Writing to reach Queen Elizabeth II

Last week (15th-18th December, 2012) I wrote 2 letters to Prime Minister Cameron (see files below) pleading with him to ask the queen to stop the perpetual warmongering/profiteering  that has kept the world divided for centuries and has now grave consequences for our economy and all our futuresSalmond-Gate: opening it all up for your Nation.  Just a few days later the queen attended a historic cabinet meeting (See pictures at the bottom).  

Queen Elizabeth has been the UK's monarch since 1952 and has reigned over a Nation (part of an integrated Europe) blessed by peace for 60 years.  Since I turned my attention to world history, I now appreciate that we are the luckiest, most privileged  2-3 generations that were ever born.  The UK has become a peaceful, integrated and technologically/industrially sophisticated economic superpower.   Never before, in the G8 countries have citizens or visitors been blessed with a lifestyle that means lower-, middle- and upper classes could live,play, work and learn without the threat of invasion or conscription (to fight for your country in a protracted conflict).  The EU  awarded itself the NOBEL peace prize in 2012 for creating this unprecedented localised homeland security.  

BUT it has all returned to perpetual strife, insurrection or violence for the developing world, the middle east and war ravaged countries everywhere else across the globe.  If you were raised in Ireland, eastern Europe or the Balkans (apologies for the sweeping generalisations).


It is now blatantly obvious to all educated and decent people that the G8-G20 have created this huge division in national prospects, per-capita income and International Strife, by loosing NATO forces on weak Nations, purely for geo-political advantage.  At home these G20 countries are complicit in a Sovereign Debt crisis which is a criminal scam (a Ponzi scheme). Banking , financial services and stock market fraud is now impoverishing national governments who pass on austerity to all citizens and threaten the future of all our blameless children and grand-children (who are facing overdrafts of £40K -100K for tertiary education prior to a jobless and homeless future).  So in 2 generations we have dismantled everything that we were given by our parents and grandparents, many of whom gave their lives and their hard earned savings to create what we, the most privileged society ever, took for granted. This web site reveals the complex and corrupt root causes of this crisis (and the tragic slaughter of 80 million war dead) for profiteering in the millitary-industrial complexes and money lending elites who now rule the world by ruthless lobbying and violent expansionism (both territorial and corporate).  In simple terms, the numerous case histories portrayed here are a threat to the reputations of those who led the world through 2000-the present day.  So on Saturday past  I wrote (Email sent ) to UK Prime Minister  Cameron's office to ask if he could approach the Queen and expose these abuses both to the monarch and to the world.  On Tuesday The Queen was invited to attend an historic full cabinet meeting but no agenda or proceedings were published.  The QUEEN has done her best to dissociate herself from WORLD affairs and during yesterdays cabinet liaison  she looked ever so cautious as Ken Clark explained the Government position.   Otherwise the policies, motives and rituals remain the same (I hope the pictures speak for themselves)?

I have guilt on stating that the Royal princes, who always face the risks in uniform, served in Argentina (this was of course the Falklands or Malvinas).....but this is a trivial issue and I hope everyone just climbs down ever so gently and works calmly towards that better future.   Off to pick up my son from University, where he is paying a high high price for this......if you dont hear from me again then you know that they are not prepared to back down.  Here are the letters asking for change

Crossing that DANGEROUS LINE that so many have died for.

George Lees <profgeorgelees@gmail.com>
15 Dec (5 days ago)
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Dear Mr Cameron,

I am coming down to your region for XMAS and would love to meet you for a beer and a chat (over something a little more potent).  I know you are just doing what your predecessors did for centuries (and it is REALLY dangerous both to try and change it or to endorse the status quo and keep your head).  I know too that the World can be UNITED again and that this XMAS, Ramadan,Thanksgiving, Solstice (or whatever the World's people believe in) that those Borders and Divides be gone for ever.  Everybody just wants to be safe in their own home and to go home safely wherever they fled from or were drawn to (because peace prevails there).  

Can you pass on my message to HRH Queen Elizabeth when you meet her next week: the XMAS speech can be more popular than ever before all around the "divided" world. She does not have an Email address but I hope she and her family have a computer in front of the hearth (and her grandchildren can show her how it might work in the very near future).....can you share this equally and let everybody celebrate openly and PEACEFULLY EVERYWHERE.
The lines to be crossed are here 
and much more close to home now 
They, the lines to cross, are really narrow in a sophisticated world on the verge of global civilization....keep your heads up and make that great leap for mankind (in remembrance of all those war dead who died, on all sides,  for the same cause....so their leaders and lenders could make a "small" fortune). 

