How to assett strip your country and your profession: the Beeching & Merchandising rip it up and start again with CPD lifelong training scams

I am fascinated by profiteering by double agents, profiteers and business/political/prefessional leaders in PEACETIME & WARTIME!
The pages on how to take over the world adjacent to this one cover exactly the same issues.  Before you can understand it fully I need you to watch a couple of videos.  First this one on the broad principles of double agents, insider traders and INTEL surveillance by "all sides".  It is particularly sad that these jokes can be shared with the entire brutalised world within 15 years of the conflicts ending and the war "criminals" being executed by the profiteering cabals.

The Sci fi, toy story, merchandising and fearmongering campaigns. Living the capitalist dream and culling the innocents who do not understand the joke but commit to the ultimate sacrifice then the war graves tourism sector

The Gonkulator and Deceit/Double Agents in War and Peacetime. The corporate merchandise and mind control mechanisms behind corporatism and the fascist/capitalist dream come true 
The sad story just keeps being replayed as they rip up our tram and rail network and impose inept officials on society.  The funds for high-speed replacements, new Forth bridges are sucked out of the treasury decades ahead of the failure to deliver/complete the project. The man with the clipboard closes all local activities down and when it is relaunched you get the trams disasters in Edinburgh, the Beeching train network dismemberment and the EU incompetence debates.  It is all done by the money lenders who initiate wars to bankrupt both sides.  Some know it as fascism but others just see it as the launch of privatised WEALTH DIVIDE.  It is now at an advanced stage in the lead up to WW3 (launched on the Islamic terror campaign  as explained in how to take over the world).  Here are some images and ads for the monkey PG tips story that has intruiged me for some time within a circle of fickle friends who have GONKS and MONKEYS as they tour the world and visit elite resorts as they run lucrative CPD (Continuing professional development) companies and charitable scams all around the globe and in elite resorts or ski fields that only leaders of their asset stripped professions can afford).  Concurrently with this, the students who opt for the profession and commit to a university training ARE NOW CAST INTO A LIFE IN DEBT.....until they are conscripted.  Everything that is modernised is accompanied by glinting chatels, icons, cuddly toys or dolls, action men or Barbie Dolls and CORPORATE ICONS that command a heavy price but only when they are the fashion.  The big prize though is the capacity to charge your students a large fortune for their training and the need to keep your head down and train for the living the corporate dream throughout your working life (CPD gives you the right to work and stay employable but then you are too busy to notice what happens in the assett stripping and university sectors)  As the organisations are rendered chaotic then  the inept politicians can fully dismember our complex country and completely strip out society's capability and your nation's sovereignty.  It is sad that global civilization is within human grasp but the greed of world- and professional-/corporate-leaders gets in the way: almost always with a Royal affiliation.  So the sun never sets on that Imperialist Empire that now owns the entire globe,  The issuance of the worlds' money, mainupalation of its sovereign debt is a TRAGEDY for children everywhere.  The wealth divide chasm is generated by the parental generation and just keeps being replayed by people who are quickly becoming aware of the REPUTATIONAL HAZARD that they are now confronted with if they continue along this greedy profiteering road.....WALKED by FASCISTS in jackboots for centuries but before all the common people could read or write!.  It will all change soon which is why the resignations and abdications at the head of the profiteering are begining to look like an avalanche.
Oh and the Monkey on the shoulder may not be totally understood by the innocent employee or loving parent who keeps buying the icons for compassionate parental reasons.....without any understanding of how to lead their young charges out of this dangerous corporate jungle.
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