WWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8

Please read this.....The coming fall of the house of Windsor 
It was written by a man who has several times ran for President in the USA: once from inside a US jail.
As the title suggests the article profiles a plot against the British Monarchy.  It was planned then executed by Greek-British-Dutch & Swiss elites to first raise funds for humanitarian, ecological and wildlife projects but very soon it showed its true colours.   The leaders of the WWF were fanatical Nazi supporters as far back as 1937. See Prince Phillip of Greece pictured in Frankfurt Parading at a NAZI funeral.  
Part of Prince Philips regime is illustrated here

Prince Bernhart of the Netherlands(shocked the Dutch people with his fascist ties) with the Duke of Edinburgh founded the WWF in 1961 after the ghastly memories of WW2 had faded but they quickly showed their true colours (fascist black) as vast tracts of land were sequestered by an obscenely rich consortium all over sub-saharan Africa.  The elites and their close friends (notably King Juan Carlos of Spain who "accidentally" shot his own brother dead) led by Philip (pictured gloating over a dead tiger in the image above, shot by him to great global outrage at the time) The WWF have proclaimed the rite to kill threatened species because they were born with the power but the main goal of this elite consortium is to sequester land (mineral rich, gold and diamond reserves for the global superpowers) and get rid of the global population problem that Prince Phillip has been ever so clear in describing.  The article describes the founding of the eugenics movement from the UK, used by the Nazis in WW2, and the establishment names who have led this as fellows of the Royal society's, wildlife campaigners and quisling leaders of NGOs & Nation States in Africa, the Americas and more recently Antartica who have been prepared or intimidated into giving the land back to European Empires upon which, up to now, the sun has never been allowed to set. More importantly, it covers the massive genocidal campaigns, where troops from nearby were trained in the National Parks by UK SAS then sent into revolution or war all over the region....then soon on every continent on the Globe

Objective reports, over 50 years,  acknowledge that the WWF have abysmally failed to preserve wildlife or give charitable funders any tangible return on their investment and internal whistleblowers have been tortured in Kenya or legally shot (as poachers) for doing the right thing for the wildlife or the persecuted countries.

The land is often on National boundaries and is used to train millitia of local tribesmen, religious factions or just ancestral enemies....see timeline of private security.  Elephants were culled in huge numbers where they threatened the lucrative mahogany trading.  Locals are either sent away into internment, migration or just shot. The statistics on the war dead and displaced in Sub Saharan/North Africa and South America are horrific.  
 King Juan Carlos loves the power to kill see images below.  But back to Prince Philips Malthusian (scientific theory) problem of having too many humans roaming HIS Earth.  The Moa Moa insurrection was a start but the genocide elsewhere was stunning notably in Eritrea, Somalia, Biafra, Angola.  It has continued to the present day all over the world....right under the BBC/SKY cameras who just happen to know where they can find a government army grouping or a training camp for tutsi rebels, islamic brothers or a heavily armed group of poachers.  The huge National parks are on every continent and feed all the colonial private business interests.  The article above like the Dope Inc history of the brutal opium wars, drug cartels, bootlegging empires was written by an American Labor leader who feared for his country's sovereignty.  The plot is way beyond this now.  No country in the world has democratic ownership of its own assetts.....all the central banks are privately owned....and the 90 day deal that Obama has struck with the money lenders from the 1001 club and all their other secret societies is sufficient for the USA to stockpile ammuniton for Prince Philips Malthusian end game.  Please Please dont let your children be conscripted again  WW2 never ended and it was all planned this way.
The author of this profoundly disturbing paper was on Lyndon Larouche jr: he was suggesting that the Crown Templar was a threat to US sovereignty but was a fan of FDR and his economic and wartime policies....but many of the elites from Europe have fled to the colonies and the republics and almost all US Presidents have been grand masters in this global secret society....under the heel only of the Monarchies that lead the grieving every year and profit from the Legions and the Poppy Fund.  It is a clever and ancient stitch up and no wonder Prince Philip thinks its funny that your children die for his cause and to line his pockets.