XMAS Greetings to all

THANKS for seeing the queen and the potential for a better future.....out of the closet and SAFELY onto the bigger stage.

George Lees <profgeorgelees@gmail.com>
18 Dec (2 days ago)
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Dear Mr Cameron,

Can you ask HRH if she can remember SWEARING in the Conservative politician Lewis Hill as Prime Minister of the "United Kingdom".....friend of Mussolini and enemy of the NHS and Mr Codge M.P?  Mrs Simpson flirted with this for several decades (and is pictured with Nixon who, just 20 years after Churchill Flattened Dresden, painted Vietnam Orange). LOYAL Winston opted out of public life the same year but as always by inspiringly justifying his policies (in 1945) to all his LISTENERS live on air.

Inline images 2

WINSTON's PORTFOLIO was justified articulately

It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of bombing of German cities simply for the sake of increasing the terror, though under other pretexts, should be reviewed... I feel the need for more precise concentration upon military objectives such as oil and communications behind the immediate battle-zone, rather than on mere acts of terror and wanton destruction, however impressive.[188]

On reflection, under pressure from the Chiefs of Staff and in response to the views expressed by Sir Charles Portal (Chief of the Air Staff) and Sir Arthur Harris (AOC-in-C of RAF Bomber Command), among others, Churchill withdrew his memo and issued a new one.[189][190] This final version of the memo completed on 1 April 1945, stated:

It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of the so called 'area-bombing' of German cities should be reviewed from the point of view of our own interests. If we come into control of an entirely ruined land, there will be a great shortage of accommodation for ourselves and our allies... We must see to it that our attacks do no more harm to ourselves in the long run than they do to the enemy's war effort.[189][190]

Here is a younger perspective from across the Atlantic and almost into your stint in office (WHAT YOU WERE GIVEN BY NEW LABOUR) http://arcticcompass.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/fire-bombing-of-dresden-germany.html

Sit her down and make it easy for everybody to back down right across the geo-political divide without ripping up HANSARD and those WARTIME CONVENTIONS and let her watch this

When she sits down in the Closet today tell her who the old Codger is (without the wig) and why he has been given an open portfolio (without retiring).......hope she comes through it safely (the Japanese who just followed Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin and their cultural indoctrination used to take  their elderly parents to the top of a mountain because they were a burden on youth) understand the carnage that results from such meetings when you do not inform your electorate properly (and like the Japanese, Terry Waite and poor old John Prescott just do what they are told).  The Queens most loyal and hard working citizens need to know your goals and methods and why the closet door is always locked before you start the campaign.

Winstons State funeral was impeccable.......and Beaverbrook, like the Bloomsbury set and the men without portfolio at Bilderberg, (Philip and Charles can explain this to HRH) are making a spectacle of everything they do.....as BLACK becomes fashionable again.......and the state funerals darken that Empire of Light that is well within your (and HRH's grasp).

Since I came back from exile it has become obvious that Christopher Reeve (superMAN) took a fall then died for this


and that everybody,everywhere is being watched by the editor in the skies who relied on burning Bush' to give us all a sense of duty and hard work to our paymasters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYl0atOQDIk and political classes who are meeting HRH today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Tm3AT543YE

and is watching/listening to everything that happens in the closet.  That film (and the charge of the light brigade) suggest that the sombre state funeral could soon be a thing of the past if we keep looking at the TABLETS and remember why the Bush was burnt to a crisp.


If HRH does not remember Lewis Hill, then it is not at all important IT IS "OUR" PLANS FOR THE FUTURE that can bring us all down safely from the top of that cold threatening mountain into the realm that can inspire the world and make it safe by Christmas.

Bad forecast for tomorrow but you can change that if you remember who is watching the remains of your day in the closet and how critical it can be (even if you are just doing what you are toldor reading a script)


All round the world

George Lees <profgeorgelees@gmail.com>
13:31 (5 minutes ago)
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Dear David,
Please dont allow the G8-G20 to panic or do anything rash.   I know you are a decent bloke and you were born into this way of thinking like all the other human beings that have lived and died for what they were born into..
Lets take it back to 1945 but not re-run the whole saga again.......and the need to build from the rubble.   I know too that you are a team player but the strategy for the elite to thrive on their own is unworkable and dangerous to everyone on all "sides" 

Step by step....it can be fixed quickly if all the adults across the class "divide" grow up and become responsible parents.  Couple of haunting songs for XMAS below.

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