How to take ownership of the world

Taking over the world 1:

I have made two videos to describe how to manipulate the entire globe and to issue money in every nation state, Junta or dictatorship all over the beautiful world.  I would like to dedicate this section to the insightful life of my old SKYPE contact Greg Hallett who was the author of amazing books on these vital topics. Greg was picked for his intellect to be trained, either  as the PM of New Zealand. or its Governor general.  Much of the research/references/sources you can see in detail on this pageTimeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes as you listen to the two video clips .  Some of the research data are Andrew Carrington Hitchcocks, some is Gordon Bowden and Peter Eyre's and all I have done is string it together and see how fragile the plan is when the citizens begin to see the cracks in the pavement/yellow brick road.  You also can listen as you visit these pages to see that the profiteers in wartime still dominate the geo-political world in peacetime. Ian Fleming (the BOND author) GLOBALISED FRAUD UNLAWFULL KILLING: European Monarchies and Global Heads of State.  The Hallett campaigns on the illegitimate British monarchy are on these pages but are summarised in the two videos.   Greg Hallett: a death threatened species (the honest historian) AND THE TWO pages below Hallett's Writing: You Will be SHOCKED & NZ Government responds 2013

Part 2: