Walter Raleigh beheaded by the CROWN but not related to Bush TSARS PMs . NHS-Killing for RULE Britannia in the PISO CHRISTIAN INNER CIRCLE OF World Owning Bloodlines….since Bridget Dryden & Alfred the Great

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Image may contain: 6 people
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The ruthless British Monarchy and its treasonous armies.....medics, composers, fascists, abdicated kings, Burkes Peerage and BLOODLINES to Founding fathers Longshanks William the Conqueror & Lonrho PISO Bible fraud inc

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More on how RUTHLESS THE BRITISH MONARCHY CAN BE.  We start with those who are having me sectioned for my insight into World History and the ROLE OF THE BRITISH Empire in all wars "to end all wars".  The LYRICS of RULE BRITANNIA were written by THOMSON and his monument looks down on Ian Fingland's the copper who is SECTIONING ME as a treasonous doctor LIVES right next to COUNCILLOR HUTTON head of the SBC (WHO EMPLOY ALL THE MEDICS & PSYCHIATRISTS IN THE REGION). My Wife FROM ENGLAND lives there too as do the Dryden family....THOMSON Monument is in the BROOMLANDS region & BROOM IS THE ICON FOR THE PLANTAGENETS who use SCOTLAND and AMERICA as a tiny part of their empire state. Hutton ran the LAS VEGAS millitary tatoo and still runs the LOCAL BRITISH LEGION, the Rabbie Burns Walter Scott Foundation and his wife was HEAD of the Borders HEALTH BOARD.  Strangely the DRYDEN family live in BROOMLANDS TOO and the primary school there is named BROOMLANDS for LONGSHANKS.  We reveal that the Drydens descendents od Charlemagne ARE ALSO related to LONGSHANKS William the conqueror et al and take us into the BUSH family/NIXON/FDR......and loadsa RALEIGHS who were pilgrims to America.  SIR WALTER RALEIGH WAS A RULE BRITANNIA HERO but they locked him in the TOWER TWICE.....once for marrying a courtier with Q Elizabeth 1sts permission.  The second time for DISOBEYING KING JAMES Ist (that is the boy king that created the BIBLE fraud and released 2 sectarian versions...SO RAELIGH NEVER VISITED North America in his QUEST to find EL DORADO the city of GOLD in S America.   I show the audience how to move through the bloodlines that lead to the treasonous American Presidents ALL FROM BRIDGET DRYDENS' ancestors right back to CHARLEMAGNE & the Anglo Saxon KINGS before 1066.  They come in as the William Conqueror ,Henry I &II & are already HOLY ROMAN EMPERORS & KINGS OF ENGLAND.  That is the Red Cross ENGLISH CRUSADERS 7 times across the HOLY LANDS FLAG.......I had no idea until yesterday that BRITANNIA's hero Walter Raleigh was beheaded by QE1's successor THE KING JAMES BIBLE Publisher BREACHING GODs rules to love your neighbours in Latin America and THE PUDDLE JOKE becomes more obvious.....Churchill Nixon Bush FDR are all laughing at the Vsign, THE FAIRY REDCAPS  and POLICING the ordinary TROOPs (50,000 millitary police cammanded by HRH or the stammering KING just keeping an eye out for TREASON in the lower ranks that could become a REVOLUTION.    So the Raleighs related to Bridget Dryden get mollycoddled and groomed for world leadership cos they are in the INNER CIRCLE & descend from the PISO BIBLE AUTHORS and LAGOS.  My mother in law from ENGLAND KNEW the lyrics of RULE BRITANNIA and its writer THOMPSON when she first visited Scotland out of HEMEL HEMPSTEAD (like Harris, Butlins, Bourne Leisure & the House ofRothschild).  The images show the Beheading saga and how the plantagenet BRITANNIA Empire celebrates BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO through the GREAT WARS for FDR & CHURCHILL with CIGARS & Cigarettes....THAT IS THE SUMMITS reported by BEAVERBROOK YALTA, FAR EAST, and all over WW2's profiteering crime scene. Stalin was trained in TAVISTOCK and had a withered left hand. Oswald MOSELY married to the Umphrevilles of REDESDALE between SCOTLAND AND ENGLAND near ALNWICK & the HARRY POTTER VENUES for the PERCY's celebrated in the BLACKADDER comedies.  So all of that sets the stage for the FUDGED REFERENDUM in defence of the murderous familicidal monarchies and you should hear HUTTONS ENGLISH accent from the christian pulpit.  Michael Morre, John Lamont CHAMPIONS for the better off together BRITANNIA cause & SCOTLAND lost its freedom despite SALMOND being privy to all my exposures.  Those are just some of the politicians behing my ONGOING SECTIONING all since I wrote for the 3rd time to HRH in JUlY 2015 and she appeared in the National press apologising for NAZI SALUTES & my videos get 1000 hits a week....launched sectioning attempts 4-9 and THE FORCED INJECTIONS that could be my state sponsored assassination.   HRH also runs the millitary police like the stammering King did in WW2 and the RIIA (chatham house) & the RICHEST FIRMS ON THE GLOBE which include the LAW COURTS in SCOTLAND and ALL ITS GOVT/NHS officials....and their links to PM Cameron and my Bro in law in CHIPPING NORTON/Witney. THATis the FREUD family married to the MURDOCH family, the COULSONs PMs administrator on phone hacking and Rebekah Brooks' links to Prince Charles & BP/LONRHO through Geneva & the Future of Russia Foundation BSKYB.  NONE of that news released by the media. SO  King James 1st  of BIBLE fame beheaded Walter Raleigh!   Council Head Hutton also lives in BROOM (plantagenet icon) LANDS. Dierdre Hutton queen of the Quangos WAS HEAD of NHS BORDERS who are sectioning me for ANCIENT POLITICAL INSIGHT and war crimes since the noughties.  SO I SHOW YOU HOW BRIDGET Dryden links to 2 holy Roman Emperors and the kids of william the Conqueror. The next shrink on my case who replaces Swizer and will work with Guy Couper is to be Dr ostven from the FLEMISH COAST where the European christian warlords arrived from (THE FLEMINGS JOKE who romanticize the treason in WW2 and become the BOND movie heroes). 

