War Crimes, Westminster and Kurdistan

Many months ago  I sent an Email to Michael Moore (then on the cabinet) on Britain's role in campaigns of genocide (and armourments profiteering/regime change/privatisation of other people's National interests) in Kurdistan and Iraq over a 25 year period.  I have appended the letter at the bottom of the page so we can look, first,  at how Westminster agreed that the events in that region were unequivocally war crimes.  There were less than 20 politicians from Labour and the Conservative led Coalition in the House of Commons but they unamomously approved the motion  to recognise that the events (in regions very close to the biblical Armageddon) were shameful war crimes and that Britain would take the next steps to archive the facts and to bring the culprits to justice. The motion to denounce the crimes was proposed by a young Kurdish MP called Nadhim Zahawi who was educated entirely in the UK, from primary school to tertiary education, and now has the courage to denounce already executed locals who were NATO and NWO allies way before he was born (not sure of his birthplace in Kurdistan).  All speakers had visited the country (apart from the newly appointed NEW New Labour foreign affairs spokesman who was looking forward to junkets over the mass graves in the near future).  I watched the whole debate: it was spellbindingly hypocritical and this is how I described it to a former UK navy captain who has fled the country in fear of his life (in the face of death threats from the real war criminals in Westminster, the White House and the Pentagram Five cabals which perpetually keep the world at war for profit). To "honour" their pledge to a little known Jesuit oath which is centuries old but threatens to bring the world to its knees (as financial, genocidal and corruption bubbles explode violently all over the globe....and they pretend to mourn the passing of innocent locals in pits or war graves all around the World).
The debate on recognising events in Kurdistan and Iraq as war crimes (conducted in the House of Commons on 28th Feb 2013)
It was fascinating......all particants were in a nostalgic comfort zone talking about the stoicism of the few lucky survivors.  The motion was brought forward by a "Kurd" named Nadim Zahawi....

Zahawi is now MP for Stratford (and earning about £500 an hour as a consultant, over and above his MPs salary), educated entirely in England school & University (UCL right next to Chatham House) and introduced & groomed for a lucrative political career by one Jeffrey Archer (who still cannot account for fifty million pounds worth of charitable funding that was raised to feed and nurture impoverished Kurds in the 1980s when Hussein was in the Red Cross food for AID from the UN business Empire).   Ann Clwyd was particularly poignant on disinterning skeletons (buried with their jewelery and gold fillings so British business delegations could help identify the surviving members of the slaughtered families).

They have dug a big hole for themselves (there were less than 15 people in the chamber: even split across Tory & Labour).  All singing out how adept the survivors were as "learners of western ways" and even working for people's/workers rights as union leaders (contribution from former union man at Unison & TUC who now represents Labour in Blaydon).  These are the participants and you can find their political affiliations here (but the business interests, Corporate Board memberships and Conflicts of interests are no longer listed on this page. http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/
<andersonda@parliament.uk>, <ann.clwyd.mp@parliament.uk>, <bob.stewart.mp@parliament.uk>, <corbynj@parliament.uk>, <halfon4harlow@roberthalfon.com>, <lucasi@parliament.uk>, <meg.munn.mp@parliament.uk>, <nadhim.zahawi.mp@parliament.uk>, <nadhim@zahawi.com>, <stephen.metcalfe.mp@parliament.uk>, <stevensons@parliament.uk>,   I missed Zahawi's speech but you can bet your dead man's boots that Archer had given it an editorial once over!   The UK Parliament no longer list the corporate and ethical conflicts for Commons or Lords alongside the contact details so I thought I would send it to my GLOBAL contacts to find out what else these guys have on their post-apocalyptic business CVs (only the shadow foreign minister of those listed above had NOT visited KURDISTAN and thanked the survivors for their stoicism and welcoming stance for British, American and European business delegations)?  

The motion to make Kurdish genocide a war crime was passed unanomously!   Please help us bring the REAL WAR CRIMINALS and their zealous young "Kurdish Transitional regime changers" to account. 

This is the Website Called INDICT http://www.indict.org.uk(Ann Clwyd's baby) and is entirely dedicated to business with a picture of a hand grenade/declaration that it is about war crimes SHE IS A DIRECTOR of Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit Limited which is a giant snowball of businesses wrapped up in shell company/money laundering frauds.  They trade and asset strip across International boundaries knowing that something around 500,000 companies can trade this way, without any regulation, taxation or audit requirements.....because it is globalised.  The Kurdish business interests are now recognised as war crimes
Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit Limited


The Original Email to Michael Moore: UK Cabinet member exposing the real war criminals and the ruthless profiteers is reproduced below.  This has gone to hundreds of ex-servicemen, the EU Parliament (who awarded themselves the Nobel peace prize this year) is reproduced below.....the images and headlines on this page and the superpowers who profit from this are named on almost every page on this website.  This is why Kurdistan's history lies buried in mass graves and why the profiteers in the ongoing debate on how to rob Syria (and kill its peoples) are drawing much more attention from business interests in both the house of commons and the excited throng in the house of Lords who were appointed over 25 bloody years.

The simple goal  being to pursue private incomes from National shame (from repeat offenders in the war crimes sector).  Assad (like Mubarak, Hussein, Gadaffi) was educated and befriended by these thugs (and by Kofee Annan, Conrad Black, Benjamin Netenyahu, Hillary Clinton & Henry Kissinger) and all those for-profit figureheads who thought what they were doing was going to be buried silently with the old manipulative regime.   The bigger menace that has frightened the life out of pope Benedict, Archbishop O'Brien and allegedly Queen Elizabeth is a guy called the Black Pope (a Satanist) who drives this along unchallenged by the human condition for century after century.  It is really frightening that the human race can contemplate extinction because Satan's army has contacts in G8 -G20 governments and these old divisions in  "OUR HOLY LANDS" where the mass grave is centuries old.  Morality, truth, and even the religious conscience has been battered into silent guilt just for unspendable criminal wealth (and perpetual fear) right at the head of our "ever so just" Global Institutions


KURDISH Genocide: the FACTS (for the debate in Westminster this week)

George Lees <profgeorgelees@gmail.com>
27 Feb (8 days ago)
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I have been asked to forward this to the UK Parliament (and my local MP, Michael Moore) by an ex-serviceman who has fled from the UK because he was receiving death threats from the corrupted government that now prevails in our once great country.  There is a crucial debate on Kurdish Genocide on Thursday this week ( Britain's shameful role in the rape and pillage needs to be exposed and Michael is obligated to pass this database on the his cross-party colleagues who have inherited all these vicious legacies from the Blair New Labour tyrants (who cynically now whine at the coalition on trivial issues just to divert us from their shame). ANYWAY THIS IS WHAT I INSIST ON BEING INCLUDED in Thursday's debate.  The whole world is aware that the genocide took place: the key players need to be exposed and brought to justice by my increasing number of friends in the European Parliament and any newcomers to the Westminster Parliament who may still have a conscience about what their peers are doing all around the violent NATO terrorised world.   THE FACTS ARE ALL HERE: Read right to the bottom.


Will you be kind enough to send this article link to all your associates and political contacts in view of the important meeting at Westminster on Thursday