered by the mafias in 1935,   Policing globally is a fraud and the oriental mafias have a see no evil hear no evil speak no evil arrangement.  Chinese coppers are extremely  rare all across the UK but that may change this week and I might die happy in Handcuffs with a petite oriental Marshall arts law enforcer.  Kung Fu was great every Saturday evening & I show you why all the younsters loved it.  It means the little man need not be overcome by fear. So when the Soul is the warrior clip, Strictly no bullying or knife crimes to fear. All the chinese I have known have been genial in both hemispheres,,,,,and they sold the chips cheaply in mountainous piles.  All their arts are defensive but they can be lethal in the triads UNDER THE THRALL of the English & French speaking Illuminati families.  See website for references,  All the search engines are run by Forbes rich listed people so TRIADS gets you music sheets now,  London has a chinatown but chinese oriental coppers are RARE,  Hogan How & Gormley typify the totally corrupted Met police since Lord Condon & Stevens started the killing of the Royals selling the Leveson secrets for Cash and to remunerate the illuminati media puppets.  So Hollywood show you all of this in the usual suspects, LA confidential, the Devils advocate and the Untouchables,  The drug running is global I think P was the amphetamine that caused most damage in NZ narcotics. Huge problems for the poisons centre and many sudden deaths,  The Illuminati bosses control NATOS armies and global policing & the HOT TODDY whisky joke is a typical cover for the MAFIA covers.  Alex Ferguson is the plant for BUSBIES Babes & covers the Fergusons who are the GG in NZ,  Lew Grade and his relatives in the Media tell all the false news with Beckham Giggs on the Boards for the  massive ponzi schemes.  The Bird Flu has been overtaken by the threat of a new planet being drawn to earth to cover the Mars probe Hawkins Edin Nobel prizes stories & Murdochs new Mrs is a HALL to cover  the Averell Harriman HITLER FUNDING SCANDALS. Murdochs  ex wife is disposed of quick cos she is orietal mafia member Wendy Deng.  So we transit through Chinatown with the Devil and his advocate & the devil is intimate with the street traders and with the PISO chicken crowing when St Peter denies Jesus that is the PATHE news for a whole century of genocide. So the Li Ka-shing on the rich list is mafia boss on Lord Patten's Hongkong.  So the Devil speaks Chinese & charges in dollars and LESS than a divorce lawyer in Scotland!  The Lis launch paper currency.  The Queen has just had a visit from the Chinese bosses & Salmond took a trade delegation out there.  Liping was one of my students & she is noow married in Taupo NZ where Rutherfords succesors made and ran the heavy water for NUKEs once the Norwegians bailed out.  Tianemen Square was covered by fraudster Kate Adie registered in Eccleston Square like Trident. Singapore is part of the Oriental Mafias & Lock Stock & Barrell Hemel is too. Lee Kuan Yew was in charge of Singapore and was a Cambridge trained lawyers. Li Peng was schooled in Russia where the Tavistock equivalent is St Petersburg.  Russia is all run out of Western Europe & all their assetts are stripped but the Western Bills rise 20% yr on yr.  The RAf keep flying over my house but it cannot be changed by violence only by shaming the current regimes. IN SUMMARY

The Triads are an occult fraternity which has developed into a major international organized crime society. It has many agreements with various families of the Illuminati, and works with them. The Li family is taking a big role somewhere with the Triads, but exactly what that role is I have not spelled out yet.

The Li Family is represented in Salem, OR & other West Coast cities by the Wong Family, who are part of their bloodline. Vol. 2 touches on the Wong Family & their part in organized crime.

All the gory details here

REFERENCES: ALL the Illuminati Families have been profiled on this website & you can find more detail of the all here


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