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This person is my local MP and his cabinet (and 650 MPs across all the political parties) gave themselves a £30,000 pay rise in March 2013 when public sector pay has been frozen  for almost 5 years.  Introduction
The children/students Michael Moore MP admits to robbing are to have a £36,000 overdraft and a jobless future. He refers in the interview Guilty of imposing fees and Lib Dem-coalition reverse pre-election pledge to an accomplice called Liam Fox who was "disgraced" for selling weapons to Sri Lanka but nobody is convicted despite the fact that they are complicit in International genocide, a Sovereign Debt Ponzi scheme that threatens to trigger WW3 and robbing their own offspring and 7Bn global citizens.   They liaise with banking mafias and keep the world perpetually in poverty, fear, or at war, for geo-political profit.....then they kiss your babies and win your vote. Please Please lift your heads (and get in their face) they rely on your children to fight for them in the police, forces and NATO armies. Their criminality in virtual corporate scams, banking, limited liability audit and political/commercial assassination has ruined your pensions and stolen your Michael is grossly underestimating these other crimes and scamsWriting to your MP: The Rule of Law & Hansard: they are unprecedented and EVIL and need to be subjected to prosecution and sentencing by common law (so your children can have their future back)What to do when the ITM/Bank defaults or they declare WW3.   Moore is a chartered accountant and already stands accused of these bigger crimes: this video was made in 2010.  His "mealy mouthed" apology for the cross-party guilt is clearly dishonest but despite his stance on Tory abuses in Scotland (he is staunchly unionist...... robbing English students and Global taxpayersChanging the Brutal Greedy World in a Fortnight is ,for the moment, more profitable than abusing Scottish kids.  Both sides of the Border, you need to know where your enemy is and tell your kids all about it before they get conscripted to defend this shameful system and make that ultimate sacrifice again. War Crimes, Westminster and KurdistanFunding the World's Conflicts & Strife: the very top of the FASCIST pyramid.
War Crimes: The superpowers doing business as usual .  The British Government is hopelessly corrupted along with the G8 superpowers (as almost every page on this site demonstrates)....but 7Bn are being abused by less than 100,000 who work, bully, brutalize and issue orders to kill from behind a (political, financial services,secret society, intelligence agency or bankers) deskThe Economic crisis 2007/8: Reliance on Violence, Genocide and Erosion of Political Control.  It cant get much worse but events in Cyprus and Korea demonstrate frighteningly that it might be just the same as in 1938 and 1945!