Illuminati Mafias: Du Pont, Iron Curtain, Danton, Robespiere, Watson, Ball-Breakers Inc Commie Menace

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Blocked in Many countries

This video reveals how the English speaking world rape and pillage relentlessly but we start with the Mayflower and the Christian genocides & terror: The AMERICAN Empire state run entirely by freemasons who invent LIGHTNING CONDUCTORS and CONCRETE/STONE church roofs. All for their own safety as they launch jesus (THE PISO fake to totally displace the GODS).  Dr Who, Patrick Troughton in the OMEN) gets the lightning conductor right through his heart as the GODs create the lightning and Weatherstorms we have seen in Dec 2015 -Jan 2016.  Anyway, we start with  Bejamin franklin & President Adams with massive links & obligations to the European masons & the FAKE revolutionaries who retire to USA and cull all 500 of those Pagan nations. 
We show you the PISO family role in the PISTOL & the Mexican coinage in the GOLD RUSH.....TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE PISO Jokes. They are the Curtain jokes & Iron Curtain, Von Trapp family singers jokes (wearing the curtains) or the Marx Bros Night at the Opera that are associated with the DU-PONT monarchy families out of Nemour in France.  The French revolutionaries fled the guillotine and died in their beds nr the LODGES they founded in USA that is "beheaded" Georges DANTON & Robespiere and it is sickening that the DUPONTS & the masonic Presidents keep the US at war with communists since KOREA.  All the new LEADERSHIP plants in those countries are billionaires named LI or Chang Kai Shek or the Kaschings we exposed in the FORBES world owning families.  SO THIS VIDEO is ALREADY BANNED IN CERTAIN COUNTRIES WHICH ARE GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES, FOR all of 50+ years. The false christianity Dr WHO timeshift, between jesus' fake birth day X Mass and the release of the christian bible in  70AD, is explained.  All American presidents ALPHA to Omega have been freemasons.  As a freedom fighter I am inspired by the actress Connie Nielson....& the romantic links to the GLADIATOR fight for freedom.  Connie is only in the NYMPHOMANIA movie I watched at risk of being blinded for 1minute or less , BUT SADLYSHE IS now talking up GLOBAL WARMING fraud for the CLINTON FOUNDATION & religious scam (El Ninho associated with global warming was actually an icon of the baby jesus & the weather storms are acts of GOD/s in the heavens).  The ASS in all the Gold rush diasporas is JESUS in the PISO jokes too & it is all 2000yrs old. The PESO is their currency in MEXICO still. The search for CURTAIN FINANCIAL DYNASTY takes you to the DU PONT Bloodline and the IRON CURTAIN wars from the fifties to the noughties with no PEACE for the indigenous peoples.  The DUPONTS are from Namour in Fr like the combatants in the Battles of Boroughmuir in Edinburgh.  They are OCCULTISTS and they are the MAFIA bosses for the Watsons, the Balls and the Waterstones book shops....links to the warmongering UNIs & eugenics are massive (Cold Spring Harbour - Yale and the 5 brotherhood fraternities.....) That is Watsons/Wassons of chemistry and Sherlock Homes'mate :BOTH DETECTIVES SMOKE THE PISO pipe & operate out of BAKER STREET like the SOE, the Baker St Irregulars, Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks OBE& Mrs Valerie Jane Lees. 
I show you the Du Pont Dynamite Chemistry NYLON ROPE TRICK and explain that this becomes nylon stockings & ropes.....the really elite Fascists like the Rothschilds make SILK ladders to escape from justice or exile in ELBA (Napoleon escaped from ELBA up a silk ladder). Prof Tucker (banking magnates) & the chemists at Otago nominated me for a nobel prize in chemistry as a pisstake!  Connie Nielson is the Devils Daughter in the Devils advocate movie and the Roman Emperors daughter/sister and she gets her tits out for the world like my PA Sonia did at the pharmacy XMAS party which I was too shy to attend. The Nymphomaniac movie is a cover for my disclosures with Greg Hallett of the "Lady Randy" Jenny Jerome Churchill bastard child who is BILL CLINTON ( the queens half brother).  The thumbnails for the video are the ORGASMS in the smutty films!  Connie Nielson is a DANE and in the history of the DANISH monarchy are INBRED (and they are named CHRISTIAN for several jocular generations), NIEL/NILE is PISO when translated from Egyptian. The French links to the revolutionaries is the DUMAs penitent and non penitent thiefs JOKE: CRUCIFIED either side of JESUS.  Ed Balls was actually a shadow chancellor but Liam Fox is the cabinet DRUG salesman with the Boyriend Adam Werrity.  Allan Ball 1966, Lucille Ball,  Zoe Ball, are in the joke like the ARSENAL Arsenoe jokes for Stephen Andrew Hancocks OBE & Valerie Jane Lees who trained/worked in BAKER STREET shared with me over 22 years of being censored at the XMAS dinner table. 