So Bridget launches the ST LEGER GG horse race…..ALFORD is Northampton where Erol Flynne (Robin Hood) came frome and is related to Anglo saxon Kings like ALFRED the Great out of ALFORD !   As a British  loyalist who has worked all over the world I feel really sorry for Sir Walter Raleigh.  Finding the SPENCER Churchills in the lethal bloodlines is NO SURPRISE … should see Blenheim Palacethe Churchills were gifted in NO BOMBING Oxfordshire.  The Walter Raleigh SAD SAD story is all on Wikipedia.  N America was already Spanish before the Brits came with the CALVARY Hill CAVALRY.  Ralieghs PI PI PIPE Joke shared later with the HOBBITS and Harold Wilson is another PISO joke.  Sir David Skegg is a FRS and British Knight who has closed down the drug safety units in DUNEDIN but has confirmed the dangers of smoking as you cull millions in the great conflicts between the GERMAN Windsor Saxe Coburg & ROTHSCHILD BASTARD BLOODLINES.  Raleigh also helped THE LETHAL ROYALS to launch the Rio TINTO Tin mining Empires Globally. Deptford is neer the NAVY hub that was Greewich and Barones Blackstone the UNIVERSITY thief who scammed the Channel Tunnel contract and is a millionaire at the impoverished students’ expense.   ELIZ THROGMORTON was the wife of Raleigh who was a courtier he married without QE1’s permission….SO THEY BOTH GET SENT TO THE TOWER! We explain the MEXICAN films like butch Cassidy & Sundance BANKSTERS who are really laughing at MEXICO still using the PISO Peso currency LIKE THE PHILLIPINE STORMS story.   Raleigh was GOVERNOR for JERSEY next to CHRISTIAN FRAUD Normandy.  The Elites that ran the world in MEDIEVAL Days are profiled

But first we visit UmFreville (umbilical French linkage do you get it) territory all along the Scottish English Borders Redesdale, Cumbria, Kirkwhelpington, otterburn and into Newcastle  ALNWICK in the hands of the PERCYs.  THAT IS PONTELAND the Bridge to ENGLAND.  The Mitfords male bloodlines are the BERTY stammering king and the Bert, Dagobert Moravingian French Religious CRUSADERS.  Prudhoe castle was part of this Empire and is right on THE ROMAN WALL & DERE ST the Roman Road.  All the Aristos all over the Med, the holy Lands Russia and EUROPE are profiled in a concise Web Site that is really comprehensive.  One cannot find the G8 leaders listed under their official puppet figurehead labels.   That is the Aristocracy of Poland, Scandinavian, Baltic States, Prussia ,PUTEOLAND, Celtic MILAN, PISO NAPLES, Kings of Sicily, Doges of Venice, CONCORDIA (Costa Concordia sinking), Padova, Verona,. Many of these will still be alive like the HERZOGs of Hollywood who are now claimants to Prince Charlies Stuart throne.  The Spanish names are all laughed in the El CID myth…the PONCE of BEVAR!  Links to Osorio and the Lloyds Banking frauds into the CO-op bank and the Lloyds VERDE Peter Marks crimes reported by me to the Parliamentary Committee for Banking Standards. NONE of our accounts earned any interest when they were closed and transferred into my wife from Hemel/chipping Nortons solicitors account.  We transit through ALSACE’s elite classes and the links to the BIS central bank in Basel across the Swiss border.  We explain the CANDE Schlosse in Austria where Mrs Simpson waited for her divorce to come through and the NAZIs were in their closest circle of friends with the MITFORDS the Moselys and the guinesses of Ireland.  The Moselys were jailed post war but were always friends of Mrs S and the abdicated King. …THEN in 2014 their nephew THE FASCIST MOSELY that runs Burkes Peerage for this EUROPEAN American Russian CABAL SS dies…..AND GOD(S) looks down on all of this taking careful notes……through all of world history. THE MEETING YOUR MAKER CONCEPT that makes them all ever so nervous.  SO THE INNER CIRCLE STILL PREVAIL AND KILL RUTHLESSLY FOR PROFIT IN ALL THE GREAT CONFLICTS AND LANDGRABS…….and I have their director IDs and massive war crimes jokes & Genocides all filed and backed up WHICH IS WHY I am being SECTIONED BY DR FINGLAND from PLANTAGENT BROOMLANDS.  I will now make a Thumbnail that will be easy to understand with THE WORLD LEADERS since CHARLEMAGNES MUG SHOTS.