Allan Ball Zoe Ball DuPont US Mafias Arsenal Arsenoe Rose Stephen Andrew Hancocks OBE SHARES Stow on the Wold Valerie Jane Lees nee Hancocks Baker St Irregulars BDA Heseltine Stephen & Philip Bible.JPG
The Duponts MAKE DYNAMITE like the NOBELS of Sweden.  George W Ball & the Institute for Foreign Relations failed to prevent america brutalizing all those other countries. The body double for Napoleon was Le Normande & Hitler trained in Tavistock & Liverpool/Sidney St...he supported EVERTON.  Obamah is in the PISO-Windsor bloodlines too with Bentincks,Harley St Stammering clinics are run by his ancestors Harley Earl of Oxford, Corbin/Corbyn Thacker then the WASHINGTON OVERALL joke for my wife (like the Arsenal, Robert Maxwell stories she learned in INTEL. A couple of generations later the MUPPETT Obama was born  who won the peace prize when NATO were still in Iraq and Afgahnistan.  The director numbers for the Du-PONTS  and their roles in drugs prostitution lead to murders by PREGNANT Prostitutes. The Danish kings & the Colemans are in the Mafias too like Pr Charles in the UK.  Rasmussen was the DANmark NATO boss and a drunken/drug addicted cross dresser. The DuPonts have more control over the PRESS than the UK Royals & they are INBRED like them too.  The NY Times in the UK costs £2 and all of it is covering my exposures of all of the relations running for president THIS YEAR.  Scarlet Johanssen is married to both the REYNOLD illiminati and has dated Sean Penn...her movies make her a SCARLETT woman for real.  Marcus Aurelius, played by Harris in the Gladiator Nielsen movie, was the Great Grandson of Arius Calpurnius Piso. Johanssen celebrates both Hannukah and XMAS.  The GARDENERS are in the family too Elliot-Gardener the composer.  The Walls are associated with it too with Jesse Ball.  The Watsons and Shapiros run the news sheets proganda for DuPont.  The Fr branch dates back to King David's bloodlines. 
There are  >4500 DuPont/ Nemour corporations all over the peace loving world.and the Samuels are in the jewelry posh watches sector of the family.
 The batteries run out as I try to show you the countries that have all lost their sovereignty to these massive freemasonic scamsters.  The business registration addresses are all jokes e.g.  St John Santiago, & Prince Albert the man who had a chain through his PENIS all covered by the Nymphomaniac movie shocking themes and images.   The Duponts trade out of Bristol, Birmingham and all over the World & its mainland and Island Havens. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED....or blown over THESE are explosives vents and I thought they were just dirty PHARMA. Unfortunately we run out of batteries before I can show you the flags for the GLOBAL DUPONT Mafias.  But You can find it here > 5000 crime scenes NO TAX. Sorry they do not own the FLAGS COPYRIGHT BUT EVERYTHING ELSE SOLD DOWN the GOOD OLD SWANNY RIVER  SO CLICK ON THIS FOR THE NATIONS STOLEN OUT OF FRANCE & the LOT Turned
To STONE by the REVOLUTIONARY MASONS (who get them and the chinks and the Vietnamese dennounced as COMMIES as the CONNIES Rabbits sweep all over the dismembered world One believes CONNISTON is in Cumbria in the flood zone too where the butcher of Cumbria at Culloden lived before he retired to BERKHAMSTED Castle in Rothschild Herts.
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